SEO Warrior (Animal Guide Series)

SEO Warrior (Animal Guide Series)

by John I Jerkovic


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How can you make it easier for people to find your website? And how can you convert casual visitors into active users? SEO Warrior shows you how it's done through a collection of tried and true techniques, hacks, and best practices. Learn the nuts and bolts of search engine optimization (SEO) theory, the importance of keyword strategy, and how to avoid and remedy search engine traps.

You'll also learn about search engine marketing (SEM) practices, such as Google AdWords, and how you can use social networking to increase your visibility. Ideal for web developers, savvy marketers, webmasters, and anyone else interested in SEO, this book serves not only as an SEO tutorial, but also as a reference for implementing effective SEO techniques.

  • Create compelling sites with SEO that can stand the test of time
  • Optimize your site for Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft's Bing, as well as search engines used in different parts of the world
  • Conduct keyword research to find the best terms to reach your audience—and the related terms they'll respond to
  • Learn what makes search engines tick by utilizing custom scripts
  • Analyze your site to see how it measures up to the competition

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780596157074
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/20/2009
Series: Animal Guide Series
Pages: 470
Sales rank: 1,235,758
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

John I. Jerkovic currently manages a group of IT professionals at a wealth management company. His team works closely with the marketing (e-Business) team in managing close to 100 internal and external sites. A part of this work includes SEO. He's also had the opportunity to architect (and work with) several enterprise search solutions based on the Google Search appliance (GSE), IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition and Lucene. In 2009, John won two Web Marketing Association awards for outstanding achievement in website development. He maintains an SEO blog at

Table of Contents

Who This Book Is For;
How This Book Is Organized;
Conventions Used in This Book;
Using Code Examples;
We’d Like to Hear from You;
Safari® Books Online;
Chapter 1: The Big Picture;
1.1 SEO Benefits;
1.2 SEO Challenges;
1.3 The SEO Process;
1.4 SEO Alternatives;
1.5 Summary;
Chapter 2: Search Engine Primer;
2.1 Search Engines That Matter Today: Google;
2.2 Types of Search Engines and Web Directories;
2.3 Web Directories;
2.4 Search Engine Anatomy;
2.5 Search Engine Rankings;
2.6 Summary;
Chapter 3: Website Essentials;
3.1 Domain Name Options;
3.2 Hosting Options;
3.3 Custom Site Design or Third-Party Software;
3.4 Website Usability;
3.5 Website Accessibility;
3.6 Summary;
Chapter 4: Internal Ranking Factors;
4.1 Analyzing SERPs;
4.2 On-Page Ranking Factors;
4.3 On-Site Ranking Factors;
4.4 Putting It All Together;
4.5 Summary;
Chapter 5: External Ranking Factors;
5.1 External Links;
5.2 Broken Outbound Links;
5.3 User Behavior Patterns;
5.4 Website Performance and Website Age;
5.5 Summary;
Chapter 6: Web Stats Monitoring;
6.1 Web Server Logs and Formats;
6.2 Popular Web Stats Tools;
6.3 Using WebLog Expert;
6.4 Using AWStats;
6.5 Using Webalizer;
6.6 Tying Searches to Individual Web Pages;
6.7 Web Spider Patterns;
6.8 User Patterns;
6.9 Filtering Specific Data;
6.10 Summary;
Chapter 7: Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics;
7.1 Google Webmaster Tools;
7.2 Google Analytics;
7.3 Summary;
Chapter 8: Search Engine Traps;
8.1 JavaScript Traps;
8.2 Dynamic Widget Traps;
8.3 HTML Traps;
8.4 Website Performance Traps;
8.5 Error Pages;
8.6 Session IDs and URL Variables;
8.7 Splash or Doorway Pages;
8.8 Robots.txt;
8.9 Summary;
Chapter 9: Robots Exclusion Protocol;
9.1 Understanding REP;
9.2 More on robots.txt;
9.3 Robots Meta Directives;
9.4 The nofollow Link Attribute;
9.5 Dealing with Rogue Spiders;
9.6 Summary;
Chapter 10: Sitemaps;
10.1 Understanding Sitemaps;
10.2 HTML Sitemaps;
10.3 XML Sitemaps;
10.4 Utilizing Other Sitemap Types;
10.5 Summary;
Chapter 11: Keyword Research;
11.1 Keyword Strategy;
11.2 Keywords and Language;
11.3 Keyword Research Process;
11.4 Summary;
Chapter 12: Link Building;
12.1 Precursors to Link Building;
12.2 Elements of Link Building;
12.3 Summary;
Chapter 13: Competitor Research and Analysis;
13.1 Finding Your Competition;
13.2 Analyzing Your Competition;
13.3 Competitor Tracking;
13.4 Summary;
Chapter 14: Content Considerations;
14.1 Becoming a Resource;
14.2 Content Duplication;
14.3 Content Verticals;
14.4 Summary;
Chapter 15: Social Networking Phenomenon;
15.1 Social Platforms and Communities;
15.2 Social Media Strategy;
15.3 Using Automation;
15.4 Google and Social Media Sites;
15.5 Real-Time Search;
15.6 Summary;
Chapter 16: Search Engine Marketing;
16.1 The World of SEM;
16.2 Google AdWords;
16.3 Google AdSense;
16.4 SEM and SEO Unison;
16.5 Summary;
Chapter 17: Search Engine Spam;
17.1 Understanding Search Engine Spam;
17.2 Summary;
Chapter 18: Industry Buzz;
18.1 Bing;
18.2 SearchWiki;
18.3 The nofollow Link Attribute;
18.4 Finding the Buzz;
18.5 Summary;
Script Listings;
Chapter 2;
Chapter 3;
Chapter 4;
Chapter 5;
Chapter 6;
Chapter 13;
Chapter 15;
Chapter 18;
Ping Servers;
Ping Server List;
Programming Environment;
Building Your Own Environment;
Utilizing Distribution Packages;

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Seo Warrior 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Cecil_Champenois More than 1 year ago
This is a very heavy book (detailed) on Search Optimization written by John I. Jerkovic, published by O'Reilly. Lots to take in. You cannot read this book in one gulp. You really need to spread it out over time. As a result of reading "some" of this book, I've already made some slight changes to my web site. In the old days, you could put in all of these META tags and key words to get the search engines to see your web site. That is no longer entirely true. You'd better rethink that approach; it is much more complex and has become a true science. You have to take specific and concrete steps to ensure that your web site will come up on top of all the thousands of thousands already out there. SEO Warrior first states how to come up with an easy to remember domain name, no more than two or three words in length. That's simple. Google may be the top search engine in North America, but not so in other regions of the world. You need to target your audience carefully. This means also that you will have to understand how other search engines work, based on the target audience's location. Search engines are continually indexing. Some search engines actually contain several billion indexed documents. Web content continues to grow at astronomical rates. This further underlines the importance of determining some optimization strategies to ensure that your business, or other, web sites are the first few at the top of the indexing. Chapter 3 on Website essentials is very importance. John covers simple things you can do to improve your website, such as using thumbnail photos instead of full-blown photos which increase loading time. Use clear links, make sure your Title tags are carefully thought out, Titles need to be relevant to the page copy, make sure that the words found in the title tag are also found in the page copy, think out the keywords you will use in the Page URL, fully optimize the META tag, use key words in the page copy, review keyword proximity, and so on. You can use Microsoft Word's thesaurus as your keyword research tool. Google provides several keyword-oriented tools that you can use for SEO. These include the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Google Sets, Google Trends and Google Insights for Search. All of these are free and are very useful for obtaining keyword suggestions. This book, as I said, is a heavy book. There is plenty here to keep you very busy for at least six months. I am glad I have this book. I will make definite use of it. The author of SEO Warrior, John Jerkovic, did an excellent job in writing this SEO book.