Reckless Whisper

Reckless Whisper

by Barbara Freethy


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In RECKLESS WHISPER the suspense continues with the second novel in the Off the Grid: FBI Series by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy.

FBI Special Agent Bree Adams has a personal secret, something she has managed to keep hidden for the past ten years-at least she always thought so… But a chance encounter on a train, and whispered words of chilling consequence change everything. Is the truth about to come out or is someone playing with her mind and her life?

Nathan Bishop knew Bree when she was a street kid like him. Their dark past once put him in her debt, and he had to pay up. The last thing he wants to do is help her again. He has a new life now—a life he could lose with one wrong move. But the beautiful Bree is desperate—how can he walk away?

To get to the truth, protect innocent lives and their own, they'll have to fight their way through the past, as danger stalks their every move, and heartbreaking choices must be made.

Don't miss this emotionally deep and haunting story! A thrilling psychological romantic suspense novel!

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"What I love best about Freethy's books are the characters and the depth she puts in them, the story can be as good as ever, but if you don't care about the characters you can't help but be unbothered by the events unfolding. This story has so many twists and turns that I read it in one sitting.....a must read for everyone, I don't want to ruin anything so I will just say.....WOW" Booklovers Anonymous Blog on Reckless Whisper

"Perilous Trust is a non-stop thriller that seamlessly melds jaw-dropping suspense with sizzling romance, and I was riveted from the first page to the last…Readers will be breathless in anticipation as this fast-paced and enthralling love story evolves and goes in unforeseeable directions." USA Today HEA Blog on Perilous Trust

"Getting tangled up with Perilous Trust is a rush. Barbara Freethy sets the adrenaline level so high that it takes a while to come back down to solid ground. A tortured love affair sets off a chain of events that are explosive and deadly. The suspense is killer, the danger is intense and the electricity generated between Sophie and Damon is off the charts. All come together to a create a lethally seductive thriller." Isha Coleman - I Love Romance Blog on Perilous Trust

"The adventure that Barbara Freethy takes us on in PERILOUS TRUST is full of twists and turns. It is a perfect suspense that will keep you guessing until the very last moment. This book definitely deserves 5 stars." Reading Escape Reviews on Perilous Trust


"Powerful and absorbing...sheer hold-your-breath suspense."- NYT Bestselling Author Karen Robards on Don't Say A Word

"A fabulous, page-turning combination of romance and intrigue. Fans of Nora Roberts and Elizabeth Lowell will love this book."- NYT Bestselling Author Kristin Hannah on Golden Lies

"A page-turner that engages your mind while it tugs at your heartstrings...Don't Say A Word has made me a Barbara Freethy fan for life!" -- NYT Bestselling Author Diane Chamberlain on Don't Say a Word

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781944417369
Publisher: Fog City Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 03/22/2018
Series: Off the Grid: FBI Series , #2
Pages: 290
Sales rank: 195,993
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

Barbara Freethy is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of more than sixty-five books ranging from contemporary romance to romantic suspense and women's fiction. Barbara delights in writing about ordinary characters caught up in extraordinary stories. Suspense fans will love her Off the Grid: FBI Series that begins with Perilous Trust. Contemporary romance readers will want to jump into The Callaways with On A Night Like This. Her bestselling standalone novels include Summer Secrets and Don't Say A Word, both of which spent multiple weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List. In the past seven years, Barbara has sold over 7.2 million books. Join the fun!

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Reckless Whisper (Off the Grid: FBI Series #2) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 41 reviews.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Anonymous 8 months ago
Talkingt77 More than 1 year ago
Another story that grabs you from page one. When looking for a kidnapper brings you back into your old neighborhood you are bound to run into those you left behind. As always suspense, mystery and a touch of romance will keep you turning the pages. A wonderful series that can be read as a stand alone. But, you will want to know everyones story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After reading the first book in this series, I had to continue with the next one in the series by Barbara Freethy. Wow! This one is just as a fantastic read as the first one. It is so very well written. Full of mystery, suspense, a plot loaded with twists and a wonderful romance. Bree’s past, which she wanted so desperately to keep in the shadows, caught up with her. I got so caught up in reading this book, that I couldn’t wait to finish it. Well done Barabara! You definitely know how to weave a tale of mystery and suspense, along with some romance. Looking forward to reading Wyatt’s story now.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Barbara kept me engaged once again throughout the entire read! Love all of her books. Can’t get enough.
KristenLaJ More than 1 year ago
Wow! Excellent book - perfect mix of believable, likeable characters, mystery, secrets, suspense, romance, friendships. The story was never predictable, keeping me wondering through the entire book. Loved the story and enjoyed getting to reconnect with characters from the first book in this series. However, this book can stand alone if a person hasn't read the first book. Barbara Freethy certainly knows your to tell a tale!
Elizabeth Walker More than 1 year ago
This book, like all of the others, had me from the start. I absolutely LOVED this book. I cannot wait for the next ones.
thall5 More than 1 year ago
Reckless Whisper by Barbara Freethy An amazing page-turning suspense you don't want to miss! Barbara Freethy has become one of my favorite suspense writers and this book is just an example of why! This book starts with action from page one and the author had me gripping my seat as I turned page after page trying to figure out who had kidnapped a young girl named Hayley, who this young girl really was, and would Bree, the FBI agent who had been brought in on the case, be able to save Hayley before her own life was taken. This book is an absolute must read! I was provided a copy of this book from the author, but was not required to post a review. This is my honest opinion of this book.
arubaqueen More than 1 year ago
Another hit from Barbara Freethy! This is the 2nd book in the series but is easily a standalone read. Ms. Freethy does an excellent job weaving a suspenseful story mixed with some romance. Although Bree and Nathan weren't officially a couple in the past, there is a history there and I feel they were given a second chance not just with each other but at a better life since they both had an extremely rough go in their earlier years. I love the connection they have with each other, the way Nathan helped Bree and kept her secret all those years. The twist in the story was amazing. I voluntarily read an ARC and am leaving my honest review
heavenlycirce More than 1 year ago
"Reckless Whisper" is written by Barbara Freethy, and it is the 2nd book in her Off The Grid: FBI Trilogy. It can be read as a stand-alone book. It features FBI Special Agent Bree Adams and Nathan Bishop. Someone is targeting Bree, and that person knows about her past. Bree was featured in a high profile case that had news coverage, so Bree thinks this person is trying to get back at her. But as Bree and her childhood friend, Nathan, look to see why 10 year old, Hailey, was recently abducted, all the missing pieces to the puzzle are starting to fit. Hailey's abduction and Bree's past are tied together. What is the connection? Can Bree and Nathan stay safe? One thing you can always count on from Barbara Freethy is a story that will always keep you on your toes! "Reckless Whisper" was a fast-paced book that kept me guessing. I honestly didn't want to put the book down. Not only was there suspense, but you had the budding romance between Nathan and Bree. It might have taken them a long time to finally get together, but they definitely were meant to be! Looking forward to the next installment in this series!
Storm992472 More than 1 year ago
I love all Barbara Freethy's books that I have read and this one is no different. I love a romance with mystery and Reckless Whisper did not disappoint. I love the Bree and Nathan storyline and can’t wait until the next book for Wyatt’s story. The book is never dull and there are so many twists and turns that you never want to put it down. Reckless Whisper is the second book in the Off the Grid: FBI series but the way it is written it can definitely be read as a standalone. Barbara does not disappoint. I can’t wait to read book #3. I highly recommend this book and the series.
XstitcherKansas More than 1 year ago
This was a great story! I was hooked from the first page. The story was full of intrigue and suspense making it hard to put down. The main characters were very likable and fun even with the seriousness of the story. It was good to see they were able to overcome the obstacles of their youth. Although there wasn’t too much involvement of characters from the previous book, it’s always fun to read about what they are doing. I’m anxious to see what Wyatt’s story will be. I’m looking forward to that next book in the series.
BrandyJB More than 1 year ago
Reckless Whisper (Off the Grid #2) A book sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and unable to stop reading till you finish. You find you must find out who the Kidnapper is of a Little Girl named Hayley. Bree of the FBI is sent to figure out a kidnapping in her past a location she didn't want to revisit but she goes. And she and Nathan from her past Solve the mystery of the missing girl. But who is this Little Girl? This is the question that will keep you reading till you finally finish. A Riveting mystery suspense Novel with some Romance. I could not figure out who the kidnapper was till the very end of the book. Highly recommend this book. Recieved an ARC for an honest review in advance. A must Read!!!!
Bookladye More than 1 year ago
In Reckless Whisper, author Barbara Freethy presents a riveting romantic suspense story that made me anxious as I read. At parts, I wanted to quit reading, but couldn’t put the book down. A strong, capable main character, Bree Adams remakes herself despite mistakes from her teen years. She is fierce, loyal and devoted to finding the young kidnapped girl. As an FBi agent, Bree has the skill, know-how and the courage to face demons from her past. A chance encounter with Nathan Bishop, a friend from her past who knows Bree’s fearful secrets sets them on a quest to find Hayley, the kidnapped girl before it is too late. Reckless Whisper is romantic suspense at its’ best!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A fantastic read that you will not be able to put down once you begin. This one has it all, mystery, suspense, drama, and a little romance thrown in as well. You will be caught in pages. I can’t wait for the next book in the series! I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
Born2Read More than 1 year ago
What a fantastic suspenseful thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first sentence. I was instantly drawn into the book, not wanting to put it down. Bree is introduced in the previous book and I could tell she was a strong willed, independent woman. As she is forced by a pyshco to travel back in time and relive her past and ugly childhood it is even more amazing to see how she overcame everything and became the woman she is today. Her and Nathan are perfect for each other. He has always looked at for her and that hasn't changed. The bond between them is as strong as ever and the chemistry is off the charts. Every time I thought I had figured out who was behind it there was a twist that I didn't see coming. Great book, looking forward to the next in the series. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.
KristyO More than 1 year ago
Reckless Whisper kept me guessing until the end! Bree Adams, an FBI agent, is forced to confront her difficult past when assigned to a case involving a missing child. While investigating, Bree comes face-to-face with friends (and enemies) from her former life. One is Nathan, who helped her through some of the most difficult moments of her past. He and Bree team up to uncover the mystery while having to confront the many twist and turns the case presents. Bree and Nathan also uncover the feelings they have had for each other since childhood. There is a reason why I turn to Barbara Freethy when I am looking for a well-written, romantic suspense book. She never disappoints!!
bads_mom More than 1 year ago
Reckless Whisper is an on the edge of your seat suspenseful thriller/romance. Even though it is part of the Off the Grid: FBI Series, Reckless Whisper can be read Stand Alone. Bree a successful FBI agent is being haunted by a past she had put behind her, and the person that helped her escape her hometown. As part of her job in the FBI, Bree investigates missing children cases. She's called back to her hometown, because eerily a child is abducted just like the previous case where she found the missing child. The clues regarding this case are different yet the also the same. This kidnapper knows about Bree's past and is playing mind games. Nathan helped Bree escape roughly ten years ago, and has mixed emotions regarding her being back in town. Even though they both grew up as street kids, they've went on to make successful lives for themselves. After Nathan finds out someone is playing games with Bree regarding her past, he wants to help protect her again. The attraction between Nathan and Bree can be felt from the storyline. Are they going to act on it? Is Bree going to jeopardize are career? Who is taunting Bree? Is it the kidnapper from the other cases or someone different? I was given an ARC for an honest review of Reckless Whisper. This book was one I read in one sitting with my coffee pot because I just HAD to know right then how the story ended. I'm actually rereading it now at a slower pace. I definitely was not disappointed.
Mpomper514 More than 1 year ago
Another hit for Barbara Freethy. I always wait impatiently for her next novel to be released! While this is the second in the Off the Grid: FBI Series, it can easily be read as a standalone book. Barbara is successful in drawing you into the suspense from the very start of the book. When Bree, an FBI agent that works in the division that helps with child kidnappings, gets requested to go to Chicago to assist in a kidnapping case, she gets pulled into reliving her past of growing up in Chicago. Nathan is part of that past, and he fights getting involved with Bree in helping find the kidnapped girl. Interesting to see how Nathan and Bree each have different memories from growing up together. Loved the connection they have. In this book, we get to see how Bree became the FBI agent she is and her background. Allow time to read, because once you start it will be hard to put the book down. Leaves you guessing throughout the book as to who is responsible for the kidnapping and how it will end.
SandySep More than 1 year ago
Reckless Whisper is the second book in the FBI Series by Barbara Freethy and it was worth the wait! I really enjoyed the story of Bree and Nathan. Bree and Nathan have a history, they knew each other back when they were kids trying to survive a rough childhood in Chicago. Nathan was there for Bree when she needed to leave Chicago. She moved on from her rough beginnings and became an FBI Agent. A case brings Bree back to Chicago, where she had planned to never return. She runs into Nathan while investigating the case and he helps her through the twists and turns of the case, they overcome their past. This was a really great story. I enjoyed reading it just as much as the first in the series, Perilous Trust, and can't wait for the next one! *I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. *
lttlelola More than 1 year ago
received an ARC of the book in order to give an honest review. no compensation was received. This book is sort of a suspenseful thriller mystery love story. and honestly, i usually will not pick these up as it's not my taste. that said. I did find that I LIKED THE STORY and that i really liked Nathan. I didn't read it as quickly as i usually manage due to work and also my taste not following the books theme. i found myself wanting to put it down, but at the same time i needed to finish it because i wanted to know what happened. my emotions and thoughts on this book are torn and i will probably not re-read it, but i'm glad i read something that isnt my usual style and i am happy to say that as with most of Barbara's work, i did enjoy it.
Boaters92 More than 1 year ago
This was the second story in Barbara Freethy’s Off The Grid series and it did not disappoint! Just as in the first book, I was captivated with this story within the first few sentences. This was the story of Bree Adams, an FBI agent in NYC working a case on a missing child, and Nathan Bishop, who works in construction in Chicago. Bree and Nathan had a past together when they were kids that not many knew about. When Bree left Chicago 10 years earlier, with Nathan’s help, she swore she would never go back. But a missing child case in Chicago had her leaving her FBI bureau in NYC to help find 10 year old Haylee. What she didn’t know was that Haylee’s best friend Grace, who was the last person to see her before being abducted, was Nathan’s niece. When she knocks on the door of Grace’s house to try to get more information on Haylee’s disappearance, Nathan answers the door. All the events that occurred after he leaves Bree into the house had me sitting on the edge of my seat! Reckless Whisper has it all. Suspense, drama, chemistry, and a very happy ending. There are a few questions left unanswered that I’m hoping will be answered in the next book. Barbara has perfected the art of storytelling. She knows how to tell you enough about a character to make you feel like you really know them, and she tells a story that draws you into the situations and makes you feel what the characters would be feeling, without going into so much detail that you want to just skim over some sections. You hang on EVERY WORD!!! I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review. I highly recommend Reckless Whisper.
JennieF More than 1 year ago
ARC for honest review with no compensation Reckless Whisper is book 2 in the Off the Grid: FBI series by Barbara Freethy that is filled with suspense, intrigue, secrets and revenge that keeps you on the edge of your seat and turning the pages to find out what happens next... FBI Agent Bree Adams is called back to Chicago to help with a missing child case that seems to have the same characteristics as a case she just worked on to bring another missing child back home. Only thing is she thought she would never return Chicago, her past, people she thought never to see again and a long kept secret. Is this just about a missing child or is some messing with Bree? Can Nathan, a man from her past who helped her leave Chicago with her secret, now help her to find the missing child and keep her secret or will the person who is pushing her buttons expose everything and destroy a child's life in the process???
Ellen-oceanside More than 1 year ago
RECKLESS WHISPER by Barbara Freethy Off The Grid FBI 2 A phone call with a whisper message, woke Bree up. Been with FBI five years working children abductions cases, was this related. Her face was on TV from the last case. In Chicago, old memories that she wanted to keep hidden,and just work the new case. Unexpected meeting with Nathan, who knew her before, and now things are causing her to face her past. This is an emotional look not only because of children, Barbara has gotten into the emotional side of Bree. The plot flows, tense, haunting, you feel what is going on with Bree. I love this new series, you remember the stories, and the characters, readers won’t be disappointed by this great plot. Given ARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.