Salvador's Daughter

Salvador's Daughter

by Melissa Seeback


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ISBN-13: 9781491820902
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/19/2013
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

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Salvador's Daughter

By Melissa Seeback


Copyright © 2013 Melissa Seeback
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-2090-2


This story began in the early 1900's. Salvador Cardoza was a man who lived in Portugal in the Azores on one of the islands with his family. The Islands name was Terceira. His wife, Jessica Amelia Cardoza and their two young daughters where a very happy family. This family spoke the native Portuguese language, English and some Spanish. Many of the neighbors spoke Spanish as well. Portuguese was a sweetly romantic language. They had a very large family farm that had been passed down through many generations. The farm consisted of miles and miles of corn. Salvador worked very hard at the farm with the hired hands. He was generally out of bed at sunrise, working long hours at the farm and tending to the fields. He was a good looking, tall, slender and medium built man. He had very dark, thick, brown, wavy hair which was always very well groomed. His large, dark brown, almond shaped eyes were his best feature. He was a friendly man and cared for his family. The wife spent all her time at home with the children. She was a young twenty three year old with beautiful long, thick, dark brown hair. Her thick hair draped over her shoulders and ran all the way past the middle of her back. Her hair was always in a very long single french braid. She had a large red flower tucked into her hair, just over her right ear. She did that just for Salvador. She had large, dark brown eyes and full red lips. She was a slender woman and very petite. Her height was only about five feet. She had a glowing dark beige complexion and long dark black eyelashes. Hers was a natural beauty. The women of Portugal wore long, shapely, off the shoulder dresses in layers of very thin, bright fabrics. This enabled them to stay cool because Portugal got so humid. They always used beautiful beads in that country. Jessica adored her beads. She draped several layers of color in beaded necklaces around her neck.

At the crack of dawn, Jessica arose from her bed. After getting dressed, she fixed her beautiful hair, washed her face and headed for the kitchen. She would always take one last glance at herself in the mirror. She often wondered if Salvador noticed the pretty flower she placed in her hair just for him. Jessica loved her life. It was full with love and laughter. In the early mornings she approached her quiet, empty kitchen. Her daughters were already outside picking some fresh vegetables from the garden. They were also helping their father with any chores he had for them. Jessica was ready to begin her morning duties. Her kitchen was very old fashioned, set up in all red bricks and colorful stones around the cooking pot. She always made all of their meals fresh. She made tortillas daily, as that was the tradition in Portugal to have them with every meal. They also had a lot of bacalhau, which is dry cod. She enjoyed preparing cultural meals for her family. Another delicacy called feijoada, a stew of beans with various types of meat. Jessica liked using beef, linguica and pork in that dish. She also had a maid named Theresa. She always assisted her in the kitchen and with the children's schooling. Everything was perfect as she started putting together all of her ingredients. She was very meticulous, wanting everything to be just right for her family. She decided to prepare morning crapes today, since this was a special day for Jessica Amelia and Salvador. They became husband and wife when she turned fifteen. They had been together for eight years. She was still very much in love with Salvador. Everything she did, was done with love. As she was finishing up her crapes, she called out for the girls to come in and help her set up the table. She opened the screen door and yelled out, "Louisa! Maria time to come in menina's (girls)!" As the girls were approaching, you could see the joy in Jessica's eyes. Her daughters were very pretty. Of course both of them inherited the beautiful long, dark brown hair. They had eyes as dark as Salvador's. Maria, at seven, was the oldest and Louisa was five. Maria was very good at watching over her sister. As the girls came in, they brought baskets with them. They showed Jessica their grand collection of chicken eggs and corn. Jessica patted Louisa on her head and said to her, "what a hard working set of young ladies I have here." Louisa smiled at her Mama, "Agradecimento Mãe (Thank you Mother)." The girls knew exactly what their morning tasks were. They immediately went for the dishes and cloths they used for napkins. Maria handed the cloths over to Louisa and showed her repeatedly how to fold them. Louisa had a very short attention span. It was quite difficult at times when she was trying to teach Louisa the tasks. Jessica stated to Maria, "It's a good thing you are so patient with your sister. Some day she will do better." Jessica turns to Louisa, "Muito bom trabalho Louisa (Very good job Louisa)."

Of course Louisa immediately noticed the grand crapes their Mama had prepared today. "Oh Mama! Yum! Yum! Is it a birthday today?" "No menina, it is your Mama and Pappa's celebration of togetherness." The girls were delighted for their parents. Maria had an idea. She quickly finished setting up the table, then called her little sister into the other room. "Louisa, we should do something special for Mama and Pappa." The girls sometimes referred to their parents as Mama and Pappa, or (Mae and Pai). Louisa became very excited. She always loved surprises, "What should we do?" Maria pondered for a moment. "I have an idea, c'mon Louisa, come outside." The girls ran out through the screen door. Jessica then yells to the girls while waving her hands in frustration, "Louisa, Maria where are you going? It's time for breakfast." Maria yells back, "I know Mama, we will be right back. I promise." Jessica shakes her head, but decides to continue working on the crape's. She pulls out the special china and starts placing each crape in each beautiful plate. She goes over to the wine selection in her cabinet, picking the perfect white wine for the special meal. It wasn't uncommon for families to have wine at every meal in this country. So while Jessica was finishing up her beautiful table display, Louisa and Maria were heading to a barn across from the house. Louisa was anxious to see what Maria's plan was. As they entered into the large barn, they ran through the many chickens that wandered in. Maria disregarded them as she ran through and both girls started laughing as the chickens balked at them. "I hid it over here, under the hay." Louisa's eyes grew bigger as she watched Maria pull out this fancy little basket. "Where did you get that Maria?" She grinned as she was pulling all the hay off and proudly displaying this hand crafted basket. It was so pretty and Louisa was very pleased with how nicely it was made, "I made it", Maria states proudly. "I just used the hay and started working with each strand individually. I was saving this basket for a very special occasion and this is pretty special to them. They can use this and Mama can make them a special picnic lunch, then they can go spend time alone together. They will always have this special basket to remember this day by." "I love it Maria", Louisa said with so much excitement, "they will love it too. Can it be from me also sissy?" "Of course, Louisa of course, let's go get some berries and put them in the basket."

Meanwhile Jessica was getting anxious to get things started. She stepped out on to their patio and hollered out for Salvador and the girls to return to the kitchen. Eventually Salvador came strolling towards the patio and he could smell the aromas of Jessica's great meal. The girls came running in and ran passed Salvador giggling with excitement. Everyone found there place at the table. Maria quickly stuffed the basket under the table so they wouldn't see. Jessica glanced over and saw there was something in Maria's hands. "What mischief are you girls up to now?" She pierced her eyes at her, with a small grin. Jessica knew her girls quite well and she could tell they were hiding something. "Well Mama me and Louisa want to give you and Pappa something special for your special day today." Salvador chuckled, "now, now, you girls didn't have to do that." Although Salvador did love surprises, just as much as the girls did. He clapped his hands together and looks over at Maria, "you got something cooked up for us over there little menina?" "Yes I do Pappa and Louisa does too." Louisa stood up in her chair smiling and proud to be a part of the surprise. So Maria reaches down under the table and pulls out the beautiful basket she made. Louisa stood up again proudly announcing, "I picked all the blueberries Pappa and a flower too." Jessica was smiling so proudly, "you girls are so maravilhoso (wonderful)." Pappa reaches over as Maria hands the basket to him. Salvador smiled and observed closely at all the berries in the basket. There was one flower in the middle of all the berries. It was a sunflower, but it looked so fitting with the basket and the berries. "What a handsome display and what a nice looking basket you have here. Did you make this all yourself little Maria?" She arched her back up in pride smiling wide at her Pappa, "yes Pappa." "Wow I'm so grateful to have such loving young ladies", exclaimed Salvador. "Thank you menina's, it's the best gift ever." The girls got out of their chairs and ran over to their Pappa and Mama hugging them. "Now let's start this great feast Mama has put together for us." Jessica admired her husband so much, he was such a gentle loving man. She felt so delighted and blessed with her family.

Jessica had a surprise for Salvador as well. A few months ago she was cleaning up and glanced over at her old chest of memories. Her Mother and Father had given this to her. She decided to take another glance at her contents inside. While she was rummaging through them she discovered a shirt that had belonged to her Father, with these very special buttons that her Mother had sewn on the shirt for him. These buttons were something Jessica always remembered. While her mother was sewing, she sang a beautiful song. She had the voice of angels. It was always so soothing to listen to her. Jessica was very fond of both her parents. They struggled for many years, but somehow always managed to make Jessica feel wealthy with love. These buttons were metal buttons, with an incised iridescent design. The color in them was so different. They were earth green and brown, with what looked like small leaves inside the buttons. She remembers her Mother having her hold them as she would string each one individually and very carefully so that they would stay strong and never break. She would rub one of the buttons and loved the way they felt on her fingers. Her Mother always said, "these are to represent the simple ways of life. These may look like simple buttons, but they are very special. I am placing each one with all my love for your father. We may be poor, but we are rich with love. Never forget that little miss Jessica Amelia." Jessica decided that she wanted to share these special buttons with Salvador. The shirt was old and worn, so she decided to do as her mother once did and put together a nice shirt. Sewing the very same buttons for him onto his shirt. She meticulously put together a bergundy fabric that would be perfect for Salvador and sewed each button in its place. It gave her peace thinking about her parents with such fondness while doing this. The shirt looked so well done and Jessica was very proud to share something so special with her husband.

Just as Salvador was ready to dig in to this fabulous breakfast, Jessica comes over to him. "I also have something for you." She hands a neatly folded burgundy shirt to Salvador. "I made this with my mothers buttons, off a very special shirt that once belonged to my father. I hope you like it Salvador." Salvador put his utensils down and smiles. He reaches over taking the shirt from her. He knew how much Jessica's parents meant to her. So he was extremely honored that she would share something so personal. "Jessica that was so thoughtful of you", he exclaimed. Jessica grinned as if a slight embarrassment and shyness came over her. "Those buttons were the same buttons my mother sewed on my fathers shirt for him." He unfolded the shirt and held it up in front of him. He looked closely at the buttons as to see how very special they were. He rubbed his fingers over one of the buttons the same way Jessica had once done. He could feel the ridges and smooth surfaces of each one. "Indeed Jessica, these are quite special and the shirt will fit me perfectly." Thank you so much for making this for me and sharing something so important to you." Salvador got up from his chair and went over to Jessica hugging her closely. He lingered for a moment in this hug, as to ensure her how much he treasured her. Jessica pulled away to gather herself, as she felt the need to cry. She missed her parents, as they had passed away a few years back. She gathered herself together and clapped her hands, "ok now time to have this great breakfast I prepared. The food is getting cold." Salvador knew she was missing her parents, so he let her go to the other room. He understood she needed some time to herself. She walked out of the room and Salvador sat back down and started to serve the girls their plates. "Ok Meninas, lets try this great meal." He gently smiled at both of the girls as they were oblivious to the moment and busy eyeing all the great food. After breakfast was finished, Salvador headed to his room to put on his new shirt. He was very careful to place each button securely. As he headed back out, he modeled his perfectly fitting shirt to Jessica. She was pleased at how well it fit him and how wonderfully the burgundy brought out his dark brown eyes. He headed back out to work for the day, as the girls helped Jessica clean up the kitchen.

Salvador was hiding something from Jessica. Something that for a man is so devastating his pride was served quite a beating. You see, unfortunately the farm was losing money. His crops were suffering great losses. There have not been good levels of rain in quite some time. Salvador already had to let go many of his helpers. He hasn't shared these stresses with Jessica. He doesn't want to burden her with it. However it was getting very bad for their farm. He continues to get up every morning at the crack of dawn to work the fields, hoping things will eventually turn around. In the evenings when Salvador would come home, the family would all sit out on the porch and listen to Salvador play his accordion. Something his father taught him since he was a boy. They were a close family with many friends. Many of the helpers families would join them. One particular evening while Salvador was playing, Jessica watched her husband closely. She noticed something was wrong. Later that evening after she tucked the girls in to bed, she decided to talk to Salvador. She really wanted to make sure he was ok. As she approached the bedroom, the door was slightly open and she peaked in at him. He was standing at the mirror just looking in. There was only one expression on his face and that was sadness. Jessica walks into the room. Salvador became startled by her entrance. He immediately turns to look her way and smiles. "Dinner was grande my beautiful wife." He pinches his fingers together kissing them and waves towards Jessica with a very chef expression. He was always so good at staying positive. Jessica knew him better then anyone. She knew he was carrying a burden. "Salvador talk to me. I know something is weighing heavy on you. You must tell me." He looks down to the ground, suddenly his bright smile and glowing eyes start to fade. He falls down to the ground to his knees. "Oh Jessica, I'm afraid our farm is fading away, meu amor (my love). This drought is causing our crops to die. We don't have enough supplies for the animals. I have tried to keep it going the best I can, but I am afraid we are going to have to start discussing a move." Jessica could see how distraught he was. He clenches his hands, then rubs them back and forth on his legs as he was sweating from so much distress. A cousin of mine from California offered us an opportunity with a dairy farm. They will provide us shelter and food. I can work and save. I'm so sorry Jessica Amelia. I have tried, but so many of us here with crops are facing this." Jessica could see his pain in his eyes. Losing her home and their friends, it saddened her too. "My husband, I know, don't you think I see? I have watched the other crops of our friends. I have seen the struggles you have been going through. We will get through this together." Jessica reaches over to his shoulder and rubs him so lovingly. She kneels down to where he is and holds him close to her. Salvador clasps his hands around her face, pointing her towards him and comes closer with his lips to hers. With all the stress they have been distant, with so much on Salvador's mind. They have always been very passionate with each other. This was a time they needed to be close more then ever. Salvador picks her up in his arms and carries her to their bed. "You are so beautiful Jessica Amelia, eu te amo muito (I love you so much)." That evening they spent together making love and holding each other close.


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