Paleoista: Gain Energy, Get Lean, and Feel Fabulous with the Diet You Were Born to Eat

Paleoista: Gain Energy, Get Lean, and Feel Fabulous with the Diet You Were Born to Eat

by Nell Stephenson


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ISBN-13: 9781451662931
Publisher: Touchstone
Publication date: 01/01/2013
Pages: 276
Sales rank: 1,091,166
Product dimensions: 4.90(w) x 7.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Nell Stephenson is the coauthor of The Paleo Diet Cookbook. She contributes to The Paleo Diet Newsletter, USA Triathlon, and other publications. She owns and operates an online Paleo nutritional counseling business and is a competitive endurance athlete and has raced Ironman World Championships. Visit her at and for more, visit

Table of Contents

Foreword Dr. Boyd Eaton ix

Part I The Paleoista Lifestyle

1 Who Is a Paleoista?: Why Paleo Is Right for You 3

2 Why Is Paleo the Way to Go?: The New "Health Food" 20

3 What Does a Paleoista Actually Eat?: Food Lists and the Kitchen Makeover 48

Part II Living Like a Paleoista

4 How to Shop Like a Paleoista: Streamline Your Grocery List and Stock Your Fridge 77

5 How to Cook Like a Paleoista, Part I: A Weekend Hour in the Kitchen 94

6 How to Cook Like a Paleoista, Part II: A Weekday Hour in the Kitchen 120

7 How to Move Like a Paleoista: Incorporating Exercise and Activity into Your Paleo Lifestyle 135

8 Paleoista in the Real World: Strategies for Eating Out, Traveling, and Vacationing, Cooking for Kids/Partners, and More! 149

Part III Cooking Like a Paleoista

9 Paleoista Cooks: Over Fifty Delicious Paleo Recipes 171

10 The Paleoista Plan: A Two-Week Eating Plan to Jump-Start Your Paleo Lifestyle 241

Conclusion: Paleoista for Life: Sticking with It for the Long Haul 254

For Further Reading 259

Acknowledgments 261

Index 263

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Paleoista: Gain Energy, Get Lean, and Feel Fabulous With the Diet You Were Born to Eat 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I purchased this book yesterday and I am more than half way through. I have read multiple books and blogs about the Paleo theory / biochemistry so I was intrigued that this book would offer a more practical approach to living Paleo. This book has some really good tips and advice but I feel that it is highly geared towards athletes or very advanced exercisers. The first few chapters were very repetitive and personally I feel that more than half of the recipes are not practical, easy or as delicious as the author claims. Living Paleo is a choice, period. Just as I respect people who eat low carb, no carb or vegan, I hope that people respect that just because I eat dairy, I am not a criminal. I have been trying to incorporate Paleo like principles but find that I struggle to find a balance between food that is healthy and food that make me feel satiated. I enjoy it, finding new recipes and sharing it with friends and family. I just wish there was a happy medium.
sofie713 More than 1 year ago
I just loved this book! I finished it in less than 5 days. Nell Stephenson tells you about her background and how she became involved in the Paleo way of life. Questions you may have about Paleo living/eating are easily answered in this little book. After reading all about the science behind the Paleo lifestyle in Dr. Loren Cordain's books, this book puts that science to use in everyday life. Everything is spelled out in a practical and comprehensive manner. It is like having a conversation with the author. All topics from food shopping/cooking tips, recipes, exercise issues and overcoming obstacles in living a clean and healthy life are covered. I have been easing into Paleo for over a month now and I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER! My skin glows, I have lost weight, I have more energy. I am healthier and do not feel sick after eating certain foods. This is how we were born to eat -REAl FOOD; not all those foods that are full of refined sugar, processed with chemicals/food dyes and loaded with sodium. Now go buy the book and enjoy living a real life, a Paleo life!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very nice guide on Paleo principles, reasoning and some delicious sounding meals! I hope that the other reviewer who posted about how they respect Paleo blah blah.. but they still hang onto some of the mainstream faulty thinking that they can have the best of both worlds.. didn't give the book 3 stars simply based on their ambiguity about Paleo as a lifestyle choice. So, cheers to Nell for an awesome book and for trying to give it a fashionable and glamorous approach for those "ladies that lunch" that are a hard-sell unless they think it makes them look trendy! Kudos!
SallyH55 More than 1 year ago
My husband & I just started the Paleo Lifestlye, after seeing Nell on Dr Oz. Her writing is very informative and this is an easy read, so no having to look up terminology on words. She gives it to you straight & simple. Tried the Truffles..OMG...satisfied any sweet tooth we had. I DO NOT LIKE CHOCOLATE. But tried the truffles and I LOVE THEM. Glad I purchased...You will be also!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago