Raw: Torn Between Two Lovers (InterMix)

Raw: Torn Between Two Lovers (InterMix)

by Jo Davis

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Raw: Torn Between Two Lovers (InterMix) by Jo Davis

TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS is a gripping and sexy romance trilogy with a unique twist: Our heroine needs your help to decide who wins her heart… RAW introduces this sizzling new series, in which two enticing men will vie for Anna’s heart—culminating in a choice that will be determined by reader vote!
Anna Claire is a prominent restaurateur, the toast of New York. She’s not one to let down her guard, but her new prep chef is gorgeous enough to cause her to break her own rules, and soon she’s tearing up the sheets with Grayson James. More than that, she’s falling in love.
Until she discovers that Grayson is no chef. He’s an FBI agent investigating a drug ring he suspects is using her restaurant. Anna is shattered to learn she was just part of his cover.
The case means everything to Gray, right until the moment he loses what matters the most—not his intended target, but Anna. Gray is devastated when the woman he loves learns of his betrayal. Especially with his greatest enemy all too eager to take advantage of her… 
So, will you join #TeamGrayson? Make the informed choice: Don’t miss RISKY, available in November 2014. 

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780698140776
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/15/2013
Series: Torn Between Two Lovers , #1
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 94
File size: 626 KB

About the Author

Jo Davis is the author of the Sugarland Blue series of contemporary romances, the popular Firefighters of Station Five series and, as J. D. Tyler, the sexy paranormal series Alpha Pack. Primal Law, the first book in that series, is the winner of the National Reader's Choice Award in Paranormal. She has also been a multiple finalist in the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, a finalist for the Bookseller's Best Award, has captured the HOLT Medallion Award of Merit, and has been a two-time nominee for the Australian Romance Readers Award in romantic suspense. She’s had one book optioned for a major motion picture.

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Raw: Torn Between Two Lovers (InterMix) 3.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Kassiah More than 1 year ago
The Torn Between Two Lovers trilogy is an interesting premise and takes on something that all readers ultimately want: the ability to choose the heartthrob for the heroine. Restaurant owner Anna Claire leads a solitary life, fulfilled only by success in her business. Things change for her when she takes notice of prep chef Grayson James. Turns out, he wants more than to help her unwind. He’s an FBI agent, working undercover to take down a drug ring that is apparently operating out of Anna’s restaurant. He has to determine who’s responsible, including if Anna’s in on it, and take them down. Gray doesn’t count on real feelings getting in the way, and you can imagine what happens when she finds out the truth. Unable to deal with the intensity of their relationship or Gray’s betrayal, Anna runs off to Aruba, where she runs into Gray’s nemesis, Joaquin Delacruz. Sparks are already flying, and we’ll find out more about Joaquin and his desire to turn his back on his mob life in the second book in the series, RISKY. I was surprised by how much story Davis was able to tell in so few pages and over such a short period of time. We get a real sense of both Anna’s character and the kind of man Gray is when he’s “off the clock.” The richness of the world-building and character development was amazing. Not only do we get to know Anna and Gray, but we’re introduced to Anna’s mother, Gray’s partner, and even learn about head chef Ethan’s diva-like personality. Even though I liked this story overall and love the idea behind it, there were things that I didn’t like, too. There’s unrealistic insta-love between Anna and Gray. She’s been on her own all this time and just seems to fall into a trusting no-holds-barred relationship pretty quickly. The use of some words, like channel, squick me out, and there’s some sexytimes stuff that I thought was totally out of character, especially for Gray. With that being said, I have to admit that I’m totally intrigued by the idea for this trilogy.
HarlequinJunkie_ More than 1 year ago
In Raw (Torn Between Two Lovers #1) by Jo Davis, Anna is living her dream. She has worked hard and now is the owner of a prestigious restaurant. All is going well on the business front, but Anna is lonely. She has been so busy focusing on business that she's neglected her personal life. Things are about to get much, much hotter for Anna though when she finds herself very attracted to Gray, the new prep cook at her restaurant. Gray is just as attracted to Anna...and for more than one reason. Unknown to Anna, Gray is not at all who he appears to be. Gray is an FBI agent working undercover on a drug ring operation that seems to involve people working in Anna's restaurant. Gray does not expect to fall for Anna, and he is not comfortable leading a double life. Gray is trying to do the right thing, working for what he believes in, but his deception can't last forever. Anna and Gray really work well together, they have a lot of fun, and the sex is amazing! Anna finds herself falling deeper and deeper for Gray...will she be able to handle the truth or will it drive her away from Gray's arms and into someone elses? I loved both of these people for most of the novella. Gray is a stand up for what's right kind of guy, protective, caring, and definitely all male! He doesn't like not being completely honest with Anna, but he is hopeful that the positives can out weigh the negatives when she finds out. Anna is a hard working, independent woman who up until she gets together with Gray has been pretty single minded in her focus on life. Gray helps her see that there is a lot more to life than work. Can Anna handle the truth though? Or do actions speak louder than words? Her reaction to the unexpected turn of events between her and Gray was not how I envisioned a woman in love acting... This is the first in a three part series of novella's, so I was expecting a cliffhanger and was not disappointed. However, I do feel that the novella ends well and that Jo has started the Torn Between Two Lovers series with a bang, setting us up well for Risky, book #2. I don't want to give too much away, but with Raw by Jo Davis you are in for a sexy adventure with Anna and Gray! Recommended for any romance reader looking for some passion, mystery, and secrets
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars ~Reviewed by ANGELA & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog A very unconventional type of read, but this novella is not set in stone. Readers have a say on whom the heroine will end up with. It’s a new concept for me , but it definitely sound like fun. Joe Davis’ Raw has a very intriguing story line complete with likable characters and steamy scenes. But it’s not the best I’ve read from her. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Raw except for a couple of aspects to the story fell short for me. First, Sloane and Anna’s relationship was a bit too fast for my liking. Though I know this is a novella, sometimes, I just expect more when it comes to the ?love? part of the relationship. To me, it is more believable and easier to accept that they sleep together right away compared to insta-love feelings because their attraction is so strong. Sloane and Anna definitely had that. And that part, I enjoyed a lot. I have to give Ms. Davis credit; she did a good job with the sexual tension between her characters and the same goes to her steamy scenes. I thought Anna And Sloane were very hot together. Second, because the series title promised ?two lovers?, I was expecting to get to know everyone in the love triangle. We did get to know Sloane and Anna , but we only get a glimpse of Joaquin towards the last part of the book, which didn’t say much about him. There was a snippet at the end, but I just skimmed through it. From what I read though, Joaquin looks like he will give Sloane a run for his money. Where, Sloane was hot and determined to get his job done, Anna was never his first priority. And again, from the beginning of the snippet, I’ve read, Sloane seemed like he knows exactly what he wants from the beginning. No doubts, no exceptions. Joaquin wants Anna. Of course, I can’t know for sure until book two comes out. Luckily, readers do not have to wait as Risky will be out November 19th, 2013. *ARC proved by publisher in exchange for an honest review
Peachs44 More than 1 year ago
Raw is the first book in the Torn Between to Lovers series. This quick read is loaded with intrigue, romance and hot sex. There’s an added element to this story that author Jo Davis has added that I find quite refresh – the reader gets to vote on which guy (TeamGrayson or TeamJoaquin) Anna gets to keep. For the unique opportunity to help choice the final hero, I would recommend reading this series.  My vote on Anna is still iffy on if I like her character. For such a smart woman, running her own restaurant, toast of the town, she seemed too clueless about all the shenanigans going on under her very nose. I prefer my leading female characters to be a bit more intelligent than that. Of course, no story that has an undercover agent would be complete without some intrigue, which is excellently provided by one uber sexy Grayson James, FBI agent, posing as a lowly prep chef in her kitchen. The thought alone sends me into giggles until I think how yummy him and Anna were together. I did think their relationship progressed fast but I guess since this is a quick read at 80 pages that was to be expected. Personally, absolute favorite part of the book was the introduction of Sterling. I won’t elaborate so I don’t spoil it but can I just say a big AWWWW!  Since this is a trilogy, there is most obviously a cliffhanger but instead of it being ‘wait to see what happens next’ scenario the author has put a new spin on it. Instead of the author deciding who Anna chooses, choice that will be determined by reader votes. That is unique concept for a romance book and notches this review up a star just for adding that little twist. Most obviously, book #1 in the Torn Between Two Lovers series is about Anna with Gray. I’m going to go out on a limb and say book #2 will be Anna with Joaquin. I’m very curious to see how this series will end and plan on voting myself…that is after I read the next book. I received this book from JeepDiva for the express purposes of an honest review. The opinions and rating of this review are solely mine and in no way was I compensated. Stars – 4 Flames – 3
LITERALADDICTION_MLO More than 1 year ago
Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Associate Reviewer - Marta C: *eARC Received from the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This is a mix of contemporary romance and a little suspense . It's also quite an unusual twist on the usual trilogies available to readers, as we get to pick the ending! In this, the first installment, we meet one potential lover, but at the end of the book another suitor is introduced ready for the next book one month later. The idea is that readers will get to vote for their favorite, and their choice will determine just who the heroine will get for her happy ever after. Anna Clair is a very hard working restaurant owner who devotes little time to her personal life. Her hard work has paid off and her successful restaurant is going from strength to strength. She has recently employed a very charismatic prep chef Grayson James who awakens desires she's long ignored. One night, Anna is subjected to an attack when leaving work, and luckily Grayson is on hand to save her. It's time for Anna to seize the moment and give in to the attraction that she feels for him. Their relationship is all consuming and pretty soon Anna is falling hard for Grayson. Grayson has a secret though. He's not a chef, he's really an FBI agent who has been placed deep undercover to investigate a drug ring that appears to be based at Anna's restaurant. Grayson is beginning to see Anna as more than just a suspect, and wants nothing more than to prove her innocence. Anna discovers his deception and is left devastated and wants nothing more to do with him. Will he convince her of his love? As this book ends Anna encounters the sexy and enigmatic Joaquin and the question is, has Grayson lost what he most wants? This is a delight to read. It's a book chock full of passion and intrigue. The reader gets action both in and out of the bedroom, and while it clearly has a cliffhanger ending, its not so annoying that the reader is left screaming at the final page. Ms. Davis has very cleverly chosen to release the follow up, Risky, just one month after publication of this.  So are you Team Grayson or Team Joaquin? *I wanted to give the book more skulls, but this is just one of those books where I didn't connect with the main character. I found myself not really liking Anna, and that deducted a few points for me, personally.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago