Schnoodle And Schnoodles: Your Perfect Schnoodle Guide Includes Schnoodle Puppies, Giant Schnoodles, Finding Schnoodle Breeders, Temperament, Miniature Schnoodles, Care, & More!

Schnoodle And Schnoodles: Your Perfect Schnoodle Guide Includes Schnoodle Puppies, Giant Schnoodles, Finding Schnoodle Breeders, Temperament, Miniature Schnoodles, Care, & More!

by Susanne Saben


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Schnoodle And Schnoodles: Your Perfect Schnoodle Guide Includes Schnoodle Puppies, Giant Schnoodles, Finding Schnoodle Breeders, Temperament, Miniature Schnoodles, Care, & More! by Susanne Saben

"The best Schnoodle book on the market - bar none; Written in a really complete style, with really helpful SCHNOODLE SPECIFIC details, not just generic dog stuff - thanks!" Debbie S., Atlanta, GA

"Schnoodle and Schnoodles is a great book for Schnoodle lovers. You can tell the author loves the Schnoodle the affection simply drips off the page. Fun!" Hayley W, Seattle, WA

"I've been searching for a Schnoodle puppy for quite a while - this book helped me to find the perfect Schnoodle breeder!" - Jessica M, Toronto, ON

"I like how she covered Giant Schnoodles, Schnoodle Puppies, the Standard Schnoodle, and the Miniature Schnoodle. As a Schnoodle breeder myself, I'm really impressed". John Setton, New Orleans, LA

"Well done - the best Schnoodle book I've found." - Ashley Singer, Newcastle, UK

Schnoodle and Schnoodles from the Giant Schnoodle, to Schnoodle Puppies, Schnoodle Temperament, the Schnauzer Poodle Mix, Schnoodle Breeders, this is the definitive Schnoodle source! A true Schnoodle lover- the author enjoys covering everything from finding a Schnoodle Breeder to Schnoodle Puppies for Sale, Care, Schnoodle Training, Health & More!

Schnoodle And Schnoodles is everything you need to know about the Schnoodle & Schnoodles - from Schnoodle Puppies, the Standard Schnoodle, the Giant Schnoodle, Schnoodle Temperament, how to find the perfect Schnauzer Poodle Mix, Schnoodle Breeders- how to pick the best, Schnoodle Dog Raising and Schnoodle Dog Health, the Miniature Schnoodle and Toy Schnoodle. Learn all about the Schnoodle Temperament, where the Schnoodle came from and its interesting history. How to avoid the most common mistakes with Schnoodles. How not to pay too much for your Schnoodle. Schnoodle Rescue and Schnoodle Adoption. Discover which Schnoodle is really right for you! Another informative and entertaining title from passionate dog owner & Schnoodle lover Susanne Saben. As a Schnoodle lover- Susanne enjoys advising on all aspects of Schnoodle care from Schnoodle Grooming, Schnoodle Medical Care & Health, and Schnoodle Training. Ensuring you have a healthy and happy Schnoodle is rewarding- and an amazing journey!

Whether you are considering a Schnoodle for the first time, or you're a seasoned Schnoodle owner, the tricks and tips within this guide will prove essential. This book is a must-have guide for anyone really passionate about the Schnoodle. Whether it's Schnoodle Puppies for Sale, the Standard Schnoodle, the Giant Schnoodle, the Miniature Schnoodle, Schnoodle Prices, Schnoodle Pictures Schnoodle Breeders, Schnoodle Life Expectancy, Schnoodle Grooming, Schnoodle Size, Schnoodle Training, Schnoodle Feeding- or anything in between- the author lays out everything you need to know - and common Schnoodle mistakes to avoid! The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style. In a straight forward, no nonsense fashion, Susanne Saben covers all aspects of deciding on, adopting or buying a Schnoodle and ensuring you raise and experience a healthy and happy Schnoodle throughout it's life!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781911355120
Publisher: Dominate Your Market With Damian Leon, Ltd.
Publication date: 08/11/2016
Pages: 118
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.32(d)

About the Author

Susanne Saben is a dedicated animal lover and owner who has years of experience advising on all aspects of your pet's care from breeders, adoption and rescue, raising, feeding, care, temperament, health, and having the best possible experience with your pet! Susanne writes in an entertaining and straightforward style which you will be sure to enjoy while you benefit from her years of experience and love for the animals she so richly writes about. Susanne lives in southern Georgia with her 3 children and husband, and has been a writer and avid animal lover for many years!

Table of Contents

Foreword 8 Chapter 1 - Schnoodles - What Are They? 12 Schnauzer-Poodle Mix - Size Variations 12 Miniature Schnoodle 14 Standard Schnoodle 14 Giant Schnoodle 15 The Coat of The Poodle Schnauzer Mix 15 Apricot Schnoodle, Black Schnoodle, Chocolate Schnoodle - What Causes the Coat Color? 17 General Anatomy of the Poodle Schnauzer Mix 17 The Best Environment For A Schnoodle 18 Schnoodle Temperament 19 The History of the Schnoodle 20 Chapter 2 - Schnoodle Puppies - What to Expect Before Buying One 24 Schnoodle Cost 24 Schnoodle Breeders Are the Most Expensive 24 Schnoodles for Adoption Can Cost Less 27 Schnoodle Cost-Other Factors 29 What Is Your Activity Level? 30 How Many Schnoodles Should You Have? 31 Where Do You Live? 31 Checklist 33 Chapter 3 - Schnoodles for Sale-Buying Schnoodle Puppies From a Breeder 34 What Can Schnoodle Breeders Do For You? 34 Can Schnauzer or Poodle Breeders Work? 37 What To Ask 38 Problems To Avoid 40 Pet stores 42 Temperament, Personality, and Intelligence 44 Schnoodle Intelligence 44 What Is a Schnoodle Like When Compared To the Schnauzer and Poodle? 46 Similarities To The Schnauzer 47 Similarities To The Poodle 47 Schnoodle Training - Is the Dog Responsive To Commands? 48 Are Schnoodles Good With People? 49 Avoiding Problems With Your Schnoodle 49 Chapter 5 - Schnoodle Feeding and Nutritional Needs 52 High Quality Food vs. Low Quality Food 53 Schnoodle Feeding - When to Feed? 54 How Much Should I Feed My Schnoodle? 55 Nutrition By Age 56 Feeding Schnauzer Poodle Mix Puppies 56 Feeding Senior Schnoodles 56 Dry and Semi-moist Food 57 Canned or 'Wet' Food 59 Homemade Food 60 Fruits and Vegetables 61 What Foods Should You Avoid? 63 Chapter 6 - Schnoodle Health 65 Schnoodle Life Expectancy 66 Why Do Larger Schnoodles Die Younger? 66 The Poodle and Schnauzer Mix Is Very Energetic! 67 Walking Your Schnoodle 68 Obesity in Schnoodles 69 How Can You Tell If Your Schnoodle Is Overweight? 69 How to Get Your Schnoodle to Lose Weight 70 Key Health Problems To Watch Out For 71 Skin Allergies 72 Ear Infections 72 Seborrhea (Oily or Dry Skin Patches) 73 Schnauzer Comedo Syndrome (Bumps on the Body) 74 Epilepsy (Seizures) 74 Patellar Luxation (Slipping Kneecap) 75 Canine Hyperlipidemia (High Cholesterol In the Blood) 75 Chapter 7 -Grooming Your Schnoodle 77 Grooming your Schnoodle's Unique Coat 77 Combing Your Schnoodle 78 Bathing Your Schnoodle 79 Trimming 81 Schnauzer and Poodle Mix Nail Care 81 Pad Care 82 Eye Care 83 Ear Care 83 Chapter 8 - Schnoodle Training - How Does It Work? 85 Obedience Training 85 Sitting 86 Coming To You 87 Staying In Place 87 Bathroom and House Training 88 How Can You Identify When He Needs to Go? 88 Preparing a Space To Go 89 What If My Schnoodle Has An Accident? 90 Crate or Bed Training 90 Other Forms of Training 91 Chapter 9 -Vaccinating Your Schnoodle 92 A Listing of the Key Injections 93 What's the Best Schedule? 94 Chapter 10 - Internal And External Parasites 96 External Pest Control 96 What Do You Do When There's A Tick On Your Schnoodle? 97 Worms and Heartworms 98 How Can You Identify Worms? 99 How Can You Treat Worms and Heartworms? 100 Chapter 11 - Schnoodle Breeding 101 Giant Schnoodle Puppies, Toy Schnoodles Puppies and More - Litter Size 103 The Mother's Health 104 Schnoodle Pregnancy 105 The Growth of Schnoodle Puppies 108 Conclusion 110

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