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Refresh Your Faith: Uncommon Devotions from Every Book of the Bible

Refresh Your Faith: Uncommon Devotions from Every Book of the Bible

by Lori Hatcher
Refresh Your Faith: Uncommon Devotions from Every Book of the Bible

Refresh Your Faith: Uncommon Devotions from Every Book of the Bible

by Lori Hatcher




Challenge yourself to shake off spiritual apathy by digging into unfamiliar and often overlooked Scripture passages. Each of these 66 culturally relevant, story-driven devotions—one from each book of the Bible—spotlights an unusual verse or passage and only takes five minutes to read. Then dig a little deeper with an uncommon thought to ponder, an unusual faith action step to take, and an unfamiliar passage suggestion that invites you to further explore the Bible’s hidden gems.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781640700079
Publisher: Our Daily Bread Publishing
Publication date: 04/16/2020
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 5.38(w) x 8.00(h) x (d)
Age Range: 3 Months to 18 Years

About the Author

Lori Hatcher is an author, blogger, pastor’s wife, and women’s ministry speaker. Her articles and devotions have appeared in numerous print and online publications including Our Daily Bread, Guideposts, Revive Our Hearts, and A contest-winning Toastmasters International speaker (ACG, ALB), Lori uses high-impact stories to impart transformational truth. Find out more about Lori and her well-loved 5-minute devotions at

Table of Contents

The Inspiration behind Refresh Your Faith 13

Genesis TWO of the Most Important Questions 15

Exodus Too Busy to Rest 18

Leviticus Will God Really Provide? 21

Numbers Misunderstandings and Hurt Feelings 25

Deuteronomy One Reason God Says No 28

Joshua A Name Worthy of Respect 32

Judges God of Wrath or God of Love? 36

Ruth Honor My Miserable Mother-in-Law? 40

1 Samuel Who Are You Trusting In? 44

2 Samuel God Hears You 48

1 Kings Spiritual Sandpaper 51

2 Kings When God Allows What He Hates 55

1 Chronicles Disaster on Your Doorstep 59

2 Chronicles TWO Choices 63

Ezra The Lord Moved the Heart 66

Nehemiah The Balance between All God and All Me 70

Esther Raising the Next Generation 74

Job What Is God Doing? 78

Psalms When Hope Is Gone 82

Proverbs Speak Up for Those Who Can't 86

Ecclesiastes How Do We Approach God's House? 90

Song of Songs Keeping the Spark Alive 93

Isaiah Pleasing the Warrior King 97

Jeremiah Bloom with Grace 101

Lamentations Does God Delight in Our Suffering? 105

Ezekiel Hard Conversations 108

Daniel One Reason God Answers Our Prayers 112

Hosea Sowing Stones, Reaping Rocks 116

Joel Rending Our Hearts 120

Amos When Murderers Go Free 123

Obadiah The Tricky Part about Being Deceived 127

Jonah Mercy in Disguise 131

Micah Spiritual Blindness 135

Nahum Is God a Two-Faced Judge? 138

Habakkuk Even Strong Ones Grow Weary 141

Zephaniah Will Jesus Really Return? 144

Haggai A Purse with Holes in It 147

Zechariah It Doesn't Get Any Better than This-Or Does It? 151

Malachi Kitchen-Sink Soup 154

Matthew Glory Days 158

Mark Are We Hiding Jesus? 162

Luke Thinking about Our Departure 165

John The Hardest Mission Field of All 169

Acts Evangelism's Secret Weapon 173

Romans How to Live When Every Day Is Saturday 176

1 Corinthians Is Guilt Silencing You? 180

2 Corinthians True Repentance 184

Galatians Always Wanted 188

Ephesians Is It Worth Fighting Over? 192

Philippians In Life or in Death 197

Colossians Wrestling in Prayer 201

1 Thessalonians Reveille and Taps 205

2 Thessalonians What Does Your Signature Mean? 209

1 Timothy Taking Hold of True Life 213

2 Timothy A Screamer's New Year 216

Titus Thou Shalt Not … Pilfer? 220

Philemon Not Just What We Say 224

Hebrews Who You Know 228

James The AI Couldn't Earn 231

1 Peter Why Is life So Hard? 235

2 Peter Sowing Faith Seeds 239

1 John Fellowship and Fish Tacos 243

2 John Itchy and Scratchy 247

3 John Is Your Soul Prospering? 250

Jude Standing before Jesus 253

Revelation Revelation's Special Blessing 256

Notes 261

About the Author 263

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