Ruined With You

Ruined With You

by J. Kenner


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When her high maintenance boss is assaulted, manager Xena Morgan contacts the only person who can help—the sexy, arrogant, incredibly capable Stark Security agent Liam Foster. The former vigilante takes every case personally, and he's determined to find answers—particularly since he thought he'd cleared this threat already.

Xena had been thrilled when Liam completed his assignment, because he affected her in ways she didn't want to contemplate, awakening yearnings that threatened her deepest secrets.

But now she needs him, and her body won't let her forget it.

As their attraction heats to a feverish degree, the web of lies, danger, and passion they find themselves in tangles further. Liam will stop at nothing to protect his client, even if it means sacrificing everything he holds dear.... and exposing the secrets that may destroy him—and Xena—forever.

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ISBN-13: 9781940673912
Publisher: Martini & Olive
Publication date: 09/19/2019
Series: Stark Security , #3
Pages: 350
Sales rank: 93,887
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.73(d)

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Ruined With You 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
JWright57 3 days ago
The Stark Security Series is a series I love and when ever I hear there is another book coming out I can’t wait to dive in and once again I wasn’t disappointed, this story was everything I expected and so much more. If you are looking for a romantic suspense story that will keep you on the edge of your seat look no further than Ruined With You. There is no doubting the sizzling chemistry Liam and Xena share but will the secrets and lies force this couple apart other will it only make their relationship stronger in the long run..... Ruined With You is the perfect suspense, it will draw you in and not let you go till you have read the final line, it has characters you will love and let’s not forget it’s HOT!!! Looking forward to what’s next in this great series.
MaimeosAngelsEL 7 days ago
5 Star Review Ruined With You (Stark Security #3) by J Kenner  
Having read other books in the Stark world I could not wait to dive in and read Ruined With You, book three in the Stark Security series.   In my opinion, this series is getting better and better. This is Xena Morgan and Liam Foster’s story. Liam is a man who never gives up, determined to do what ever it takes to get the job done.   I really loved the characters of Liam and Xena and as with previous books from Ms. Kenner the secondary characters were just as engaging.   As things spice up and danger rears it’s head again, neither Liam or Xena can deny the sizzling chemistry that is between them. Will the secrets and lies force Liam and Xena apart or will they be able to push through? Ruined With You is well written, fast paced, full of suspense and is a sizzling story that had me riveted from start to finish.   I was really cheering for Xena and Liam to get the happily ever after that they both so richly deserved.     

Moonlitvixen 13 days ago
Ruined With You was another great addition to the Stark world. Liam and Xena were everything you come to expect from J. Kenner, emotionally charged with heat. I loved it, and I can’t wait until the next book!
Anonymous 13 days ago
Intriguing, and Suspenseful! This is the third book in the Stark Security series, and the story of Liam, and Xena. When Xena is tasked with the job of finding her boss a bodyguard/ security, she hires Liam. When Liam, and Xena meet their is an instant connection, and spark fly, but Xena has secrets, and when they come out, they are all in danger. Can Liam keep Xena safe, and eliminate the threat? Can they let down their wall and let each other in? This was another great read in the Stark universe, I love these characters, they are well written, and have hot chemistry. This book was emotional, steamy, intense, dramatic, twisted, mysterious, and suspenseful. A must read!!!
Nurseymegs 15 days ago
Liam Foster...has been a man behind the scenes in so many books. He finally takes the spotlight and we discover who the mystery man is. We get more Damien, Ryan/Jamie, Dallas/Jane in this story too. Liam checks a threat against pop star Ella and determined it to be a publicity stunt. Soon after, she’s attacked. He’s back on the job and working with Ella and Xena, her assistant. Xena is mysterious as Liam is and has a bit of a sketchy past that has decided to play catch-up. This is a great read with mystery, suspense, and sexual tension oozing off the pages.
Anonymous 16 days ago
"The more he breaks through the wall that surrounds me, the more I’m afraid he’ll discover my secrets. And that the truth will destroy everything.” The third installment of the Stark Security series is full of dark secrets, intrigue, love & suspense. Liam & Zena have both been living dangerous lives. Someone from her unsavory past wants her dead. His job makes anyone he loves a potential target to his enemies. Only together can they put the past to rest & find happiness. It’s a pleasure to revisit old friends and the unraveling mystery keeps you involved until the very end.
LASherwood 17 days ago
I loved every minute of this story. Ruined With You had suspense, emotion, and passion within every page of Kenner's story. I couldn't ask for more. I am really enjoying the Stark Security series as we have seen these men within previous books of the Stark world and now they get their own romance edition. Bravo to Kenner!
sherrybauer 18 days ago
Book #3 in the Stark Security series, Liam and Xena's story, is suspenseful, intriguing, action packed, and steamy. I loved these two together and loved them individually as well. Xena is one tough lady.....having survived horrific events in her past that would break most people. When the past Xena thought she escaped from finds her, Liam is determined to protect her and must battle demons of his own. These two embark on a journey fraught with danger, twists and turns, mystery, and steamy passionate moments in between. This story keeps you intrigued from the first page to the last.
Suezqmil 19 days ago
Ruined With You is book 3 in the Stark Security series by J. Kenner. This is Liam and Xena’s story. They both have painful past they have to work through. This book is full of suspense, action, secrets and of course romance. It will keep you hooked from the beginning. I love this author and especially all things related to the Stark world and she doesn’t disappoint with this book.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 19 days ago
RUINED WITH YOU is the third instalment in J. Kenner’s contemporary, adult STARK SECURITY erotic, romantic suspense series, a spin off from the author’s numerous STARK romance series. This is Stark Security Agent Liam Foster, and PA Xena Morgan’s story line. RUINED WITH YOU can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalments is revealed where necessary. NOTE: Due to the nature of the story line premise, there may be some triggers for more sensitive readers. Told from first person perspective (Zena Morgan) and third person (Liam Foster) RUINED WITH YOU follows Stark Security Agent Liam Foster as he must return to Las Vegas following the attack on his most recent charge, singer Ellie Love. Believing they had the threat in custody, Liam soon discovers that the latest attack may not have been directed at Ellie but at the woman with whom Liam would fall in love. Enter Ellie’s manager and assistant Zena Morgan. What ensues is the building romance and relationship between Zena and Liam, and the potential fall-out as Zena’s past is determined to take down our story line heroine. Zena Morgan hides a dark and dangerous past that have finally caught up with our story line heroine. On the run with Liam Foster, Zena begins to fall in love but Liam struggles with his own darkened history. The relationship between Zena and Liam is one of second chances, of a sorts, having fallen for one another while working together for Ellie Love. When Ellie is attacked, Zena battles between head and heart knowing she will have to face the man that had stolen her heart. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense. Once again, we are reintroduced to the Stark Security Team, as well as several characters from other series and books: Quincy Radcliffe and Eliza Tucker, Ryan and Jamie Hunter, Cass, Sylvia and Jackson Steele, Dallas and Jane Sykes, Nikki and Damien Stark. RUINED WITH YOU is a story of betrayal and vengeance; power and control; seduction, secrets and lies. The premise is intriguing and energetic; the romance is passionate and captivating; the characters are colorful, dynamic and engaging.
bbarneybooks28 19 days ago
Fear is a powerful feeling; so much so that it forces people to live life differently than they would if that overwhelming emotion didn’t guide their choices and make them fearful of being fully themselves in a way that allows others to see who they truly are. With panic comes secrets and lies, which means that doing anything to protect the information that is solely theirs is something they’ll fight to the death for, but when a threat to unravel more than their past seems imminent, Xena Morgan and Stark Security Agent Liam Foster will have to decide which is more inevitable - revealing every sordid detail of who they are or losing the chance to see what they could be together. By design, every member of Stark Security is trained to protect and serve, not only their clients but also those who they’re involved with, whether it be on a professional or personal level. And while it seems that these guys try not to get too close to anyone because entanglements of that kind were long ago forgotten due to a number of reasons and secrets that these men hold close to the chest, always fighting to keep their demons at bay while going all in to ensure that no one gets hurt on their watch, including themselves. The dynamic between Xena and Liam is electric from the start, not only because they’ve worked together before, but also because their hearts and minds seemed more aligned to one another, almost like their bond was forged long before they even realized and that's why they’re constantly in each other's thoughts and want each other as desperately as they seem to, even if they’re afraid to give into that emotion because they don’t do love or relationships. J Kenner definitely knows how to write romantic suspense and the newest release in her Stark Security series, Ruined With You, finally gives readers Liam Foster’s story - Dallas’ best friend and one hell of a protective vigilante. And with the amount of baggage both he and the heroine have amidst fighting to outrun the danger that she seems to be in, we watch their undeniable chemistry become something that will either ruin or heal them. The way J Kenner’s series and worlds co-exist with one another allows for readers to catch special appearances by some of their favorite Kenner characters and see how they interact with the newest recruits to the Stark team or other associates who work with the Stark conglomerate. And because I’m a huge fan of all things and people associated with Damien Stark, I always love getting the chance to see how some of my favorite people and couples are doing, especially after all that they have weathered. 4.5 Poison Apples
CrystalsBookWorld 20 days ago
Liam's story took my breath away! Ruined with You was what we needed!! I have been a die hard J. Kenner fan. I have followed through her Stark world journey. I knew there was something special about Liam when he was introduced in Dallas' book. But I also knew it was not time yet to hear his story yet. Now is the time! I wanted to take away his scars he holds. I loved Xena as the heroine. It was like the circle finally closed with these two. My heart was happy when a lot of the side characters came into light. It was like coming home... Now I know I got a little bit sappy there. But there is so much more!! J. Kenner does not disappoint. You get the chemistry that we love from her stories. But you also get the emotional spin of the story line. My heart twisted and then at the end it was healed
ShellyReyn 20 days ago
"I'm sorry." "Sorry? Baby, you don't have anything to be sorry about." "I think I used you." "I think I liked it." Oh, these men of Stark Security!! Who doesn't love a tall, muscled, dark, handsome man who makes it his priority to keep you safe? I know I do!! Liam Foster just put his client in danger. Misreading the seriousness of threats is something he never does. So how did he get it so wrong? Or did he? When it becomes apparent that the target is not the pop-star he had been guarding, but someone else, he should at least be relieved that he hadn't made a mistake. But now, the target is the woman he can't stop thinking about. The one he wants but can never have. No question, he'll keep her safe and eliminate the threat - that's what he does. But, when his job is done, will he be able to walk away? Xena Morgan thought she was safe. She never thought they'd find her. But, it's clear her past has come back to haunt her, and to eliminate her. She should just disappear - a new identity, new city, new life. But, that would mean leaving him behind. Liam. Knowing that her past puts everyone she cares about in danger is enough to make her want to run. But Liam gives her hope. He gives her the courage to face her past and put it to rest once and for all. She knows he'll keep her safe, but is she just a job to him? When this is all over, is her chance at happiness over too? These two have chemistry off the charts! Xena's story is so heartbreaking, and Liam's equally as tragic. But together, their broken pieces fit together and make each of them whole again. Definitely grab this series!! You won't be disappointed!!
PennieM 20 days ago
Liam finally gets his and oh does he really get him someone! Xena is the total package and then some. She is not who she appears and when her boss is attacked, she is sure it is because they were really after her and when Liam is brought back in for protection of Ella he puts two and two together and the chemistry between explodes when they go on the run from the goons. Oh so good! Suspense and sexy all rolled together and all the secondary characters from SSA and a trip back to Long Island to Dallas and Jane. I just knew when Liam finally fell he would fall hard and, oh my, did he fall HARD! Definitely could be read as a standalone if you wanted. **Received this ARC for review**
Anonymous 20 days ago
Ruined With You was everything that I expected and more! It was such a great read, I couldn't put it down. It was packed with suspense, mystery, and of course romance. Hot hot romance. ;) I really liked Liam and Xena both as couple and as individual characters. They both have a past that has shaped the walls that they have built and the lives that they now lead but they soon find that sometimes you have to let another person in to live your best life. Kenner does a great job and bringing her characters and their stories to life and making you feel what they are feeling. I always know that I can count on Kenner when I need to get lost and take a break from my own day-to-day life.
iScreamBooksBlog 20 days ago
"—he'd seen enough damaged people to know that her soul was at least as scarred as his." There is no such thing as too much Stark and every time I'm reunited with a favorite character or meet a new one I'm in #BookBliss. I'm especially excited about this Stark Security spin-off because I really enjoy being a virtual team member in their covert operations. Liam puts everything into his work and his friends. He doesn't scrimp on either, giving 110%. He purposely has not left anything for relationships. He gave up on the idea of love and family a long time ago. I'd like to tell you why...but it's a secret. Of course, since he's an expert in that department it didn't take him long to surmise that Xena had a hidden past as well. Their broken pieces spoke to each other in spite of their attempts to resist their attraction. He made her feel safe in spite of the danger she was in. He made her wish for things that she had given up on having long ago. He made her feel things that she didn't think she was capable of. She's been afraid for a long time, "But my biggest fear is that once this threat is out of my life, Liam will be, too." Oh my! Doesn't that just make your matchmaker twitch? Surely, they could find time to fall in love when not dodging bullets and chasing bad guys, right? And speaking of chasing bad guys, wait till you meet the other sexy security team members...badass men and women. There's no limit to what they might get up to and I can't wait to join them. The line forms here...
MaryJoMI 20 days ago
Xena is a warrior and a survivor but when her past catches up with her, she has to admit that she needs help to beat the evil after her. She has worked so hard to build a new life while hiding. When the people after her put her friends in danger, she knows she has to run and start over. What she never expects is for Liam, from Stark Security, to follow her. For Xena, accepting help is hard, she wants to be the warrior, handling her own problems. Liam has been attracted to Xena from the moment he met her but he is damaged goods after losing the love of his life years ago. When he realizes the threats, he is investigating are really toward Xena, he knows he has to protect her. I love the strength in both of these characters, each having their own emotional trauma to overcome. The beauty to their relationship truly unfolds in the bedroom as they both acknowledge and allow their true desires to be fulfilled. Of course, the road to happiness is never easy and the man after Xena is relentless. Will they be able to stop him in time? Had me on the edge of my seat to the very end.
szelisk_64 20 days ago
Stark Security keeps getting better and better!! Liam and Xena have lives have been filled with tragedy. Can they overcome it and find a beautiful life? Liam’s past taught him never to love again. Xena has been on the run for years and never believed she could be free. Once their path’s cross the heat begins. J. Kenner draws you in from the beginning and keeps you there until the very end. This will be one of those books you won’t want to put down. Another winner by J. Kenner. A definite must read!!
KindleKat64 20 days ago
This is another wonderful book in this series. Liam and Xena add to the already amazing cast of characters in this Stark Security world. I really enjoyed the story line with all the action and air of mystery. As usual the team works together and gets things done while tossing a bit of humor into otherwise stressful situations. The chemistry between Xena and Liam is something they have a hard time denying so it's explosive when they do finally give in to it. They needed to work through their own stuff in order to see just what they could be together. I absolutely love them for each other. Looking forward to more awesome romantic suspense from J. Kenner!
Anonymous 20 days ago
“...this is a man who sees things. But the more he breaks through the wall that surrounds me, the more I’m afraid he’ll discover my secrets. And that the truth will destroy everything.” As I was reading this book I kept thinking that this may be the best writing J Kenner has done. Don’t get me wrong~I adore all Nikki and Damien books and they hold a special place in my heart...but there is something about the writing of this book that just captured my soul. It’s different than any Man of the Month, Blackwell-Lyon or other Stark/Security alphas. I can’t put my finger on just burrowed into my soul. ““The fact that you don’t scare me.” I hear the breathiness in my voice. “That’s kind of terrifying.”” I love the loyalty, strength, sacrifice, respect, friendship, even the stubbornness of these characters. I love the insight to the lengths that survivors go through to beat the odds. The determination and courage put forth to obtain something others would never attempt because it is feared to be unobtainable.
Ana94 21 days ago
When I started reading I couldn't put it down.J. Kenner is magnifysent and amazing writer.I cannot wait to read more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this book.Can't wait for the next book.
DebiDG 21 days ago
Another hit! This book has the mystery, drama and romance but moves at a fast paced level with the perfect storyline. Liam and Xena embark on a journey to freedom but can they survive? Who’s pulling the strings? Can Stark Security save the day? Julie Kenner has always captured my heart with her stories. However, she’s completely gone above and beyond excellence with Ruined With You! Her vivid writing and carefully constructed dialogue gave me all the feels!