Practical Prosperity Magick: Crafting Success & Abundance

Practical Prosperity Magick: Crafting Success & Abundance

by Ellen Dugan


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ISBN-13: 9780738736969
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 06/08/2014
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 1,204,770
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Ellen Dugan is the award-winning author of fifteen books, and is known as the "Garden Witch". A psychic-clairvoyant, she has been a practicing Witch for over thirty years. Well known for her candor and humor, she is a Master Gardener, and is the High Priestess of her Coven in the St. Louis area. Ellen teaches classes both online andacross the country on Witchery, Psychic Protection,and Magick. She has contributed articles for over twelve years to Llewellyn's Magical Almanac, Witches Datebook, Sabbat Almanac, and Witches Calendar.

Ellen's popular magickal books have been translated into over ten foreign languages. When she's not working on her next book project,or keeping up with her family (the kids are out ontheir own, and the youngest is in Graduate school), Ellen likes to unwind by working in her perennial gardens at home with her husband of 31 years. Ellen wholeheartedly encourages folks to reclaim their personal power and to personalize their Spell-craft. To go outside and connect with the spiritual side of nature. To get their hands dirty and discover the wonder and magick of natural world that surrounds them.

Visit her popular syndicated "Blog of Witchery" at

You can visit her website at

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xv

Introduction 1

The Witch Goes Back to Work 5

Turning Mistakes into Success 8

What You Will Find in This Book 10

Chapter 1 Earth: Foundations & Fundamental Knowledge 13

Hermes Trismegistus and the Hermetic Principles 14

Wrapping Your Mind Around the Hermetic Principles 17

The Seven Hermetic Principles 19

The Principle of Mentalism 19

The Principle of Correspondence 20

The Principle of Vibration 21

The Principle of Polarity 22

The Principle of Rhythm 23

The Principle of Gender 24

The Principle of Cause and Effect 24

The Law of Attraction: It's Not a "Secret" 25

1 Appreciation and Thankfulness 26

2 Validation and Enthusiasm from the Beginning 27

3 Banish Doubt and Remove Fear of Failure 27

4 Celebrating and Acknowledging the Outcome 28

Elements of Prosperity Spellwork and Ritual 28

Prosperity Is Just Around the Corner: Are You Ready? 32

Chapter 2 Air: Happiness & Success 33

The Art of Happiness 34

Pattern Interrupt 36

A floral Fascination to Reinforce a Positive Attitude 39

Happiness and Success 40

New Mindset, New Attitude 43

Wind Chime Magick to Break up Negative Thoughtforms 45

Good Mood, Good Magick: Wow, This Stuff Really Works! 46

Blessings and Gratitude 47

Chapter 3 Fire: Illumination, Transformation & Manifestation 49

Avoid Conflicting Spiritual Energies: Be Careful What You Cast For 51

Being Optimistic with Your Prosperity Spells 53

Rhyme, Rhythm, and Repetition: The Three Rs of the Spell Verse 54

Candle Magick: Tapping into the Fire of Transformation 56

Spell Candles and Symbolism 57

Enchanting Your Spell Candles 58

All-Purpose Blessing for a Spell Candle 59

Thinking Outside the Crayon Box: Candle Colors for Prosperity Magick 59

Candle Colors for Prosperity Magick 60

Two Candle Spells for Success and Prosperity 61

Green Jar Candle Spell 61

Royal Blue Votive Candle Spell 63

Pyromancy: Reading Your Spell Candle's Flames 64

The Magick of Manifestation 66

Chapter 4 Water: Letting Prosperity Flow 69

Lakshmi: Hindu Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth 71

Correspondences for Lakshmi 73

A Spell for Prosperity with Lakshmi 74

Yemaya: The Goddess of the Seven Seas 75

Correspondences for Yemaya 76

Sea and River Magick: Calling On Yemaya for Success 77

No Access to the Ocean? No Problem! 79

Yamaya's Spiritual Boost Spell 80

Wish Fulfillment 83

Nine of Cups Tarot Spell 84

Feng Shui and Prosperity with Water 85

A Witchy Blessing for your Aquarium 87

Chapter 5 Attracting Abundance 89

Abundance: What Is It Really and How Do I Get Me Some? 90

How to Became Magnetic: Embrace Your Receptive Energies 91

Attracting Abundance 93

A Cornucopia Spell 94

Fortuna: Goddess of Abundance 97

A Tarot Spell With Fortuna 98

Lodestone Magick and Magnetic Sand 100

Lodestone and Magnetic Sand Charm Bag 102

A Lodestone Witch-Jar Spell that you can Personalize 104

Manifesting Abundance and Success 106

Chapter 6 Good Luck Charms & Coin Magick 109

A Witch's Dozen of Good Luck Charms 111

Silver Charms and the Magick of a Charm Bracelet 115

A Spell to Empower your Own Charm Bracelet 116

Maneki Neko: The Beckoning Good Luck Cat 117

Magickal Colors of Maneki Neko 118

Empowering Your Cat Figurine 118

Lucky Cat Candle Spell 119

Coins in Ancient Rome 121

Coin and Metal Magick 122

A Little Practical Advice... 124

A Pocket Spell 125

Mercury Dime Spell for Mercury Retrograde 125

Chapter 7 Removing Obstacles to Your Success 129

Personal Magickal Energy: Troubleshooting Prosperity Spells 134

Solving Common Magickal Snafus 136

Correspondences for Prosperity Magick 138

Ganesha: The Remover of Obstacles 139

Removing Obstacles with Ganesha Spell 141

The Tower Card Spell to Remove Blocks and Energetic Resistance 142

Tough Times Call for Creative Magick 146

Chapter 8 Herbal & Crystal Magick for Abundance, Good Luck & Prosperity 149

A Witch's Dozen of Herbs for Prosperity Magick 150

Herbal Charm Bag Magick for Prosperity 156

A Witch's Dozen of Crystals for Abundance, Success, and Prosperity 158

A Crystal Spell for Success and Good Luck 164

Lastly, Consider This... 166

Chapter 9 Practical Magick 167

Planetary Magick 169

Jupiter 170

Correspondences for Jupiter 172

The Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter 173

The Sun 176

Correspondences for the Sun 177

A Solitary Sunrise Ritual for Success and Prosperity 178

A Witch's Dozen of Deities for Prosperity Magick 180

A Group Prosperity Ritual 184

Closing Thoughts 188

Appendix I Specific-Needs Spell Guide 189

Appendix II Herbal, Crystal & Metal Correspondences for Prosperity 191

Herbal Correspondences 191

Crystal Correspondences 192

Metal Correspondences 194

Glossary 195

Bibliography 199

Index 203

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