Persuasion: A Sons of Odin Novel

Persuasion: A Sons of Odin Novel

by Violetta Rand

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Persuasion: A Sons of Odin Novel by Violetta Rand

If you love the motorcycle romances of Joanna Wylde and Julie Ann Walker, don’t miss Violetta Rand’s irresistible novel about a sexy-as-sin biker who tempts a good girl to go bad.

Lang Anderson may be the new leader of the Sons of Odin motorcycle club, but his personal life is in shreds. He’s struggling to take care of his three young sisters in the wake of tragedy, while rumors of drug dealing within his ranks jeopardize everything he’s built. The last thing he needs is another distraction—like a bar brawl over a woman—but Lang is a sucker for a damsel in distress. And this one gets him roaring like a finely tuned engine.

High school guidance counselor Lily Gallo is no fender bunny. So why can’t she get Lang off her mind? Lily’s head says the rugged, rough-and-tumble biker who came to her aid is bad news. Her body begs to differ. But when Lang’s troubled kid sister walks into her office, Lily’s determined to help, even if it puts her in the crossfire of a gang war. On a crash course with danger and desire, Lily partners up with Lang to fight for his family—and for love.

Praise for Persuasion

“Red-hot chemistry, emotion that digs deep, and suspense that leaves you wanting more: Persuasion is a seriously sexy thrill ride!”—Stacey Kennedy, USA Today bestselling author of the Club Sin series

Persuasion is raw, gritty, and intense! Violetta Rand raises the bar for super-hot bad boy bikers. The Sons of Odin are dangerously sexy, real, and absolutely irresistible. Readers, brace for a thrilling ride!”USA Today bestselling author Sue-Ellen Welfonder

“The story is sexually charged and scorching hot. Violetta Rand’s vivid worldbuilding and uber-alpha, but still believable, male heroes set her apart. If you are looking for a compelling, page-turning, and super sexy MC romance, Persuasion is a great place to start.”—Victoria Vane, award-winning author of Sharp Shootin’ Cowboy

“With a slow burn, a hot outlaw MC hero falls in love with a smart good girl. What’s not to love about Persuasion?”—Carla Swafford, author of Hidden Heat

“For the first in her steamy new MC series, Violetta Rand has written a vibrant new spin on romance’s beloved 1%ers. Lily and Lang’s story about choices, family, and the lengths we’ll go to for those we love is another winner that you don’t want to miss.”—Scarlett Cole, author of the Second Circle Tattoos series

Persuasion is a scorching read. You’ll enjoy the ride.”—Gina Conkle, author of the Midnight Meetings series

“Forget what you think you know about MC romance! Violetta Rand’s new series is smart and, as always, sexy!”—Jessica Jefferson, author of Going Rogue

“Rand never fails to bring the heat to her exciting and fast-paced novels. This one is definitely no exception. It is the perfect start to what promises to be an unforgettable series.”—Confessions of a Bibliophile

“I loved . . . the chemistry between Lang and Lily. Holy crap! Lang was awesome!”—The Book Harbor Reviews

“A well-written, fast read.”—The Romance Factor

Persuasion is recommended for folks who like MCs, who like hot sex between virtual strangers which evolves into more.”—Romance & Smut

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781101887226
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 12/08/2015
Series: Sons of Odin MC , #1
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 101,362
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

An environmental scientist by day, Violetta Rand has been in love with writing since childhood. Struck with an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, she wrote short stories illustrated by her best friend and sold them in her neighborhood. Rand enjoys outdoor activities, music, reading, and losing herself in the world she brings to life in the pages of her stories. The only thing she loves more than writing is her wonderful relationship with her husband.

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Persuasion: A Sons of Odin Novel 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is kinda boring it is just ok not what you thhink of when you see mc romance books
Linda_RochesterNY More than 1 year ago
Great read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved Lang-good story.
greekgoddess422 More than 1 year ago
This is a contemporary one. Book 1 in the series . Our hero is Lang president of a MC gang and our Heroine Lilly . Lily has moved to Texas to start over again. She is a consular for troubled Teens. Lily had to moe to get away . There are 2 reasons why she moved and both are life changing . First reason her parents are going through a divorce and the Second is a teen died in her arms after a shooting Story starts with Lang coming out of court . The president of the MC group Jess is going away for a long time . . Lang has become president of the sons of Odin . That night Lang and a few members of the sons of Odin are out trying to blow out steam at a bar . At that same bar Lily and her best friend Tina are on Stage singing their faces off. Lily and Lang meet when Lang saves Lily . There is a electric shock between then both going right down to certain parts of the body . Both Lily and Lang try to move on from each other . Three weeks later Lang is at the school with his sister Maya at the principals office getting some help for his sister . That is when they meet up again . Lily suggests a date to discuss Langston sister Maya at a restaurant . Lang suggests a sea food restaurant . They meet and the feelings just explode between Lily and Lang . He takes her out of the comfort zone . Lang makes Lily live just like the Sons of Odin president does. Lang hasn't had a woman since he meet Lily . Lang introduces Lily to his family . To his other 2 sisters and They fall for Lily also . Thing is not everyone at the MC is on the straight up. Lang has a little run in with the cartel when one of his members take things a little to far . Get it and find out how the President of the Sons of Odin(Lang) deals with him. How Lang deals with His feelings about Lily . This story is deep with lots of Layers
gaele More than 1 year ago
I’ve been back and forth on this review since finishing the book. While the characters were built with solid features that brought them clearly into view, and the drama and angst in this story was coming from the two characters themselves not the outside, there was just something missing. Perhaps it was the solidity of Lang – an all too typical alpha biker in his protective, demanding nature and his nod to the ‘biker code’: I wanted more depth from him throughout, a moment that would make his actions and his character make sense. But it could have been Lily’s willingness to be pushed about and taken, if not quite for granted, as soft and always forgiving. She was that, without really making it clear that she needed more. I wanted to feel more of the conflict and difficulties Lang had with caring for his siblings and the difficulties with his sister, which has such promise but seems to be forgotten in the relationship between Lang and Lily. I’ve experienced similar with Ms. Rand’s work – premises that are wonderful but just don’t quite push the edges enough: chances taken (here Lang does not play with the ‘pass-arounds’ –a rarity in this genre) that don’t really build a statement as other behaviors more common to the genre, specifically misogyny, is rampant. Lastly the conclusion. It almost came out of left field without any real hints or conflict in Lang that would have made the scenario even reasonably possible. It just didn’t fit the story that I read. Not a bad read, but just not as edgy or daring as the premise or the genre would suggest. Rand has the ability to ‘go there’, I just want to see it done. A good starter MC romance for those who don’t know the genre and aren’t sure they want to delve in completely. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mirabelle8 More than 1 year ago
Exciting and enticing! Persuasion is a great introduction, for Violetta Rand's new Sons of Odin series, ! If you like a story about bad boys, hot bikers, leather jackets, hot and sexy scenes, then you are in for a treat! It tells the story of Lang Anderson, the new leader of the Sons of Odin, a motorcycle club, and Lily Gallo, a high school counselor. Coming from two different backgrounds, their world will collide with force and passion. As soon as Lang and Lily, meet for the first time, sparks flare all over. But he's a biker, the president of a motorcycle club, but so sexy! She is, soon, very intrigued with him, but feels that a criminal, is not the kind of man she can trust. Her mind said “no” but her body “yes”! They meet again, in a different environment, and she soon discovers that he is a different man, underneath his rough exterior. A seduction game began, attraction and passion followed! I love the beautiful chemistry between Lang and Lily! Will she accept the world he lives in? Will she fit in? Will Lang, as her protector, change his life for Lily, the woman, he really loves? Can a beautiful and healthy relation be possible between two persons coming from so different worlds? This story was hot and passionate! It had plenty of suspense, most of all, romance! I really enjoyed reading this book and looking forward to the other upcoming stories. I received an ARC from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review!
CLPetit1956 More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. If you love motorcycle romances', then you need to read Violetta Rand’s sexy-as-sin MC book, Persuasion.
syeager More than 1 year ago
efinitely my favorite book by Violetta Rand so far. We dive into the world of the Sons of Odin MC, which is along with the heroine Lily who is unfamiliar to this world. The rules, terms, and general attitudes are all something that lead to some pretty funny moments between Lily and Lang. She is primp and proper, and Lang can come off as a caveman. Lily has gone through more challenges in her life than you would expect, which draws Lang closer to her. Lang definitely cares a lot about taking care of his sisters, who are in his care after his parents death. It was great to see the softer side of him throughout the book. That really made their love more believable since they both really care for children. I loved that there was a definite twist at the end, that brought them together in an unexpected way. Although I think we will see them in future Sons of Odin books too. There were unexpected moments of humor that I really enjoyed. Another steamy read from Rand, I cannot wait to read the rest of the series.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
My first foray into the Motorcycle Club novel explosion. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I did get on the Sons of Anarchy bandwagon, so I recognized a lot of the terminology. I really enjoyed it! Lang is HOT! Lily is a good girl, but can't resist sexy, dirty-talking Lang. I'm excited to read the next one! Super sexy read! Lang Anderson was born into, and lives and breathes the Sons of Odin Motorcycle Club. Recent corruption has thrust him into the President position, and he's hell bent to get to the bottom of who is breaking the laws of his club. He's had nothing but turmoil in his life in the last few months. He's struggling trying to raise his 3 little sisters, and doesn't need any more distraction in his life right now. Tell that to Lilliana Gallo who takes his breath away the first time he sees her in a bar. When he has to step in to protect her from a couple of guys, he can't resist inviting her to have a drink with him. She's new to town and can't believe she's attracted to such a bad boy. Lily turns out to be the new high school guidance counselor assigned to help his older sister. Once they are brought back into each other's lives again, they stop fighting the attraction and decide to date. Will Lily be able to live with his tough life and the things he won't be able to tell her about? ** Received free in exchange for an honest review **
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
This is a tough one to review. I actually really enjoyed the romance part of the book. Lang and Lily are such an unlikely pair (school counselor and a MC Prez)but I found their attraction and chemistry worked for me. Loved the way Lang cared for his sisters and the attention and care he gave Lily. What didn't quite seem realistic was the MC part. Not that I have a clue about the inner workings of an MC club but I would assume the Prez needs to be a take no excuses badass. Lang never really seems that way. He's always saying the club and brothers come first but it seems that his sisters really come first in his life. Overall though I did enjoy the book and would recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## Meh...not so good. 1) Do not like smoker heroes. Also, I didn't like how he justified the "brothers" using the "pass arounds". Chicks who are passed around among the bikers for b*ow jobs and sex, determined by a toss of a coin. He said they are doing them a favor. Not bloody likely. His whole outlook on owning "old ladies" was perposterous. And no way would Child Services give a 3rd generation gang member custody of his small siblings. Can't recommend.