Say You'll Be Mine

Say You'll Be Mine

by Julia Amante


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ISBN-13: 9780446581639
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 10/25/2011
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 5.28(w) x 8.02(h) x 1.02(d)

About the Author

Julia Amante had the misfortune of growing up away from the extended family that is so valued in the Latin culture, but missed out on very little of what it means to be Argentine. Asados were sacred meals shared together on weekends. Cheering for the Argentine soccer team was a must, as were the weekly pilgrimages to the Argentine Club in Los Angeles where the young Americanized kids hid under the tables and watched the adults dance tango until the wee hours of the morning. Julia giggled right along with the rest of the kids at how "geeky" the parents looked, but secretly, was intrigued by the romantic culture and passionate music.

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Say You'll Be Mine 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
The_Reading_Reviewer More than 1 year ago
Driving down the same determined path her entire life has left Isabel Gallegos worn out and ready for something new. She is the successful owner of a renowned California winery who has had enough of chasing everybody's dreams without fulfilling her own. With life altering decisions about to be made Isabel receives the devastating call that her beloved cousin in Argentina has had a fatal accident. When Isabel learns she is now the guardian for her cousin's three young children she is stunned into silence and unable to comprehend what has happened. Isabel cannot understand how her cousin made the decision to have Isabel be their guardian she barely knows these children. Responsibility trumps all with Isabel so off to Argentina she goes. Knowing she is the absolute wrong choice for this responsibility Isabel is determined to correct the situation and finds unexpected support from her ex-husband, Nick. Nick was a complete train wreck during their marriage and Isabel never expected him to come through but now that she is at rock bottom, he is giving her a much-appreciated hand up. After seeing the situation in Argentina has no quick fix, Isabel agrees to take the children home to California only for an extended period. Before she leaves Argentina Isobel find a banished family member lurking in the background wanting the children. Is this the way out Isobel needed? Maybe this person is the bad seed everyone claims him to be. After they are settled in California Isabel attempts to be a mother despite her self-doubts and questioning of every decision. Again, Nick is at her side and coming through in ways he never did before and Isabel never expected him to now. When the trial period is over, Isabel has to decide if she wants to remain a parent or send them back to Argentina. What will she do about her life, these children, and especially Nick? What a rich, colorful, and completely heart-wrenching book written by a gifted mind. The reader is taken on an emotional ride through the soul with Isabel as she tries to free herself of the baggage she is carrying around while she tries to build a new life. The tapestry for this story is so engrossing you have to keep reading to find out how all this is going to work out for everyone you care that much about these characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Agree with ya XD
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SharonRedfern More than 1 year ago
Say You¿ll Be Mine is a romance novel with a fairly serious plot. Isabel is the head of her family owned winery and she is trying to decide what her future holds. She is divorced from Nick, who still works for the company and is working his way back from alcoholism, one of the factors in the divorce. He has started a new relationship and is engaged but emotionally he hasn¿t really committed to his fiancé. Isabel receives word that her cousin has died and she must go to Argentina and take custody of three minor children. Nick invites himself on the trip and after a bit of arguing, they go together. Isabel does not want to be responsible for the children and gets an out when Ramiro, the brother of the children¿s father, indicates he will fight for custody. Ramiro has a bad history with the Gallegos family and Isabel¿s relatives are adamantly against his involvement with the children. Isabel just wants out of the situation and makes a deal with Ramiro that she will return the children after a defined period of time. It seems as though all of the major players in this story are damaged somehow. Isabel has closed herself off to life and love and just wants to be free of all responsibility. She sees the children as just more trouble to hold her down. Nick has fought his way back to sobriety but he is not happy either. Together they have a shared tragedy that neither has really dealt with. Ramiro has a past to live down and seems to be the most content with his life. He sees the children as an opportunity to right some of the past wrongs and has an emotional attachment to them. The children are fragile emotionally and hostile to change. Taking in children and becoming a loving mother to them is a tried and true romance plot. In this book it is not so simple. Isabel changes in many ways but in the back of her mind she still wants her freedom. She and Nick work through a lot of issues between them, but old hurts die hard. Every step forward brings two going back. Right up to the end of the book, the reader is not sure how this story will end. I enjoyed this book a great deal. Once I started it, I couldn¿t stop until I was done. I thought that the plot was realistic and the cultural references to Argentina added a lot to the book.
DeliMaria More than 1 year ago
Julia Amante gives us a dose of womanhood in modern day where succeeding means "sacrifice" not in the religious way, more on the tone of "it needs to be done and it needs to be done right!" Isabel Gallegos, does not struggle with being an immigrant, nor learning English, she is a successful business woman who is ready to sell her business, cash in on her success and begin living her dreams only to find out that her dreams are not far from all she knows and has lived so far. Isabel comes to the realization that her happiness is not in tracing back to the dreams of her youth, sometimes our happiness is in what we have and what we decide to do with the opportunities in view rather than in the longings of our youth. Her parent's dreams, her ex-husband's unconditional love and motherhood are all at her reach to fulfill her life desires; but she must first recognize them for there is no sacrifice when doing the right thing brings love and family together. This is a love story lived with the Latin family values and the flavors of Argentina. Prepare yourself for a treat, a delight in the landscape of the Argentine terrain, a little history, patriotism and good food. In the end if you know anything about Argentine cuisine you might end up craving empanadas or if you are a wine enthusiast you might want to enjoy a glass. If you are like me you might want both.