Reflections on Turkey: Turkish-American-Israeli Relations and the Middle East

Reflections on Turkey: Turkish-American-Israeli Relations and the Middle East

by Mehmet Kalyoncu


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ISBN-13: 9781935295198
Publisher: Blue Dome Press
Publication date: 09/06/2013
Pages: 254
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Mehmet Kalyoncu is an independent political analyst. He has published articles in academic journals and op-ed pieces in newspapers and online publications including Foreign Policy Magazine, Today’s Zaman, Zinda Magazine, PINR, and American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences. His research interests include Turkish foreign policy, ethno-religious politics, civil society, and social development in countries rich in natural resources. Kalyoncu authored A Civilian Response to Ethno-Religious Conflict: Gülen Movement in Southeast Turkey (The Light, 2008). He holds master’s degree in Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies from Georgetown University.

Table of Contents

Iraq, Iran and the Armenian Resolution: Turkey's Burgeoning Civil Society and Transforming Foreign Policy 1

Armenian Resolution Takes Us-Turkish Relations Hostage ? 1: Will Turks lose the battle they have, never fought? 8

Armenian Resolution Takes Us-Turkey Relations Hostage ? 2: Will Turks lose the battle they have never fought? 12

A Rose (Gül.) Revolution: The Military-Civilian Relations in President Abdullah Gül's Turkey 16

Ankara's Growing Importance for Israel in the Post American Middle East 23

Civil Society Versus Kurdish Separatism: How to Deal with the Neo-Kurdish Separatism 29

Us Foreign Policy After November 2008 ? 1: Prospect for Increased Turkish-American Cooperation 37

Us Foreign Policy After November 2008-2: What's next: realism, liberal institutionalism or something in between like realistic Wilsonianism? 41

Ethnic Challenges in Post-AK Party Turkish Politics 45

Fethullah Gülen: Threat, Benefactor, or Both? 51

A Planned Military Coup in Turkey: How to Stage a Coup D'etat in Turkey, or How to Prevent One 55

Gülen and the AK Party: A Common Quest for Democracy or Something More? 60

In the Aftermath of the Russian Invasion: How to Counter Resurrected Russian Expansionism 67

Africa and the Turks: Reconstructing the Perceptions and Whispering Hope to Africa 72

Getting Realistic About Iran: Why, When and How Turkey Becomes a Nuclear Power 78

A Critical Decision: Turkey's Chief EU Negotiator and the AK Party Government's Fate 85

Seeking a Seat for Turkey at the un Security Council 91

Israel's Invasion of Gaza: A Litmus Test for Turkey's New Foreign Policy 96

The Big Picture in Israel's Invasion of Gaza 102

Turkey's Turn from the West, or Yet Another Smear Campaign? 108

Hr.106 All Over Again: The Winners and Losers with the So-Called Armenian Genocide Resolutions 114

From the Peripheral Alliance to Gaza and Thereafter: Redefining the Turkish-Israeli Relationship 121

Soner Cagaptay's Fight against Turkey 127

Iran's Presidential Elections: The US-Iranian Relations after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 132

Rethinking Ankara's Response to the Uighur Massacre 139

Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Time to Change the Course on Cyprus 144

Unconventional Warfare and International Relations: Political Assassinations and Biological Attacks as a Means to Destabilize Turkey 150

What Is Plan B, If There Is One?: The Nuclear Menace Looming Over Turkey's Neighborhood 155

One Million Turks to Jerusalem: What should be the next step in the Turkish-Israeli relations? 160

Soner Cagaptay Finally Gets It!: Fethullah Gülen Is Indeed behind Turkey's Democratization 165

Humiliation as American Experience: US Public Diplomacy Shattered at the JFK Airport 171

Armenian Irredentism: The Real Obstacle to Turkish-Armenian Rapprochement 177

Choosing the Lesser Evil: Nuclear Balance of Power Vs. Perpetual Conflict in the Middle East 182

Rethinking Israeli Politics: Does Israel need a foreign minister? 187

Rethinking Turkish Politics: Has Turkey gone too far over Gaza? 192

Freedom to Make Mistakes: Is Turkey's Ahmet Davutoglu infallible? 197

Finding a Middle Way: Is an Islamic center necessary at Ground Zero? 202

Deterrence: The Missing Dimension of Turkey's Multidimensional Foreign Policy 207

Turkey's Abdullah Gül Should Run for The UN Secretary General 212

Organization of the Islamic Conference: A Quest for Reform across the Muslim World 214

In the Aftermath of the Third Arab Revolt: What can Turkey do for the Middle East's freedom-seeking peoples? 219

What is in it for the Americans?: A UN Resolution as a US Public Diplomacy Nullifier 223

The Real and Opportunity Costs of the Late Turkish Foreign Policy 227

Why Do They Lie about Fethullah Gülen? 232

Misrepresentation of Fethullah Gülen In English-Language Media 239

Who is to Blame for the Turkish-Israeli Deadlock? 245

Ankara's Syrian Venture and the Insidious "Kurdish Spring" 249

Big Picture ? 1: Turkey's PKK Problem and the So-Called Kurdish "Mandela" 254

Big Picture ? 2: Turkey's PKK Problem and the So-Called Kurdish "Mandela" 258

Turkish Foreign Policy Tests Itself 263

Diplomacy Between Turkey and Israel 268

The Oic's Xenophobic Publicists in the United States 275

The So-Called Iranian Nuclear Threat 279

Dialectic, Demagogy, and CHP 286

The Syrian Conundrum 292

Gülen Becomes Litmus Test for American Media, Too 299

Desperate Lives of Power-Intoxicated Leaders 305

Who Will Hear the Rohingya People's Cry? 310

Ankara in a Prisoner's Dilemma Over Syria 315

Moronic Abuse Versus Responsible Use of Freedom of Expression 322

Two Obstacles to Freedom of Expression 328

Israel's Narrative and the Same Old Middle East 335

The Rise and Fall of Turkey's AK Party Saga 341

The Turkish Civil Society That Never Was 347

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