Seeking More: A Catholic Lawyer's Guide Based on the Life and Writings of Saint Thomas More

Seeking More: A Catholic Lawyer's Guide Based on the Life and Writings of Saint Thomas More

by C.T. Rossi


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The short answer is “yes.” But you can’t do it without understanding that being a lawyer is a special vocation — one that calls upon you to know how your Catholic faith intersects your professional life. In these times when developments in the civil law run contrary to traditional Catholic moral teaching, how is a lawyer expected to properly render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's?

Seeking More is a guide designed to help you discover the Church’s perennial teachings on the nature and purpose of law, the balance required in Church and State relations, and the duty of all Christians to work for the common good. However, like any good lawyer, author C.T. Rossi goes further than merely providing those teachings in the abstract and applies the rules to the facts through an in-depth study of the life of St. Thomas More.

Unlike other popular works about the patron saint of lawyers, here St. Thomas struggle in our own morally confusing times. For the legal professional, this guide’s St. Thomas More is more than an object of saintly veneration. Instead, he proves to be a beloved legal colleague and guide worthy of imitation.

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ISBN-13: 9781505105599
Publisher: TAN Books
Publication date: 11/11/2016
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 712,191
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.60(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

C.T. Rossi is partner with the law firm of Gerth & Rossi, LLC in Mobile, Alabama, where he practices civil litigation in the state and federal courts of Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi. He has been published in the Alabama State Bar’s The Alabama Lawyer magazine as well as being a contributing author to the fourth edition of the American Association for Justice’s Anatomy of a Personal Injury Lawsuit. Rossi has served in various leadership positions within the local legal community and has been a featured CLE speaker on topics including electronic discovery, professional ethics, social media, conscientious objection, and legal history. He also acts as pro bono counsel for the Little Sisters of the Poor in Mobile.
Rossi and his wife, Elizabeth, have two precious daughters. They are members of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Parish in Mobile, the oldest religious congregation of any denomination in Alabama and the Mississippi River Valley. He is also a member of the local chapters of the Thomas More Society and the Men of St. Joseph.

Table of Contents

Preamble: How to Use This Book xi

Part I Venue, Jurisdiction, and Pleadings-The Calling of the Catholic Lawyer

1 Venue and Forum: Two Swords, Two Vocations 3

2 Subject Matter Jurisdiction: Being a Catholic Lawyer 15

3 Personal Jurisdiction: A Well-Formed Conscience 35

4 Pleadings and Interpleaders: Prayer and Worship, Justice and Religious Practice 45

Part II Discovery-Lessons from the Life of Saint Thomas More

5 Preliminary Disclosures: More's Early Years 57

6 Requests for Admission: The University Years 63

7 Subpoenas: John More Summonses His Son Home 69

8 Interrogatories: More Discerns His Vocation 75

9 Called to the Bar: Practice 85

10 Domestic Matters: More and the Domestic Church 93

11 Ex Aequo Et Bono: Mores Christian Humanism 105

12 Extraordinary Writs: The Extraordinary Wit of More 115

13 Noble and Learned Friends: More, Erasmus, and the Island of Utopia 127

14 Pro Bono: More in the Service of the People 137

15 Amicus Curae: More in Service to the Law 145

16 Public Policy: More in the Service of the King 155

17 Cases in Controversy: More in Service to the Church 163

Part III Trial-The Matter of the King's Marriage

18 Controversy in Question: The King's Great Matter 177

19 Trial Prep: Ascetical Practices and Worldly Disdain 189

20 Abuse of Process: The Harassment of Thomas More 199

21 Habeas Corpus: More in the Tower 213

22 Trial and Judgment: The Judicial Murder of Thomas More 227

Part IV Post-Judgment Proceedings-More Becomes a Martyr

23 Execution of the Judgment: The Martyrdom of Thomas More 243

24 Court of Public Opinion: Mores Reputation after Death 253

25 Vacated and Substituted: The Popes Give Judgment 263

26 Progeny: The Enduring Power of St. Thomas More 277

Bibliography and Recommended Reading 283

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Anonymous 28 days ago
It is interesting to find out why the author does not use his full name, he uses his initials. This is because he isn't just any author, he's a prosecutor...working in the most corrupt southern Alabama district attorney's office. He attempts to hide his true identity and publish books like this in an attempt to make him seem good and moral. Don't be fooled.