Plagues of Eden

Plagues of Eden

by Sharon Linnea, B.K. Sherer


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The race is on to stop a madman bent on unleashing the ancient plagues of Egypt against the modern world.

The countdown has begun. Only Army Chaplain Jaime Richards, along with rock star Mark Shepard, can stop the catastrophe and save the mysterious Sword 23 from the clutches of a psychopath... if they can find the true mastermind in time.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781933608129
Publisher: Arundel Publishing
Publication date: 09/06/2014
Series: Eden Thrillers Series
Pages: 450
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range: 16 Years

About the Author

Sharon Linnea is the author of the new mystery THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS as well as the EDEN THRILLERS. She has also written award-winning biographies of Raul Wallenberg and Hawaii's Princess Kaiulani. She lives outside New York City with her family. Visit her at
B.K. Sherer holds a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Doctorate of Education from Oklahoma State University. A Presbyterian minister, she currently serves on active duty as a chaplain in the U.S. Army.
The authors first collaborated on a play for their sixth grade talent show in Springfield, Missouri, and have been best friends ever since.

Customer Reviews

Plagues of Eden 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Sapphire_Reader More than 1 year ago
Plagues of Eden is a non-stop action ride for 72 hours in book time. There is no getting off. Well, I didn’t want to. The collaboration of Sharon Linnea and B.K. Sherer made this a top notch espionage thriller. The first 20 minutes or so takes you thru all the characters in this who, what, where and why thriller. The authors take you thru an hour by nearly hour of what is happening where and with who. From time zone to time zone and country to country. Will it make you dizzy keeping it all straight? At first it may. Listening to the first 20 minutes or so diligently will keep you on the right track for the next 8 hours of the novel. So onto the important part the review. The Plot: A madman wanting to take control of businesses and government ruling around the world for his benefit. In order to get his ways he is unleashing the 10 plagues. All over a 72 hour period leading up to the death of the first born. The story opens in Tell-el-Balumum, Egypt. At a gravesite digging.  The head project director is summing up this very odd week on the dig site, examining the pieces that they have unearth. When all of the sudden out of the sky looks like a meteorite that hits the earth about 5 miles away. An anomaly, no more will come out of the sky. Then more start impacting the surrounding area and some burning up. As everyone starts running to take cover. Two of the friends jump in the nearby vehicle. As he approaches yelling for them to get out the vehicle it is struck by one of the meteorites killing the two inside. What is going on? To the madman's lair, as his computer expert turns to give himself a well-deserved pat on the back for a job well done. He is thrilled he has completed the task at hand, the 3rd plague of Fire raining down from the heavens. (The first 2 plagues you find out about further in the novel). Well only 2 were killed. Not bad, everything did come down within the 5 mile radius that he wanted. But, were they meteorites. No they were actually 3 satellites that he control by hacking into their systems to have them fall back to earth. The computer expert is only  a puppet under the thumb of the madman. In the US at West Point, A wedding. How grand where two of the government’s secret operatives Army Chaplain Jaime Richards and Yani (undercover code name Sword 23 are finally getting married in a regular ceremony). Even though they were married several times before in other ceremonies. To make their family and themselves happy marry once again in a regular wedding. Heading for a honeymoon hideout as they are rudely interrupted by their commanding operations. Their objective is to stop a manic that is unleashing plagues around the world. One heading under orders of being undercover as a former operative and the other as an undercover specialist for the owner of one of the satellites. These two along with Mark Shepard are the main good guy characters of this novel. As Jamie heads to meet the plane of the owner of the satellite. Little does she know it is a former friend of hers Mark Shepard? To each other’s astonishment of how can this be? Will they be able to work together knowing their past history? All three of them finding themselves canvasing back and forth across the globe collecting clues to stop the remaining 7 plagues. Paris, Italian vineyards, Argentina, and back at West Point. Who else is in this plot with this madman since he is so delusional? You will find him talking to someone that is not there. Though his oriental aid knows all too well that no one is there. She consuls him and makes sure he is getting his medication to keep him from getting to out of hand. Or is she? She has a plot of her own. A little boy kidnapped. The madman does not know of the special needs that this boy has. He has a love for King Arthur and Camelot.  His father works all the time so tired and sleeping. He wakes up not knowing that his son is kidnapped. Since he is in the care of a nanny thought they gone somewhere. Shortly after receiving a call from the nanny upon her release from the kidnappers. Once she arrives back to the Paris flat telling what had happened. Not knowing why anyone would kidnap his son. Why he was worth millions but others are worth billions. Who would want his company anyway? Meanwhile, Yani/Sword 23 ends up at the same place as the little boy he calls Merlin. He realizes that they boy has special needs and lives thru his fascination of Camelot and King Arthur’s story. Will they find their way out of the clutches of this mad man? What does the wineries have in connection with this madman? Will Jamie and Mark be in time to save Yani? Will they stop the assignation of the first born? All great questions that you will have to read/listen to too find out the answers. What I love is the way the novel was laid out. Each place and time layout prior to the event taking place so you are not wondering – Did I miss something? You knew where you were within the 72 hour period. As the minutes dwindled down. There is some light humor through out. But, for the most part it was non-stop action. Truly a full story. No abrupt ending. Actually, when you thought it was all over it isn’t. Loved it! Well played out that will draw you in as it did me. From start to end. Co-authors Sharon Linnea and B.K. Sherer, really have a hit with this Eden Series. This book is a stand-alone story. Even though I was given this book for review I find myself getting on board for the entire series. I purchase the other 3 books, so back to book one for me! I absolutely love the cover. It is certainly a draw for me as a reader as with the title. That is important as some may not think. But, if I see a cover that is mediocre in artwork or photograph I usually pass it up without even reading the synopsis. Note: This book was provided to me for an honest and unbiased review. No one has influence my review above and I always welcome comments about the above.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This has been an exceptionally good read. A well-written and action-packed storyline make for a book hard to put down. I would highly tecommend it but the first three excellent novels in the Eden series should be read first to get a real sense of the story and understand all the undertones of what is actually happening. I so hope to see a fifth book in this series soon. Stephanie Clanahan
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book grabs you frok the start and does not let go great great book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This just might be the best of the Eden series so far. A fast-paced adventure that quickly grabs your attention and holds it, as the action takes the characters from one intriguing global location to another. Hopefully, we won't be waiting long for book 5 to find out what's next for Jaime Richards.
lifeasleels More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I have read by either of these authors and I have to say, I can’t wait to read more! I really enjoyed Plagues of Eden! I will admit, a few areas could have been clarified (ie: Gardeners, Eden, the Steppe, the Terris World) but it did not stop me for following the story and moving forward (it just would have been nice to have a better understanding of what these were so I could figure out how exactly it related to the story). I loved the book. It was action. It was edge of your seat mystery because you weren’t entirely sure what was going to happen next. It had a tiny hint of romance. Overall, it was a great read that I really enjoyed and would recommend for male or female readers.