Pittsburgh's Lost Outpost: Captain Trent's Fort

Pittsburgh's Lost Outpost: Captain Trent's Fort


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As 1753 came to a close, European empires were set on a collision course for a triangular piece of land known as the Forks of the Ohio.

The valuable patch of land, now known as Point State Park, is located at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers; the navigable waterways were valuable to the French to complete their control of the Ohio Valley as the British looked to create a center for their booming fur trade and westward expansion. Former soldier turned trader William Trent set out for the untamed wilderness to stake Britain's claim, and he would build the first fort to form the humble beginnings of Pittsburgh and to set the stage for the French and Indian War. Author Jason A. Cherry details the history of William Trent and Pittsburgh's forgotten first outpost.

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ISBN-13: 9781467141628
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing SC
Publication date: 03/18/2019
Series: Lost
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 762,133
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About the Author

Jason A. Cherry has lived in Western Pennsylvania his entire life and has interpreted the French and Indian War for almost thirty years. He resides in Butler, Pennsylvania, in the heart of the Ohio country with his wife, Emily, and his two daughters, Penny and Charlotte.

Table of Contents

Foreword Professor David Preston 9

Acknowledgements 11

Introduction. Lost History 17

1 The Beginning 19

2 Early Preparation 23

3 A Convenient Place 36

4 Orders Given by Dinwiddie 44

5 Trusting One Man 49

6 Borrowed Time 57

7 One Hour 64

8 The Situation Worsens for Trent 71

9 Volunteers Anyone? 77

10 The True Name of the Fort 81

Epilogue. Unfortunate Departure 87

Place Names and Their Present-Day Neighboring Counterparts 93

Biographical Sketch of Captain William Trent 95

Appendix I Confirmed Men with William Trent at the Forks of the Ohio, February 17, 1754, to April 17, 1754 99

Appendix II Commission of William Trent and Official Orders on January 26, 1754 109

Appendix III Deposition of Edward Ward on May 7, 1754 113

Appendix IV Deposition of Edward Ward on June 30, 1756 117

Appendix V Expense Account of the Government of Virginia to William Trent Dated April 8, 1754 121

Appendix VI Account of the Battle of the Great Meadows in a Letter from William Trent to James Burd Dated July 7, 1754 123

Appendix VII George Mason to James Tilghman, Statement of William Trent's Account with Virginia, while Factor of the Ohio Company, Enclosing Letter of John Mercer Dated March 1, 1767 125

Appendix VIII Trent's Remarks in 1757 Pertaining to the Account of the Ohio Company Fort at the Forks of the Ohio in 1754 and the Burial of Lieutenant Peter Mercier at the Great Meadows in July 1754 129

Appendix IX English Translation of the Summons of Contrecocur to English on April 16, 1754 133

Notes 137

Bibliography 163

Index 167

About the Author 175

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