Safer Surgery: Analysing Behaviour in the Operating Theatre

Safer Surgery: Analysing Behaviour in the Operating Theatre

by Rhona Flin, Lucy Mitchell

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ISBN-13: 9781409486046
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 10/01/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 8 MB

About the Author

Rhona Flin (BSc, PhD Psychology) is Professor of Applied Psychology at the University of Aberdeen. She is a Chartered Psychologist, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and the Royal Society of Edinburgh. She directs a team of psychologists working with high-risk industries on research and consultancy projects concerned with the management of safety and emergency response.

She is currently leading the Scottish Patient Safety Research Network and has been working with anaesthetists and surgeons since 1999. Her books include Sitting in the Hot Seat: Leaders and Teams for Critical Incident Management (Wiley, 1996), Managing the Offshore Installation Workforce (edited with Slaven, PennWell Books, 1996), Decision Making Under Stress (edited with Salas, Strub & Martin, Ashgate, 1997), Incident Command: Tales from the Hot Seat (edited with Arbuthnot, Ashgate 2002) and Safety at the Sharp End: A Guide to Non-Technical Skills (with O'Connor & Crichton, Ashgate, 2008).

Lucy Mitchell (MA, MRes Psychology) is a Research Assistant at the Industrial Psychology Research Centre at the University of Aberdeen. She is currently developing a framework for assessing and training operating theatre scrub practitioners' non-technical skills and is also working towards a PhD in this area. She is a former police officer and has previously investigated the decision-making skills of police firearms officers.

Ami Mishra, Andrea Nickut Andrew Smith, Arnd Timmermann, Barbara Künzle, Bart Vrouenraets, Bianca Balvert,Bryan Sexton, Carl-Johan Wallin, Catherine Pope,Charles Vincent, Christoph Eich, Colin F. Mackenzie, Connie Dekker-van Doorn, Cornelius Buerschaper, David M. Gaba, David Musson, David Pitts, David Rowley, Dawn Goodwin, Diana Petitti, Doug Bonacum, Emma Giles, Enikö Zala-Mezö, Eric Thomas, Fauzia Gardezi, Geert Kazemier, George Youngson, Gesine Hofinger, Glenn Regehr, Graham Hocking, Gudela Grote, Guy Hirst, Helen Purdie, J. Forrest Calland, Jan Klein, Jim Crossley,Jodi Graham, Johan Lange, Johannes Wacker, John Brookey, John Duncan, Jonathan Beard, Joy Marriott, Karen Mazzocco, Ken Catchpole, Kenneth Fong, Leif Hedman, Li Felländer-Tsai, Linda Wauben, Benno Bonke, Lisbet Meurling, Lorelei Lingard, Lucy Mitchell, Maggie Mort, Marcus Rall, Theo Wehner, Marlene Dyrløv Madsen, Michael Müller, Michaela Kolbe,Nick Sevdalis, Nikki Maran, Paul Uhlig, Nikki MarranPeter Dieckmann,Peter McCulloch, Rhona Flin, Robbert Huijsman, Robert Lasky, Rona Patey, Ronnie Glavin, Rosamond Jacklin, Sarah Whyte, Shabnam Undre, Shelley A. Jeffcott, Silke Reddersen, Simon Paterson-Brown, Sonal Arora, Stephanie Guerlain,Steven K. Howard, Steven Yule, Suzanne Graham, Tanja Manser, Trevor Dale, Yan Xiao.

Table of Contents

Contents: Foreword, Charles Vincent; Preface, George Youngson; Introduction, Rhona Flin and Lucy Mitchell; Part I Tools for Measuring Behaviour in the Operating Theatre: Development and evaluation of the NOTSS behaviour rating system for intraoperative surgery (2003-2008), Steven Yule, Rhona Flin, Nikki Maran, David Rowley, George Youngson, John Duncan and Simon Paterson-Brown; Competence evaluation in orthopaedics - a 'bottom up' approach, David Pitts and David Rowley; Implementing the assessment of surgical skills and non-technical behaviours in the operating room, Joy Marriott, Helen Purdie, Jim Crossley and Jonathan Beard; Scrub practitioners’ list of intra-operative non-technicalskills - SPLINTS, Lucy Mitchell and Rhona Flin; Observing and assessing surgical teams: the Observational Teamwork Assessment for Surgery (OTAS), Shabnam Undre, Nick Sevdalis and Charles Vincent; Rating operating theatre teams - surgical NOTECHS, Ami Mishra, Ken Catchpole, Guy Hirst, Trevor Dale and Peter McCulloch; RATE: a customizable, portable hardware/software system for analyzing and teaching human performance in the operating room, Stephanie Guerlain and J. Forrest Calland; A-TEAM: targets for training, feedback and assessment of all OR members' teamwork, Carl-Johan Wallin, Leif Hedman, Lisbet Meurling and Li Felländer-Tsai; Introducing TOPplus in the operating theatre, Connie Dekker-van Doorn, Linda Wauben, Benno Bonke, Geert Kazemier, Jan Klein, Bianca Balvert, Bart Vrouenraets, Robbert Huijsman and Johan Lange. Part II Observational Studies of Anaesthetists: Integrating non-technical skills into anaesthetists' workplace-based assessment tools, Ronnie Glavin and Rona Patey; Using ANTS for workplace assessment, Jodi Graham, Emma Giles and Graham Hocking; Measuring coordination behaviour in anaesthesia teams during induction of general anaesthetics, Michaela Kolbe, Barbara Künzle, Enikö Zala-Mezö, Johannes Wacker and Gudela Grote; Identifying characteristics of effective teamwork in complex medical work environments: adaptive crew coordination in anaesthesia, Tanja Manser, Steven K. Howard and David M. Gaba; Teams, talk and transitions in anaesthetic practice, Andrew Smith, Catherine Pope, Dawn Goodwin and Maggie Mort. Part III Observation of Theatre Teams: An empiric study of surgical team behaviours, patient outcomes, and a programme based on its results, Eric Thomas, Karen Mazzocco, Suzanne Graham; Diana Petitti, Kenneth Fong, Doug Bonacum, John Brookey, Robert Lasky and Bryan Sexton; Counting silence: complexities in the evaluation of team communication, Lorelei Lingard, Sarah Whyte, Glenn Regehr and Fauzia Gardezi; Observing team problem solving and communication in critical incidents, Gesine Hofinger and Cornelius Buerschaper; Observing failures in successful orthopaedic surgery, Ken Catchpole; Remembering to do things later and resuming interrupted tasks: prospective memory and patient safety, Peter Dieckmann, Marlene Dyrløv Madsen, Silke Reddersen, Marcus Rall and Theo Wehner; Surgical decision-making: a multimodal approach, Nick Sevdalis, Rosamond Jacklin and Charles Vincent; Simulator-based evaluation of clinical guidelines in acute medicine, Christoph Eich, Michael Müller, Andrea Nickut and Arnd Timmermann; Measuring the impact of time pressure on team task performance, Colin F. Mackenzie, Shelley A. Jeffcott and Yan Xiao; Distractions and interruptions in the operating room, Nick Sevdalis, Sonal Arora, Shabnam Undre and Charles Vincent. Part IV Discussions: Putting behavioural markers to work: developing and evaluating safety training in healthcare settings, David Musson; Commentary and clinical perspective, Paul Uhlig; Behaviour in the operating theatre: a clinical perspective, Nikki Maran and Simon Paterson-Brown; Index.

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