Regions of Passion

Regions of Passion

by Tag Cavello

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Ingrid Semeska is a troubled girl. She is failing high school, her foster mother and brother abuse her, and she has a habit of pushing away the people in life who love her. One of these people is Scott Bremman, a twenty-year-old grocery worker who is uncertain of himself and what to do with the future.

After yet another attack at the hands of her foster brother, Ingrid flees to the protecting arms of Scott and her friend from work, Lisa. Lisa knows things about Ingrid--that she was born in another world during a war, that there are forces intent on destroying that world forever--that Ingrid doesn't know herself. It's time for her to find out, and return to her true home as the only person capable of rescuing it from darkness.


Was begun in the mid 1990s with the title “My Summer With Ingrid”.

Tag Cavello quit writing in 1997, and the Regions project was shelved. The actress who plays Ingrid Semeska in the book did not want to let it go, however. Over the next fifteen years, she kept at Cavello to write the book. In 2012 he finally relented.

Took seven drafts to get right, as opposed to Cavello’s follow-up novel, Crystal Grader, which only took three.

The Cedar Point amusement park is real, as are many of the rides mentioned during Scott Bremman’s visit there. His fear of the larger rides mirror’s Tag Cavello’s own feelings.

Directly inspired by two Clive Barker novels: Weaveworld and Imajica.

Tag Cavello once likened writing this novel to being a baseball pitcher. More poetic prose and styling was like throwing a breaking ball, whereas the straightforward scenes were his “fastballs”. Cavello later admitted to trying to be too cute too often with his delivery, and had to go through the book two more times to work in more fastballs.

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Publisher: Tag Cavello
Publication date: 05/25/2014
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About the Author

Hello Readers! Literature is dying, if it's not already dead. But to those of you who honestly cared and tried to save it, I raise my glass. --Tag

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Regions of Passion 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Is it really fiction? I know the author would like you to think so, but I have a few insights about this book that deserve some exposure.  In truth, the heroine’s story is not entirely unknown in northern Ohio, and I’m surprised no one has posted a review like this already. I graduated high school with “Ingrid” (not her real name of course—and yes, she did in fact graduate, unlike the character in the book) in the late 1980s.  Her locker was next to mine, and while we weren’t exactly BFF we used to talk a little bit between classes.  I found out that she had an older boyfriend who was crazy about her.  She told me he would just blurt out “I love you” at the craziest moments.  Mostly she liked it but sometimes it got embarrassing.  He used to make her a little nervous in public places. Anyway, she vanished one night in 1990.  Poof, just like that.  Not too long afterward the police found out the boyfriend had gone, too.  A search all over Norwalk and pretty much the rest of Ohio ensued.  Nothing turned up.  A gas station attendant in Sandusky said he saw a couple matching their description come into the store for cigarettes.  Other than that it’s like I said—nothing.  And since both boy and girl were over eighteen it was assumed they eloped.  The story kind of faded out. Until years later, when “Ingrid” suddenly showed up in Norwalk again.  This is where it gets weird.  I’m not sure anyone even noticed she was back except me—and me only because I knew her from high school.  I saw her eating lunch by herself at Berry’s Restaurant and just about fell down.  I told her who I was.  She remembered me and invited me to sit. Naturally I was very curious about where she’d been.  Every time I asked her though she would just stare at her food.  It took a little while, but finally she told me that she’d been “traveling”.  I was like, yeah, duh!  Thankfully she went on to elaborate, even after a stupid statement like that.  And wow, the story she told.  I won’t write a book of my own about it here in this tiny window, but I can say in complete confidence that it came very close to what the author spun out in his book.  She fell asleep with her boyfriend, she saw some strange lights, and when she woke up she was in a place she didn’t recognize.  In fact her and the boyfriend were totally lost…and as far as I know by what she told me, the boyfriend still is. Where the author comes into all of this I have no idea.  I do know that he used to live on West Main Street in the same house Ingrid lived in, in the story.  I also know he used to walk his dog a lot down in Pleasant Street Park.  “Ingrid” also used to hang out in this park, so maybe that’s where they met. She used to talk to me sometimes when we were still in school about seeing weird things in the woods near there. In fact all of Norwalk is just weird.  Try going for a walk on Main Street after dark, then tell me I’m wrong.  The shadows of the trees move when the wind isn’t even blowing.  Lights pop on and off in empty houses.  Stuff like that.  Don’t get me started here because this segment is already too long.   The book itself it pretty good.  I gave it four stars.  But really, I just wanted to get my two cents in about the girl in the story.  She’s real—at least, I believe she is.  Last I heard she’s living all by herself way the hell out near North Fairfield.  Anyway, sorry about the length here.  I have to go now.  Bye!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A strange but worthwhile read. This book tells the story of a girl who finds out she was born in another world, and must travel there to save it from a crazy man who wants to rule it.  From a plot standpoint that's nothing new, but the author approaches it well by letting the heroine explore this world thoroughly before confronting her demons.  We have a lot of whimsy here, a lot of breezy fantasty.  You will see many things over this book's relatively short length.  What I liked best here overall is the author's prose, which is nothing short of sublime.  It was clear to me that a lot of time was taken to craft this piece. However, I did find the ending somewhat abrupt, and nipped a star off for that.  Also, the cover is just dreadful.  Whoever wrote this book needs to find a graphic artist, and fast.  That aside, if you like fantasy and strange journeys (think Weaveworld by Clive Barker) then this book is definitely for you.  I kept turning the pages, enjoying the great prose and dialogue.  Thanks!