Secrets of Seduction (Legendary Lovers Series #3)

Secrets of Seduction (Legendary Lovers Series #3)

by Nicole Jordan

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ISBN-13: 9780345525321
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/29/2014
Series: Legendary Lovers Series , #3
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 107,416
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

Nicole Jordan is the New York Times bestselling author of numerous historical romances. She lives with her real-life hero (her husband) in the Rocky Mountains of Utah, where she is at work on her next enthralling tale about the sparks that fly when Regency lovers play the matrimonial mating game.

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Chapter One


East Sussex, England; September 1816


She had never before pursued a man, but in matters of the heart, sometimes a lady needed to take fate into her own hands.


In the gathering dusk, Lady Skye Wilde peered through her carriage window at the hulking mansion shrouded in fog and drizzling rain. Built two centuries before, Hawkhurst Castle was an enormous edifice of gold--hued stone, complete with turrets. Once magnificent, it looked forsaken now, although faint lights shone in a lower--story window, giving Skye hope that her mission would not be in vain.


The Earl of Hawkhurst needed a bride, and she intended to interview for the position.


In truth, she’d been plotting this moment all summer long, ever since learning of Lord Hawkhurst’s intention to marry again. Now that the moment was at hand, an army of butterflies was waging battle in her stomach.


Skye was keenly aware her entire future could depend on this first meeting.


Before she lost her nerve, she pulled her cloak hood over her fair hair and stepped down from her carriage into the rain. No doubt it was idiotic to purposely get caught in a storm, yet the brewing tempest played well into her scheme to plant herself on the earl’s front doorstep. A downpour increased the odds that he would take pity on her and provide her shelter, perhaps even allow her to stay the night.


An ominous flash of lightning in the near distance warned Skye that she had little time before the worst weather hit. Even so, she hesitated to approach the sweeping stone steps that led up to the massive front door.


She had encountered the earl only once, yet Hawkhurst—-known as Hawk to his intimates—-was the kind of man no woman ever forgot . . . or any girl, either. When she was thirteen, she’d fallen head over heels for him and had been heartbroken to learn he was already wed. Then, shortly afterward, he’d suffered the most terrible of tragedies, losing his beloved wife and very young son to a fire here at his family seat.


From her vantage point, Skye couldn’t see the charred remains of the burned rooms. The fire must have started in another wing—-


A second bolt of lightning, this one much closer, was followed swiftly by a crash of thunder that startled the already fractious carriage horses. Glancing behind her, Skye called out an order to her coachman to drive the team around to the stables and seek refuge.


“My lady, I dislike leaving you here alone!” he shouted back over the growing bluster of wind and rain.


She appreciated the concern of her loyal servants—-two grooms and a coachman—-who were more like body-guards than lackeys. Her brother Quinn insisted they accompany her for protection on her travels, even though she was now three--and--twenty. Skye usually suffered her strapping attendants with good grace, since they allowed her a measure of independence that most unattached young ladies lacked. But now they were decidedly in the way.


“I won’t come to harm!” Skye insisted. “Lord Hawk-hurst is a close friend of my aunt. He will not turn me away in a storm.”


At least I trust not, she added to herself. Hawkhurst was known as a great lover of horses and a master horseman. In all likelihood, he would not evict frightened animals from his estate, even if he might want to refuse their human owners.


“If you are certain, my lady—-”


Another crack of thunder cut off his sentence.


“Yes, go quickly please, Josiah!”


Just then the heavens opened up, and the drizzle became a torrent of driving rain.


The two grooms hastily climbed onto their rear perch, and the carriage drove off. Skye sprinted for the stone staircase and wondered if she had underestimated the storm’s danger. Her cloak hood barely protected her face as big, stinging drops pelted her tender skin. Quelling a gasp at the cold impact, she ran almost blindly up the steps. By the time she reached the top landing, she was thoroughly drenched.


Between the gloom and the buffeting rain, she could barely make out that the knocker had been removed from the door. She rapped with her knuckles for several long minutes, then pounded with the heel of her hand.


No one answered.


Although half--expecting the door to be locked, she tried admitting herself. The knob turned freely, so she pushed open the door. An instant later it abruptly swung wide, pulling her forward. Skye stumbled over the thresh-old and would have pitched face--first onto the floor if not for a pair of strong arms saving her.


Skye did gasp then. Held against a broad chest and a very male body, she looked up, her heart pounding. In the enormous entrance hall, the flame of a single wall sconce cast flickering shadows over her savior’s visage.


It was the lord of the manor himself, Morgan Blake, the sixth Earl of Hawkhurst.


Skye caught her breath anew at his stunning masculine beauty: High forehead, chiseled cheekbones, aristocratic nose, sensual lips. And his most striking features: winged black brows above dark--fringed, storm--gray eyes.


He looked more rugged than she remembered, perhaps because of his tousled, overlong raven hair and the stubble roughening his strong jaw. His face held more character as well, and lines of pain that hadn’t been present before. Of course, he was ten years older now, and at four--and--thirty he had seen far more of the dark side of life.


Those penetrating eyes still had the same spellbinding effect on her, however. When her gaze locked with his, heat streaked through Skye, stark and raw, like a bolt of lightning.


He might have felt the same electric flash of fire, for he reached up with one hand and pushed back the hood of her cloak to reveal her pale gold hair. Frowning, he touched her face, as if wondering if she were real.


It was a moment of enchantment she could never have anticipated.


Her heart still in her throat, Skye parted her lips but remained mute as she returned his searching stare. Then Lord Hawkhurst seemed to realize he was holding her. Appearing reluctant to let her go, he helped right her balance and released her.


Disappointment swamped Skye. Being held in his arms was as breathtaking as she’d dreamed it would be, and she had not wanted his embrace to end. This intimate manner of meeting was unplanned but much better than she could have hoped for . . . until she suddenly spied the weapon in his other hand.


He wielded a deadly looking dagger and seemed prepared to use it on her.


Skye swallowed hard before realizing his weapon was the sort of knife used for paring quill pens.


“My l--lord,” she managed to say with relative calm. “You needn’t defend yourself from me. I am not a thief or assassin. Had I been, I would not have knocked on your front door.”


“If not a thief, then who are you?” he asked in a voice that was commanding and pleasantly deep.


“I am Skye Wilde, the niece of your close friend Lady Isabella Wilde.”


His brows drew together sharply. “Did Bella send you here?”


“Yes . . . I mean, no.”


“Which is it?” He sounded impatient.


“Actually, she did not send me. I came on my own, all the way from London—-” Skye stopped herself. When she was nervous, she became breathless and spoke too rapidly. “Forgive me, my lord. I chatter on when dangerous gentlemen glare at me and threaten me with knives.”


His expression softened a measure as he lowered the blade to his side. “Are you daft, setting out in a storm?”


She hid a smile at his accusation, since she’d just been wondering the same thing. “When I left home this afternoon, it was not storming. And I don’t believe I am daft, merely desperate. May I please come in before you ring a peal over my head? Afterward you may scold me as much you like.”


Hawkhurst made a soft sound of disapproval in his throat, something like a growl, but stepped back to allow her entrance. As she moved past him, he glanced out at the darkening courtyard below, which was nearly obscured by rain. “Where is your carriage?”


“I took the liberty of sending it around to your stables. My horses and grooms needed shelter. I felt certain you would want my horses safe. Perhaps you should shut the door,” Skye added sweetly. “Rain is gusting in and flooding your marble floor.”


He stared at her again for a moment, as if not crediting her boldness. Then, curtly acting on her suggestion, he closed the door and blocked out the storm before turning to face her.


The hall was quieter now, although still echoing dully from sheets of rain lashing the manor.


Skye smiled up at Lord Hawkhurst. “I do beg your pardon, my lord. We got off on the wrong foot. May we start afresh? I am Lady Skye Wilde, and I am happy to meet you at last. Have you not heard of me?”


“Yes, I have heard of you.” He did not look pleased by the fact.


“I thought Aunt Bella might have mentioned me. You and I are practically family.”


He gave her another frowning glance, this one rife with skepticism. “How did you arrive at that conclusion?”


“Well . . . we are not related by blood, but my aunt has known you for ten years. You and she are such good friends, I feel as if I know you myself. And you are acquainted with my elder brother, Quinn Wilde, the Earl of Traherne. I was never officially introduced to you, but I saw you once a long time ago, when you and your wife attended a ball at our home, Tallis Court in Kent. I was the girl hanging over the banister, watching the dancers below.”


Even in the dim light, she could see recognition dawn in Hawkhurst’s eyes.


“I am flattered that you remember me,” Skye said honestly. “Except for a brief moment, you paid no attention to me that evening.”


“I feared you might be in need of rescue.”


Skye felt her cheeks warm at the reminder. She’d been watching the glittering company with her cousin Katharine from the gallery above the ballroom. When the devastatingly handsome Lord Hawkhurst had looked up at her and smiled, her heart had instantly melted. Stricken with awe, she’d nearly tumbled over the railing. The earl had leapt closer, prepared to catch her and break her fall if necessary. Fortunately—-or unfortunately, Skye had thought at the time—-her cousin’s quick action in grasping her skirts had saved her from disaster.


Uncomfortable awareness flooded Skye now. This was twice now that she had almost fallen at his feet. How embarrassing to appear so awkward with a nobleman she wanted earnestly to impress.


“I am not usually so clumsy, I promise you.”


He did not seem interested in prolonging their discussion. “What brings you here in the midst of a storm, Lady Skye?”


His abruptness was rather unmannerly, but given her unexpected arrival, she could forgive him.


“My aunt wrote me a letter of introduction and explained my purpose to you. . . .” Fishing in her reticule, Skye pulled out a folded letter that was a bit worse for wear and presented it to him. “Please, will you read this?”


Hawkhurst broke the wax seal but barely glanced at the contents, perhaps because it was difficult to read in the scant light. When he made to move closer to the wall sconce, Skye spoke up. “Is there a fire where I may warm myself?”


He hesitated before finally replying. “There is one in my study. Follow me.”


When he strode off across the entrance hall, she hurried to keep up with him and found herself eying his tall, athletic form with admiration. He was dressed informally—-white linen shirt, buff breeches, and riding boots—-and the way his clothing clung to his broad shoulders, lean hips, well--formed buttocks, and muscular thighs emphasized his stark masculinity. It was brazen to admit, Skye knew, but the intense physical attraction she felt for Hawkhurst now was much less pure than when she was a mere girl.


She was also brazen to call at his nearly deserted country estate when no one suitable was present to act as chaperone. Yet to attain her heart’s desire, she needed to be bold and daring. She would not let the risk of scandal deter her. Courting scandal in their amorous affairs was a Wilde family legacy, and she was a Wilde, through and through.


When they entered a dark corridor, Skye glanced inside the rooms they passed. The fact that the elegant manor was damp and musty from disuse was no wonder, considering that it had been shut up for more than ten years. But the furniture was still shrouded in holland covers.


“I expected you to have servants to answer your front door,” she commented to the earl’s back.


“The elderly man who acts as caretaker is hard of hearing and didn’t heed your pounding.”


“But I understood you arrived here a full week ago. I thought by now you would have tried to set the castle to rights.”


Only after another pause did he answer her probing remark. “I haven’t yet arranged for a full--time staff. Some women from the village came today to begin cleaning, but with the storm approaching, I sent them home before it grew too dark.”


“That was kind of you.”


Hawkhurst made another low sound of dismissal in his throat and kept walking.


“I am grateful that you opened your door to me,” Skye pressed, “although you frightened me out of my wits, brandishing that knife at my throat.”


“You did not look particularly frightened.”


She had not been—-but then she knew the sort of man she was dealing with. “I suppose you have an excuse for your extreme reaction. You can’t help your-self. You were trained to be suspicious. You have been a spy for the Foreign Office for many years. You joined while still attending university, did you not?”


Hawkhurst halted in his tracks and glanced back at her. “Who told you that?”


“My aunt, of course. She also warned me that you were a determined recluse. But you could be a trifle more welcoming, for her sake if nothing else.”


His eyebrow shot up at her impertinence. Hawk-hurst regarded her for several more heartbeats, obviously reassessing her.


He must finally have realized that she was attempting to lighten the mood, for her complaint won her the barest hint of a smile. “You break into my home and then take me to task?”


“I did not break in,” she pointed out genially. “You admitted me.”


“Much to my regret.”


Just then the darkness in the corridor was broken by another lightning flash. When he continued on his way, Skye followed in his footsteps.


Upon arriving at his study, he allowed her to precede him. To her relief, this room at least looked habitable. A fire was crackling in the hearth and a low--burning lamp rested on a massive desk.


“You may sit there by the fire,” he said, pointing to a leather wing chair that was angled before the hearth.


His invitation seemed slightly grudging, but Skye did not take offense. “Do you mind if I remove my cloak first? I am chilled to the bone.” Her discomfort was not a lie. Her cloak was soaked through and her gown was damp at the bodice and sodden at the hem.


Hawkhurst murmured something under his breath that sounded much like, “It serves you right,” but he stepped closer to aid her.


When he reached out to lift the cloak from her shoulders, Skye’s own breath suddenly turned ragged at his close proximity. After she handed over the garment, revealing an elegantly tailored traveling dress of forest green kerseymere beneath, his gaze dropped to her breasts.


Instinctively she went still as his marvelous eyes traveled over her body in dispassionate appraisal. She was well aware of her physical attributes and that her feminine countenance and figure appealed to most men. Usually she had suitors falling at her feet, declaring themselves in love with her. Yet she had no clue what Hawkhurst was thinking or feeling.


There was no question about her body’s reaction to him, however. She was not sexually experienced, but the intense fascination she felt for him was most certainly sexual, her desire that of a grown woman, not merely the love--struck awe of a young girl. But what he did to her insides was more remarkable. His mere nearness filled her with fluttery excitement and sweet yearning—-a response she had never felt with any man but him.

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Secrets of Seduction 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
XXXOOOBookwormOOOXXX More than 1 year ago
I'm in love with the dark, brooding, scarred hero, Hawk. The depth of his emotional scars cause the reader to yearn for this Beast's potential happiness with the Beauty, Skye. Despite his rough exterior, his powerful sense of honor and loyalty and his softer, more tender side too, have made this my favorite hero of the Legendary Lovers series. Secrets of Seduction is a regency historical romance with elements of suspense. Although it is the third book in the Legendary Lovers series, it can be read as a stand-alone novel as it contains a discrete plot and the love life of the hero and heroine are resolved. The premise of this series is that each member of the Wylde family is destined to find true love based on facts that parallel a legend. In this case, the love story is loosely based on the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.  Hawk as a Guardian was also enjoyable as the Guardian Series written by Nicole Jordan are some of my favorites books of all time. In fact, I have them saved on my bookshelf right now just in case I want to read them again at a later date.  This author has a good grasp of her period and a delightful feel for her characters. Anyone interested in this genre should enjoy it.  
onlyminordetails More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts: I've had little experience reading historical romances, but I enjoyed a few from what I remember. I was browsing around NetGalley one day and came across this one and thought, Hmm... should I give another one a go? It's been awhile since I read one. So I did... and I don't think it's possible to describe how quickly I got into this story. Lady Skye is a different kind of heroine, not one of those mousey ones. She has her darkness, and a little bit of innocence, but she's a strong woman. I loved that about her. And then there's Hawk, who finds himself captivated with Lady Skye against his better judgment. He falls for her, as she does for him. While she wants it all, there's something that holds him back from giving in to her and being with her forever. I adored Secrets of Seduction. ADORED. There was something about it that kept me engrossed, maybe because it was different than my usual romantic reads. Nicole Jordan certainly wrote a book I would love to revisit again and again, not to mention read more by her. If you love this genre, or even mildly intrigued, I'd recommend checking this one out. My Rating: Exceptional
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
4.25 stars:  SECRETS OF SEDUCTION is the third instalment in Nicole Jordan’s Legendary Lovers historical romance series focusing on the five Wilde orphaned cousins-Ashton, Jack, Skye, Kate and Quinn. The cousins have been raised by their bachelor ‘uncle Cornelius’ and Skye is determined to find the missing piece in Cornelius’s life-a love that he lost so many years ago. Each book can be read as a stand alone without too much difficulty. Each storyline is loosely based on a popular fairy tale or Shakespearean play. This is twenty three year old Lady Skye Wilde and the Earl of Hawkhurst ‘Hawk’’s storyline-a Beauty and the Beast tale of lost love, forgiveness and letting go. The focus of the storyline is on matchmaker and youngest Wilde-Lady Skye Wilde. Along with her cousin Kate, Skye has the uncanny ability to find love matches for each of her family members only this time she is determined to find the perfect match-for herself. Having set eyes on the Earl of Hawkhurst ten years earlier, Skye has dreamt of the day she could call him her own. But Hawk is several years older, a widower who lost his wife and child to a devastating fire, and a man who cannot forgive himself for their death. It is the fire that has left Hawk scarred-both inside and out-leaving a ‘beast of a man’ both in the physical and emotional sense. Skye will enter Hawk’s life under the ruse of asking for his assistance in finding a long, lost ‘friend’. The premise follows Skye as she sets into motion her plans to seduce the man she has admired for over ten years. His life revolves around a ‘secret society’ of friends and Skye hopes to use these friends to assist in looking for her bachelor Uncle Cornelius’s long lost love. And along the way Skye is determined to show Hawk what it is he has been missing. The relationship between Skye and Hawk is one of immediate attraction but a reluctant attraction for the widower Hawk. Skye’s bubbly personality is too effervescent for Hawk and her playful attitude leaves something to be desired-especially for a man who prefers to grieve in solitude with only a bottle of brandy for company. It is only with Skye’s determination that Hawk will begin to live again but at a cost that will break Skye’s heart when Hawk looks to someone else for the future. Nicole Jordan writes a wondrous storyline of romance and love; a second chance for a man whose guilt eats away at his heart and his soul; and a breathtaking story of reuniting two lovers who have been separated by distance and time. Most of the secondary characters are new introductions to the series that add an air of mystery, suspense and danger. The world building continues from the previous storylines with the inclusion of some of the previous storyline characters. Told from third person point of view SECRETS OF SEDUCTION has a little bit of everything: humor, love, romance, betrayal, intrigue, suspense and heartbreak. Skye is a woman who puts her heart on the line and tells it like it is-she would fit perfectly into the twenty first century with her take charge attitude. She knows she may be fighting a losing battle but in the end it is the heart that knows where it truly belongs.
amdrane2 More than 1 year ago
Once again we travel into the land of legendary lovers, this time it was Beauty and the Beast. While I can see how exciting to a young girl to want to find her life mate by imitating a fairy tale, I didn't see much of a resemblance between the two stories. Sure Hawk is reclusive and scarred but the scars were only visible on his hands so I guess the title of Beast was due to his grumbling all the time. Skye was a beauty, but she was also free-spirited and prone to pulling Hawk out of his bad moods. There were a few things I didn't understand in the book, one being why Hawk would go to London and leave a group of people in his home to do whatever they want. And why would you want to stay in the man's house that you love while he's hell bent on courting someone else? No thank you. The author is still repeating parts of the story over and over again, but she has only used the word 'brazen' a couple times instead of the many times she did in the last book. Wondering who is next to fall in this series, Kate or Quinn? 
DComfort More than 1 year ago
5 Stars Historical Romance Release: April 29, 2014 ABOUT THE BOOK: The most charming Wilde cousin, Lady Skye has secretly loved the enigmatic Earl of Hawkhurst since girlhood, long before the tragedy that left him scarred both physically and emotionally. When Skye learns that the celebrated hero has returned to England from his self-imposed exile to make a cold marriage of convenience, she brazenly plants herself on his castle doorstep, determined to convince Hawk that she alone is his true mate and destiny. An elite member of the Guardians of the Sword, Hawk has vowed never again to risk the pain of loving—but that’s before he deals with the most enchanting, annoyingly persistent seductress he’s ever encountered. One night of blazing passion leaves him impossibly torn. Will Hawk choose duty over love, or will he open his heart and let Skye’s healing light penetrate his darkness? MY REVIEW: Oh this was a charming read! I adored the characters and the overall plot to the story. See, there was so much going on but NJ was able to keep the reader on track for what was truly important. You’ve got the heroine who was in love with the hero for a very long time, yet he didn’t know it. She had her sights set on wooing him and yet, the hero has no idea what’s about to hit him. Why? Well, the poor guy lost his wife years ago in a fire that took his family from him the blink of an eye. I. Love. It. She comes in and takes over. He tries to fight it, but obviously loses that fight, and doesn’t realize he’s about to lose the best thing that had happened to him. Oh, did I mention he’s promised to another? HA! It’s great. The writer has a true talent and it shows through these great characters. NJ is yet another author that I’m adding to my stalking list. Pick this up as soon as you can. I know release date isn’t till April but you won’t regret it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the Beauty and the Beast reference to Hawk and Skye's story
judiOH More than 1 year ago
from the minute i read the first line of this story i could not put this book down. i was captivated by the story. book four is on my shelf, but i will start reading it today, and hoping kate's story is coming.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have really enjoyed this series! Another great tale of the Wilde familt and how they found true love. Donmiss Skye's story! Well worth reading over and over!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book held my interest and it was really pretty good.
romancefanWI More than 1 year ago
Really? I don't usually post negative reviews but I had to comment that this had the worst dialogue/plot I've read in a romance in a while. Ex: When she is begging him to teach her about lovemaking and he says no - after they have already made love several times. What? Granted, you don't expect this to be Tolstoy but don't insult our intelligence. (Lisa Kleypas - can't wait for your return to historical.)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very enjoyable
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
Nicole Jordan never disappoints! I loved this book. Lady Skye has been in love with Lord Hawkhusrt since she was a girl. Having been scarred in a tragic accident Hawk is putting himself in exile and only plans to marry again out of convenience and not out of love. Lady Skye has other plans however, when she show up on Hawk’s door step with a plan to find her Uncle’s long lost love. Beauty plans on claiming her beast. The question is can the beast overcome his past demons and realize that it is okay to love again. Sweet, funny and such a wonderful take on an old fairy tale. This series just keep getting better and better, can’t wait for more. I enjoyed this wonderful and will enjoy it again and again for years to come.
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
A very fun, super sweet romance, Secrets of Seduction was an amazing historical romance. I loved this book! It was fun, romantic, and just brilliant. Skye was a wonderful heroine. She was so genuinely likable. She was clever, kind, and.determined, though she knew when to admit defeat. She brought a lot of humor and lightheartedness into the book, with her fondness of teasing Hawk, and it made the book fun to read. She was just lovely and I really liked her character. Hawk was also amazing. He was haunted by the death of his wife and newborn son in a fire that he couldn't save them from. He thought himself no longer capable of loving and resigned himself to a marriage of convenience. Until a lady determined to fall in love forced her way into his life. Hawk, underneath his formidable exterior, was so sweet and adorable. He was very clever and protective of those he loved. A few times, I wanted to shake some sense into him for almost letting the love of his life get away. But, I still absolutely adored him. The romance was lovely. Skye and Hawk were a perfect couple. They were both very clever and definitely met their match in each other. Their feelings for each other, even when a certain someone was in denial, were always clear and they were so sweet together. And, the chemistry between them was sizzling from the moment they met. They had a difficult time keeping their hands off each other and it certainly led to tons of steaminess. I thought they were wonderful together. The plot was fast paced and I was hooked the entire way through. I really liked the secondary story about Skye's uncle and his lost love. It was very sweet and added a delightful element of buried secrets. I really enjoyed the story and the ending was lovely. Can't wait to read the next book in the series! Secrets of Seduction was a fantastic historical romance. I absolutely loved this book! It was fun, romantic, and a truly enjoyable read. Romance lovers, this is a book not to be missed. *I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
2_PMVH More than 1 year ago
The scandalous Wilde clan can never do anything the normal or easy way. When they fall in love, it always is a difficult journey. This clan doesn’t just gain a spouse but a “Life Mate!” So far all of their fabulous love stories have loosely followed famous fairy tales. This story follows “The “Beauty and the Beast” storyline. Morgan Blake, the Earl of Hawkhurst, is our beast. When a tragic fire breaks out at his home, he tries to save his wife and son. When he reaches them, they are dead. Hawk is scarred both physically and emotionally from the fire. He flees the country to join “The Guardians of the Sword” and to forget his pain. He returns to England to marry his superior’s niece so he can become the new leader of the Guardians. Lady Skye Wilde is our beauty. When she was 13, she sees Hawk and falls in love instantly. Skye has always been more than her looks. She has genuine warmth, charm, generosity and an inner strength inside her heart. When she learns Hawk is back, she hopes she can stop his upcoming engagement to a woman who would make him miserable. Skye starts her quest by showing up unannounced and with no chaperone in the middle of a storm to his castle to ask for a favor. Hawk is semi-drunk and growls at her to GET OUT of his castle but she has an ace up her sleeve, her Aunt Isabella. Hawk knows and loves Bella and he will help Skye by finding her uncle’s long lost love. Skye begin her taming of his growls and unhappiness by hijacking his brandy, his house, his investigation, his trip to Ireland and most of all his grief. Hawk questions his heart as Skye bring light into his dark world. Does he have the right to be happy when his wife and son are dead? Can he give himself permission to love again? Skye wonders if she can use her passionate nature to win his heart? Can she show him how to love again? Can her heart stop his engagement? Or will she love him enough to let him go? Ms. Jordan writes another great Legendary Lovers book. She introduced several members of the Guardians and I hope to read their stories too. She uses her quirky humor and doesn’t forget the fire extinguisher worthy scenes. I loved this book and I can’t wait for the next one. Will it be Katharine or Quinn’s time to fall. Ms. Jordan gets my top score of 5 fingers up and 10 toes! Reviewed from an NetGalley ARC.
onmtntime More than 1 year ago
Wow!   The best explanation for this book. I have read every book that Nicole Jordan has ever written and each time I wonder if she is ever  going to write a bad one.  This is truly her best work ever… previously she wrote the Paradise series, which is a wonderful exciting series  about an age old secret group of the Crown "guardians of the Sword", and this book is Hawkhurst’s story  based loosely on the fairytale “Beauty and the Beast”. This book is fast paced and exciting from start to finish.   It is funny, sad, with hope for new beginnings.  Skye Wilde who represents Beauty in this book, lives up to her  name as does all the Wilde siblings.  She is bold, feminine, strong, smart yet really funny, manipulative  and up front and honest about it.  Hawk has had real pain in his life, but it made him become one of the most  daring and beloved guardians.  You don't need to read the paradise series to love this book, but it would  be well worth putting it on your list of must read. One thing I have learned to count on in Ms. Jordan’s books,  is that they are never commercial cookie cutter stories, they are all very unique.  Her cast of characters come  alive and you want the story to go on forever. Sometimes I have to remind myself they are not real people.  This book had it all, and I am not going to ruin it by telling the story as so many people do in their reviews.  Buy this book and lock yourself in a room where no one can interrupt and enjoy!!!   Did I mention this book is “STEAMY HOT”? well it is.  Thank you Nicole for such a fabulous story.    C.Miller
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Do they have sex??
Superstar2_5 More than 1 year ago
It's not my favorite in this series but it ties in with the paradise series books which I then had to read and loved all of them and didn't have to wait a year for the next book. Greatly anticipating the rest of this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyable book!
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This is book three in the Legendary Lovers series and book 5 in the Paradise series. Lady Skye Wilde, has loved the Earl of Hawkhurst since she was a young girl. Unfortunately, Hawk was married at the time and Skye was too young for him.  Having not been married very long, Hawk endures the tragic loss of his wife and child. In his grief, he leaves the country to work for a secret government agency. Ten years later, Hawk is back in England to marry and secure the leadership role in his unit. Unbeknownst to him, Skye has other plans. She approaches Hawk with a proposition. Skye will get his home ready for his new wife if he will help her find her uncle's long lost love. What Hawk doesn't know is Skye is determined that he marry her! Will Skye succeed in getting Hawk as her one true love? I have read every single one of Nicole Jordan's books and LOVED every single one of them until this one.  I adored the other two books in this series and was eagerly awaiting Skye's story. I was sorely disappointed. It was almost as if someone else was writing it instead of the author I have grown to love over the years.  The things dialogue between Skye and Hawk at the beginning of the story was horrible. I did think that it got better by the end of the story, but not enough to redeem it. I did like the story lines (the main one and the secondary one), but the writing is what killed it for me. I really hope that when Jordan continues this series, she is back to the top writer that I have come to know and love.
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Kiss your hand three times and post this on three other books
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