Reticulated Pythons: A complete guide to care and husbandry

Reticulated Pythons: A complete guide to care and husbandry


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ISBN-13: 9781916499706
Publisher: Andrew James
Publication date: 11/05/2018
Pages: 130
Sales rank: 115,207
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Sid James is an experienced reptile keeper and committee member of the
Portsmouth Reptile and Amphibian Society (PRAS), one of the biggest and longest-running regional reptile groups in the UK. He has a passion for educating people about reptiles and breaking the stigma behind these frequently misunderstood animals.

Table of Contents


About the Author

About the Book

Chapter 1 – Identification and Characteristics of Retics

-Scientific names, Classifications and Taxonomy

-Basic Anatomy – Description, Lifespan and Size

-Retics in the Wild: Distribution, Habitat, Threats and Lifestyle

-Retics in Captivity

Chapter 2 – Choosing a Reticulated Python

-Is a Reticulated Python the Right Snake for You?

-Getting Some Experience

-Buying a Reticulated python

Chapter 3 – Set-up for a Reticulated Python

-What Housing to Use

-Size of Enclosure

-Heating and Temperatures



-Decoration (Decor)

-Water bowl


Chapter 4 – Maintenance

-Cleaning, Feeding and Shedding

-Handling and Tap Training

Chapter 5 – Genetics

-What is a Genetic Morph?

-Types of Genetic Morph

-Common Genetic Morphs in Reticulated Pythons

-Recessive Morphs

-Incomplete Dominant Morphs

Chapter 6 – Localities

-What is Meant by Localities?

-Common Localities



-Super Dwarf

Chapter 7 – Common Issues and Health Problems




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