Retirement by Design: A Guided Workbook for Creating a Happy and Purposeful Future

Retirement by Design: A Guided Workbook for Creating a Happy and Purposeful Future

by Ida Abbott JD


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Find out how harnessing the powerful business principles of design thinking can turn ordinary retirement planning into "a revolutionary and healthy way to look at and plan for life’s next great adventure." (New York Times bestselling author, Chip Conley)

There is no one right time or way to retire. Retirement is a major life transition; but if you spend the time designing a future filled with promise and possibilities, the prospect can be utterly exciting and revitalizing. In Retirement by Design, professional mentor and coach Ida Abbott shows you how the innovative business principles behind design thinking can be applied to plan a rich, fulfilling, and more meaningful retirement. Her guided workbook uses a business-like approach to leaving business, making your switch much smoother and less jolting. Whether you’re considering a new place to settle down, working through financial planning, strategizing how to unwind a business, or deciding on which organizations you want to stay engaged with, making critical decisions takes a lot of organization, thought, and planning. Abbott shows how the five principles of design thinking will revolutionize your retirement-planning process:

  • Empathy: Get inside the shoes of your future self. What will be important to that version of you?
  • Define: Hone in on what is and will be most critical for you to focus on (whether it’s volunteering, family, activities, or skills).
  • Ideate: Draw, scribble, brainstorm, and throw around as many different retirement scenarios as you can come up with.
  • Prototype: If retiring across the country in Arizona sounds perfect—try it out first. Come up with opportunities to test out your scenarios with short trips and trial time off.
  • Test: This is the fun part—get back to the drawing board and try more retirement scenarios (and future versions of yourself) before sitting down to make those life-changing decisions.

The new and innovative, self-coaching approach of Retirement by Design helps you spearhead and navigate a major next step in life. Whether your retirement is 10 years away or swiftly approaching, this workbook ensures you will create a future that is perfectly tailored to you.

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ISBN-13: 9781646040216
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Publication date: 03/10/2020
Edition description: Workbook
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 145,534
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Ida Abbott is a professional consultant focusing on the power of mentoring relationships to guide, support, and transform professional careers from the beginning of practice through retirement. She has long been a leader in the field of talent management, particularly mentoring, sponsorship, and the advancement of women into leadership. In recognition of her lifetime contributions, she has been elected a fellow of both the American Bar Foundation and the College of Law Practice Management. Over more than four decades as a lawyer and legal consultant, Abbott has held leadership positions in numerous bar associations, women’s organizations, and professional organizations in the US and internationally. She was a cofounder of the Hastings Leadership Academy for Women and the Professional Development Consortium, where she serves as a trusted advisor. She is a sought-after speaker and the author of several seminal books, including The Lawyer’s Guide to Mentoring, 2d Edition, and Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know. She lives in Oakland, California.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

How to Use This Workbook 9

Introductory Exercises 11

Chapter 1 What Do We Mean By Retirement Today? 12

Retirement Design Principles 14

Financial Planning 18

Give Yourself Enough Time 18

Chapter Review 21

Additional Notes and Action items 23

Chapter 2 Choosing A Personal Advisory Team 24

Who Should Be on Your Personal Advisory Team? 24

Identify Possible Personal Advisory Team Members 25

Build Your Personal Advisory Team 27

Chapter Review 31

Additional Notes and Action Items 32

Chapter 3 Exploring Your Attitudes And Feelings About Retirement 33

Your Attitudes about Retirement 33

Reasons for Retiring 34

Feelings about Retirement 35

Eliminating Negative Mental Images and Dysfunctional Beliefs 37

Rebut Negative Mental Images 37

Reframe Dysfunctional Beliefs 38

Your New Elevator Speech 39

What Are Your Anchors? 40

Mind Mapping 41

Chapter Review 45

Additional Notes and Action Items 46

Chapter 4 Starting Your Transition Into Retirement 47

Transitioning into Retirement from Any Workplace 48

Questions to Consider If You Are Employed by an Organization 50

Questions about Retirement for Members of Partnerships 53

Questions about Retirement for Sole Practitioners and Business Owners 55

Succession Planning 58

Transfer of Leadership Roles 58

Transitioning Clients 60

Outline Your Terms for Retirement 64

Respond to Requests 64

Visualize the Reaction You Desire 65

Chapter Review 67

Additional Notes and Action Items 68

Chapter 5 Knowing Who You Are And How You Got Here 69

The "Current You" 70

Who Are You? 70

Identify Your Strengths 71

What Is Important to You? 72

Identify Your Most Important Values 74

Examine Your Attitudes about Work 76

Examine Your Spirituality 77

Where Your Time Goes 78

How Do You Spend Your Time Now? 78

How Satisfied Are You with How You Spend Your Time? 82

How Do You Want to Spend Your Time in the Future? 83

Reflecting on Your Life 85

Your Autobiography 85

Your Autobiographical Timeline 86

Examine Your Significant Transitions 87

Reflect on Your Autobiography or Timeline 88

Reflect on Your Youthful Goals 91

Examine Your Comfort Level with Taking Risks 92

Reflect on Significant Past Situations 93

Reflect on Your Work History 96

Your Favorite Skills and Interests 98

Skills and Interests You Developed through Paid and Unpaid Work 98

What You Think about Your Life So Far 102

Chapter Review 103

Additional Notes and Action Items 105

Chapter 6 The Impact of Retirement on Your Relationships 106

Your Spouse/Life Partner 106

Examine Your Relationship 107

Home-Based Spouses 109

If You Are Both Retiring 110

Examine Your Shared Interests and Activities 111

How Will Your Retirement Impact Your Spouse/Life Partner? 114

Discussions with Your Spouse/Life Partner 115

Brainwrite with Your Spouse or Partner 115

Preparing for Challenging Discussions 116

Negotiation 117

Children and Grandchildren 117

Consider Your Children and Grandchildren Prior to Retirement 119

Your Parents 121

Consider Your Parents Prior to Retirement 121

Other Relatives 123

Friendships and Social Relationships 124

Examine Your Circle of Friends and Acquaintances 125

Making New Friends 127

How to Meet People after You Retire 128

Chapter Review 133

Additional Notes and Action Items 135

Chapter 7 Potential Financial And Health Constraints 136

Finances and Your Retirement Choices 137

Financial Security 137

Financial Planning for Retirement 138

How Do You Plan Your Retirement Finances? 138

Will Your Expected Income Support the Retired Life You Want? 139

Highlight Your Expenditures 143

Live on Your Retirement Budget 144

Health and Well-Being: Factors That May Affect Your Retirement Choices 144

Health and Fitness 145

Do You Exercise Regularly? 148

The Health of Others 149

Explore Your Feelings about Aging 149

Practice Gratitude 151

Chapter Review 152

Additional Notes and Action Items 155

Chapter 8 Getting Your Legal And Medical Arrangements In Order 156

Social Security and Medicare 157

Apply for Social Security and Medicare 158

Wills and Estate Planning 158

Make a List of Your Professional Advisors 158

Personal Representatives 164

Select a Personal Representative for Financial Affairs 165

Medical Directives 166

Your Health Care Representatives 166

Chapter Review 169

Additional Notes and Action Items 171

Chapter 9 Envisioning Your Future Life In Retirement 172

Choosing What to Do When You Retire 172

Draw a Picture of Your Ideal Future 173

Working for Pay in Retirement 175

Two-Week Work Log 175

Assess Your Current or Recent Work 176

What Kind of Future Work Do You Want? 177

Things to Consider When Starting a New Business in Retirement 183

Desired Activities, Experiences, and Pursuits 188

What Do You Love to Do? 188

Continuing Your Education 191

Activism and Volunteering 194

Getting Involved as a Volunteer 195

Travel 199

Planning to Travel 200

Where Will You Live When You Retire? 203

Things to Consider about Moving in Retirement 203

If You Live Abroad 205

Choosing the Best Place to Live 207

Live There Before You Move There 211

Chapter Review 213

Additional Notes and Action Items 214

Chapter 10 Organizing, Prioritizing, And Exploring Retirement Possibilities 215

Looking for Patterns and Connections 216

Examine Your Notes 216

Your Three Lists 217

Going Deeper: Exploring New Possibilities 220

Items to Investigate 221

Using Your Network to Investigate New Possibilities 222

Use Networks to Learn about Your interests 223

Keep Track of Your Efforts 224

The Best Way to Learn: Direct Experience 226

Firsthand Experiences 227

Chapter Review 228

Additional Notes and Action Items 230

Chapter 11 Putting Together The Pieces: Designing Your Retirement Plan 231

Set Priorities for Action 232

Including Vital Activities in Your Plan 234

Creating Your Retirement Plan 235

Using a Traditional Goal-Focused Approach 235

Goal-Focused Planning Template 236

Using a Scheduling Approach: Designing with a Calendar 237

Top 10 Ongoing List 238

Top 20 Occasional List 239

Visualize, Try, Reflect 239

Calendar-Based Planning 240

Which Activities Will Fill Your Days? 240

Design Your Schedule in Greater Detail 241

Assess Your Activities 241

Year-Long Planning 243

The Month in Review 243

You're Ready to Go 245

Additional Notes About Your Retirement Plan 246

Resources 247

Acknowledgments 263

About The Author 264

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