by Linda Lee Ratto


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Brad is a self-confident academically talented champion swimmer with a major flaw. He's lost control of his emotions again, just like last spring when his little brother dies.  He has to get back to the old Brad, which he thinks he can do by stuffing his emotions deep down and setting his sites on a swim scholarship. 

Big deal that he can't stand the sight of Tiffany, the new girl. He's shocked, half believing he actually was attracted to her--a girl with one hand. He just won't see her, he decides. He clams-up and goes swimming. That'll bring the old self back.  Then he spots her at his summer swim team practice. Crap...

PERFECTION is based on many real life experiences Linda and her daughter, Courtney,
and two sons Eric and Ryan have lived through over the years. Much of how the Ratto family
works well has to do with attitude. Let's face it, we are all born with gifts and talents and individual differences. Courtney is now a Chemical Engineer and Linda and her husband David have been married for 28 years.  They have a way of life that does work.

The question is:
How do you want to live your life -- bumbling through or
intentionally making your dreams come true?

From basic-instinct reactions, to listening to the heart and using the mind as a tool, to making the life you want, PERFECTION's main characters Brad and Tiffany show readers a way through.
If you have experienced death or disability this book will hit home. If you haven't, it will touch your heart perhaps in areas never known before.

PERFECTION is written for ages 12 and up and is classified as a "YA" (Young Adult book).
Yet Brad and Tiffany and their families show do-able ways to work through tough life issues
that are valuable storylines adults can treasure -- especially parents of teens.

PERFECTION shows readers how perfect life isn't and perfect life is.


Author, Linda Lee Ratto, has been writing for and with young people all her life. A former English/Literature/Reading middle and grade school teacher, principal and CEO, she speaks around the world on how not to single people out or label them.  The first of her three children was born missing a left hand, thus her education background took on a whole new focus.

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ISBN-13: 9780974850832
Publisher: Power Press
Publication date: 08/01/2004
Pages: 258
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