Scooch!: Edging into a Friendly Universe

Scooch!: Edging into a Friendly Universe

by Jaya the Trust Coach


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ISBN-13: 9780997740103
Publisher: Jaya the Trust Coach
Publication date: 08/08/2016
Pages: 354
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.79(d)

About the Author

Jayalalita, aka Jaya the Trust Coach, is a seeker who does not aspire to enlightenment. She lives in a sunny spot at ground level, meeting consciousness as a real human being in a real life. The fact that she used to be a moody, depressive, overwhelmed victim accounts for the if-I-can-change-anyone-can mentality she brings to her life-coaching work. Armed with an arguably useless but adorable MFA in Creative Writing, she imbues her writings with the same staunch commitment she offers her one-on-one clients and workshop participants to support them in a kinder, gentler, results-oriented process of growth and healing.

Table of Contents

acknowledgments 4
preface: Scooch! 8
introduction: Scooch toward a Friendly Universe 12
PART 1 Scooch In Closer to Your Pain and Suffering 17
chapter 1 The Pure Relief of Nonresistance 19
chapter 2 Show Up for What's Actually Happening 25
chapter 3 Mind the Pain Body, Tend the Mind 29
chapter 4 (Quit Telling Me to) Breathe 47
chapter 5 Managing Pain by Bringing It Closer 51
chapter 6 Good Tears versus Bad Tears 55
chapter 7 Getting Out of Overwhelm 59
chapter 8 Get Comfortable with Your Discomfort 69
chapter 9 Why Joy Now? 75
chapter 10 Oh, the Messy Process of Applying It All 81
PART 2 Scooch In Closer to Yourself 91
chapter 11 Got Self-love? 93
chapter 12 That Crazy Comparison Thing 101
chapter 13 Harness Your Power of Interpretation (Sometimes It's the Only Power You've Got) 105
chapter 14 Two Liars: Guilt and Shame 115
chapter 15 Ongoing Self-forgiveness: Live Free and Clear 121
chapter 16 Application in the Moment: Impermanence, Stone Statues, Green Smoothies 125 chapter 17 Healing Meditation for Meeting Your Past Selves 129
PART 3 Scooch into Your Personal Power 133
chapter 18 The Power to Change 137
chapter 19 The Power of Being in Good Standing with Yourself 143
chapter 20 The Power of Self-referral 147
chapter 21 Tell the Truth: The Perils of Caretaking and Manipulation 155
chapter 22 Never a Victim: Cultivate a Consciousness of Choice 165
chapter 23 Watch Your Language 179
chapter 24 Make No One the Villain: Meet Every Face as the Face of God 183
chapter 25 Be the See-er, Not the Seen 187
chapter 26 Keep Your Word: Increasing Self-trust 191
chapter 27 Yes or No: Be Someone Who Gives the Right Answer 197
chapter 28 Eye-gazing, Personality, Possibility 205
chapter 29 Power Zappers 211
chapter 30 Two Scooching Stories in Losing and Finding Power 223
PART 4 Your Power to Create: Scooch from Vision to Fruition 237
chapter 31 Loose-grip Visioning Basics 241
chapter 32 Line It Up: Four Things to Align with Your Vision 257
chapter 33 Accessing Guidance in the Moment (No Matter What Your Belief System) 261
chapter 34 What's Your Weird Gift? 279
chapter 35 The Sprawling List: Ingredients for the Chef 295
chapter 36 Blueprints for Your Personal Manifesto 301
chapter 37 Two Scooching Stories in Visioning and Creating 325
conclusion Now What? 341
bibliography 346

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