Puyallup in World War II

Puyallup in World War II

by Hans Zeiger


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Like every community in America, young men from Puyallup put on the uniform and went off to fight in far-off parts of the world in 1941. Neighbors of all ages joined the war effort as factory and farm workers, air raid watch and Red Cross volunteers and war bond drive supporters. A relocation camp at the Puyallup Fairgrounds called Camp Harmony housed interned Japanese American citizens. And dozens of young servicemen who left home never returned. This is their story--a small Pacific Northwest town and a group of what Tom Brokaw dubbed the "Greatest Generation." Author Hans Zeiger preserves the journey of extraordinary people amid a violent and changing world.

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ISBN-13: 9781625859723
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing SC
Publication date: 11/05/2018
Series: Military
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 1,242,579
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Hans Zeiger is an author, Washington state senator and local historian. His writings have appeared in the Puyallup Herald, Seattle Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, American Legion magazine, Columbia magazine, HistoryLink and Philanthropy Daily. A state legislator since 2011, Hans is a trustee of the Washington State Historical Society, a member of the Washington State Legislative Oral History Advisory Board and an active member of the Puyallup Historical Society and the South Hill Historical Society. He serves in the Washington Air National Guard.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 9

Introduction 13

1 The Generous People 15

2 Pearl Harbor 33

3 The War Gomes to Puyallup 45

4 Camp Harmony 61

5 Puyallup Goes to War, 1942-1944 87

6 D-Day and Beyond 110

7 Lieutenant Victor Leonard Kandle's War 121

8 Winning the War in Europe 143

9 The Pacific, 1944 1945 162

10 R. Vernon Hill: Behind Enemy Lines 173

11 Survival and Homecoming 181

12 Puyallup's Greatest Generation 190

Notes 205

Index 229

About the Author 237

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