Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire

Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire

by D. L. King

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ISBN-13: 9781573448338
Publisher: Cleis Press
Publication date: 10/16/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 244
File size: 334 KB

About the Author

D.L. King has edited over a dozen erotica anthologies and her short stories appear in more than five dozen more. A Lambda Literary Award winner (The Harder She Comes), two-time IPPY gold medalist (Carnal Machines, The Harder She Comes) and one-time silver medalist (Under Her Thumb), she most recently edited the best-selling Slave Girls: Erotic Stories of Submission. She is the author of two novels, The Melinoe Project and The Art of Melinoe. Her work can be found in anthologies such as The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Best Women's Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica, Girl Crazy, Luscious, No Safewords, Yes, Ma'am, and Yes, Sir. She lives in New York City. The Big Book of Domination "I'll bet a few of these tales will inspire some real life adventures as well. I suggest binding someone to the bed while reading to them. Or, lounging back and commanding them to read to you." –Laura Antoniou, author of The Killer Wore Leather "The Big Book of Domination by D. L King is an anthology of short erotic stories about BDSM and the Dominants behind them. These stories will get your heart pumping and your mind titillated. Not all females like to submit, just as not all males like to Dominate. Then there are those who enjoy being both the Dominant and the submissive, depending on their mood and who their partner is. Just as there are a wide variety of Dom(me)s and subs, the stories within this book are very diverse in the way they are written and presented. Each short gave just enough background to not leave you wondering how the particular story came to be, yet at the same time didn’t give all the story away. There were even some which I read that left me wanting more from the author and for them to make the story into a full-length novel. For those of you who enjoy erotic short stories that involve BDSM and the Dominant/submissive relationship that comes into play, or even those who just want a taste of what could be involved in these kinds of relationships, I would highly recommend picking up this book and giving it a read." –Night Owl Book Reviews

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# 2
A Surprising Summons

Kaysee Renee Robichaud

When Konstantin's clumsy spell craft called her from the pit, the succubus did not expect to find herself confronted with the most unusual summons of her one hundred years. She clawed her way across the void and through the gauzy veils between her home plane and the mortal world.
The year was 1988. The city was a sprawling metropolis named for a long forgotten duke. As she entered the world, Loreline found herself bombarded with wails. The mortals screamed about wars and increasing prices, scandals and poverty, starvation and all the same things they always bemoaned. She materialized inside a chalked circle, in a cramped studio apartment overlooking streets, trees and other anthill-like dwellings.
Konstantin was a lean man with curly hair and a trim patch under his lip. He wore loose, shiny pants and nothing else. His chest was toned, his belly almost nonexistent beneath a six pack. He was thirty six years old, a social smoker and lonely.
The last was a given. All mortals who called succubi were lonely.
Sifting through his surface thoughts, she found all she needed to assume the desired form. A nineteen year old girl, broad hips, and blue-green eyes and round cheeks, bookish though intense. She added a few touches from his darker desires, black hair, an indeterminate eastern Eurotrash accent and full lips. For a wardrobe, she fashioned spidery framed glasses and an arterial red gown, slit high along her thigh.
He smiled when he saw her. Smug, unfazed, unsurprised. Bastard, she thought. I will enjoy taking your essence.
"Welcome to my sanctum," he said.
"Thank you for having me," she said. The words were right there in his thoughts, and he approved of the accent, which turned having into havink. It all seemed rather prosaic, but the summoner's desires were key. "You vant to let me out of this, yes?"
He spoke the three charms, and Loreline pouted.
"Protections, now? Vere," she asked, "is your sense of adventure?"
"Safely subservient to my self-preservation."
She smiled. "I like men who understand subservience."
He blushed at this. Blushed! Not so smug now, are you? With a wave, the barrier around his summoning circle vanished, and she emerged. The three-inch steel heels on her conjured black leather ankle boots clicked like switchblades.
"You're amazing," he said and then shook his head at his own idiocy.
It was almost cute. She smiled at him, and said, "You don't need to woo me, mage. I'm here, your bed is there and your desires are plain." In fact, he was thinking about the way her gown would slide down her shoulders; about the revelations to come: the soft skin of her breasts, the goose pimples on her areolae and her firm nipples, the smooth flesh of her stomach and everything lower . . .
She raised her fingers to her shoulder and snapped, as though undoing a button. The fabric dropped with a flourish.
His eyes considered the crimson pool suddenly surrounding her boots. He knelt, then, rubbing the gown between his thumbs and fingers. "It feels so real," he said. Another surprise. Wasn't he inflamed with lust? No other man she had come to had paused for niceties.
His eyes roamed up from the conjured cloth to her boots to her calves, past her knees, to her pale thighs. His gaze lingered on her dark pubic bush for a moment, before meandering higher, past her slightly round belly and full breasts, all the way to her imperious eyes.
She reached down and tousled his thick hair. It was a spontaneous gesture, not something plucked from his thoughts, and yet he responded to it with a soft, pleased sigh. Men throughout the ages had responded to such acts; even the worst of them--the most ambitious or the most corrupt--wanted something tangible to remind them of simpler times. A maternal demonstration.
After a moment, though, she caught his hair in a fist and turned his face to her groin. "Tongue out," she said and spread her legs enough for him to catch her scent. "Taste me." She eased closer, until her sex moistened his nose and lips and then his tongue. .
He dropped her dress and reached up, catching her ass with both hands. She made all the sounds he expected, enticing him further.
He assumed control then. Pulled her to the floor and fumbled his shiny pants open and down. Three kicks freed the right leg. A squirm and shove freed the left. His cock was firm, slender but long with a curve to the left. He kissed her body, attentive to her shoulders, neck and lips, but shy about suckling her bosom. He was eager, though, to kiss her belly and lower. She eased her legs over his shoulders, when he slid low enough. He nibbled the insides of her thighs. He brushed the tip of his nose across her pubic hair and then spread her sex with one hand to best lick her clit. His fingers found their way inside and stroked, probed, delved, explored.
When Konstantin's mouth returned to her conjured sex, Loreline moved in time with him, exhaling and growling—but not for show, she realized with a start.
When she squeezed her thighs around this man's head, when she caressed her own material form, when the electric sensations evoked smiles and warmed her, these were real responses.
Succubi were not wholly physical. They were beings of passion and energy who could adopt physical forms as desired. There was little about nerves or sensation to the forms. They responded instead to less tangible sensations. As talented as Konstantin's fingers or mouth might be, his real strength lay in his passion. It was strong, and brilliant as the sun.
He moved her legs farther apart, panting for more. Rising, he pulled her to her feet. He led her to the bed, and there he eased atop her, whispering almost loving words before his cock spread her pussy's lips and entered. She clutched at him, her nails growing to points to better scratch him. He whimpered, but did not stop. In fact, this drove him faster still. She stoked the fires in his heart and head and loins, and bathed Loreline in radiant glory.
His dick trembled before his seed flowed into her, transformed and transferred into her ethereal phylactery as soon as it slipped from him, release contorting his face. Unlike the many times she had witnessed such expressions, she did not laugh.
She was too busy being swept away by the tsunami of his climax. It was unlike anything she had experienced before. Intensity close to pain. Her eyes squeezed shut to block out excess perceptions, but this did nothing to steal the intensity.
Across three delicious seconds, her body dispersed and resolidified half a dozen times. And when she returned, her face was wet.
Konstantin leaned back to kneel between her legs. "Are you," he asked, between gulped breaths, "all right?" The rolling sweat made his chest shine.
She shook her head No. When he asked what was wrong, she had no words to explain.How could she explain a succubus was not supposed to be able to orgasm?
The typical summoners were burnt out men, obsessed with their tiny fleshy bits and their own mortality. They were power seekers and explorers whose passions for sex played a subservient role to other desires. So little usable passion blazed in those men and women, Loreline had long decided orgasms were a myth. Even Crowley, the great pervert, had been too distracted to bring her to climax.
But Konstantin was not distracted. Konstantin was a world away from her expectations. His inherent wrongness somehow made the experience right.
"Why did you summon me?"
Now, it was his turn to lose words. His thoughts were a jumble. Loneliness and eagerness and wonder and pain. This same cocktail drove all sorcerers, great ones and dabblers, alike. Konstantin was not special. Konstantin was just as human and frail and weak as every other man she had been with. Yet, he was also unlike them . . .
She put a hand upon her belly. By spilling his seed, he had lost a little of himself. The protections had kept his essence safe, but no shield was perfect. She was almost sad to see him diminished, even this little bit.
He reached down to touch her, and his spell ended. The pit tugged on her astral cord, and Loreline vanished from the summoner's bed, returning from whence she came.
The pit was not the place of eternal torment mankind thought it to be. Oh, there were plenty of masochists flogging themselves and whatnot, but the pit was mostly a matter of distance. A place without gods or divinely imposed restraints--in the pit, all restraints came from those who dwelled there.
Loreline discovered her own torment. Orgasm filled her with joy, but the intensity faded. Memory remained, which was somehow worse. With great joy, she discovered, came disappointment and sorrow.
She could not quite replicate it on her own. The men who called her--far fewer in the twentieth century's waning days than in previous years--were power hungry toads with cinders for hearts. They satisfied themselves, and left her untouched.
Then, Konstantin summoned her, again. The year was 1998, the mortals screamed about economics and presidential scandals and earthquakes and weapon testing and variations on everything mortals had always bemoaned. She flew to him with a mix of excitement and trepidation.
Soft, sensual tango music played on the stereo.
Konstantin was older now, hair streaked gray, sagging in places that had been tight before. The soul patch had vanished; his face was clean shaven. He wore dark slacks with tattered cuffs and dress socks that were threadbare on the toes and sole. He had scars, too. Slender white knife wound remnants on his chest.
In his thoughts, he held her as she had been. Nineteen and dark haired and intense. She molded herself to his fantasy, but added a few subtle touches, advancing herself to twenty-nine. The cut of her lavender gown revealed and concealed in all the right ways. No shoes, this time. No need.
"Hello, again," he said.
"Hello," she said and nibbled her lip. "Won't you invite me out of this circle?"
"You sound different," he said.
She smiled, reintroducing some touches from the forgotten accent. "This is better, yes?"
"Yes," he said, "but before I invite you out . . ." He spoke the three protections. An interminable delay.
Here he stood, and here she waited, and his desires were obvious, and his heart pounded with excitement. The fires burning inside him were still strong, though not quite the blaze he had possessed a decade earlier.
"Come to me," he said, and she went.
She raised a hand to her gown to snap and release it. He caught her hand, brought it to his lips and kissed each fingertip. "Do you dance?" he asked.
"I do," she said.
"I've been learning Argentine tango," he said. "And I was hoping to . . ." He held out his hands for her.
Her appetite growled for satisfaction, but the spell compelled her to ease into his arms. Her right hand found his left. Her left hand found his shoulder, while his right hand slid across her lower back. She leaned in, finding the dance connection. The best dancers communicated without a word, through tension and slight shifts in stance or waist or arms. Ten years had not made Konstantin a professional, but he was practiced.
The way he changed rhythms or eased her into and out of ochos and stylistic flourishes, gave her a delicious sample of his fervor. Dancing stoked his fire, and this in turn carried her away.
Outside the window, the city lights burned bright enough to blot out the stars. Inside, the man's fires burned bright enough to blot out the city. For Loreline, they were two bodies moving in infinity, stepping and stopping, turning and winding and bending. The dance quickened her breath, started the conflagration in her essence.
Afterward, he undressed her and they went to the bed, and danced to different music. They loved slowly, and built to a wonderful, fast fuck. She rolled him onto his back, and mounted him. His hands squeezed her hips and she ground against him, as his passion rose higher and higher. She clawed at his chest, squeezed his nipples and smiled when he winced. She savored his pleading for more, for faster. His passion overwhelmed her before long, and she screamed her satisfaction to the ceiling.
He was not yet done.
They rolled onto their sides. She turned to nestle her ass against him, spooning. After a little fumbling, his cock found her cunt and the sex continued. She experienced a second orgasm, moments before he released. He draped an arm over her, and kissed her neck, and she trembled in the afterglow. More intense than memory. He held her, though she longed for solitude, to best savor the sensations.
"I've missed you," he said, and she smiled.
She murmured something similar. And they lay together for almost five minutes more, before the spell ended and she returned to the pit. Joy lasted a little longer. Renewed memories served her well, until the inevitable despair returned.
Fewer summonings, as the mortal world eased from one millennium to the next. The mages who summoned her were unable to focus upon the fine fucking arts.
When the ten-year anniversary approached, she grew eager. Would Konstantin call her again? Would he still bring her to that delicious place? The day arrived and passed without Konstantin's summons.
Disappointment and resentment warred inside her. Memories were not enough.
Then, his voice called. She debated not answering, which was foolish. She wanted to use him again; she wanted to feel again.
It had been fourteen years, now. It was the last day of 2011, hours from 2012. The mortals whined about nations and poverty and the end times predicted by ancient calendars and all the things they had bemoaned throughout history.
Konstantin wore his sixty years with dignity. Some men aged better than others. He retained that essential vitality. Now, his head was clean shaven and his moustache was silver. He wore a three piece suit.
She constructed a body from his thoughts, taking slivers of the familiar—he’d had a handful of lovers since she had seen him last, and she took the better elements from each to mold her body, advancing it to forty years old. Her black gown was elegant. When he beheld her, his eyes shimmered.
"Hello again," he said.
"Hello, yourself. Invite me out of this circle?" Too late, she realized she had again forgotten the accent.
He did not seem to mind. "Of course," he said, "Come out."
"No protections?"
"I've decided to entertain my sense of adventure," he said. "How is it you get more beautiful, each time I see you?"
"I age well." They shared a laugh.
He led the way to a table, set for late supper for two. She ignored her own chair, choosing to sit on his lap, instead. They kissed, and she tasted his passion. It burned duller than before, but it was still quite present--a minor miracle—the rude world snuffed passions when it could.
Her hands caressed him through his clothes, slipping between the buttons on his shirt to find the skin beneath. His heart pounded in a weaker way; the trip hammer was less regular, now. Still, it pounded faster at her touch.
His hands urged her to rock back, and she did. In his pants, an erection stirred. "You're just the same, aren't you? No matter how this alters . . ." He ran an open hand from her forehead down her face. "You're eternal."
"Everything changes," she said, "but not so much as mortals believe."
"Mortals." The word brought a grim smile to his face. Then, he asked, "Is there more? You come from another place, but is there more for me?"
"I cannot say," she said, "for the ways and fates of mortals are unknown to me." Her lips found his while her hand trailed down to his crotch, to knead him fully erect. "Isn't this enough?"
His kisses turned hungry. They shed clothes and their sex was tender, yet still overwhelming. She rode him in the chair, and then they fucked on the floor, and then they moved back to the bed. When he took her from behind, she orgasmed the one and only time that night, but it was beautiful. His erection softened before he could finish. She kissed him back solid, and then sucked and stroked him to climax.
She had the option to drain him completely, then. Without protections, there was nothing to keep his essence safe.
"You want to die," she said, "don't you?"
"I'm already dying," he said. "I can't think of a more preferable way to go."
"I…" she said and then changed her mind. "I'll miss the way you make me feel." Then, she closed her eyes and took everything he had, while the city cheered the arrival of a new year.
When Loreline left, Konstantin smiled up at the ceiling. She envied him.

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"If you’ve never thought about sex with a succubus and you’d like to know more, this is a good place to start. If, like me, you’ve thought of it often and consider yourself something of an expert, this book will take you to the next level. Believe me, it really is that good!"
—Intense Sensations

"I really like exactly where D. L. King chose to take this book. Not only do we get a “hint” of a type of vampirism, but we also get strong and dominant women. While you know each story will include a Seductress, it doesn’t get old, and each one of the plotlines seems to take the idea of the Seductress into a different direction. For example, would you have thought about a succubus using a phone app to complete her life-draining ritual? What about the internet? It’s amazing the ways that the authors found to keep all of the stories interesting and unique while each one does contain that female, dominant succubus aspect to it at the same time."
–Pop My Cherry Reviews

"Erotic means giving sexual pleasure or sexually arousing, while exotic means being or from or characteristic of another place or part of the world or strikingly strange or unusual. Those two words are what describe the twenty-one superbly crafted stories of seduction that comprise Seductress, a 244 page compendium ably compiled and deftly edited by D. L. King. Showcasing various incarnations of succubi, this is a seminal anthology of impressive literary merit and highly recommended to the attention of a mature readership."
—Midwest Book Review

"So, yes, in case there’s any doubt, I liked Seductress very much, and quite a bit of it I loved. The fact that I’m a writer and editor myself is bound to affect my opinions, so take that into account. That said, I do think that anyone who is intrigued by the notion of succubus erotica will have their needs and highest expectations met hereand then some. Brilliantly conceived, beautifully realized."
–Erotica Revealed

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Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Girls On Top! I well remember reading my Greek and Roman mythology in high school and college and I was very intrigued by the concept of succubi. Creatures that come to you in the night to seduce and overpower you. Ancient Greek BDSM, in a way. This collection makes a great read or a fantastic listen that will take you into a sexy fantasy-land. Enjoy the ride!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by: Deana Book provided by: book provided by the publisher for review Review originally posted at Romancing the Book Tantalizing, Tempting and just down right sexy!! Grab a glass of wine and turn the lights down a bit. Find your comfy spot, and get ready for a ride wilder than the average fantasy. Twenty-one short stories in 200 pages featuring the alluring Succubus. The Queen of seduction, the sexual vampire, using sex as their weapon of choice, they give the ultimate pleasure while draining your life force. This book is a 5 on the heat scale. The anthology opens on the highest of notes in my option with the best of the stories, Aurelia T. Evans’ “Harvest”. It’s a times old tale of boy summing a Succubus to have a wild time and he gets schooled in a few hot and kinky ways. Let me say, HOT!!! “Deliverance” by Jay Lawrence has given us an old school feeling ghost story. We get the succubus/vampire version Romeo and Juliet in Evan Mora’s, “Star-Crossed”. I think I like this ending a bit better. Like your kinky play in the kitchen, Nan Andrews’ “Sweet Tooth”, will deliver for you!! Mina Murray’s “The Lonely Huntress”, left me feeling like I wanted to be the pray. These are my highlights of the book. I can’t say I loved every story, but I can say there is no bad story in this anthology. This book gives you everything promised and more. I loved reading so many strong and demanding women. I never knew there were so many sides to the Succubus, more than just power and hunger, and each author gives each one a unique flair. I found that just like women, no two are the same. There is a good bit of whit and humor though out this book that adds even more power to this read. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a hot read. Very erotic and to the point, my only complaint, I wish some of the stories would have been longer.