Secret Love

Secret Love

by Christine Warner

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BN ID: 2940149616909
Publisher: Christine Warner
Publication date: 05/31/2014
Series: Sweet Fifties Series , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Secret Love 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Tracy_in_Texas More than 1 year ago
Unrequited love, big brother's best friend...this story had all my favorites. Though Secret Love was set in the 50's, the story between Lizzy and Wayne is timeless, realistic, and at times funny. Refreshingly sweet, this was a perfect read for an afternoon by the pool.
haze09 More than 1 year ago
The title says it all. It's about a secret love. An arc was provided to me in exchange for an honest interview. This was a short, good and happy read for me. The book's plot was set in an interesting time frame. It started in 1955, so the story was set at a colorful time in the past. It gives us a glimpse of the older ways. ;) It's a bit corny in some places, considering that I am a reader from the 21st century and all that, but it's still cute. It's kind of predictable when it comes to the romance part, but hey, it's all part of its charm. Lizzie had a big crush on our hero (Wayne) when she was very young. Needless to say, Lizzie's age made it impossible for Wayne to pay any sort of attention her. That's blow number one, blow number two is that Lizzie confessed her umm.. love for Wayne a long time ago and she never got over him. Wayne on the other hand may not have noticed Lizzie before because of various reasons, one of them is Lizzie being the sister of his best friend (which I don't really understand... Why is it so bad to be in love with your bff's sister? Is there some kind of guy code here that I'm missing? LOL), but now HE NOTICES HER alright. He can't get her out of his mind. The way he describes her, it's like she's his sun. He says she brightens up the room no matter what. *sigh* The story gradually takes us on their journey to confessing. Like I said, it's short, sweet and pretty nice. The only thing that I find lacking here are some other details about both of their families. I would've wanted more details on Lizzie's brother. :) Anyway, to sum it all up, this is a quick, good read. Worth your time and effort. :)
Joanna_Aislinn More than 1 year ago
Please note: I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy of Christine Warner’s Secret Love for review and promotional purposes.  Christine Warner’s sweet romantic novella immediately landed me in the mid-1940s and 50s. This highly nostalgic short story did not lack for character development. Perhaps the story moved along a tad quickly, but in all fairness to the author, Ms. Warner provided enough backstory to seamlessly cut into the novella’s present. The prose is concise and the text well-edited. Detail is appropriate to the period. Like the songs of old Ms. Warner mentions throughout the story, nostalgia flows effortlessly via lively descriptions and dialogue, readily giving present-day life to a time long past.  Thirteen-year-old Lizzie Tarleton is a bit of a spit-fire. I happened to very much like her soap-eating ‘younger version.’ Not that I disliked her 23-year-old self, when the story proper picks up ten years after the reader meets her.) I was particularly fond of Lizzie’s willingness to jump out of her comfort zone to speak her mind, during a time period when girls were not raised to be forthcoming with their thoughts, let alone their feelings toward a boy. Seventeen-year-old Wayne Whitmore is Lizzie’s brother’s best bud. His compassion toward Lizzie immediately endeared him to this reader, how he cared enough to spare her feelings in that first scene. Ms. Warner does a nice job bringing her characters together ten years later. Lizzie is now a teacher at the high school where Wayne is the principal. (I did have a bit of a hard time trying to accept him in that role so young.) I didn’t find the story’s conflict to be terribly powerful, but I had no problem buying into it as real or universal. Ms. Warner took what could be a situation in any couple’s world, and built it into an engaging tale of how they overcame it to embark on their happily ever after.  
AM_Bishop More than 1 year ago
If you’ve ever had a teenage crush and had the moxie to tell the boy how you felt, this novel is for you. Mrs. Warner reminds us that Cupid has a way of turning unrequited love into the real thing the second time around. Growing up, thirteen year old Lizzie Tarleton had a crush on Wayne Whitmore, her brother’s best friend. Fast forward ten years later and now he’s the principal at Saranac High School where she teaches and both of them are dealing with feelings they’ve never acted on. This novel is set in the fifties but other than some well-placed television, musical, and fashion references you would think it was happening in modern times. The chemistry between Lizzie and Wayne will remind readers of their first encounters with infatuation; the nervousness, stolen glances, daydreams, and over-analyzing one’s actions makes you think about the sweetness of true love. It also highlights the importance of friendship being the basis of a strong romantic connection. I enjoyed the nicknames Lizzie occasionally says to Wayne and the childhood game that led to their first kiss. This novel is wholesome and showcases the insecurities we feel when we attempt to let our hearts lead us to happiness. Lizzie is a beautiful, strong, opinionated woman that loves her hometown in Michigan. She sees her life in Saranac as being full and satisfying, while Wayne, the handsome bachelor her family likes, longs to prove he’s moved beyond his rough upbringing. Mrs. Warner throws them back together and before they can bask in their new found love, she gives them a realistic curve ball to test their commitment. Give SECRET LOVE a try, I promise Mrs. Warner’s engaging writing style will make you forget about the time you’ve spend reading this sweet novella in the Sweet Fifties Series.
2_PMVH More than 1 year ago
A sweet story of the crush of a 13 year old girl for her brother's best friend. Lizzie has had a crush on Wayne and now he is her boos at Saranac High School as the principal. She loves her job as a teacher, but her parents are talking about her settling down, getting married and having kids. Wayne can't believe how much Lizzie has changed since the braids and overalls, but she is a beauty and a piece of forbidden fruit, his best friend's little sister. Will these two confess their love? Will her family excepted the boy from the wrong side of the tracks for her? This a sweet and charming story of first love and taking chances! I loved Lizzie's grandma's advice about going after want you want! I think someone gave this advice to Ms. Warner and now she is passing it on! Her characters are from the 50s and they lived is such a different and more innocent world than us. Ms. Warner get a score of 3 fingers up and 6 toes and I will be getting so more of her contemporary romances in the future! ARC given for my honest review.