RockStar Success Stories: Inspirational Stories of Success by Extraordinary

RockStar Success Stories: Inspirational Stories of Success by Extraordinary "RockStars"

by Craig Duswalt


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ISBN-13: 9781630479213
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 02/23/2016
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Craig Duswalt is a professional speaker, author, radio host and creator of Craig Duswalt Marketing—How to Achieve RockStar Status in Your Industry. His background includes touring with Guns N’ Roses, as Axl Rose’s personal assistant, and Air Supply, as the band’s personal assistant. Craig has written six books, and speaks to corporations, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and colleges on how to stand out from the competition.

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It was July 1983. I had just graduated college—State University of New York at Oswego. I was a business major with a theatre minor, but I was very involved in theatre. I had starred in numerous college productions in my junior and senior years. Acting was in my blood forever.

My first job out of college was at the Westbury Music Fair in Long Island, New York. Westbury Music Fair was a 3,000-seat, in-the-round venue that housed plays and intimate concerts. I was a backstage runner, a gopher, the bottom man on the totem pole. When acts came into town, I would pick them up at the airport. Or, I would pick them up at their hotel, and bring them to the gig for sound check. And I always had to make sure they had what they needed backstage.

I only held this job for about a month, because I was about to meet someone who would change my life.

The Australian pop band, Air Supply, came to Westbury Music Fair to do two shows—one on Friday night and one on Saturday night.

What I did not know at the time was that Air Supply had just fired their band assistant because of excessive drug use.

I worked the show on Friday night, getting drinks, supplying towels, etc. I met the two lead members of the band, Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell, as well as their security guard, Bob Street. Nothing special, just “Hi!” and some small talk. But I was working my butt off that night, running around for everyone—but always with a smile and a positive attitude.

The next day I found out my mom and her friend had tickets to see Air Supply that night. I wasn’t supposed to work that night but because my mom was going I asked my boss if I could come in again to work the second show.

Two weeks earlier, out of nowhere, knowing that Air Supply was coming to town, my mom said to me, “What if they ask you to go on tour with them, would you go?”

I said, “Who?”

“Air Supply, what if they ask you to tour with them?”

I said to my Mom, “And why would they do that? You’re crazy! Where do you come up with this stuff?”

I never gave it another thought.

I arrived at work about 2:00 p.m. to help get things ready for the Saturday night show. At about 5:00 p.m., Air Supply arrived to do a sound check. Once again, there were casual hellos from the band members. But Bob Street talked to me a little about my interests, and how I liked working at Westbury. About a half hour later Bob and the band went back to the hotel to rest before the show.

The concert was sold out.

As I got the backstage area ready, the excited crowd took their seats. About an hour later the warm-up band took the stage. I peeked out from behind the backstage curtain, and saw my mom and her friend in the audience.

Air Supply arrived through the Stage Door entrance. As the band members went to their dressing rooms, Bob Street pulled me aside and asked me how much I made working at Westbury. I told him about $150 a week. (Don’t laugh. Back in 1983, $150 a week wasn’t bad).

Bob said, “Do you want to quadruple that?”

So many things went through my mind at that moment, one of them being, “What the hell does he want me to do to make $600 a week?”

My mind went to some very dark places. But I was 21 years old—and I was thinking to myself, “Hell, whatever he says, I’ll do it.” I wouldn’t really, but that’s what I was thinking.

So I said, “Hell yeah… doing what?”

I was told that they needed a person to take care of the band and their backstage area while they were on the road. They liked the way I worked, they liked my positive attitude and they loved my energy, so they wanted to offer me a job to join them on their world tour.

I was in shock. I think I said, “When do I leave?”

Bob said, “Come to our hotel tomorrow to iron out the details with our tour manager, John Slattery.”

We shook hands and he went into a dressing room. I stood there dumbfounded, wondering what the hell just happened. Did I just get a job touring with one of the biggest pop bands in the world?

You bet I did.

Table of Contents

The Night that Changed My Life by Craig Duswalt

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Workforce Reduction into Lemonade by Derrick Hall

Thoughts and Words by Natasha Duswalt

Man of Steel by Dean Cain

Relax! by Glenn Morshower

Five Days by Ernie Hudson

Tenacity by Larry Broughton

Letting Go—A Life PhD from Mistakes University by Nick Lowery

From Passion to Acquisition: A $20 Million Rock Star by 30! by Nellie Akalp

As Seen on TV! Crash, Burn, Transcend! by Darren Kavinoky

How I Passed the Most Crucial Test of My Career by Hepsharat Amadi, M.D.

There Is Nothing Like a Dream to Create the Future—Part One by Richard Barrier

There is Nothing Like a Dream to Create the Future—Part Two by Richard Barrier

40-year Journey to Success – Persistence Wins the Day by Craig Batley

Awakening to My Destiny by Stephen C. Carpenter

Rock Bottom to RockStar by Sandra Champlain

The Bedrock Bookkeeping Success Story—There Are No Coincidences by Joe DiChiara

How I Took Back My Life by Roger Anthony Dumadag

A RockStar Strategy through The Voice of God? by Maryann Ehmann

How I Overcame Fear to Achieve Success and Happiness by Linda Fleischmann

Visual Reality by Patricia Karen Gagic

Stand Up and Speak Up by Walt Grassl

Ready-Fire-Aim! by Sandra Hanesworth

How an Accident Can Be a Blessing in Disguise by Sheryl Hensel

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained by Roxi Bahar Hewertson

How Would You Like Your Coffee? by Dr. Deborah J. Hrivnak

Confidence, Courage, and Caring—The Adventure Story of Success in Helping Others by John Hrivnak

Free Falling by Deborah Kagan

Family Ties by Melody Keymer Harper

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Turning a Penchant for Secrets into a Career By Judy Schriener

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A Life Re-Engineered by Alan Skidmore

A Mom’s Story of Success by Barbara Starley

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