Romans: The Gospel of God, Volume Three: Chapters 9:1 - 16:27

Romans: The Gospel of God, Volume Three: Chapters 9:1 - 16:27

by Titus Chu


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From the Introduction:

It has been said that if the New Testament is like a ring, then Romans is like the diamond atop the ring. It is a precious book, and even more so in relation to Paul's other epistles. If we have never read, experienced, or obtained the spiritual reality in Romans, then all of Paul's other epistles will be like closed doors to us. Romans has a high value for us today and is the foundation for the rest of Paul's epistles.

Ever since the apostle Paul wrote his epistle to the believers in Rome, it has served as a starting point for millions of Christians who desire to understand God's full plan of salvation, a plan expressed in the phrase "the gospel of God." Yet despite Paul's marvelous statement in the first chapter that this gospel is "the power of God for salvation," many struggle to understand the gospel, to see it as relevant in their own life, and to daily experience such saving power.

In this three-volume commentary, Titus Chu walks us verse by verse through Romans with the goal of bringing us into a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the gospel Himself, and with other believers in a local church life. Throughout his commentary, he examines how our interactions with the gospel powerfully affect and transform us according to the will of God.

Following the apostle Paul's train of thought, Titus Chu examines how each verse fits within the broader context of Paul's progression, from justification to sanctification, glorification, and transformation for a daily church life. Seasoned with illustrations drawn from the author's wealth of experiences in serving the Lord among many local churches, these volumes provide applications for the breadth of our Christian experience: our inward experience of the gospel, appreciation for God's sovereignty, and healthy functioning as members of the body of Christ.

About Volume Three

This volume covers Romans 9:1 to 16:27, in three sections:

Section Six:
God's Choosing

Section Seven: Transformation

Section Eight:
A Mature Servant of the Lord

& a Healthy Church Life

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