Return to Mindfulness

Return to Mindfulness

by Shalini Bahl
Return to Mindfulness

Return to Mindfulness

by Shalini Bahl


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Trying to Stay Mindful in a World Full of Disruptions?

Mindfulness is our innate capacity to know what it means to be present, to see clearly, and to connect with ourselves and each other so that we can make fulfilling choices. The act of returning to mindfulness should be effortless, but persistent default habits can and do get in our way. Many people successfully practice mindfulness through meditation for stress reduction but once back into daily life, the same people quickly lose momentum. The brief moments of calm just don't last or manifest themselves in changes at personal or collective levels. Shalini Bahl wants to change all that.

The Missing Piece: Why "Non-Judging Awareness" Isn't Enough

Mindfulness is commonly described as non-judging awareness, but when tough decisions arise, suspending judgment can confuse more than clarify. Dr. Bahl proposes that the way to be mindful in the real world beyond meditation and non-judging awareness is to foster eight mindfulness skills that disrupt habits that have been shaped by evolution and our environment. These default habits keep us rushing and reacting instead of seeing clearly and acting intentionally.

A Systematic and Playful Blueprint for Real-World Mindfulness

Dr. Bahl doesn't just invite us to be more mindful, she shows us how. She offers a systematic yet playful blueprint for integrating mindfulness into our daily routine. Each chapter is dedicated to one mindfulness skill and includes six exercises to practice and play with during the day so we can replace default habits with mindful habits.

Eight Powerful Skills

Her groundbreaking methods help dissolve the gap between meditation and real-world mindfulness through the following eight skills-

-Awareness when we find ourselves automatically reacting.

-Compassion when we're feeling judgmental.

-Curiosity when we're stuck in an echo chamber.

-Mindful energy when it's uncomfortable to change old ways of thinking and acting.

-Appreciative joy when negativity bias distorts our understanding of people and situations.

-Inner calm when attachments get in the way of seeing clearly.

-Focus when we're feeling distracted and overwhelmed.

-Equanimity when impulsivity pushes us out of balance.

Dr. Bahl's eight interconnected skills empower leaders to drive change without burnout or backlash, while inviting the rest of us to live, love and work with greater care.

Make Mindfulness Your New Normal

Make these skills your new normal in a world full of disruptions. Read this book and replace reactionary habits with responsive awareness starting now.

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