Promise to Defend

Promise to Defend

by Diana Gardin


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"No one does Romantic Suspense like Diana Gardin. I was rooting for Ronin and Olive from the very first page." -Susan Stoker, New York Times bestselling author

A sexy and suspenseful standalone in the Rescue Ops series.

By saving her, he might just save himself...

I'm broken. I have been for seven years. Ever since my wife was murdered while I was deployed overseas. I was protecting our country, but I should have been protecting her. I haven't looked at another woman since—but then Olive Alexander crossed my path. She stirs up feelings I thought were long dead. So when her house is ransacked after she receives a threatening message, I know I have to step in and keep her safe. I failed my wife, but I won't fail Olive. Unfortunately, Olive isn't exactly ready to accept my help...

With her sexy-as-sin pencil skirts and sleek ponytails, Olive clearly doesn't let anything—or anyone—mess up her perfectly ordered life. But years spent working as a special ops soldier has taught me how to read people... and I know Olive is hiding something. When my covert mission for Night Eagle Security collides with Olive's past, I'll have to get her to open up—or risk losing her. And losing Olive is not an option. If she's in danger, I'll defend her...even if it costs me my life.

The Rescue Ops series:
Sworn to Protect
Promise to Defend
Mine to Save

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781455571567
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 09/12/2017
Series: Rescue Ops Series , #2
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Diana Gardin is a wife of one and a mom of two. Writing is her second full time job to that, and she loves it! Diana writes contemporary romance in the Young Adult and New Adult categories. She's also a former Elementary school teacher. She loves steak, sugar cookies, and Coke and hates working out.

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Promise to Defend 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Joey442 More than 1 year ago
Ronin Shaw started working for Night Eagle Security after leaving the military. His best friend and teammate, Jeremy, asked him to keep an eye on his sister-in-law while he was on his honeymoon. So, of course, he agreed. How hard could it be? Much harder than he thought with Olive being so independent; wanting to handle everything herself. But when an ex is threatening her, she asks Ronin for help and protection. Ronin is determined to keep her safe. This is especially important to him after not being able to keep his wife safe. The main purpose in his life for the last 7 years was searching for her killer so he wasn't expecting his immediate attraction to Olive. The more time they spent together the stronger their feelings for each other got. I liked how protective Ronin was of Olive. It was second nature for him to do whatever it took to protect her. But Olive really didn't want to admit she needed help at first. Finally, she realized that she needed his help if she was going to get rid of her ex with his ties to the mob. It was nice to see such an independent woman as Olive, though she took her 'I can do it myself' attitude a bit too far in the beginning. The secondary characters were super. Especially Bennett. I won this book and enjoyed reading it. It kept me on my toes with the drama while having me sighing at times by this couple's relationship. I recommend this action-packed romantic suspense.
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
book 2 of the rescue ops series, promise to defend, delivers just the right mix of suspense and romance. ronin and olive have known each other for a while, and while they've noticed each other they haven't paid close attention to how being in each other's orbit makes them feel. this changes at jeremy and rayne's wedding reception. jeremy asks ronin to keep an eye on olive, in part because she's been acting strange since she got back from a job in france, and also because he knows that rayne will worry about her sister regardless. at first ronin is skeptical that there is any need for this. but quickly his spidey senses start tingling. and when olive comes home from a date to discover someone has broken into her house, all bets are off. there is no way ronin will let her out of his sight after that. his reaction makes sense because one, he is a total alpha and of course would not stand for a woman to remain in danger, but two because his wife was murdered and he can't handle the idea of someone he's promised to protect to be in mortal danger. given the heightened emotions, things between ronin and olive get serious pretty quickly. but the way she makes him feel, it's given him new life. and ronin touches the parts of herself that olive has kept behind a wall. they are both broken and battered and together they heal. it's not a new story, but it's one that works for me. i liked both ronin and olive, they aren't forced to behave like morons for the plot to work. even when olive is endangered, her rationale for behaving the way she does is completely understandable. and all's well that end's well, right? **promise to defend will publish on september 12, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/grand central publishing (forever yours) in exchange for my honest review.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
Fast paced, action packed PROMISE TO DEFEND is the second installment in Diana Gardin’s contemporary, adult RESCUE OPS romantic, suspense series focusing on the men and women who work for Night Eagle Security. The Rescue Ops series is a spin-off from the author’s Battle Scars series and several characters cross over for cohesion and familiarity. This is former US Army Ranger Ronin ‘Swagger’ Shaw, and interior designer Olive Alexander’s story line. PROMISE TO DEFEND can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story line or series is revealed where necessary. Olive Alexander is best friends and business partner with Berkley Connors (Last True Hero-Battle Scars #1). Told from dual first person points of view (Olive and Ronin) PROMISE TO DEFEND follows the building relationship between security specialist Ronin Shaw, and interior designer Olive Alexander. Having met months earlier, Ronin and Olive have circled one another for weeks until the fateful day Olive calls Ronin for help. Someone from Olive’s past is demanding a second chance using threatening texts and physical violence. When the threats become personal and familiar, Ronin becomes guardian and protector for our story line heroine. What ensue is the building relationship between Ronin and Olive, as the search for a killer comes full circle threatening the woman that Ronin loves. Ronin Shaw is a broken man; a widower whose wife was murdered while our hero was serving his country over seas. For seven years Ronin has struggled to move on with his life including the mind numbing guilt that haunts him day and night. Meeting Olive places temptation at arm’s length but the death of his wife keeps Ronin battling between his heart and his mind. The relationship between Ronin and Olive is one of immediate attraction although Olive keeps secret a tempestuous past. The $ex scenes are intimate and intense. There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including Berkley and Dare Conners (Last True Hero), Grisham Abbot (Saved by the Seal), and Drake Sullivan (Man of Honor)-all leading characters from the author’s Battle Scars series. The requisite evil has many faces including a major connection to the Margiano mob. PROMISE TO DEFEND is a fast paced, action packed story of intrigue and romance. The premise is engaging; the romance is passionate and seductive; the characters are colorful and dynamic but saying that, in true romantic suspense fashion, I have to question the heroine’s constant disregard for her own safety including the distinct lack of sense as she willingly offers herself up to the mob…..*sigh*.
Thi More than 1 year ago
An excellent read and great addition to the series. Looking forward to the next book.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
After leaving the military Ronin Shaw took his hard earned skills and found a new place to put them to good use, Night Eagle Security, where he works alongside his band of brothers helping to protect the innocent. They of course also run into a lot of trouble along the way too, often helping to put criminals behind bars where they belong, but there is one criminal that they haven't been able to capture. One that turned Ronin's life upside down, after he took the life of Ronin's wife and then vanished without a trace, but now he has made an reappearance and this time Ronin doesn't plan on letting him get away. But, before he can sink too deeply into his plan to catch the killer, he finds himself protecting another important woman in his life, his best friends sister-in-law Olive Alexander. She has gotten herself into to some trouble, and wound up catching the attention of an world class loser who can't take a hint, and Ronin plans on helping him to see the error of his ways... but things might not be that simple! Olive Alexander is a strong, independent woman who doesn't like to depend on others for much of anything, she feels as though she is capable of handling anything that comes her way. But when an overbearing ex wanders back into her life, she realizes she might not be able to handle him on her own and she turns to her brother-in-laws best friend, Ronin Shaw. While she isn't too proud of needing his help, she also knows her ex isn't so good at taking no for an answer, so she is hoping that Ronin can help rid him from her life. She knows it isn't going to be an easy fight, but she is certain the gorgeous, and sometimes bossy, alpha can bring a little peace back into her orderly life... and maybe a little much needed heat too! Ahh...once again Ms. Gardin has left me in a state of complete literary bliss, this story was nothing short of amazing! The instant my eyes landed on the page I found myself being pulled into Ronin and Olive's world and completely mesmerized by what I found, both of these wounded souls needed saving and their story damn near wrecked me in the best possible way! The chemistry between them was electric, each encounter they shared was fueled with so much power and intensity, there were several times I swear I could literally feel the sparks between them jumping off the page!! The story line was engaging, soulful, suspenseful, and packed with so much raw emotion that it took my breath away more than a few times! This is one of those reads that will hit you deep, have you feeling the intended emotion behind every word and is sure to linger in your thoughts long after the last page is turned!! Highly recommend this one, Ms. Gardin's endearing characters are sure to leave an indelible impression on your heart and take you on an truly unforgettable literary escape! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.
Marie-Elizabeth More than 1 year ago
Disclaimer: ARC received in exchange for an honest review Promise to Defend is Diana Gardin’s second installment in her Rescue Ops series (which is a spinoff of her Battle Scars series). Set in coastal Wilmington, North Carolina, Promise to Defend is the story of ex-Special Forces now Night Eagle Securities bad@ss with a hero complex, Ronin Shaw, and interior designer with some skeletons in her walk-in closet, Olive Alexander; it picks up right where its predecessor, Sworn to Protect, leaves off. What's in the water at NES that the men of the high-profile security firm have a proclivity for damsels in distress? And why are Gardin's heroines always mixed up in some kind of trouble? These former military men seem overwhelmingly drawn to beautiful, strong women with targets on their backs, and this scenario again plays out in Promise to Defend. Despite being willful and extremely independent, Olive’s past has come back to haunt her, becoming a problem far too large for her to handle on her own. Her issues are unknowingly intertwined with the crippling pain of Ronin’s past, which, when added to her pride and his alpha-male protective tendencies, makes their coupling quite compelling. Again, Gardin spins a romantic suspense yarn unlike any other. Her work is often fast-paced, complex, and engaging, and Promise to Defend certainly checks all these boxes. Ronin and Olive’s relationship is a little insta-love-y, but remains authentic and genuine in Gardin's deft and capable hands. She has a gift for developing likable, empathetic characters who undergo significant personal growth often as a result of the romantic relationships she cultivates for them. I highly recommend this series, which continues later this year with Mine to Save, to readers looking for a sexy, sensual, suspenseful romp that absolutely does not disappoint.