Pieces of My Heart: Finding God in Our Everyday Lives

Pieces of My Heart: Finding God in Our Everyday Lives

by David L Wood


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From the Author: "The front cover is symbolic of my children, for whom this book was written. They are all loved and cherished in my heart and therefore, each one is represented by a piece of my heart. The missing piece of the heart and the butterfly flying overhead are symbolic of my son, Daniel, who died shortly before his first birthday. Losing Daniel was the hardest thing I have faced in this life and he took a piece of my heart with him to heaven when he left. The butterfly is flying toward the sun, which is a representation of God and our eternal life to come. On the back cover, there is a lighthouse. This lighthouse is Jesus, who leads us and guides us through this wild ride we call 'life.'"

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ISBN-13: 9781939267269
Publisher: Healthy Life Press, LLC
Publication date: 12/26/2013
Pages: 380
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

David's personal journal that miraculously became this book was started in 2001 with the intention of being a gift to his daughters in his later years so they would know what their dad thought about things in this life. The purpose was to give them a glimpse of him even after he was gone, to bring comfort and courage to them by leaving actual "pieces of his heart" behind in the form of his written words. But God kept pressing David to share it more widely as a blessing to anyone who wished to read it. The hope is that these stories will spark thoughts about God's constant involvement and intervention in our lives and stir a sense of how much He cares about every detail that is important to us. David resides in Idaho, with his wife, Denice, and works as an engineer at Micron Technologies. He is the proud father of six beautiful daughters and "Papa Dave" to six grandchildren, five boys and one girl.

Table of Contents

Dedication 5

About the Cover 6

From the Publisher 6

Prologue 7

1 Katie's Comfort 13

2 Protecting the Crown or Scraping By? 19

3 The Games We Play 25

4 The Ride of Life 29

5 Pure Joy or Almond Joy? 35

6 Don't Steer Me Wrong 41

7 Getting Back in the Game 49

8 Let Us Sharpen One Another 53

9 Divide and Conquer…lThe Body Divided 57

10 Send in the Clowns 61

11 Playing the Middle or Playing to Win 67

12 The Thorns of this Life 73

13 Pressing Up and Out 77

14 The Loving They Neighbor Thingy 83

15 The Softball Hug 89

16 Let Us Water One Another 95

17 Five Large Bags of Cheetos 99

18 Lessons in an MRI 103

19 An Airport, a Bird and a Fry 111

20 With All Our H.S.M.S. 119

21 Truth, Perception and the Anchor 121

22 Back to the Basics 125

23 The Warrior 129

24 Living What We Believe 133

25 The Power of a Father's Words 135

26 God, Where Are You? 141

27 The Gym Experience 145

28 Playing Without the Rules 149

29 The Invisible Fight 153

30 The Stain 155

31 The Lick of Love 159

32 The Plan 161

33 What's in a Name? 165

34 Can You Hear Me Now? 169

35 Fear Not 173

36 The Rut or the Way? 175

37 One Piece of the Puzzle 177

38 Don't Judge a Beater By Its Cover 181

39 I Want to Be an Iris 187

40 It's Coming 191

41 Free Will or Free Willy? 195

42 What Do You Smell Like? 199

43 Waiter, There is a Fly in My Soup 201

44 How Do You Measure Success? 211

45 Spider Man and the Children of the King 211

46 First Church of the Wishy Washy 213

47 Use the Force Luke 217

48 With Everything You've Got 223

49 Thankful for the Journey 225

50 Time for a Trim 227

51 Looking Where We Want to Go 231

52 Counting the Cost 235

53 The Voice and the Path 239

54 My Car, My Body 243

55 The Shiny Red Apple 245

56 Missing a Mountain 247

57 The Proof is in the Pudding 249

58 The Right Equipment for the Right Game 253

59 Keep Your Eyes on Jesus 259

60 The Pace of the Workout 261

61 Who Wants to Throw a Rock? 265

62 Water Damage of Our Lives 269

63 The Whole, Hole Truth 273

64 Plugging into the Right Power 275

65 In Dixie Land 111 Take My Stand 281

66 God of the Whack 285

67 Like "YOU" Love 289

68 A Prayer that Works 293

69 The Slow Drift 295

70 Speaking of Clearing 299

71 The World or the Way? 303

72 The Devil Made Me Do It 307

73 A Delicate Balance 311

74 Love is the Answer…So What's the Question? 321

75 Making the Most of It 325

76 Sally the Rat 329

77 Not By Us 333

78 Reading the Signs or Crossing the Lines? 337

79 Waves of Distraction 341

80 Deeper than That 345

81 Giving Up On Ourselves 349

82 The Final Chapter 355

About the Author 361

Healthy Life Press Resources 366

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