Promise Me

Promise Me

by Samanthe Beck, Robin Bielman

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Instead of soaking up the SoCal sunshine while housesitting for my aunt, I’m dealing with a Pomeranian who thinks she’s a Pitbull, two half-sisters who would happily prune me off the family tree, and him. Vaughn Shaughnessy. Hot model about to go nuclear, dangerously sexy flirt whose perceptive green eyes promise he’s more than just a pretty face. He’s the kind of walking, talking temptation I should avoid, but that’s impossible because he also happens to be my extremely lickable—I mean likeable—neighbor.

He’s turning me into a hot mess.

Thing is, I can’t handle more messes in my life. I’m still trying to come to terms with the monumental ones in my past, and getting involved with Vaughn—even for temporary summer fun—is guaranteed to get messy. I don’t dare risk it, but I’m not sure I can resist…

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ISBN-13: 9781640637009
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 04/15/2019
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 56,468
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

When not attached to her laptop, USA Today bestselling author Robin Bielman can almost always be found with her nose in a book. A California girl, the beach is her favorite place for fun and inspiration. Her fondness for swoon- worthy heroes who flirt and stumble upon the girl they can’t live without jumpstarts all of her story ideas. She is a 2014 RITA Finalist, loves to frequent coffee shops, and plays a mean game of sock tug of war with her cute, but sometimes naughty dog, Harry. She cherishes her family and friends and loves to connect with readers. You can sign-up for her newsletter here:

Samanthe Beck lives in Malibu, California with her husband, their young son, a furry ninja named Kitty, and Bebe the trash talkin’ Chihuahua. When not writing fun, contemporary, melt-your-Kindle sexy romances for Entangled Publishing’s Brazen imprint, she searches for the perfect cabernet to pair with Ambien.

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I don't usually make wishes on stars, but looking up into the late-night June sky, I close my eyes and think, I want to wake up every morning, full of energy and so excited for the day that I don't need coffee. Sounds simple enough, but simple and easy are two very different things. I could pretend law school is what I want and spend the summer enjoying carefree days until my house-sitting gig is up and I head to the University of Chicago for another three years of education, but that would be like a giraffe impersonating a koala bear. Wrong.

Opening my eyes, I tug on Snowflake's leash and continue down the front walkway of my aunt and uncle's Hollywood Hills home for a quick stroll before bedtime. "It's not like it will kill me to follow in my dad's footsteps," I say aloud. "But I want to love what I do, not settle. For a long time, I wanted to be an actress. Now, I don't know what I want to do with the rest of my life, but I've got the summer to figure it out." I drag in a deep breath, the scent of jasmine and roses filling my nose. "God, I love the smells here. I'm not going to miss the car fumes and hot asphalt of New York. The hot dogs, though, those I'll miss."

I'm talking to a dog.

Don't judge.

Snowflake is the cutest furball on the planet, but do not say it to her face, no matter how adorable she looks prancing across the grass on her short little legs, trying to act all badass. She's a Pomeranian who thinks she's a pit bull. In her tiny little mind she's the alpha, and she will puff herself up and cute you to death with an angry dance and a frenzy of high-pitched barks to prove it. As far as I know, Aunt Sally is the only one who can love on her without unleashing the full force of her Pomeranian fury. The rest of us she merely tolerates. But tonight I choose to take her quiet disregard as a sign of respect. She's deigning to be a good listener.

As soon as we hit the sidewalk she selects a nice patch of grass to do her business. "Good girl," I say. She lifts her snout and looks at me like she already knows this. I laugh. It's been a couple of years since my last visit, and she hasn't changed a bit. The pet sitter did warn me she's been feistier than normal but attributes it to missing my aunt and uncle and said I could call her if I had any problems.

I follow Snowflake's lead up the street, the moon smiling down on us. Compared to my apartment in New York City, it's downright tranquil here. Earlier, music blasted from the house next door, f-bombs dropping repeatedly in many of the songs. My aunt briefly mentioned her next door neighbor, "Vaughn." She texted to say that if I needed anything, he could help, and included his phone number. From the music selection, I'm guessing he's closer to my age than hers.

The noise level has since subsided, but lights shine brightly. Shadowy movement passes beyond the windows. There are definitely people inside. Music suddenly shatters the quiet, the latest Maroon 5 song blaring through the wide open front door. Inexplicably, Snowflake chooses that moment to bark like someone yelled "dog party!" and run toward the neighbor's driveway. I tug on her leash because I'm not one to trespass, but she's crazy for something and isn't about to back off. Then I realize someone's walking down the dark driveway. Someone tall, broad-shouldered, and ambling with a loose-limbed grace that suggests he thinks he has the driveway to himself. Whoever he is, Snowflake can't wait to greet him.

I'm about to call out hello when an engine revs. Red taillights blaze from the top of the driveway, and a vehicle jerks like the driver forgot to release the brake. Oh crap.

The guy stops and turns in slow motion as an SUV rolls down the drive. I'm close enough now to hear his, "Oh fuck no," as the car lurches.

He sprints to the center of the driveway and faces the car like he's the Hulk and can stop two tons of metal momentum with his bare hands. What is he thinking?

"Stay," I command Snowflake and run up the driveway. "Hey!" I shout.

The guy turns around and oh my God, the car suddenly picks up speed and heads straight for him. "Look out!"

He doesn't listen, his eyes locked on mine instead. In a burst of super-human strength I didn't know I had, I tackle him and fling us to the side of the concrete before he's roadkill.

"What the —" he mumbles then oomphs as we hit the ground. Lucky for me, I'm sprawled on top of him, a slight sting in my shoulder from our initial landing.

Icy fear grips me as I look down the drive, praying Snowflake has stayed put. She has, but being the badass that she is, she's barking for the driver to get out of the vehicle and keep all hands where she can see them. Thankfully, the SUV has stopped, its back end in the thick green bushes flanking the entrance to the driveway.

A tall blond woman in a short blue dress stumbles out of the car, laughing her head off like she didn't almost crash into a human being. "Jesus, Vaughn, your ride is as fucked up as you are." More laughter comes from a second woman climbing out of the passenger seat. Snowflake growls.

Beneath me a low voice mutters, "It is now."

I turn back to my aunt's neighbor. A small corner of my mind registers the sound of high heels clicking up the drive and Snowflake's bossy bark telling those girls where to go and how to get there, but the rest of me is totally focused on the man beneath me. Slammed against his warm, hard body I feel small, his broad shoulders and chest cushioning my fall. My gaze slides to defined biceps straining against his short sleeves. His masculine scent is clean, with a hint of something spicy. Whatever it is, it puts sexy ideas in my head. I let out a deep breath, grateful he's still in one piece. My heart stops trying to punch its way out of my chest.

Then I raise my eyes to his face, and holy crap. He's beautiful. The face of a model beautiful. Wait. I think he is a model. Like of the gigantic Times Square billboard variety. His light brown hair is a little longer now, but there's no mistaking that square jaw and those dark, olive green, come-closer-if-you-dare eyes.

A slow grin takes over his very nice mouth, making my cheeks warm.

He blinks like I've all of a sudden gone out of focus. "Thanks for saving my life, angel," he slurs. "Are you okay?" The smell of alcohol hits my nose, and my stomach pitches.

I scramble off him. "No problem, and I'm fine."

Maintaining eye contact, I put a hand out to help him up. Adrenaline continues to fizz through my system. I can't believe what almost happened.

His warm palm connects with mine, and I brace to counterbalance his weight, but he gets to his feet under his own power, teetering just once before gaining his footing and standing upright.

"I hope she wasn't your ride," I deadpan.

Vaughn cracks up like that's the funniest thing he's ever heard. His laugh is contagious, and I'm laughing with him in seconds. It's that or digest the seriousness of what just happened. Snowflake's bark breaks our hysterics. She runs to me.

Make that him.

I watch as he scoops her up and she licks his face like he's wearing bacon-flavored cologne. "How's my girl? How's my pretty girl?" he murmurs. "Did you chase Becca back inside the house?" Snow can't get enough of him. Little dog legs run in the air as he lowers her to the ground. When he straightens, his eyes wander down my body and on the return get stuck at my chest. I glance at my thin white Winnie the Pooh tank and red shorts and cross my arms to block his notice. I didn't think I'd run into anybody, so I didn't bother to put on a robe. "Nice outfit," he says, his gaze finding mine again.

That's my cue to hurry home. I've been around my share of hot, complimentary guys. NYU was full of them. But this handsome stranger makes me more nervous than all of them put together. I grab Snowflake's leash. "Thanks. See ya."

Without a word, he walks with me, his feet bare, his steps not exactly steady.

"What are you doing?" I ask. "Shouldn't you go make up with your girlfriend?"

"She's not my" — he hiccups — "girlfriend. But that is my car she left blocking the driveway. I've got to move it or my roommates will have my balls and hang them as a rearview mirror ornament when they can't pull up to the garage."

There's an image I could do without. I glance at him out of the corner of my eye. He winces as if confused by what he just said. When we reach the car, he fumbles with the door handle before feeling his way into the driver's seat like he's not sure it will hold his weight. I have no idea how much partying he's done tonight, but it's obviously enough that I can't, in good conscience, let him stay behind the wheel, even if it's only to travel up the driveway. Call me overly cautious, but that's how it is. I've gotten behind the wheel when I shouldn't have, and I'm still not over it.

The driver's side door hangs open, so I reach in and pluck out the keys before he can turn the ignition on.

"Hey. What are you doing?"

"I don't think you should be driving. I'll give these back to you tomorrow." I could move his car for him, but I don't want to chance leaving him his keys after I do so. To avoid any argument, I hurry away.

He stumbles over the smooth sidewalk, trying to keep up with my quick strides. I look up and notice his face is pale. Shit. I hope he's not going to be sick. I slow my pace as music blares from his house again.

"Can you slow down, speed racer?"

His uncommon label gets me to stop in my tracks, happy memories pushing aside my haste. "I love that movie," I say, risking coming off as a dork. I was the only one of my friends wowed by the live action film, but whatever.

He smiles. "Me, too. My friends called me Mach 5 when I was younger."

"Because you drove fast?" I am really glad I took away his keys.

"Ran fast."

"From girls?" Snowflake tugs on her leash, signaling I need to stop conversing and get us tucked into bed.

"Why would I do that?" he asks in a flirty tone.

Right. Silly me. "I'll return your keys tomorrow," I repeat, closing the distance to home. I contemplate throwing the keys in the rose bushes around the perimeter of my aunt's front yard so he'll leave me alone, but I can't do it. I'd hate to see any thorns leave even the tiniest scratch on him.

He follows me up the walkway, his uneven gait about as far from a runway model's as you can get, but he still manages to tap my shoulder. "Why?" he says.

I stop a few feet from the front door. "Why what?"

He looks down at me with verdant eyes full of uncertainty. He's not sure what to make of me. I'm not sure what to make of him, either. Then he closes the short distance between us. He's not so stable, and his chest brushes mine. "Why do you care?" he asks softly.

I'm afraid if I step back he'll lose his balance and fall, so I hold my ground. It's not easy. I'm nervous. Not that he'll hurt me. That he'll kiss me. Which is crazy with a side of never-going-to-happen. My imagination hasn't run this wild in a long time.

"I don't care about you," I lie. I've known him all of five minutes but don't want to see anything bad happen to him. "I mean, I don't care care." What am I spewing? This is what happens when exhaustion hits. Long travel day equals verbal nonsense. "I care about people in general, and it seems like you've had a rough night."

His long dark eyelashes sweep down and stay there, and for a second, I wonder if he's fallen asleep on his feet. I clear my throat.

"People don't usually give a shit about anyone but themselves in this town." He's studying me now, like I'm something rare. I both like and hate it. I don't deserve the pedestal I think he's just put me on.

I put my hands on his upper arms to steady him and take a step back. "I'm not from around here." The space between our bodies is cold, but relief fills me all the same. "Go home, Vaughn. Get some sleep." I give him a small smile before turning around. "Good night." I open the front door. Snow sits patiently while I take off her leash and then she bounds inside.

"Wait. I know this is asking a lot, but ... would it be okay if I hang here for a while? Someone's spoiling for a fight and I really don't want to deal with it tonight."

Snow puts on the breaks, the pitter-patter of her paws on the hardwood coming to a quick halt. She spins around and I swear she nods her approval along with a wag of her tail.

Okay then. Looks like we've got a guest. I've no idea what Vaughn's story is, but right now it seems like he needs a safe place to rest and, given he's friendly with my aunt (not to mention Snowflake), I'm willing to provide it.

Until a Nine Inch Nails song practically shakes the foundation. I am never going to get to sleep tonight. Before I can say, "Do you think someone could turn the music down?" he lifts his finger in the universal show of hang on a minute and pulls his cell from the pocket of his light blue jeans. I'm impressed when his fingers type a text with ease. Seconds later, the music stops.

The grin he gives me could win an Academy Award. "Done."

Okay, guess we're on the same wavelength. I spin around and wave for him to follow. The light is on in the kitchen and, as I round the corner of the breakfast bar, I discreetly drop his keys into a drawer, closing it quickly so he doesn't notice.

"So you're one of the nieces," he says.

"I am." I reach into a cupboard and pull out the aspirin.

"Sally told me you'd be here this summer." He sits at the breakfast bar. His arms cross atop the counter and his body sags. He looks tired, and I can't explain why, but I get the feeling it's not just from lack of sleep. But from the day-to-day stuff we all have to deal with. It's in his eyes. They remind me of my own when I look in the mirror after a difficult day.

I fill a glass with water from the sink and hand it to him along with the two small white hangover helpers.

His eyes lock on mine. For five heartbeats — yes, I count — he just stares. Finally he looks down at the aspirin in his palm, looks back up at me. I'm curious what he's thinking. I'm suddenly curious about everything that has to do with him.

"Take two and call me in the morning," I tease when the silence makes my pulse pick up. I lean against the counter across from him, grateful for the support.

"Thanks, angel." He swallows the pills with the water and puts the glass down. I'm about to remind him of my name — I'm sure my aunt mentioned it — when he scrubs a hand over his jaw and adds, "Or should I call you Trixie?"

I bite my lip to keep from grinning. I wanted to be Trixie so badly. Speed Racer's girlfriend, played by the awesome Christina Ricci, was the coolest.

"How about Kendall?"

"I've never met a Kendall I didn't like."

"How many have you met?"

"Counting you?"

Good to know his sense of humor is still intact. "Of course."


I smile, expecting he'd say that. "You're my first Vaughn."

"I'm honored to take your Vaughn virginity."

I laugh. "You should be. Clearly I've been saving it."

Instead of a quick comeback, he closes his eyes and dips his head for a long moment. "Okay, either Sally and Jack installed a carousel in their kitchen, or I'm more wasted than I thought."

"I'm going to have to go with more wasted than you thought. You should probably lie down. Lucky for you, I just happen to have a vacancy on the living room couch."

"Thanks. Sorry for ..." He makes an all-encompassing gesture with his hand.

I give him an It happens shrug and walk out of the kitchen. He follows me to the family room even though I'm pretty sure he could've led the way. He's got a familiarity with the house I'm guessing stems from my aunt having him over for breakfast or dinner or something. She and my uncle don't have any kids, and she's always taking in strays.

Not that Vaughn is lost. But there's something about him I can't quite put my finger on. I grab a blanket out of the antique wooden chest behind the love seat while Vaughn sits on the couch and puts his feet up on the coffee table. For the second time, I notice he's barefoot. It shouldn't bother me, but it does. Drunk and shoeless seems so ... so desperate to escape his own party. His own life, maybe?

All of a sudden, my own tangled mess of regret and guilt pulses louder than the beat of my heart. I hate when my past takes over my present, so I bite down hard on my bottom lip to remind myself where I am and that I want this summer to be about new beginnings. It's time I move on from my mistakes.

Vaughn's green eyes are intense and right on mine when my head clears. I quickly walk over to the love seat and grab the throw tossed over it.


Excerpted from "Promise Me"
by .
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Promise Me 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
FromTheSouth 28 days ago
There are at least three underlying drama type themes running through this storyline, folks. The first obvious one is the dysfunctional relationship Kendall, the heroine, has with her two half sister siblings, all who wind up living under the same roof over the summer. I think it is safe to say this was added for those who enjoy a sisterhood mending/bonding type scenario. Also, I’m pretty sure you’ll see these ladies paired off with other sub-characters in future books. The second is Kendall’s own personal turmoil of a past, horrific teenage mistake that wrecked the life of someone she loved and hers all at the same time. It’s made her an emotional, hand wringing damsel in distress, emotional mess. Thirdly is “too gorgeous for his own good” Vaughn, the hero, who upon meeting Kendall seems to switch from a partier, playboy bunny model, wanna be reality TV host, to wanting to know and be only with her. His baggage is juggling his career with an over controlling daddy manager. Both of whom also are grieving the loss of someone they loved. I feel a tad bit guilty to admit it all became rather exhausting. I promise you I tried really hard to fall in love with this book. The sweet book cover definitely lured me in. Maybe it was simply just too much personal drama resulting in too many over analyzed feelings floating around overshadowed some of my enjoyment. Kendall’s closure session was quite the tearjerker though, which made me feel even guiltier for my mixed lukewarm feelings for this book. More than likely it was the slow pace of the book and the mechanic at times writing. At halfway through, this main couple still really wasn’t in a relationship yet. When several lusty, smexy scenes set in, I found myself skimming over them waiting for the inevitable wrap up. Here’s to hoping others really enjoy this book. Despite it’s pulling at the heart strings theme, I just came off as a stereotypical rather predictable read for me. Title: Promise Me, Author: Samanthe Beck/Robin Bielman, Pages: 278, stand-alone, VERY graphic smexy scenes starting a little past mid-way, gorgeous top model hero, hand wringing emotional mess heroine, (I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not given any payment or compensation for this review, nor is there any affiliation or relationship between this reviewer and the author/publisher/NetGalley.)
Bette313 15 days ago
When I saw that Robin Bielman and Samanthe Beck, two of my favorite authors, had teamed up to co write a sexy new romance I wanted to do backflips. Since I'm sure I can't pull that off any longer I just gave a loud "Oh heck yeah!!" Trust me when I say they did not disappoint! This story has all the fun and flirty parts that I expect from Ms Bielman and well as all the heat I know Ms Beck will always deliver. Their combo made for one fantastic story that will be a favorite beach read this year. Kendall and Vaughn's story will have you laughing out loud as Kendall tries to deal with a crazy dog, her equally crazy stepsisters, and worst of all her drop dead gorgeous neighbor. House sitting for her aunt was suppose to be relaxing.....yeah right! Don't miss this one. I highly recommend it.
nelriv 23 days ago
I did enjoy the book however I didn't agree with the majority of people or the amount of stars it got, just saying. So we meet Kendall who is at her aunt's house to house sit while her aunt was on vacation and to have a place to think about her future and what she wants to do with it. She was tricked by her aunt along with her half sisters in thinking they were the only one who was going to house sit, but her aunt had tricked them so that they could spend some quality time and to have a relationship since they never got along. While their she meets and is instantly attracted to her neighbor Vaughn a gorgeous underwear model and this is the part that bugged me, I get that she had gone thru a tragedy and it was difficult to carry on but the back and forth drove me crazy, I want you but I can't, I love you but I can't, kiss me but dont, come on! So I had some trouble liking her for a little bit I tried to remind myself that she was young and she had guilt but still, and I found it a little slow at times, anyhoo all that being said I am nosy and want to know what happens with her sisters and his roomates.. Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author..(netgalley) voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions.
SaschaDarlington 25 days ago
A YMMV Review The meet-cutes have become the “must” in romance novels. You’re walking your Aunt’s Pomeranian who is described as a pitbull in a tiny body and you see that your next-door neighbor is about to get run over by his own car being driven by a drunken supermodel and you tackle him and save him and land on his body and feel chemistry that is simply off the charts as far as you’re concerned and he comes over because he knows an argument is about to ensue and you let him and he falls asleep on your couch. Now, that’s a real meet-cute, am I right? And then you wake up to find not one, but two of your step-sisters (they are not ugly, they are super-beautiful just like you) with whom you have a really bad relationship because your father chose your mother to raise a family with have been invited by your Aunt to stay for the summer…just like you. So yeah! And then I realize that the step-sisters are there to launch future novels and minimally impact the current novel. And I am in the middle of another NA novel of which I have yet to find one that I like, really, really like. The meet-cute is unsupported because there’s nothing like it again. The heroine’s backstory can be extremely problematic depending on your vantage point and dealt with in a somewhat heavy-handed way. I realized I felt bad in ways I am certain the authors did not anticipate regarding that backstory and which I can’t describe because: spoiler. I’m also pretty sure that some of this turf is better not attempted in a romance novel because how do you just disregard or write-away a young person’s life? I sense that other readers don’t feel this. The plot was predictable from the instant that the reader realized that Vaughn’s goal’s rested on his being untouchable reputation-wise and that Kendall had a secret. Ultimately what Promise Me has going for it is sex. While I felt no connection to either Kendall or Vaughn and seriously didn’t feel their connection, they did have sex and it was hot. I’ve only read one other Robin Bielman book and I was so engaged by that that I hope this was a fluke. I’ve read nothing by Samanthe Beck. Many reviewers LOVED this book! You might be a reader who does as well, which is why this is a YMMV review! I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
JustNicole 3 months ago
The temporary neighbor relationship between Vaughn and Kendall starts out almost…accidentally, and slowly develops over the summer. Kendall is only supposed to be house sitting for the summer while her aunt and uncle are away, but unfortunately her aunt had something up her sleeve as Kendall’s two half-sisters have also been sent to house sit for the summer. This is my first read from Author Robin Bielman, but not for Samanthe Beck. I really enjoyed this collaboration by these two authors! They have created such a wonderful, quick, enjoyable, fun read! The characters were great! I loved the half-sisters (Amber and Dixie…and don’t call her Dix!!! LOL) and Vaughn’s housemates (Dylan and Matt), and Snowflake and the parents!!! Such great characters throughout this whole book! (Disclosure…I want to punch Becca in the face!). Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, And stronger than you seem, And smarter than you think. This is a story of hope, of past mistakes, and trying to overcome them. It’s about opening your heart when you think it isn’t possible again. I loved this and would definitely recommend it!
Nicola1202 3 months ago
I’ve lost count of the number of books I’ve read from both Robin and Samanthe, so when I found out they were teaming up, I was on Promise Me faster than a rat up a drainpipe. “I already got my wish tonight.” Some people meet in life just when the time is right and there’s no doubt that fate is playing its hand in bringing Vaughn Shaughnessy and Kendall Hewitt into one another’s lives. And it quickly becomes evident that together, these authors have created an uplifting, heartfelt, sexy story that is impossible to put down. “This is my summer of self-discovery, and Vaughn is an important and unexpected part of it. Being with him released me from the burden on my heart.” Told in the dual perspective, I was totally smitten by Vaughn from his gentle tender nature, wit and delicious way with words. But, for me, this book is Kendall’s story and my heart hurt for her, for what she’s experienced and how she blossoms as their story unfolds. “You’re so close to perfect it hurts just to look at you sometimes, but I’ve got imperfections—big ones—and they’re mine to keep. No fan of Samanthe Beck or Robin Bielman will be left disappointed, their writing was knitted together beautifully and I couldn’t tell where one started and the other ended. I can’t wait to see what they bring us next—Kendall’s sisters and Vaughn’s housemates won me over with their humour and personalities and I’m hopeful they have stories to tell—but in the meantime, Promise Me is worthy of a place on any contemporary romance-lovers shelf.
Felicia71 3 months ago
Wow, Promise Me is a fantastic story for first time co-writers Robin Bielman and Samantha Beck. It has laugh out loud moments but also some heartache that affects both main characters, Vaughn and Kendall. Kendall Hewitt is housesitting for her aunt - she is going through a transition in her life and the summer away is a good time for her to think about it is she really wants. She also has to take care of Snowflake a Pomeranian who thinks she is a big dog and when walking her that's when it happens. Kendall meets her summer next door neighbor Vaughn Shaughnessy - a model and even sexier than his picture hanging in Times Square. Vaughn is also persistent and really wants to get to know Kendall but she knows that can never happen. Her past will hurt him and his career and her heart. Vaughn knows he needs to get to know his beautiful next-door neighbor - especially since she saved him from a certain death. The problem is that every time he turns around Kendall puts up another wall and he is not sure why. All Vaughn knows that he will do whatever it takes to show Kendall she is worth it - even if it is just for the summer. I first have to say I am a huge Robin Bielman fan and that's what drew me into Promise Me initially and now I am loving Samantha Beck. Promise Me is a great story that has great dialog, characters, and storyline. I didn't find it cliche which can be typical when one of the characters is famous - I loved that Vaughn is just starting his career and has some great opportunities while Kendall is finding her way. The secondary characters are also fantastic - Kendall and her sisters I loved their backstory along with Vaughn and his roommates/best friends. I definitely think this is not the last time we will see a story by these great authors.
NNLight 3 months ago
Kendall is still reeling from what has happened to her and needs a break so she agrees to housesit for her aunt over the summer. The last thing she expected to do was fall in love with megastar model and next door neighbor Vaughn. Shy, introverted Kendall doesn't know what he sees in her but maybe a casual fling is exactly what she needs. Her two half-sisters seem to think so but the more she's around Vaughn, the harder she's falling for him. Can she be the girlfriend of a celebrity and still be herself? All she asks him is to. . . Promise Me. Wow, just wow! I've never read anything by Samanthe Beck (yet) and I've only read one book by Robin Bielman but these two women know how to write romance. The characters leap off the page, complete with their own demons, insecurities and hopes for love. The sister dynamic between the three half-sisters added just the right amount of angst while not detracting from the romance. The romance is a swoonfest and the way Vaughn intuitively knows what to say and do to show his feelings to Kendall sealed the deal for me. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop! It's the must-have book everyone needs to read this summer! Disclaimer: I received a copy from Entangled Publishing via Netgalley in the hopes I'd review it. My Rating: 5+ stars
SLManning 3 months ago
Kendall and Vaughan. OMG, what a book. I was sucked in and finished it in one sitting. Kendall was vulnerable but strong. She had some deep emotional scars she was battling. I loved her strength and not giving up on what she believed in. Vaughan. Be still my beating heart. I fell in love with my new BFF book boyfriend. Gorgeous inside and out with a tender and fierce side to him. He loves soul deep. Give me to him now! Vaughan and Kendall meet when Kendall is housesitting in LA and Vaughan is the swoony neighbor. Both of them have issues they are working to overcome. Vaughan wants to be in control of his own destiny. Kendall is trying hard to forgive herself for a terrible mistake in her past. The dialogue between these two is magic. I felt they were in the room with me. The setting is sublime. This book is book magic.
ShakBlak 3 months ago
As Kendall tries to escape memories of her past, she decides to house sit for her aunt in sunny California. Her first night there, she meets Vaughn and saves his life… not knowing her life will not be the same. She’s struggling with the decision of becoming a lawyer like her father or following her dreams of being an actress. Can Vaughn teach her to live in the moment? Told from a dual point of view, you see the demons both Kendall and Vaughn are facing. This looks as though it’s set up to become a series, I think is great. You meet Kendall’s two step sisters and Vaughn’s two roommates. In the beginning, I wasn’t fond of her two sisters due to their treatment of Kendall, but as the three sisters grow close, you grow to like them. I thought was absolutely adorable. He was understanding and patient… sometimes too patient, but I appreciated that about him. Kendall was trying at moments, but given her circumstances, I understood. This was my introduction to Samanthe Beck and Robin Bielman and it was absolutely wonderful! I hope this becomes a series because I can’t wait to see where this goes!
Cheryl-S 3 months ago
4.5-Stars This fantastic story features Vaughn and Kendall. This sexy, emotional read is full of past mistakes, friendship, love, forgiveness and growth. It’s about realizing what’s REALLY important in life and learning how to deal with it. Vaughn and Kendall are amazing characters, as are his friends and her sisters. The spice factor is off-the-charts and it’s not all about the sex but the sometimes implied intimacy. I totally understand her reasons for not wanting her life put out there for public consumption. What she went through, everything and everyone surrounding the incident was life altering for a lot of people. This included a 17 year old girl who had to learn to live with herself and what she’d done. Her visit home was heartbreaking and I went through a few tissues during that time. Tragic! This story had great flow and the characters all had terrific personalities. Do I sense a series here? I sure hope so! I would love to find out what happens to Amber, Dixie, Matt and Dylan. I can’t wait to read more by this magnificent writing duo.
sbart84 3 months ago
I was so excited when I found out two of my favorite authors joined forces to write a book together. Robin is known for her fun flirty romance. Samanthe is known for hot sexy romances. This book has it all, fun, flirty and hot romance between neighbors, Kendall and Vaughn. This romance is only going to be a summer fling while Kendall house sits her aunt's house with her two half sisters and Snowball, the crazy Pomeranian. They both have pasts that still haunt them, can they move forward? The chemistry between Kendall and Vaughn is steamy hot off the pages. So much emotions through out the book, I laughed, cried and ended up smiling. So much more than a romance, it deals with family and friends too. This is a must read and I'm hoping there will be more!!
Lori-Gonzo 3 months ago
What do you do when two of your favorite authors write a book together, after squealing in delight??? You devour the book as fast as you can. I loved the characters they created from Vaughn, Dylan, and Matt, to the girls Kendall, Amber, and the spitfire Dixie. The camaraderie between all these characters is funny, heartfelt, makes you want more from them. I have to start with Vaughn. He was sexy, witty, and I loved how hard and fast he fell for Kendall. All his actions when the time was right were totally swoonworthy and just melt your heart. And the way Kendall reacted when realizing what Vaughn had actually done was moving as well. Makes you cheer for their happy ending. Throw in a couple of touching scenes with Kendall and her parents as well as Vaughn with his dad, and you might need a tissue. I loved how they came through for their children. I truly hope we get more from these characters. The dynamic of the group makes me want all their stories and wonder who will end up together. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
ViperSpaulding 3 months ago
Such a wonderfully sweet romance, hits all the feels! Kendall is at a crossroads - not sure whether she wants to pursue the career her parents want for her, but not ready to step out of their protective guidance either. Spending the summer housesitting for her aunt, she meets next-door-neighbor Vaughn, who proves to be the perfect balm for her guilt-ridden soul. Vaughn is so, so patient and compassionate with her, while still being completely lickable and undeniably attracted to her. His life is almost as complicated, he's seen his share of tragedy too, making him the perfect boyfriend to help her find her way through all her decisions. The story is just fabulous, every bit brilliantly moves the romance along with multi-layered characters who reach all the emotional highs and lows. I loved the secondary characters, too, and the way the main characters' growth extended beyond themselves to include their relationships with their extended family and friends. This is everything I could ever hope for in a YA romance. I highly recommend it and couldn't have loved it more. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Lorizen 3 months ago
A big fat YES to this book, it was just simply delicious! The kind of story you just sink right into and want to be part of. Incredible characters, steady plot, the best cast of characters I've read in a while and two of my favorite authors co-conspiring!! Absolutely yes! I'm in! When Kendall has the chance to stay at her Aunt's house alone for the summer, while thinking about whether or not she really wants to start law school and avoiding going home and the memories that are there, she hops right on that plane. There she meets Vaughn, the next door neighbor her first night there while out walking the dog. This little snowball is a character in her own right. Back to Vaughn, who I will say makes my book boyfriend list right out the the gate. I loved him. There's a party at his house, he's outside in the driveway and pretty wasted when his car starts up and into reverse and Kendall shoves him out of the way, saving him from getting run over. Kendall knows what drunks do behind the wheel of a car. Taking his keys, while the party rages on she takes him home and he crashes on the couch downstairs. Kendall is the girl who wears Winnie the Pooh pj's and doesn't realize how she effects those around her. The next morning Vaughn is gone, but in his place she sees her half sister Dixie, all smart mouth, tats and barely there clothes drinking her breakfast. Dixie has a barbed wit and doesn't spare Kendall a break. When Kendall challenges Dixie, Dixie calls their Aunt Sally to confirm that yes, she is supposed to be there housesitting. When half sister number 3 Amber shows up, looking unhappy these sisters know they've been played by their Aunt but to what end. Dixie does meet Vaughn that morning and Dixie knows who he is, he's plastered on billboards and magazines across the globe, male model and holy hotness. He lives next door to Aunt Sally with his two roommates and best friends, Dylan who just opened a hot new club in LA and Matt who is training to be a police officer. These guys couldn't be more different, as are the three sisters. Halfway through the book I wanted the next book pronto. This story unfolds in an incredible way and I loved Vaughn who was loyal and steadfast. That it so refreshing to meet a younger male MC who didn't waffle like a fool during a story. 10 points for that alone. The whole flow of the plot, Kendall's backstory along with Vaughn's, everything about this book was right and nothing was wrong. It flowed. Sure there are moments where you're holding your breath wondering what's going to happen, there's plenty of that. Plenty of laughs, the dialogue courtesy of Dylan and Dixie, the unknowns, all of it. The book checks every single box and more. It's a guaranteed you're going to love it read. I love both these authors and the two writing together is genius! I can't wait for the next book! Absolutely recommend.
Kayreader 3 months ago
What a great story! Promise Me was a story about love, family, forgiveness, trust, and so much more that I was not expecting. I loved it!! Trust in a world where people use you for your name, your face, who you know is hard to come by. Trust if fragile. Trust is sacred. Trust is everything. The same can be said for someone living out the spotlight living with their own secrets. Trust by nature is hard to give, especially the older we get. Those four little words; can I trust you? hold so much weight. They are the foundation for every relationship we build starting in childhood. Can I trust you with my secrets? Can I trust you with my friendship? Can I trust you with my heart? Vaughn and Kendall come from two different worlds, but at their core they are very similar people. It is that similarity that continues to pull them back together. Vaughn's face/mostly naked body is plastered all over the world. He's a model whose career if just getting started and he has a huge career opportunity on the line, if he doesn't screw it up. Kendall is a small town girl spending the summer in L.A. She's figuring out her next move before she begins law school in the fall a decision that will decide her entire future. He's a man who lives in the spotlight, she's a girl who prefers the shadows. They only have the summer to figure out if they can meet in the middle. Is this just a fling or could what they feel for each other last beyond the summer?
Sandy-thereadingcafe 3 months ago
PROMISE ME is a contemporary, romance stand-alone co-authored by Robin Bielman and Samanthe Beck. This is twenty-four year old, model Vaughn Shaughnessy, and twenty-two year old, grad student Kendall Hewitt’s story line. Told from dual first person points of view (Vaughn and Kendall) PROMISE ME follows the building relationship between twenty-four year old, model Vaughn Shaughnessy, and twenty-two year old, grad student Kendall Hewitt. Kendall, along with her two step-sisters are spending the summer in Hollywood, California house sitting for their Aunt Sally. When a near accident finds Kendall rescuing an intoxicated Vaughn, our heroine discovers that life as she knows it is about to change when Vaughn Shaughnessy pursues his ‘guardian angel’. What ensues is the building relationship and love between Vaughn and Kendall, and the potential fall-out as Kendall is unable to let go of the past, and Vaughn’s career hopes spiral out of control. Kendall Hewitt has been estranged from her older step-siblings, step-siblings who grew up without their dad. When Aunt Sally secretly requested each sister look after her house and babysit the dog, Kendall had no idea how close the sisters were about to become but sins of the past continue to haunt our story line heroine, sins for which she is unable to forgive or let go. Vaughn Shaughnessy’s star is on the rise but not everything goes according to plans when a video goes viral destroying his chances at something new. The relationship between Vaughn and Kendall is one of immediate attraction but Kendall struggles with sins of the past, and Vaughn battles demons of his own. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. We are introduced to Kendall’s half-sisters: Dixie and Amber, as well as Kendall’s parents, her best friend Brit; Vaughn’s friends and room mates Dylan and Matt, model Rebecca Bismark, as well as Vaughn’s father and manager , and producer Nigel Cowie. Here’s hoping the authors are developing future story lines for Kendall’s sisters, and Vaughn’s room mates. PROMISE ME is a story of family, friendship, betrayal and love. The premise is engaging, energetic and emotional; the characters are colorful, dynamic and flirty; the romance is spirited and moving. PROMISE ME is a story about secrets and forgiveness in a world that covets gossip and lies.
TracyFritts1974 3 months ago
I thought Promise Me was a wonderful read. I enjoyed reading about Kendall and Vaughn. I thought they had great chemistry. It was a page turner. It was well written and a great storyline. I received an Advanced Copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
AllisiaWysong 3 months ago
Fantastic, Heartwarming, real life situation, and connectivity to the characters and their struggles! This story has all of these and more. Samanthe Beck and Robin Bielman are amazing authors in their own right so when I hear they were working together, WOW, was my first thought. I knew I needed to read Promise Me. Vaughn and Kendell both have their sorrows from the past and those have created the people they are. Kendell ha a lot of thigs to figure out and her aunt is kind enough to let her house sit for the summer. Kendell is thrilled as would anyone, but her Aunt left out a few details about what came with the house. A sexy neighbor, crazy dog, and two sisters she has never been able to build a relationship with. Every aspect of this book was perfectly crafted to attach you to the characters and what they are all going through. I enjoyed this book and know you will too!!! It is on sale now so go grab it and start reading in your favorite spot! I was given an ARC by the authors to give an honest review.
LilleyLoohLah 3 months ago
I’d like to say that this was a light easy read, and it was to a certain extent, but it covered a real issue, and had me really feeling for the main character and how she handled a huge mistake, a mistake made years earlier when she was a teenager. It’s a sad fact that the things we do as youngsters greatly impact our future, yet it always seems to be too late before we realise this. We’ve all heard the saying “If I knew then what I know now......” Now that the serious stuff’s out of the way I’ll tell you how much I loved the book, the story, the words, the characters (including one fiesty little Pomeranian), and last but definitely not least the overall feel of it. I was addicted. I loved how there wasn’t any bad blood in either Vaughn or Kendall, I loved that it made me feel like anything was possible. Romance, family drama, and a teenage tragedy made this a definite favourite addition to my book library. I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. This is my honest review.
CeeCeeHouston 3 months ago
5 'Promised' stars!! I’ve read a few books by Robin Bielman, and loved each one. Samanthe Beck is new to me, but that will be changing soon. These two write so seamlessly you would never guess it was a duo’s collaboration. The book has a few laugh out loud moments, mixed in with the blazing chemistry that we are given an insight before we even see Vaughn Shaughnessy and Kendall Hewitt together for the first time. Vaughn’s slightly hungover recollections of their first meeting(not shown in the story, but visualized in his head next morning, was the precursor to their attraction. I smiled, laughed… and golly-gosh, did I swoon for this man. He is romance incorporated without even trying. Vaughn is a model and aspiring reality show host. He’s gorgeous and sweet and kind. He falls for Kendall from the second he sees her. It was just… gah!!! So good. They are the perfect match for each other, on paper at least, but real life has some hidden truths that will put some bumps in the road. How will they deal with this? Kendall isn’t looking for love or a relationship when she meets Vaughn, she’s only meant to be house-sitting for her aunt for the summer. But, fate works in mysterious ways. Not only does she meet Vaughn, but her aunt asked her two half-sisters to house-sit as well. Not much wrong with that you might think, but these three girls are all but estranged. Now they have the summer to make a proper sisterly connection. I loved all these different objectives and the feeling of family was strong, despite their initial hesistance. But it’s Vaughn and Kendall’s relationship that steals the show, as it should. It smolders with pent-up feelings and attraction. They’re fun and sexy, but serious too when the need calls for it. And there is just a little bit of angstiness at the end. But, it was resolved in a cute way that felt right. Can’t ask for more than that. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone thinking of buying it. Do so, and do it today!!