Rain Dance

Rain Dance

by Joy DeKok

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BN ID: 2940154964422
Publisher: Joy DeKok
Publication date: 07/18/2012
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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Rain Dance 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
ldbell500 on LibraryThing 19 days ago
Rain Dance by Joy DeKok is about the faith and friendship of two unlikely characters who become great friends- Jonica who is childless and barren and Stacie who has an abortion. Their chance meeting in the doctor¿s office changes both of their lives. Jonica is at her lowest because as a Christian she can¿t understand while God allows her to remain childless. Even though Jonica is going through her own struggles, she embraces Staci and helps Staci with the aftershocks in her marriage after her husband discovers she had an abortion. The two women become friends and their families also become friends. God gives Staci a second chance and blesses her with another child and Jonica finally deals with the fact she can¿t have children and focuses on the other gifts God has bestowed upon her. I really enjoy this faith based novel.I would definitely recommend this book to people contemplating abortions and people who are childless.
dgottreu More than 1 year ago
Rain Dance by Joy Dekok is a book that every woman should read. I am definitely Pro-Life but had never really thought all that much about abortion and how the women that had abortions felt after the fact so this book was really an eye opener for me. The story centers around two women who meet at their obstetrician’s office. Jonica who is infertile is there to tell the doctor that she and her husband no longer want to try to get pregnant using the latest medical methods. Staci is there to set up an appointment for an abortion because her pregnancy is not convenient for her since she is just getting started in her law practice. As different as the two women are, they form a real friendship and Jonica who is a devout Christian shares her faith in God with Stacie and then prays and waits for God to work on Stacie’s heart. The plot of the story was well developed and the author wrote on the subject of infertility and abortion with a great deal of understanding and with deep feelings for the women involved. Even though the story is fiction, it reads like real life and strives for healing and understanding for women who are either infertile or have had an abortion or even thinking of having one. The author also helps the reader to realize that these women need our compassion and support. The plot takes a twist when Stacie finds photos of her mother holding a baby boy but she cannot remember having a baby brother. Stacie cannot forget what she saw and begins a search to find out about the brother. This search and what she learns adds a new dimension to the story. The author made the characters in the story so real that I wanted to just give each of them a hug and tell them that Jesus loved them. I was deeply touched by this book and I cannot remember the last time I cried so much while reading a novel. I highly recommend this book to all women and think that men would also benefit from reading it. The story is not only about the two women but includes their families as well. The story has a great ending.. I had wondered about the title of the book but at the end it is clear why Rain Dance was the perfect title. A big thank you to the author, Joy Dekok, for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
Adam412 More than 1 year ago
Rain Dance by Joy DeKok is a unique wonderful book When the abortion instrument sucked out the baby in Stacie’s womb, an important part of herself went with it. “No!” she cried. But it is too late. Sitting in the gynecologist’s office that same day was Jonica, whose last hope of conceiving died like the infant in the other woman’s womb. Although grieving and they didn’t know each other, Jonica wrote her phone number on a Christian magazine and gave it to Stacie. When her phone rang a few days later, Jonica was surprised. Stacie wanted to argue about things in the magazine. Yet, they got together for coffee to talk, and an amazing friendship emerged that lets the reader know something great is going to happen. The miracles in their hearts didn’t just pop out of the air, however. Both women have relatives who pray for them. I loved the way the story developed, although at first it was a little confusing switching viewpoints. The book is all the better, however, because each character tells her side of the story in first person. People who enjoy good writing will notice Joy DeKok’s talent. The story is well crafted, but so is every paragraph. People who study writing will enjoy the active verbs. This book brings the reader into the abortion experience with one woman and the heartache of a barren womb with another. What an unusual way to show the world how women are affected and it could not have been released in a better time. When we vote for politicians in November will we think of women like Stacie and the 1.37 million unborn babies killed in the United States each year? Women like Jonica and millions of women like her who came into marriage virgins but can’t conceive are infertile through no fault of their own. But when we vote will we remember other woman who became infertile because of chlamydia and gonorrhea—sexually transmitted diseases—who were taught God is not there and The Ten Commandments need to be prohibited? Rain Dance doesn’t take the reader into society’s sins and heart aches, but as a jouralist who reported abortion and sexually transmitted disease statistics nearly every year, I couldn’t help but go beyond these two women. Joy DeKok only draws back the curtain to show how God redeems, restores, rejuvenates, and revitalizes broken hearts, and it’s not fiction. That’s reality for any woman who seeks it. Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted, comfort those who mourn and give beauty for ashes (prophesied in Isaiah 61:1-3 and fulfilled in Luke 4:18). You know Jonica and Stacie have been healed, comforted and beauty arises from the ashes when you see them dancing in the rain. Rain Dance is a wonderful book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
EEKmystery More than 1 year ago
For me, the mark of good writing is when I can really identify with the main characters; when I care deeply about what happens, though I may have nothing in common with them. Such is the case with RAIN DANCE. I have had two healthy pregnancies. I've never been tempted to have an abortion--in fact I'm strongly opposed to it. Still, I quickly became enmeshed in the tangled emotional and medical situations encountered by Jonica, who can't seem to have children, and Stacie, who is about to have an abortion (and ultimately does). Beginning in the waiting room of a doctor's office, the story quickly moves into the emotional struggles of each woman and how it affects their burgeoning friendship. Jonica, a committed Christian, questions why God would withhold this much-longed-for blessing from her and her husband. After all, they "followed the rules." But Jonica has even more to endure from the insensitive attitudes of two church members and even her own sister-in-law. Stacie, a non-believer raised to consider her own ambitions over all else, is at first angry at Jonica and fully intends to tell her off for sharing a pro-life article with her. However, Jonica's gentle demeanor seems to drain the hostility away and Stacie finds this new friendship emotionally nourishing in a time of particular heartbreak. "No one warned me," she says, "about the grief." For me, Jonica models a particularly loving way of reacting to the hostility of those who don't know Christ. Not totally sure of herself, she does her best and leads with her heart and Scripture, trusting God to do the rest. The unfolding story goes much further into the lives into the two women, revealing where and how mistakes can echo down the generations and how God's love can pull good out of the ashes. I especially liked the way author Dekok portrayed the two marriages, depicting passion in a vivid but tasteful way and not tiptoeing around the agony felt by the wives and husbands alike. This is a fine, engrossing, well-written book that kept me reading late into the night. It's a cliche, but I really couldn't put it down.
SuperMomV More than 1 year ago
Rain Dance is an amazingly vivid and alive book about abortion, infertility, loss and friendship. A book has never gotten me quite like Rain Dance did. I was reading a very vivid part toward the beginning of the book and I actually got very light-headed and nauseous. I had to stop reading for this reason, but my mind continued to play out the way things could go. This is the first book of Joy's that I've had to privilege to read and I will be a faithful reader from here on out. She has a wonderful gift of making her story as though you are the character and the situations play out so alive. I especially liked the way she wrote and shared to intimacy of the marriage without explicit detail and raw images. She opens up the heart and minds of her characters and you feel as though you've been best friends with them all along. Rain Dance is a book that cant be put down. As God leads and Jonica follows, you never really known how things are going to play out. Just as in the real life of Christians following God today; the journey is often hard and the way is unknown, but God's still small voice will lead us and direct us and even pull us back on course when we get full of ourselves. Rain Dance is full of God's hand at work and will inspire you. Whether you are living with a hurt of your own or whether you are seeking out God to fill the void in your life, you'll be drawn through this story and Joy's amazing writing skills to the God of healing, restoration and love. Rain Dance has reminded me: "I can preach a better sermon with my life, than with my lips." -Goldsmith Thank you Joy for doing an wonderfully fantastic job on such a hard hush-hush topic. I give it 5 stars, a stand ovation and two thumbs up!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rain Dance is a gripping story about the power of love. This book turns the impossible into the possible through the power of Christ's love. In the most dire of circumstances, when two women at complete opposite ends of the spectrum are at their lowest, they reach out to one another. In that moment a seed is planted that forever changes their lives. What I love about this book is that the characters are very real. Everything doesn't end up in a pretty package tied up with a bow. It isn't a fairytale, BUT everyone does live happily ever after because of the promise Christians have in Romans 8:28. While the topics may be tough for many to consider, I highly recommend Rain Dance to all women because of the underlying theme of the true bond of a very special friendship.
ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Rain Dance by Joy DeKok is a moving look at the power of friendship and faith. Jonica is in her fertility specialist's office to end treatment in acceptance of her barrenness as part of God's plan when she meets Stacie who is there to schedule an abortion for a child who doesn't fit into the plan of her busy life. That fateful meeting will leave both women both permanently changed. Stacie's marriage falls apart in the wake of the abortion, and she turns her anger on Jonica who instead embraces her and the women find a way to bridge the gap between them. DeKok uses Jonica to tell of her own struggle with infertility and she offers up a valuable lesson for anyone who judges couples who are childless. Jonica's faith carrier her through every storm and intrigues Stacie into checking it out for herself. The book is a wonderful read about friendship and how to love those who may be so different from us. The only trouble I had with it was discovering 2/3 of the way through that Jonica is only 24. Based on her career, lifestyle, and attitude, I assumed that she was closer to thirty or even in her mid-thirties. Despite that small issue, it's a great read that should encourage readers on both sides of the abortion debate.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
In Rain Dance, Joy DeKok skillfully takes readers on a journey of turmoil, anguish, healing, and joy. She beautifully portrays the deep, heart wrenching emotions many women¿Christian and non-Christian¿experience in dealing with infertility or the aftermath of abortion. The author completes the portrait by demonstrating that healing and freedom are attainable through God¿s love and grace.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love the way Joy DeKok tells this story from two different points of view. She has a unique writing style; I can't wait for her next novel.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A woman struggling with infertility befriends a post-abortion woman. A stirring example of the kindness and understanding (grace) we are called to give to others presented with the compelling message of the difference compassion makes in the life of a woman wounded by the lies of abortion. So many post-abortion men and women suffer in secret silence. Without being preachy, this story offers hope for the wounded and those who walk with them.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rain Dance was a wonderfully written book with a unique format that was so refreshing! I was tremendously impressed with how the author was able to relate the feelings and experiences of both the infertile woman and the post-abortive woman, without judging either one for their decisions. I became so involved in the character's lives that I just couldn't put this book down!