The Psyche Exposed: Inner Structure, How They Impact Reality and How Philosophers, Scientists, and Religionist Misconstrue

The Psyche Exposed: Inner Structure, How They Impact Reality and How Philosophers, Scientists, and Religionist Misconstrue

by Thomas Nehrer


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How Life Works: piercing insights into Reality's flow, exposing distortions of awareness by standard beliefs and cultural fallacy.

Your Journey: extensive, detailed illustration of large-scale structures of the psyche, showing how each individual projects personal creative power out to real and imagined forces and sources. The author reveals explicitly how each individual creates patterns in life - and how they must be changed by revising inner roots.

Your Path: three critical stumbling blocks on the journey toward Clean Awareness.

Past Teaching: in-depth review of western thinking - how we each learn to see the world and ourselves as we were taught. Powerful insights expose fallacy in religion, archaic elements to traditional notions of causality and blatant shortcomings in science. The author reviews the evolution of western thinking by exploring contributions of great thinkers and visionaries over the ages - what they contributed and WHERE THEY WRONG.

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ISBN-13: 9781846947438
Publisher: Hunt, John Publishing
Publication date: 09/16/2011
Pages: 399
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Preface 1

Begin.. 10

Introduction: My Role and Your Life 13

How I Got To Where I Am 14

Angle 1 How Life Works 18

Structured Beliefs 21

On Brain Function and Gravity 24

On Action and Being 30

On This Expression 34

Being an Unteacher 38

On Open-Minded and Closed-Minded People 43

The Illusion of an Objective Reality 49

And While We're At It 53

Paradigms and the Psyche 55

Angle 2 Your Journey 60

Turn to the Right 61

The Subconscious 74

Delving Inward 79

Core Components of the Psyche 86

Mechanisms of Mind 91

Conscious-Subconscious Divide 101

Inner Storage of Information 103

Important Points 113

Inner Structures 121

Projections of Power to "Real" Things 121

Projections of Power to Conceptualized Things 126

Planning-Action Projectors of Power 135

Localized Focus: Authority Figures and Limits to Scope 136

Supplanting Fantasy for Reality 141

Self-image 150

World View 159

Truth 160

Compressed Effects at Birth 163

Generated External Forces 168

Automatic Projection of Power 172

Active, Conscious Projection of Power 179

Direct Mother-Related Elements 189

PUFF the Magic Curtailment 209

Separation 211

Vulnerability 213

Behold, The Psyche! 214

Angle Two Wrap 217

Angle 3 Your Path 220

The Lord's Prayer 221

Insurance 230

Relaxation Technique 232

Angle 4 Previous Teachings 235

Man's Long Quest for Understanding 241

The Background 247

From the East 252

From Western Thinking 259

From Clear Awareness 263

Point 1 The Nature of the Universe 266

Point 2 Man's Place in the Universe 318

Point 3 What are Good and Evil? 324

Point 4 The Nature of God 331

Point 5 Fate vs. Free Will 338

Point 6 The Soul and Immortality 347

Point 7 Man and the State 354

Point 8 Man and Education 362

Point 9 Mind and Matter 364

Point 10 Ideas and Thinking 372

Philosophical Regard 377

Conclusion: The End of Text 386

Bibliography 388

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