Pregnancy For Men: The Whole Nine Months

Pregnancy For Men: The Whole Nine Months

by Mark Woods

Paperback(2nd Edition)

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You're having a baby! Or at least your partner is which means you are too. Not literally of course, but you’ll be in the middle of nine months of flying hormones, back rubs, and excitement, anticipation and nervousness the like of which you’ve never experienced before. You’re in for the ride of your life. And you're going to be a dad. Fatherhood is just around the corner and it’s ace – but are you ready? Most pregnancy books are for the mother but this one is just for you, the new father. We guide you through nine months of joy, excitement, fear, lots of big words, and an expanding so that you emerge from this emotional rollercoaster ready for anything your newborn baby will throw at you (which will either be sick, or regurgitated milk). From how your baby grows month by month to how to support your partner (it’s the little things that count, we tell ourselves), international bestseller Pregnancy for Men is your survival guide to the whole nine months.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781905410620
Publisher: Crimson Publishing
Publication date: 03/05/2019
Edition description: 2nd Edition
Pages: 266
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Mark Woods started his writing career as a news journalist for the UK's national news agency the Press Association.After covering everything from the war in Kosovo to a pair of brave pigs escaping from an abattoir, a move into television followed where he attempted to make ONdigital and then ITV Digital a huge success.The enormous corporate disaster that followed allowed Mark to sensibly reconcentrate on writing and he joined Comic Relief.The birth of his first son inspired Mark to write the best selling Pregnancy for Men which has since gone on to become an international hit too.Babies and Toddlers for Men and Planet Parent have followed and Mark continues to be anything but a parenting expert.Mark lives with his wife Sarah and their three Children in South West London.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Prologue: Making a baby 5

Trying - years hoping not, days hoping so 6

Boy or girl - the weird world of gender selection 9

Month 1 Is there anybody there? 13

Conception - in the beginning was the worm … 14

Pregnancy test - finding out and keeping quiet 18

Miscarriage - the M word 22

Progress - month by month 29

The progress report 30

The must-dos of the month 32

Month 2 Say hello to my little friend 35

Early pregnancy symptoms - morning sickness and co 36

Sex and pregnancy - the full ins and outs 44

The progress report 49

The must-dos of the month 51

Month 3 Show and tell 53

The early scans - the joy and the fear 54

Telling people - spreading the word 60

The progress report 62

The must-dos of the month 64

Month 4 I see you baby 67

What's safe and what's not - the long list of dos and don'ts 68

Phantom pregnancy - I'm suffering too you know 75

The progress report 79

The must-dos of the month 81

Month 5 Scans, flans and holiday plans 83

The anomaly scan - more fear, more joy 84

The babymoon - getting away from it all 88

More symptoms - earth, wind and forgetfulness 91

The progress report 97

The must-dos of the month 99

Month 6 Hove over Dad 101

Bumps and Braxton - showing 102

Financing the family - money and lots of it 107

The name game - what to call your baby 116

Being Dad - you, your father and what it means to be a dad 120

The progress report 125

The must-dos of the month 127

Month 7 Brace yourselves 129

The antenatal experience - back to school 130

Birth choices - who does the best delivery? 136

Your relationship - all change please 139

Premature births - keeping the faith 155

The progress report 158

The must-dos of the month 161

Month 8 Last orders please 163

Getting ready - you've gotta love a list 164

Nesting - not just nearly clean, but really clean 172

Stopping work - knowing when to say goodbye 175

The progress report 176

The must-dos of the month 179

Month 9 It's show time 181

Waiting for curtain up - anytime soon 181

The progress report 183

The must-dos of the month 186

The birth plot - what's meant to happen 188

The cast list - who will be in the room 191

Action! - what actually happens 194

Pain Relief - what's on the drugs trolley today 199

Transition - not as easy as it sounds 202

Almost there - the final push 204

The birth - it's a baby! 207

Stories from the frontline 210

Month 9.5 Being overdue 223

The 'natural' way - myths which almost certainly don't work 225

The medical way - drugs that do 227

Epilogue: Holding a baby 229

Family man - you, your baby and superwoman 229

Going home - the rest of your life starts here 230

Glossary 233

References 259

Index 263

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