Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising

by Alan Annand

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Scorpio Rising by Alan Annand

Scorpio Rising (New Age noir)

In the space of one hour, three strangers die violent deaths. A hit-and-run vehicle kills a dot-com millionaire jogging in San Francisco. A car bomb obliterates the team leader of a government counter-terrorism project in Los Alamos, New Mexico. An assailant ambushes a New York heiress walking home from Broadway and forces her own pepper spray down her throat.

In all three cases, investigators reach an immediate impasse. Each victim leaves an estate of millions, but their beneficiaries all have perfect out-of-town alibis. Theories swirl around the victims like flies on a corpse – a contract killing for financial gain, a lover’s quarrel spiraled out of control, a domestic al-Qaeda strike...? The police are stymied and the FBI is worried.

Axel Crowe, criminal psychologist, is summoned to New York by the brother of the woman who was murdered. Crowe is a man with an obscure past but a brilliant reputation. Occasionally he consults as a profiler for the police. More commonly, he is a finder of wayward people and stolen possessions. Despite initial stonewalling from the NYPD, Crowe profiles the killer in his own unique way – using astrology, palmistry and other unconventional techniques.

His investigation follows a tangled trail of illicit relationships – from one suspect to another and, eventually, yet another. Ultimately, he learns that all three victims were killed in the space of one hour. But is it coincidence or conspiracy?

Facts are gross, but the truth is subtle, Crowe’s guru used to tell him. And although the truth lies buried in the past, Crowe is relentless until he uncovers it.

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BN ID: 2940011310676
Publisher: Alan Annand
Publication date: 05/12/2011
Series: New Age Noir , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,155,367
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About the Author

ALAN ANNAND is a writer of crime fiction, offering an intriguing blend of mystery, suspense, thriller and occult genres. When he’s not dreaming up ingenious ways to kill people and thrill readers, he occasionally finds therapy in writing humor, short stories and faux book reviews. Before becoming a full-time novelist and scriptwriter, he worked as a technical writer for the railway industry, a corporate writer for private and public sectors, a human resources manager and an underground surveyor. Currently, he divides his time between writing in the AM, astrology in the PM, and meditation on the OM. For those who care, he’s an Aries with a dash of Scorpio. ALAN ANNAND: - Writer of mystery suspense novels. - Astrologer/palmist, trained in Western/Vedic astrology. - Amateur musician, agent provocateur and infomaniac. Websites: - Writing: - Astrology: Books available at Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble, Smashwords, etc: - Al-Quebeca (police procedural mystery thriller) - Antenna Syndrome (hard-boiled sci-fi mystery thriller) - Felonious Monk (New Age noir mystery thriller #2) - Harm’s Way (hardboiled mystery thriller) - Hide in Plain Sight (psychological mystery suspense) - Mutual Reception (western astrology text) - Parivartana Yoga (Vedic astrology text) - Scorpio Rising (New Age noir mystery thriller #1) - Soma County (New Age noir mystery thriller #3) - Specimen and Other Stories (short fiction) - Stellar Astrology (essays in Vedic astrology) Previously published five novels under pseudonyms with New York publishers: - Harm's Way (St.Martin's Press), by Aleister Foxx - Antenna Syndrome (Tower Publications), by Alan Marks - Skyraiders (Tower Publications), by Alan Marks - Bearknife Gold (Tower Publications), by Alan Marks - Commando Attack (Tower Publications), by Alan Marks Education: - BA, English Lit - BSc, Math & Physics - Diploma, British Faculty of Astrological Studies - Diploma, American College of Vedic Astrology Citizen of the world: - Lived in Montreal 26 yrs, Toronto 6 yrs - Lived in England one year - Traveled USA, Mexico, Caribbean, Europe, Morocco, Lebanon, India, Thailand

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Scorpio Rising 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
zitofon More than 1 year ago
I'm an astrologer and a fan of mystery novels - which meant I would either love or hate Scorpio Rising. Well, it turned out to be one of those books that had me staying up too late to read just one more chapter, as Alan Annand seamlessly blends the mantic arts of astrology and palmistry together with classic detective thriller style. He creates a believable protagonist with ancient skills, New Age ethics, and a dash of 1940s savvy. Best of all, the plot is interesting and well-constructed. It's a great read!
GK108 More than 1 year ago
This is the first of what author Alan Annand calls his New Age Noir series, featuring an adventure-prone but morally upright hero who is an astrologer and palmist. Annand’s talent is evident on multiple fronts – strong characterization, complex plot and a display of colorful writing not typical of the genre. Style-wise, I was often reminded of Raymond Chandler and Len Deighton. The plot is a ramped-up version of the Highsmith/Hitchcock Strangers on a Train wherein three former college friends find themselves decades later in a position to scratch each other’s itch to mutual financial advantage. The story ping-pongs back and forth between New York, San Francisco and New Mexico, gradually narrowing in focus until our astrological sleuth confronts the principal perp in the desolate landscape of a desert butte. Lest the casual reader might think the use of astrology or palmistry would spoil this man-in-the-street armchair detection, don’t be fooled. Esoterica is woven into this story so deftly it is no more intrusive than another author’s use of forensic or legal details. Although Annand obviously knows his arcane arts, he never preaches, only educates in the most subtle manner, meanwhile providing non-stop entertainment.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am struggling with this novel. I bought it because I enjoyed another book by this author; however, I cannot read through the astrology bits and take the story seriously...and I will miss too much of the characters' backgrounds if I don't.
Tigerbull More than 1 year ago
When a friend told me about this novel, my interest was immediately piqued; as an Astrologer and avid student of the Grimoires I immediately saw the terrific potential in this story line. A philanthropist is murdered in what looks like a mugging gone wrong while she is walking home from a Broadway show. A stock market savvy, gay man is mowed down by a Jeep in Marin county on his regular evening jog. An intellectual strategist and econometric modelling genius who leads a counter terrorist team is blown up in a suspected al Quaeda car bomb. What do these events have in common? Nothing when it comes down to conventional detecting methods. Enter Alex Crowe, astrologer extraordinaire. With an astrology app, horary charts, the whiff of pinon and a hunch about a recurring triangle theme Alex follows his nose to San Fransisco where a Berkeley Karate Club photo from 10 years previous holds the vital clue. Many thrillers are like washing lines: tight at the ends and saggy in the middle. Scorpio Rising is a tightrope of action, brilliantly paced throughout and gripping to the final page. We all know about DNA, prints, forensics and even psychological profiling but Annand has creatively and very believably demonstrated the exciting ways in which astrology, palmistry and symbolism can be effectively used to create leads and make connections when solving crimes. There are wonderful quotes in the book which both educated and amused me and Annand's use of language and metaphors really did impress me on many occasions. Like a good, ice-cold beer, once I had taken a sip I wanted more and I did not want to be disturbed. Not to give too much away, but I enjoyed the insight into Carrie from the very beginning. The author paints his characters very well and I felt totally part of the story at every minute as the descriptions 'took me there' without ever slowing the pace. I will definitely be reading Annand's next book and I can highly recommend this book to not only those who enjoy esoteric avenues of thought, but lovers of thrillers and detective dramas.
AstralHarmony More than 1 year ago
From the opening chapters of SCORPIO RISING, when we meet three killers stalking their victims, and the one man who will identify them, we know we’re in the hands of a master. Not only is Scorpio rising in this novel, but also a remarkable talent for writing brisk and edgy cross-genre fiction suffused with beauty, humor and enlightenment. Santa Fe, New York, San Francisco and Toronto are backdrops for a complex murder conspiracy investigated by astrologer/palmist Axel Crowe. And as much as murder is motivated by dark desire (of which we see much evidence in this book), justice is served by dharma and karma – a good man guided by an invisible but natural order, finding the right path through a world of greed and lust. SCORPIO RISING starts with suspense, turns several corners into deeper mystery, and races toward the finishing tape as a thriller. And like a solid gold thread in a carpet, Alan Annand has woven throughout this quickly-paced novel the spiritual presence of a kick-ass guru whose pithy aphorisms from the Vedas illuminate the places where worlds collide. No matter which esoteric art – astrology, palmistry, numerology, face-reading, vastu or omens – Annand has it covered, in a way that is easily as educational as it is entertaining. New Age advocates, if you like your fiction with a bit of noir, this is the book for you – a compelling murder mystery whose hero Axel Crowe is like Sherlock Holmes with a horoscope