Re-Imagine!: Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age

Re-Imagine!: Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age

by Tom Peters




More than just a how-to book for the 21st Century, Re-imagine! is a call to arms — a passionate wake-up call for the business world, educators, and society as a whole. Focusing on how the business climate has changed, this inspirational book outlines how the new world of business works, explores radical ways of overcoming outdated, traditional company values, and embraces an aggressive strategy that empowers talent and brand-driven organizations where everyone has a voice.

Author Biography: Author, provocateur, and business visionary Tom Peters is recognized around the globe as one of the most influential and revolutionary management gurus of the last century. The author of more than 10 best-selling books on innovative business practices, including the groundbreaking In Search of Excellence, Peters gives more than 100 major seminars each year and serves as the chairman of Tom Peters Company.

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ISBN-13: 9780756617462
Publisher: DK
Publication date: 02/20/2006
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 7.28(w) x 9.26(h) x 0.85(d)

About the Author

TOM PETERS continues to be in constant demand for lectures and seminars. In addition to researching and writing his books, he travels more widely than ever to monitor and observe the business environment  worldwide. The founder of the Tom Peters Group in Palo Alto, California, he lives mostly on American Airlines, or with his family on a farm in Vermont or an island off the Massachusetts coast.

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Think again about that Ferrari. That Rolex. Even that iMac. These are iconic triumphs of design, right? And they're not only lumps-they're pretty expensive lumps at that. But design is not restricted to $79,000 objects. Or even to funky $1,000 computers. If ever we needed evidence of the latter, then the startling ascent-in the face of Wal*Mart's extraordinary prowess-of US retailer Target/Tar-jay is proof positive of design's potentially Transforming Role. Time magazine called Target "the champion of America's new design democracy." Advertising Age awarded Target the coveted "Marketer of the Year" award in the millennium year… 2000. I love Target. I Truly Love the fact that Target has not changed its strategy in the slightest. Target was a discounter. Target is a discounter. Target plans to be a discounter from now until hell freezes over. Nonetheless, Target has gone, hammer and tongs, after design-as-exceptional-differentiator… and in doing so, has proven once and for all (I hope) that "discounter" and "inexpensive crap" do not have to be synonymous.

Gillette is another leader in demonstrating that Awesome Design can be applied to relatively inexpensive/"common" items. Consider the Sensor. It redefined women's shaving. And when we thought we'd seen the last word for men, the Mach III turned out to be very special, very different-and, not so incidentally, cost Gillette about three quarters of a billion dollars to develop. (I didn't say design was a… Free Good.) The OralB CrossAction toothbrush-also from Gillette-is another Prime Time Design Example. It changed the brushing of teeth! And it cost $70 million to develop. Intriguing factoid: Gillette took out 23 patents on this "mere" toothbrush-including 6 patents for the packaging alone. Design. About services as much as lumps. About the HR and IS departments as much as about new product development. And about $0.79 items as much as $79,000 items. Those are the terms-of-reference with which I approach this Very Big Idea.

And Now for Something TOTALLY Controversial… Message: Men cannot design for women's needs! Oh, boy, did that ever stir the pot (and bring it to an instant boil) at a design conference I recently attended. Fact is, I'm not at all sure of myself on this one. But, I'm also not at all sure I'm wrong, either. A woman friend, an architect, told me about a friend of hers (female) who was shopping for a relatively expensive house. One day she looked at half a dozen prospects. Only one of the half dozen had a laundry room on the second floor-where the kids' bedrooms were.
Guess what?
The house was the only one of the bunch that was designed by a woman. The fact is… no Guy would ever think-not in a million years-to put a laundry room on the second floor, near the kids' bedrooms. Is a "second-floor laundry room" a Big Deal worthy of an Oceanic Generalization? Of course not. But it is… INDICATIVE. Indicative of 100 similar stories… from the mundane to the profound… from residential housing to financial services, that have the exact same bottom line. Namely… when it comes to design, Guys Are Impaired… Relative to Women. They lack the ability (mostly) to deal with women's issues. Women and men are different. Very different. So damn different that I believe, most of the time, that we have virtually nothing in common. Design is Important. Damned Important.

Table of Contents

Foreword: I'm Mad as Hell6
Introduction: New War New Business12
Part I.New Business New Context18
Chapter 1.Re-imagining the World: All Bets Are Off20
Chapter 2.Control Alt Delete: The Destruction Imperative30
Part II.New Business New Technology46
Chapter 3.In the Crosshairs: White-Collar Cataclysm48
Chapter 4.InfoTech Changes Everything: "On the Bus" or ... "Off the Bus"?58
Part III.New Business New Value70
Chapter 5.From "Cost Center" to Stardom: The PSF/Professional Service Firm Transformation72
Chapter 6.PSFs Mean Business: The Solutions Imperative84
Chapter 7.Welcome to XF/Cross-Functional World: The Solutions5096
Part IV.New Business New Brand110
Chapter 8.Beyond Solutions: Providing Memorable "Experiences"112
Chapter 9.ExperiencesPlus: Embracing the "Dream Business"124
Chapter 10.Design: The "Soul" of New Enterprise132
Chapter 11.Design's Long Coattails: Beautiful Systems146
Chapter 12.The Ultimate Value Proposition: The Heart of Branding154
Part V.New Business New Markets164
Chapter 13.Trends Worth Trillion$$$ I: Women Roar166
Chapter 14.Trends Worth Trillion$$$ II: Boomer Bonanza184
Part VI.New Business New Work192
Chapter 15.Making Work Matter: The WOW Project!194
Chapter 16.No Limits: WOW Projects for the "Powerless"202
Chapter 17.Boss Work: Heroes, Demos, Stories210
Chapter 18.Bringing WOW Work to Fruition: The Sales25222
Part VII.New Business New People232
Chapter 19.Re-imagining the Individual: Life in a Brand You World234
Chapter 20.Boss Job One: The Talent25248
Chapter 21.Meet the New Boss: Women Rule268
Chapter 22.Getting It Right at the Start: Education for a Creative & Self-Reliant Age276
Part VIII.New Business New Mandate292
Chapter 23.Think Weird: The High Value-Added Bedrock294
Chapter 24.In Search of Excellence: A Three-Generation Report Card304
Chapter 25.Pursuing Excellence in a Disruptive Age: The Leadership50318
Author's Biography352

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