Sci-Fi Fashion Art School: How to Draw Science Fiction Characters, Styles and Action Scenes

Sci-Fi Fashion Art School: How to Draw Science Fiction Characters, Styles and Action Scenes

by Irene Flores, Ashly Raiti

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Your guide to drawing sci-fi characters!

From post-apocalyptic Earth to extraterrestrial civilizations, get ready to explore the farthest reaches of your imagination and evoke your own original sci-fi worlds.

With Sci-Fi Fashion Art School you will learn to draw everything from scavenger-wear and exosuits to alien garb and space explorer uniforms. Starting with simple guidelines, you'll discover how to create distinct characters just by varying facial features, body mass and hair. Beyond the mechanics of drawing, you'll learn to make strategic creative choices by asking questions like: What drives your characters? Do they dress for survival or social status? What materials are at their disposal? The answers help you develop fashions, weapons and accessories uniquely suited to the environmental and cultural conditions of your particular world.

The Sci-Fi genre has no limits. With the instruction and inspiration inside, neither will you.

Launch Yourself Into New Worlds!

   • Learn how to draw clothing, hairstyles, tools, weapons, jewelry, prosthetic parts, and more.
   • Create characters, settings and scenes with 21 step-by-step demonstrations
   • Explore several different sci-fi world scenarios: The Wasteland, Urban Dystopia, iRobots and The Final Frontier.
   • Develop a diverse cast of characters, including enforcers, scientists, survivors, rulers, rebels, servants, bad guys and others.

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About the Author

Irene Flores is the author of IMPACT's Shojo Fashion Manga series, as well as co-creator of Tokyopop's trilogy Mark of the Succubus. Ashly Raiti is the writer and co-creator of Tokyopop's trilogy Mark of the Succubus, Volume 1 (2005), Volume 2 (2006) and Volume 3 (2008). They live in Santa Rosa, CA.

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