Plan Like a Bestseller

Plan Like a Bestseller

by Bria Quinlan


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To be a Bestseller You Need to Plan Like One.

Talent and hard work can only get you so far. When it comes to moving your career not only the next level, but the best level, you need a plan—and a way to nail that plan every day.

Plan Like a Bestseller walks you from your broadest ideas to your most passionate dreams by guiding you through:
• Discovering your core path and following it to your best success
• Narrowing your goals and actions to stay true to your career and dreams
• Defining your true time and manage it for the best achievements
• Keeping your creative, business, and personal goals, plans, and schedules in one place to balance life and keep things simple
• Holding on to your joy and making it central to your life and career
• Turning a short-term vision into a long-term plan

It's time to personalize your success and nail those goals for the best life possible.

"Let me vouch for this because it's AMAZING and really gives you the tools to put things together no matter what your personal style of organization or your thought process is. Bria's program is very logical, straightforward, and really empowering."
Brenna Aubrey,
USA Today Bestselling Author

WARNING (because all books have them now!) This is an updated version of the AuthorLife Planner. It includes the workbook from the planner as well as additional pages for long-term planning. It does not include the planner pages which are free for download on my site,

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Publication date: 01/08/2019
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