Recharge Your Library Programs with Pop Culture and Technology:: Connect with Today's Teens

Recharge Your Library Programs with Pop Culture and Technology:: Connect with Today's Teens

by Linda D. Behen


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Recharge Your Library Programs with Pop Culture and Technology:: Connect with Today's Teens by Linda D. Behen

Learn how to integrate pop culture and technology into school library programs and classrooms, and make today's digital content, mobile devices, and students' changing interests work to the educator's advantage.

• Provides annotated lists of recommended apps and effective media tools

• Examines what new methods and tools work best to engage the attention of this generation of students

• Explains how to teach students already comfortable with the Internet how to find, evaluate, understand, and assimilate information for both academic and personal purposes

• Demonstrates how to keep up and constantly change a library program to maintain its appeal

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781610693691
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
Publication date: 06/30/2013
Pages: 179
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Linda D. Behen, MLS, has been a school librarian for 17 years, most currently at Mother of Mercy High School in Cincinnati, OH.

Table of Contents

Preface: Why We Do What We Do ix

1 Schools and Libraries in Transition: So Much More Than Materials, Reference, and a Reading Room 1

2 Lead the Change 9

Change Is Hard 9

Digital Natives vs. Tech Immigrants 9

Active Decision Making 10

Outside Our Control 11

Technology 11

School Environments 12

Time 13

3 Things We Can Control 17

Time Is of the Essence 17

Collection Inventory and Maintenance 18

Don't Cover Paperback Copies with Expensive Book Covers 18

Do Minimal Processing and Cataloging to Get Items into Students' and Teachers' Hands as Quickly as Possible 18

Implement On-Demand Purchasing, Acquiring, and Providing That Ensures That Every Item Will Be in Demand 18

Don't Worry about Beautiful Shelves 19

Mark Books That You Want Students to Browse with Removable Stickers Instead of Pulling and Reshelving 19

Technology Development Tools 20

How's Your Attitude? 21

Attitude Adjustment 21

Transforming: Become Your Avatar 23

Be Proactive and Flexible 23

Be Nosey 24

Help Out 24

Go Beyond Academics 26

Take a Holiday 26

Surprise Them 27

Win When Others Win 27

Humility 28

Satisfy On-Demand Requests 28

Admire Your Students 28

Curb Appeal 29

Board Games Are the Original Social Tools 29

Pack Up and Move 30

Pop Stars Are Our Friends 30

Throw a Party 31

Break the Rules 31

Break the Silence 31

Are You a Genius? 32

Be a Braggart 33

If It Walks, Talks, and Looks Like a Leader, It Is a Leader 34

4 Engaging Today's Teens 37

Pop Culture 37

King of Pop 37

What Is Pop Culture? 38

Be Pop Culture 38

Games, Pop Stars, and Media Literacy 40

Not Just Fun and Games 47

More Pop Culture 48

For Immediate Release: Students Discover a Love for Writing 49

Be Flexible: Games Are Not for Everyone 52

Pop Culture Atmosphere in the Library 52

Social Media Tools 52

Humor Has Just Entered the Building 54

Mix It Up with Teaching Styles 56

Students Teaching Students 56

Student Tech Stars 57

Flipping the Classroom and Library Instruction 57

Books 59

Speed Dating with Books 59

Book Displays 60

Programming in Your Library 63

Celebrities 63

Tweet, Sing, and Be Merry 63

America's Next Top Poet 64

Pocket Poetry 65

Invite Others to Play 65

Post It in the Library 67

Hunting Permits 67

No More Bored Games 68

Breaking News and Events 68

Technology Show and Tell 69

Holidays and Celebrations 70

New Trends in Libraries 70

Makerspaces 70

Tomorrow's Librarian Living on the Leading Edge Today 73

Tomorrow's Librarian Ready to Lead the Way 74

Biography: Mia Breitkopf 75

5 Connect to Today's Teens through Media and Technology Tools 77

The Device of the Moment 77


Which Device Is Right? 80

The Cloud 83

Who, What, Where Is That Cloud? 83

eBooks 85

Library Catalogs 88

Media Tools, Programs, and Platforms 89

Slide Shows and Presentations 90

Screen Recorders 90

Prezi 92

Video Content 92

Images, Posters, and Digital Displays 94

Word Clouds 95

Digital Storytelling Resources 95

Collaboration and Social Learning Spaces 101

Social Media Curators and Aggregators 102

Graphic Content Aggregators 104

Real-Time Collaboration Tools Shrink a Large Space 105

Pin It 106

6 There Is an App for That and That and That 109

App Prices 110

App Directories 127

Library Apps 128

7 Discover Your Favorite Power Tools 131

Media Tools 132

Pop Culture 145

Superheroes 147

Networking and Professional Development Are Powerful 156

Traditional Resources Are New Again 158

Selected Bibliography 163

Index 165

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