Sacred Pregnancy: A Loving Guide and Journal for Expectant Moms

Sacred Pregnancy: A Loving Guide and Journal for Expectant Moms


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In today's western cultures, the typical pregnancy focuses on the baby to the exclusion of the woman herself, so that the entire experience has become more about preparing for the baby's arrival than looking closely at oneself to prepare emotionally for all of the changes that creating a new life brings. Sacred Pregnancy was written to help the pregnant woman journey within herself to prepare for the birth of her baby.

Sacred Pregnancy is a gorgeous four-color book especially created for mothers-to-be to reflect on the many personal milestones of the full gestation period of a pregnancy. With beautiful professional photos that correspond to each topic, Sacred Pregnancy also features a journal space for the pregnant woman to record her thoughts and feelings. Each week the mother-to-be is given information on her baby, her body, and her spirit and is asked to reflect on these via the topic of the week, which touches on a variety of issues such as sexuality, fears about labor, becoming a mother, courage, rite of passage, adornment, body image, meditation, and sisterhood to name a few. Mothers-to-be are invited to look deeply at the issues unique to their journey and find a centered, peaceful place to live their pregnancy fully. Lastly, Sacred Pregnancy includes place for the new mother to record her birth story and a large resource section on various birthing options and supports for pregnant women.

“From the spiritual (how to visualize your perfect birth) to the practical (a large section on birthing options), this pregnancy journal is a spiritual adviser and supportive doula all in one.”
Fit Pregnancy magazine

For more information, visit the Sacred Pregnancy website.

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ISBN-13: 9781583944448
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication date: 05/01/2012
Pages: 360
Sales rank: 482,870
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.76(d)

About the Author

Anni Daulter, an eco-mama, cook, and advocate of natural family living, has been encouraging women to take control of their birthing experiences for many years. Daulter recently launched her new Sacred Pregnancy community, providing sisterhood and resources for both new and experienced moms. Anni's first book was Organically Raised: Conscious Cooking for Babies & Toddlers (Rodale, May 2010). In addition, she is the author of Ice Pop Joy and The Organic Family Cookbook, both published by Sellers in 2011. Daulter lives in Philadelphia with her family. Her children are Zoë, Lotus Sunshine, Bodhi, and River Love.

Table of Contents

Foreword Ina May Gaskin x

Foreword Anna Getty xii

Introduction Welcome to Sacred Pregnancy xiv

Week 1 Journal 1

Week 2 Sacred Space 9

Week 3 Due Date 17

Week 4 Meditation 25

Week 5 Cravings 33

Week 6 Womb 41

Week 7 Expectations 49

Week 8 Body Image 57

Week 9 Romance 65

Week 10 Birth Art Expression 73

Week 14 Exercise 81

Week 12 Mindful Eating 89

Week 13 Radiant Glow 97

Week 14 Bonding 105

Week 15 Partner Energy 113

Week 16 Sexy Mama 121

Week 17 Joyfulness 127

Week 18 Nurturing Yourself 133

Week 19 Fear 139

Week 20 Forgiveness 147

Week 21 Movement Within 155

Week 22 Trust 161

Week 23 Baby Girl 169

Week 24 Baby Boy 77

Week 25 Love 185

Week 26 Earth Energy 193

Week 27 Air Energy 199

Week 28 Fire Energy 205

Week 29 Water Energy 213

Week 30 Nesting 221

Week 34 Adornment 233

Week 32 Blessingway 241

Week 33 Naming Ceremony 249

Week 34 Visualization: Your Perfect Birth 257

Week 35 Empowerment 265

Week 36 Sisterhood Connection 273

Week 37 Surrender 281

Week 38 Surges 289

Week 39 Birth 297

Week 40 Rite of Passage 307

Birth Stories 314

Resources 321

Why I Opened a Birthing Center Dr. Robert Biter 325

Stages of Labor 327

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"Pregnancy is such an amazing time in a woman's life and should be honored and valued. Sacred Pregnancy helps empower women and encourages them to personally reflect on their internal process before having children. This is a beautiful gift to all pregnant women!"
—Ricki Lake, actress, and Abby Epstein, filmmaker, The Business of Being Born

"Sacred Pregnancy provides vital information in a framework that is crucial for women and families embarking on the tremendous adventure and responsibility of birthing new life. An important reference that you will keep next to your bed throughout your pregnancy."
—Alisa Donner, MSW, LCSW, cofounder, Pregnancy Awareness Month

"I wish I had read Sacred Pregnancy when I was pregnant instead of the dozen books I had to piece together to try to make sense of it all. Anni Daulter has created what should be the new standard for today's mom: birth journals, labor workbooks, pregnancy memoirs, and holistic wisdom. It is gentle and enlightening, and lays the foundation for what we know helps women have the labor and birth they want and deserve: support, self-knowledge, and empowerment."
—Mayim Bialik, actress

"I have never read such an in-depth, affirmative and warm book about our power as women in birth. Sacred Pregnancy is unique—instead of focusing outward on what we need, it draws us inward to honor the tools we inherently have. This book is a must-have journal and keepsake for the sacred mama-to-be in your life."
—Rachel Myers, Green Hugs, healthy-home and green-nest advocate

"Sacred Pregnancy brought tears to my eyes. This book brings the outward and inward experiences of pregnancy together in such a powerful and beautiful way. Anni Daulter has documented such important milestones that happen to each and every pregnant woman during pregnancy and offers connective ways to go deep within each step of the way. Connection and healing are such important aspects of pregnancy that very often get overlooked in our fast-paced society. Sacred Pregnancy is a book that every pregnant woman should have access to during this special and empowering point in her life."
—Lisa DeNardo, mother of five and blogger at

"Few women are so committed to advocating for a woman's right to birth her baby in a sacred and empowering way as Anni Daulter is. She has a tremendous gift to offer us all in her passion to protect the family dynamic as she shares the mysteries of the birth journey with us."
—Aleksandra Evanguelidi, LM, CPM, owner of The Sanctuary Birth & Family Wellness Center

"Sacred Pregnancy is a wonderful book and is absolutely beautiful and touching. It really speaks to vital pregnancy issues—I would recommend this as a gift for all pregnant moms."
—Shiva Rose, actress

"Sacred Pregnancy is an amazing book and it's so gorgeous! I wish this were available to me during any of my three pregnancies, as I think this will help women get more in touch with themselves throughout this beautiful process. I would happily recommend Sacred Pregnancy to all expecting moms."
—Shanna Moakler, actress, TV personality, and mother of Alabama, Atiana, and Landon

"It's rare to find a pregnancy book that is nourishing, empowering, informative, and enjoyable, but Sacred Pregnancy manages to do all of that and more. Anni Daulter challenges her readers to reframe and rethink the way society looks and talks about pregnancy. This book shines through as a reminder that we already have all that we need around us to have a positive and fulfilling pregnancy. A must read for any mother-to-be!"
—Avital Norman Nathman, blogger at The Mamafesto: Where Motherhood & Feminism Collide

"Sacred Pregnancy is a wonderful read for a mom-to-be who is interested in the spiritual side of pregnancy. It is uplifting and beautifully photographed and illustrated.
—Julie Davine

"Sacred Pregnancy is a beautiful book that employs all five senses and makes your spirit rise in a 40-week exploration of self. The author goes beyond the basics of what's happening with your body and your baby and looks at each week through a holistic lens to include mind, spirit, and community. It is rich with resources to help you truly experience your journey through pregnancy as a sacred event. It's like having a friend who knows just the right thing to say to support you throughout your journey."
—Holly Keich, owner of Om Baby

"The months of pregnancy and new motherhood fly by, and most of us are left with a sense of 'What just happened?' Sacred Pregnancy invites women to reflect, to write, to be completely conscious during this most amazing life experience. Not only will women learn from it, they will be inspired by it. This beautiful book will become a cherished keepsake. Every enlightened mother-to-be should have a copy."
—Peg Moline, Editor in Chief, Fit Pregnancy magazine

"I am in LOVE with this book. I think every woman should carry it throughout her pregnancy! This book addresses all of the fears, concerns, myths, joys, rites, and relationships that come with pregnancy. Each thoughtful chapter has a dedicated space for journaling on that particular topic, at once creating not just a beautiful book to read, but an amazing keepsake of such a magical time. Filled with poignant stories, facts, suggestions, and inspiration, it takes you on a spiritual journey throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy, encouraging you to revel in the awe of the universe, your blossoming body, babies, and the awesome power of birth."
—Melanie Monroe, Ecobaby planning+concierge

"Finally, the baby book I've been waiting for! A refreshing contrast to the typical textbook-style baby books, Sacred Pregnancy takes a turn to focus on the mother's needs and her journey from conception to birth and what's important in between—her body, her baby, and her spirit. During such a miraculous time when the body is transforming, hormones are raging, and baby is growing by the minute, it is truly rejuvenating to find a book that concentrates on the balance within the pregnant woman. This is a breath of fresh air for any mother-to-be!"
—Martha Lee, blogger at

"Sacred Pregnancy brings expecting mothers an inspiring gift that will prepare them for the labor experience with confidence and joy by connecting them with inner wisdom, community awareness, and human compassion."
—Ana Paula Markel, founder of BINI Birth,

"Sacred Pregnancy is an antidote and healing balm bringing us home in every image, every page, every resource to our deeper knowing that the journey bringing life forward is indeed a holy rite of passage deserving of our highest honor and respect. This is no ordinary book but rather a magical daily portal beckoning you with every transition and turn of the page to remember that this entire epilogue initiation of pregnancy, moment by moment, is to be treasured."
—ALisa Starkweather, founder of the Red Tent Temple Movement and Women's Belly and Womb Conferences

"Reading through Sacred Pregnancy allowed me to remember back to each of my pregnancies, the fears, the joys, and discoveries I had made each time. I wish I had something this wonderful to have logged all stages of each of my pregnancies since they were so different. The book's resources are so helpful, especially when there is so much information to weed through, and the desire to do everything perfectly is so strong for new mothers. I recommend this book to any mother-to-be who wants to know herself more deeply during this time."
—Tnah Louise, Bella Faccia Foto

"I believe that Sacred Pregnancy will succeed in bringing the spirit energy and the strength of the universal feminine energy back to pregnancy and birth. The glorious photos make visible a woman's inner and outer beauty during this huge life transition while the soothing affirmations allow her to move into her mothering space with joy and calm. In moving through the pregnancy experience week by week, the book helps a woman move more organically into growing her baby and allows pregnancy to take on less of a frightening urgency so that it slows down into a peaceful, mindful, and fulfilling process that mom and all around her can enjoy far deeper than has become the habit in our society."
—Ruth Blanding, Joy In Momming blog

"Sacred Pregnancy is an invaluable resource for expecting moms. Anni's holistic and passionate understanding of all the physical and emotional nuances of pregnancy shines through her writing. Not only has this become an incredible resource for my wife as she experiences pregnancy number three, it's an amazing tool for me as an 'expecting father.' It has helped me understand my wife's journey so much more deeply and provided detailed ways I can support her (whether it's making a special tea or helping her create a comforting space). I recommend any expecting couple to read this book together."
—Christopher Gavigan, founder, The Honest Company

"Full of original ideas for food, movie, book, website, and other pairings for the weeks of pregnancy, Sacred Pregnancy is a one of a kind book. Exquisitely beautiful photographs and gorgeous design complement the loving tone of acceptance so richly present in its pages. Sacred Pregnancy will lift the spirits of all pregnant women!"
—Peggy O'Mara, founder,

"As a childbirth educator, birth doula, and midwife, I have worked with countless expecting families. I have longed for a book like Anni's to give them. This book captures everything that a pregnant woman needs to prepare herself for the most beautiful of all her life transitions and honors the trust of birth our culture typically misses."
—Katie McCall, CPM, author of Tyranny of the Cubicle

"Although I was twenty weeks pregnant when I began reading this book I started at the beginning and instantly fell in love with the style of writing. As I read through each week and reflected on my own experience I began to feel more connected to my own pregnancy. I have been using this wonderful resource and journal ever since and plan to continue doing so for the next sixteen weeks."
—Lindsay Ingalls, certified holistic health coach and blogger at Running With Tongs

"Sacred Pregnancy offers women a way to connect with their inner power in the most beautiful way. This book truly touches on the holiness of the experience, as it prepares women to really connect with the transformations that are happening to her in a very deep way. I highly recommend this book—it should be required reading!"
—Mavis Gewant, sacred artist, doula, and baby intuitive,,

“From the spiritual (how to visualize your perfect birth) to the practical (a large section on birthing options), this pregnancy journal is a spiritual adviser and supportive doula all in one.”
Fit Pregnancy magazine

“Not only does this book contain beautiful and empowering maternity photos throughout, but every chapter invites a mother-to-be to go deeper into her pregnancy and see it as a spiritual journey.”
Mother Earth News

"[Sacred Pregnancy provides] a gentle guide down the path to motherhood. Not only will the reader receive support in preparing for the birth of her child, but she will also prepare for her own birth into motherhood. … Sacred Pregnancy is a book that holds empowering mothers at its core. And frankly, with this as its lofty goal, Sacred Pregnancy is a book that can change the world, one mother at a time."
Sparrow magazine

“[Sacred Pregnancy] is a nurturing wonder! A week-by-week book for expecting women that describes not only what is happening to their bodies and babies throughout pregnancy, but also allows their spirits, intellect, and emotions to be stimulated, protected, encouraged, and nurtured into empowerment.”
Wonderfully Made Bellies and Babies blog

“With gorgeous photographs and stories, [Anni Daulter’s] book is the perfect set-up for a soulful motherhood.”
Mothering with Soul blog

“Absolutely gorgeous! … Sacred Pregnancy would make a delicious, nurturing gift for any pregnant woman wishing to dive deep into the experience of her pregnancy and into conscious birth preparation.”
—Molly Remer, Talk Birth

Sacred Pregnancy is a must for spiritual mothers who want to embrace their experience instead of simply enduring it.”
Midwest Book Review

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Sacred Pregnancy: A Loving Guide and Journal for Expectant Moms 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
suehc More than 1 year ago
Sacred Pregnancy is my favorite pregnancy book. It's guided me through two pregnancies of my own and is my go-to gift for every new mom-to-be that I know. This book is a beautiful, gentle walk through your pregnancy. It touches on your "typical" topics of pregnancy while adding magic to the every day moments. Sacred Pregnancy reminds you that you can bring the beauty and sacred to every aspect of your life, especially the journey of growing your child within. I highly recommend this book to every mother out there looking for just a little bit more. Sacred Pregnancy isn't a book, it's an experience. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have owned several pregnancy books and journals and this book by far is my favorite. It brings back sisterhood and truly empowers women. It teaches you that your enough, your capable, your beautiful! It brings back the beauty way into womanhood, and is a true keepsake. I would suggest this book to all woman, pregnant or not, this book has turned into an amazing movment, one that each one of us should have in our lives.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
EllyTaylor More than 1 year ago
As a perinatal relationship specialist, I know just how important the emotional adjustments of parenthood are between a couple and within a new family. Anni's book is absolutely beautiful, but more than that, there is substance there that helps to facilitate the important rite of passage that parenthood is. Sacred Pregnancy raises issues to ponder, share and discuss between a couple that are the beginnings of laying a new foundation for their nest. This is not just a gift for an expecting mother, but for an expecting family.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is gorgeous. Truly a work of love.
M4 More than 1 year ago
Sacred pregnancy is a great example of a hybrid guide/diary for those interested in adding a more holistic element to their pregnancy and birth. Each section of the journal appropriately corresponds to the contrived 40 weeks of pregnancy - a cute idea that I enjoyed as I had not seen it before. It is so hard to choose my favourite chapters, but a few were Week 16 Sexy Mama Week; Week 23 Baby Girl; 33 Naming Ceremony and Weeks 26 to 29 featuring the four elements. I would have loved for the cultural phenomenon of the concern of "going postdates/overdue" be addressed, perhaps with space and comforting/reassuring ideas allocated for weeks 41, 42 and maybe even radically, for week 43. Also of note, I especially cherished the personal stories peppered throughout this pregnancy companion and would have actually enjoyed reading more about Anni's personal experience in greater contextual depth and detail. I really wanted to give this review 5* as it is a visual delight and I found many gems that I will treasure and definitely incorporate into my childbearing years; unfortunately, I found there were three points of contention that prevented me from doing so... 1) Even though a variety of beautiful pregnant models were photographed, sadly there were not enough (skin tones/cultural heritages) for me to feel represented or fully included. I completely understand that it is difficult to please and feature everyone. Actually, I was so impressed with the sensitivity and awareness given to the different partnerships pregnant women have, that I was a bit surprised that this other element of our diversity was slightly neglected. 2) In the same vain as point one, another disappointment were that the resources and recommendations focused entirely on the LA, California area/USA. This is obviously highly beneficial for natives and also understandable as this is the author's location but there was also a lack of advice for others to source their own local alternatives. Perhaps if this was more of an autobiography than handbook it would be more acceptable to foreign readers. 3) Finally, I disagreed most with much of the pregnancy information and nutritional advisement given. It was neither completely medically mainstream nor divinely holistic/natural so I found myself in an awkward place between agreement leading to moments of inspiration and an overall challenging disappointment which left me unable to fully resonate with this book as it goes against much of what I already know and believe about life and most importantly trusting birth.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a childbirth educator & former doula/apprentice midwife, I have literally hundreds of books about pregnancy and birth. Among these is a shelf of my favorites - books that I can wholeheartedly recommend to every pregnant women. Sacred Pregnancy sits on this shelf. It is gorgeous and filled to the brim with useful information presented in easily digestible chunks - traveling week by week throughout your pregnancy, addressing your body, your baby and your spirit. There are plenty of resources and ample space to journal reflections from each week's readings. I only wish this book had been available 17 years ago when I was pregnant!
Jen286 More than 1 year ago
Most of my related reading material while pregnant has left me wanting. I've previously been unable to put my finger on exactly what I was looking for, but I believe this is it for me. It is not a guide to common medical maternity practices, comparisons of birthing locations, or list of ideas for coping with labor or fear of labor, which seems to be the categories that most pregnancy books can be placed in. Instead, it focuses on the psychological implications and spiritual notes to growing another life within your womb. It continually brought to mind Pam England's "Birthing From Within", but delivered something rather intangible and difficult to articulate that I kept unsuccessfully seeking from England's book. If you are comfortable with a very loose, generalized sort of spiritual approach and looking for something that focuses on those less commonly addressed feelings that pregnancy may raise, read this book! To be fair, however, it may make you never uncomfortable to read if more new age spirituality concepts don't fit into your personal belief or value system. If you consider most pregnancy and birth books to be more technocratic in their view of the pregnant woman, this is somewhere on the opposite end of the spectrum with a very naturalistic approach to the female body and reproduction. It might not be for everyone, but I loved it!
Y_love More than 1 year ago
A thorough complete pregnancy experience written with such delicacy and positivism that will complement any pregnancy as a sacred journey. As the author describes week by week, the symptoms, she explains your body changes and incorporates inspirational quotes, mantras, books, movies, websites, remedies and recipes to assist the mother to be able to fully enjoy and understand the miracle as it develops on her insides. Unlike all other pregnancy books, this journal goes beyond the typical morning sickness or selfish complaint of the discomforts that adorn pregnancy. It does approach the symptoms in a very positive way teaching you to embrace and optimistically deal with the little hiccups along the magical 40 week ride. It offers the support needed to empower, set realistic expectations, raise your confidence and strength to choose what is right for you. Divinely illustrated it carries the words beyond paper and provides you with the soothing and calming scenery to grasp all the honey of this book. Furthermore, the journal format tickles your imagination as it makes you think and prepares you for the arrival of your little angel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I needed this book right now, and along it came! I am just entering my third trimester, and struggling with finding the time and energy to connect with my baby. A stressful job, long commute and husband who is gone more than I am have made it really hard to really relax into my pregnancy and feel like I can focus on this journey. Anni's book has helped me find ways to connect, a little bit each day, with what is happening with my baby, my body and this amazing path my husband and I and our new little one are on! I really like the movement from week to week that Anni presents, the steps to take each week, the mental journey and questions to ask yourself. THank you to Anni and the wonderful photographers for helping me to take a moment each day to breathe, relax, enjoy and connect! - Alena M
KristinRKR More than 1 year ago
I was searching for an uplifting book about pregnancy and found this one. Sacred Pregnancy is a must read for every woman who is pregnant or planning on getting pregnant in the future. There are so many books that touch on the stages of pregnancy and labor but so few that are focused on the mother and her journey. The photos are beautiful and I love to journal after I read each chapter. I plan to purchase this book for every friend who is expecting even if it isn't their first birth. Thank you to Anni for creating this book at the right time in my life. I had pre-E with my first pregnancy and am on the verge of pre-E again with this pregnancy. I feel more in control of my body and mind after reading Sacred Pregnancy. I now feel that I can have the natural birth that I always wanted by working on and meditating about my fears in relation to interventions.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
amroczka More than 1 year ago
I don’t remember which one of my friends on Facebook introduced me to the Sacred Pregnancy community, but I am eternally grateful. Unfortunately for me, the book and website came up not long after the birth of my first child—Dash. In short, this is the book I wish I would have had when I was pregnant. Sacred Pregnancy is the What to Expect® When You’re Expecting for spiritual women. It breaks down a woman’s pregnancy into the various weeks, making it easier to take one step at a time. Each week looks at the mind, body, and spirit of the expecting mother—explaining how her body is changing, what her little one is up to, and the kind of emotions she might be feeling. There is an overall theme for each of these weeks that tie all of the information together elegantly and beautifully. Some of my favorite sections were Body Image, Partner Energy, Sexy Mama, and Blessingway. The weeks each come to a close with some suggestions for reading, music, activities, and even food. Not only is this book a lovely read, but it is just plain breathtaking to look at! It has been artfully crafted with gorgeous photography that will draw you in and bring a tear of joy to your eyes. The Inner Typesetter saw some inconsistencies in the formatting, but Artist, Writer, and Muse within were instantly inspired. Sacred Pregnancy has taken its rightful place on my bookshelf for when I am blessed to have need of it. I will also be ordering copies for friends and family members who are expecting or decide to walk the path of motherhood in the future.
Rochelle1 More than 1 year ago
Sacred Pregnancy is one of the most comforting books I have read on the subject of pregnancy and birth. I devoured all of the beauty that this book entails and came away inspired and empowered. I love how Anni combines information, empowerment, and journaling prompts throughout her book. Her gentle words and ideas will inspire expectant women to take charge of their birthing experience and feel empowered while doing so. This book is a gem and I will definitely be recommending this book to all expectant mothers to be.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is a gorgeous companion to your journey through pregnancy. Unlike other pregnancy books out there, this one takes you to a new place. It allows you to really relax and connect with the process and growth that is happening within your body. It is full of reflections, ideas, and encouragement and gives you new thoughts week by week. As a Doula I highly recommend this book to all of my clients and as a pregnant woman I am thoroughly enjoying this book myself.
MohaveEmpoweredBirth More than 1 year ago
I love this book.. to have a place to seek the devine during this time is a place for info, encouragement and to journal.. this will become a keepsake for the rest of your life.. in a time when we ignore early pregnancy, this is a place to experience your thoughts from week one and has inspired me to work much earlier with the Moms in my a Birth Doula I will encourage my Moms to use this book daily.. Being ready for a new babe includes our connection with the devine..This book will now be on my clients "Must Read" list..
gloriaB More than 1 year ago
I have read many books on pregnancy as a student midwife, doula and a mother. This is the first book I would say was Beautiful! The flowing and ease in which the information and ideas are shared has brought tears to my eyes. Anni has a true gift for understanding how women feel, and what their needs are throughout pregnancy and motherhood. I have felt such love and peace in reading Sacred Pregnancy. A wonderful way to help mothers no matter what pregnancy they are on, and a gentle and amazing way to believe in ourselves and the new life we carry. Anni has made wonderful and thoughtful suggestions for everything from books and music to just loving where we are at and understanding not only our physical status but the often overlooked emotional needs that we have at such a special time in our lives. I will be using this book for all the mother's I work with and sharing with other midwife's and doulas. I want to thank you Anni for such a wonderful book, and for sharing your knowledge with us.
Dinara More than 1 year ago
This book is written with love to the reader. The tips and stories are so useful. The language is soothing and calming. It makes you relieved if you are anxious about the future of giving birth and becoming a mother since there are a lot of emotions going on with you. The author tells you that everything is natural and nature is there to be with you and guide you through this not so easy process. The pictures also make you feel good, they are colorful and meaningful. I loved that the book has a lot of color-the pages were of different colors and it made a book special and pleasant to read. The stages of pregnancy are described so well and I loved the stories from women and the rituals they did for giving birth. I am so happy I read this book before my delivery!It was a very significant information and experience. Dina, 31 years old, 37th week of pregnancy.
mamakate More than 1 year ago
WOW! I am so inspired after reading Sacred Pregnancy! How i wish it was available when i was pregnant. I am already getting ready to purchase it for when baby number 3 decides to come! This guide is so valuable. It helps a mama to be really see and understand what this journey is about. Being pregnant is not just months and months of discomfort that result in being told by society that you don't know how to birth your baby. You do! This book helps empower you, not only as a pregnant mama, but as a mama to be! the chapters are perfect. the focuses on each important part of this journey and how they work together is amazing. like i said, i wish this was available with my second pregnancy. (my first resulted in a miscarriage) it would have helped me to slow down and enjoy. to accept my feelings and work through them! this would be a great gift for any mama or mama-to-be!
Brandy_Lewis More than 1 year ago
I truly believe "Sacred Pregnancy" to be instrumental in improving a woman's experience during the childbearing year. The book is infused with profound wisdom and saturated in beautiful imagery. I feel that the book encourages women to celebrate their femininity and to delight in their pregnancy in fresh and creative ways. Even for me, a mother who is not expecting any time soon, the book was nourishing to my soul, like sensory therapy through intimate words and gorgeous images. The `ideas' and `pairings' that are suggested throughout the book are just perfect! The book is like having a compilation of all your dearest friends' and mentors most favorite recipes, movies, songs, spiritual insight, affirmations, prayers, and wisdom all in one visually stunning book. Bless an expectant mama with this book and she will be completely filled with love and gratitude!
Myrriah More than 1 year ago
Sacred Pregnancy is a profoundly touching book. Anni has written words to deeply touch the soul  of all women, whether they are pregnant, mothers or women wanting a vast understanding of their capabilities. Sacred Pregnancy does not leave an area untouched; body, mind, spirit or soul. Reading and engaging with the profusely thought-provoking content within the book is sure to touch your heart in many ways. I thank you, Anni Daulter, for choosing to follow the good road of 'Yes'! Sacred Pregnancy is a divinely inspired book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sacred Pregnancy is a must-read for all expectant mamas. Unlike so many mainstream pregnancy books, Sacred Pregnancy focuses on preparing for baby in the ways that really matter - emotionally and spiritually. Rather than highlight all the potential complications of pregnancy, this book highlights the miraculous and incredible journey of pregnancy and childbirth. It encourages women to take charge of their birthing experiences and to connect with themselves and their babies in meaningful ways. The work of preparing for parenthood is not blindly following doctor's orders and buying lots of stuff, it's about honest reflection, acceptance and celebration. Sacred Pregnancy is the perfect guide for this process.
nixiegirl More than 1 year ago
I wish I'd had this book before and during my pregnancy. It has so much reverence for pregnancy and is so respectful of this important rite of passage in our lives. The images and photographs are beautiful and magical. I will definitely be giving this to any pregnant friend in the future. It's a wonderful guide through the journey. As a person who is currently researching becoming a doula, I really wanted to have this book. So glad I do!