Project Addiction Counselor: How to Create and Sustain a Private Practice

Project Addiction Counselor: How to Create and Sustain a Private Practice

by Scott A Spackey


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This book teaches everything you need to know, from business cards, to marketing to getting your own office—what it costs and how to do it right.

Own your own private counseling practice.

Instead of becoming an employee at a recovery facility, you can have your own private practice. With the Project Addiction book and your state counseling certification you can create and sustain a career of helping others. Project Addiction—Lifemind (PAL) counseling was established in 2004 and is going strong, netting well over $150,000 annually and is training counselors throughout the U.S. and abroad.

PROJECT ADDICTION COUNSELOR provides detailed and step by step instructions to become legally certified, how to secure office space, how to market and advertise, how to design an office, how to build client rapport how to invoice and how to get payment.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780996891318
Publisher: Primordial Productions
Publication date: 10/31/2015
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.57(d)

About the Author

Scott Spackey was involved with a notorious, organized; Los Angeles counterfeit and methamphetamine ring in the 90's.
He left home just after he turned 16, living wherever he could. He started with pot at 13, regularly dosing LSD by 15 and shooting-up heroin, cocaine and meth at 17. Scott is a poly-drug addict, having abused every drug accessible, including one that is unknown beyond a secretive drug culture of addicts, gangsters and organized criminals. Grand theft auto, robbery, cheater, liar and dope fiend were his calling cards. Most of his associates are either dead, in prison or still on drugs, yet he somehow survived and is going on over twenty years being clean.
After a decade as a commercial building contractor, Scott's restlessness drove him to become a counselor and life-coach. Without a degree or college education he became a certified addiction treatment counselor and was quickly disillusioned by the recovery field's less than 10% success rate and being dominated by generic, corporate establishments that provide small compensation to working-in-the-trenches counselors while the facilities make disproportionate profit. He began a private practice counseling center which is in its twelfth lucrative year. He lives in Southern California near his girlfriend of 12 years and his 22 year old son. He was born June 28, 1966.
Scott provides keynote speeches at recovery conventions, provides workshops, authors several books, is a monthly contributor to a Los Angeles magazine and has appeared on Los Angeles TV and radio. He mentors and trains other addiction counselors and still maintains his private practice. His memoir, A Stone's Throw, Memoir of a Dope Fiend, is in the beginning stages of film development. He tours and presents year round and his tour dtes and locations are on all his websites.
He travels the world for adventure, having been to 12 different countries, including 5 spiritual pilgrimages to India. He rarely travels the landmark tourist sites, preferring the road far less traveled. He travels to expand the boundaries of his own consciousness and character.
He is currently working on his sequel memoir, Throwing Stones and a series of guide books on world religions and Eastern philosophies. In 2013 he was hit by another driver while on his motorcycle. He died instantly but was revived by paramedics, having to learn to walk and talk from scratch he is documenting his challenges in another memoir in an attempt to help others with similar tragedy.

Table of Contents

1.Why Private Practice
2.What You Need
3.What I Did
5.Getting Paid
7.Getting Legal
8.Working With Minors
9.Harm to Self or Others
10.Addiction Counseling
13.Select Training
14.Alternative Modalities
16.Counseling Modalities
Chapters include assignment exercises.

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