Pocket Posh Word Power: 120 Words to Make You Sound Intelligent

Pocket Posh Word Power: 120 Words to Make You Sound Intelligent

by Wordnik


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A fancy little package to help you sound smart.We’ve taken our million-selling Pocket Posh®format (over 1.5 million copies in print) and created a lexiconfor infusingyour conversation with precision and eloquence.

Adorn your conversations with precise and elegant words such as muliebrity, insouciant, extirpate, and vitiate, all found inside Pocket Posh Word Power: 120 Words to Make You Sound Intelligent.

This Pocket Posh Word Power collection promises a gargantuan vocabulary boost inside an effortlessly portable, ergonomic package that features fun cover embellishments, an elastic band closure, and a convenient lay-flat binding. In addition, each entry provides pronunciation, part of speech, definition, usage in a sentence, and etymology information.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781449401399
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publication date: 05/31/2011
Edition description: Original
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 4.00(w) x 6.10(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Wordnik is a place for all the words, and everything known about them. Their goal is to show you as much information as possible, as fast as they can find it, for every word in English, and to give you a place where you can make your own opinions about words known. Traditional dictionaries make you wait until they've found what they consider to be "enough" information about a word before they will show it to you. Wordnik knows you don't want to wait. Before founding Wordnik, Erin McKean edited The New Oxford American Dictionary. She continues to serve as the editor of the language quarterly Verbatim and is the author of multiple books, including That's Amore and the entire Weird and Wonderful Words series. She maintains multiple blogs, including "A Dress a Day" and "Dictionary Evangelist." "Ms. McKean is part of the next wave of top lexicographers who have already or may soon take over guardianship of the nation's language, and who disprove Samuel Johnson's definition of a lexicographer as 'a harmless drudge.'" —The New York Times

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