Sacred Sins: (Sin Duet #2)

Sacred Sins: (Sin Duet #2)

by CD Reiss


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ISBN-13: 9781942833406
Publisher: Flip City Media
Publication date: 11/20/2018
Series: Sin Duet , #2
Pages: 278
Sales rank: 397,785
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.63(d)

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Sacred Sins 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
JxxxPinkLady 20 days ago
Reading, 'Sacred Sins,' was like visiting old friends, dear friends whom I love and couldn't wait to catch up with. I read the first breath-taking part of this story when it was released and longed to know how Margie's story would play out. It's a story of family, lies, love, hope, and one huge deep, dark secret. A heart wrenching, evocative story weaved with the history of the Drazen family, crafted so the series can be enjoyed solely as a STANDALONE duet providing the perfect example of the penmanship and vivid story telling of CD Reiss. I've read and loved every single interconnected novel but firmly believe this duet can be read in isolation and become a starting point to the incredible world of this family dynasty. Those who are familiar with the Drazen family will garner so much from this story… The first part of the duet reveals a secret, a secret that blew my mind and the second part continues to peel away the layers of Margie's story, showing the reader the development of her life with a good dose of CD Reiss storytelling flare. Do not miss this story! Advance copy provided / Reviewed voluntarily
bbarneybooks28 22 days ago
If readers are familiar with CD Reiss’ sinfully sexy and deceptive worlds, they know that Reiss crafts story lines that push the limits of sanity as well as righteousness and the plot never moves forward in a cohesive manner; there are always twists and turns that force new actions to be taken. And when it comes to the heart, preparation needs to be made in order to understand and handle the fracturing that will occur as Reiss’ characters’ lives come undone and ever so slowly move towards an ending that may leave them bent but never broken. And this is the exact story readers get in the Sins Duet. Margie Drazen has been a bit of a conundrum to me since I met her, and while not being able to completely figure out a character sometimes can irritate me to the point where I take issue him/her, with Margie, I NEVER felt that way. I LOVE that she is a multilayered heroine and that the complexity of her personality and the many personas she takes on in order to cope, in order to endure, in order to maintain are not easily identifiable. To me, that’s what makes Margie such a dynamic character…it’s what allows me to unravel all that she is, not only behind the layers of her character but also who she is beneath the secrets and lies that are slowly are unearthed as her duet begins and continues. For the longest time, Margie has been the matriarch of the Drazen family - there is nothing she wouldn’t do for her siblings, even if it meant sacrificing herself. This self-imposed position has also forced her to follow rigid rules and be perceived as an emotionless warrior - a queen who rules with an iron fist and fights fiercely for those she loves, even if it’s never truly known if there’s a heart within the beast. In Sacred Sins, Margie finds herself in an unwelcome situation - one that places her in the spotlight and shines down on the sins and secrets of her past, but what that means for her present and the future that she now desperately wants with the man she desperately needs remains unclear because one way or another, a payment must be made and the cost and the toll that it takes on Margie will either force her to lose everything that defines who she is or reaffirm the woman within…the woman who continues to get up…continues to keep fighting, even when a loss seems inevitable. And I have to say that despite the maelstrom that comes along with the sinful truths shared, I never doubted that Margie would prevail…how intact she would be I didn’t quite know, but I always felt that she would stand her ground…that she would battle back from the depths as long as, in the end, she got to be who she wanted to be and she was able to share her life with the one person who has owned her body and soul from the start. A happily ever after doesn’t happen to a woman like Margie because she is not the type to claim something that she hasn’t worked for, but let me be the first to assure her that CD Reiss makes Margie earn every minute of happiness…every affectionate embrace…every empowered action. But while Margie does not remain unscathed once her sins are revealed, she does show what she’s made of…what a Drazen is made of, which poignantly illustrates exactly why she deserves it all. 4.5 Poison Apples
WendyLeGrand 28 days ago
Margie takes the crown as my favorite Drazen! So...previously when I read Secret Sins, I made a comment that Margie was one of my favorite Drazens. Now that I've finished Sacred Sins, I amend that statement to say that Margie IS my favorite Drazen. I had SO many questions at the end of Secret Sins. And to go back even further, I really had questions pertaining to Margie and her life while I was reading the Submission series. And now, I've got those answers. And answers to questions that managed to pop up in Sacred Sins about things that I somehow overlooked in book 1 and in Jonathan's series. I had certain things that I really, really wanted to happen, FOR Margie, and TO other people in the story that managed to rub me wrong way. Like...the really wrong way. Christine has created one of the most interesting characters I have come across in a long time. Meeting Margie in the Submission series, my first impression of her was that she is a take no bull, impenetrable force of a lawyer who manages the whole Drazen family. Then in Secret Sins, I got to see the young Margie, who was already a force to be reckoned with, but also had a soft underbelly that she only left exposed to a very small number of people. Now, in Sacred Sins, the nails in the armor she hammered over that soft underbelly are slowly starting to come loose as more and more Drazen drama rears its ugly head, and revelations that shake her to the core come to light. How is she going to manage all that is thrown at her? Christine manages to evoke every emotion known to man out of me during my read. I laughed, I cried, I got angry, I got scared, I got swoony, my heart melted, my claws came out and I wished a couple of times that I owned a pair of steel toed boots so I could kick a certain someone right in their lying, cheating balls. I STILL have a question or two rolling around in my mind. Maybe if Christine decides to write about any of the other Drazen sisters (CARRIE) those last few curiosities I have will get answered. After all, you can't read about one Drazen without the whole dang clan being involved. I feel like an epic series has been laid to rest. I hope that's not the case since the Drazens are one messed up bunch and I'm sure there's a ton of fascinating stories to be told. But for now? Mischief managed.