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Quantum Self-Talk Black Book

Quantum Self-Talk Black Book

by David J. Abbott M.D.
Quantum Self-Talk Black Book

Quantum Self-Talk Black Book

by David J. Abbott M.D.



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Too many people have a false model for change.

They try to change their life by trying to change their life, and that is the recipe for failure. They are skipping all the steps that make change possible.

You can�t reverse engineer change. You can�t start at the end and work your way back to the beginning.

The cascade of change has a beginning, an ending, and many steps in between.

In the world of quantum change you have to start at the beginning and go through all the steps in order to arrive at a place where you make a quantum leap to a new life.

Once you understand the quantum cascade, living the quantum life becomes as natural as taking your next breath.

The quantum cascade begins with quantum self-talk and finishes with a quantum leap.

The quantum cascade has ruled the world since the beginning of time. Those who understand and use it are the movers and shakers who control what happens on planet earth. They have a quantum existence that goes from one quantum leap to the next.

What exactly is the quantum life?

Most people don�t know about quantum life. They look at life as a smooth timeline stretching from birth to death. It has its ups and downs, but for them it�s a smooth curve that moves relentlessly forward and gradually gets better or worse.

The quantum life is much different.

People who live the quantum life don�t have a smooth timeline. For them life is a series of quantum leaps that happen each time they adopt a new quantum belief. Their timeline is like a set of stairs in which they jump from level to level.

Does it really matter how you view your own timeline?

It matters a great deal because a linear existence provides a false and impotent model for human change. Trying to live the linear life is more than doing things the hard way, it�s doing things the wrong way. You can�t tweak your way to a positive future. Big changes don�t involve tweaks. They involve jumps.

This book contains quantum self-talk that you need to have in your mind so that you can make a quantum leap to the next level.

One hundred Power Graphics make it easy to put positive self-talk into your mind.

The power of positive repetition is immense, and when your mind starts repeating quantum self-talk back to you, hang on tight, because you are ready to make a quantum leap to the next level.

You have thousands of quantum leaps to make in your life, and quantum self-talk is a great place to start.

Happy quantum leaping.

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Publisher: Positive Thinking Network LLC
Publication date: 04/12/2014
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About the Author

David J. Abbott M.D. is the Positive Thinking Doctor. He spent his career working as an eye surgeon in developing countries. After twenty-eight years of medical practice overseas, he returned to the United States and started the Positive Thinking Network.

Although Dr. Dave was trained to preserve and restore vision using surgery, he also wanted to fight inner blindness and restore inner vision teaching people how to look at the world through eyes of possibility and love.

Dr. Dave has written more than ten books including:

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking
Zero Tolerance to Negative Thinking
Real Power: Maxing Out on God's Love
Owner's Manual for your Mind
Programmer's Manual for your Mind
Positive Christian Self-Talk Blue Book
Quantum Self-Talk Black Book
Positive Self-Talk Red Book
Positive Self-Talk Purple Book

Dr. Dave is also known as Captain Dave of Team Maxing Out. He spent eleven years sailing around the world with his family on their sailboat, Exit Only. They sailed more than 33,000 miles on their Privilege 39 catamaran including a trip through Pirate Alley and up the Red Sea.

Dr. Dave created the Positive Thinking Network with more than two hundred positive websites. The Positive Thinking Network is your source for positive thinking on the World Wide Web. Positive Thinking Mobile has more than one hundred mobile websites designed for viewing on smartphones and tablets.

The Positive Thinking Network has more than two hundred free positive podcasts that you can download from iTunes or directly from his websites.

Dr. Dave believes that you don't get what you want in life. You get what you expect. He wants to change your expectations about who you are and what you can do with your life.

Visit Dr. Dave's web sites at, and visit his mobile websites at It just might change your life!

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