Shadows From the Past

Shadows From the Past

by Ashley Dawn
4.5 11


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Shadows From the Past 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ashley Dawn is a fantastic down-to-earth author. I read this one and then found her next two books and couldn't put them down either! I can't wait to see more!
DolphinChick More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book very much! It was really well written.. good suspense .. made you keep moving forward because you needed to know the explanation! It also had a very positive message woven throughout! It was nice that it had some romance & chemistry but done very cleanly & respectfully! But there was no denying the connection, which was great!! I look forward to finishing the second book to learn even more about this amazing family! Thanks!
a-nonny-mouse More than 1 year ago
Is it possible to change God's will? Aurora watches in disbelief as a lone gunman fires at her beloved brother. Unable to help him, she sinks into a pit of despair and loneliness, turning her back on everyone that cares for her. Including God. Faced with some tough questions, like is it okay to keep living, is she betraying the dead if she doesn't find his killer, and is it okay to love again when she feels so very unlovable, follow along as she manages to remember that God is the One Who is truly in control and yes ~ life is for the living, and is not to be confused with forgetting. Life is a gift, and with the help of FBI agent Jordan, she will learn a most important lesson. A good, clean and fulfilling read that I enjoyed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
dag122053 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed By Lynn For Readers Favorite 'Shadows from the Past' by Ashley Dawn is a Christian suspense story of a woman police officer who, while working undercover, is also trying to find her brother's killer. "It's the price you pay for being a cop" as Aurora Kavvan watched her brother Lance gunned down before her very eyes. Not only did she lose her brother that night but her faith in God as well. As her dreams continue of that fateful night her partner Joe knows the only thing to do is pray for her for God to release the demon that is antagonizing her over her brother's death which she feels was her fault. With her partner being shot at, reuniting with her ex fiancé, Aurora realizes what she almost lost and that she still loves him and her faith is still there. She just has had it all hidden. As we follow the journey of Aurora through her memories and dreams we are taken back to the past up to the now as we watch love and faith return to Aurora's life. This was a book that I enjoyed reading. The elements that I like are all combined into one, Christian-based undertone, suspense and sweet romance. The book does tend to have quite a few flashbacks through dreams or memories, but if one keeps in mind the story line one will not get lost between the past and the now. I connected easily with the characters in the book and their faith. I think what I got out of the book as I read was that no matter what adversity comes upon the person or what tragedy befalls them, as long as one keeps the faith, God will handle it and turn the situation around. From the beginning to the final chase I found this book to be a delightful read. It is well-written with a touch of humor at times. Ashley Dawn is a new author to me and I will be looking forward to the book two in the Shadow Series. Recommended for all who like a clean written, Christian-based suspense book.
Tracykrausswrtr More than 1 year ago
Aurora Kavvan is a police woman who can hold her own. But when her brother is brutally wounded right before her very eyes, even she can't quell the dreams that come back to haunt her. Her feelings of guilt coupled with a need for revenge drive her to alienate those she loves the most, including her fiancé Jordan Reiley. Jordan hasn't given up on Aurora, though. When her brother's killer begins threatening Aurora, Jordan is there to protect her. Not only is their love rekindled, but Aurora finds that her faith is restored as well. Shadows From the Past by Ashley Wintters is straight up romance. Although it does contain action, suspense and murder, these elements seem secondary to the emotional turmoil the estranged lovers must navigate. Sometimes it felt like their inner musings went around in circles more than once as they struggled to rebuild their relationship, but it was still quite satisfying. Also, we are introduced to Jordan's extended family with a hint that there will be more coming from the Reiley clan in future novels. This was an aspect of the book that I especially liked, since it was faintly reminiscent of Dee Henderson's 'O'Malley' Series. I look forward to what is next in line from this author.
Countrysunset More than 1 year ago
Will "Shadows From the Past" keep Aurora Kavvan from having the love of God and a special man in her life? Aurora, a LAPD officer, has witnessed the murder of her only brother, Lance. Being shot with her weapon, she blames herself totally for his death and convinces herself that she is unworthy of her fiance, Jordan, in the process. 5 years later, her brother's case still unsolved, her partner, Joe, gets fired upon as he is protecting her at a stakeout. She was the target! As her partner recovers, Aurora is reunited with her past love and through attempts on her life and running around for safety, she finds that the love she felt before for him and her faith in the Lord are still there. Follow their journey as they discover how love and truth will prevail in the end. Generally, I don't read much in this genre of books, but I can say, I really enjoyed this one. The storyline moves very quickly and smoothly, very much like all the criminal shows on tv, which I also enjoy. I, also, enjoyed the characters in this story and the touch of inspiration that they conveyed added a very nice element. Showing hope and faith in the face of tragedy was a very good underlying theme! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good criminal fiction story that is contemporary with an inspirational undertone. This book was kindly provided to me by it's wonderful author for my honest review.
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
Ashley Dawn's Christian suspense novel, Shadows from the Past, tells the present predicament of a young LAPD officer investigating a drug lord while absorbed in the lonely search for her brother's killer. Aurora lost her faith and hope the day she lost her brother, and neither her partner's prayers nor former-fiancé's promises can bring her home. The fiancé works for the FBI and his brother's in the CIA. They'll all work and pray together with various partners and friends before the story's done. Aurora's past is told in long sequences of dreams, memories, and conversation, with details appearing slowly over different retellings. Details of the present arise slowly too, from Aurora's familiarity with guns to her obsession with leaving shoes around the house. The dialog is fun and natural though internal thoughts slow it down with long digressions. And the action's fast, though slowed again with flashback and descriptive detail. Shadows from the Past is an interesting story with fun characters and a turning back to faith that arises suddenly from the shape of love. The shadows shift like curtains in the wind, sometimes overly heavy and dark, and sometimes flitting away seemingly forgotten. Neither quite as wounded nor as cured as she might be, Aurora switches from fear to confusion to strength, each step slowly considered and mused over, till the conclusion, a frantic chase, and a final joy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a consultant with little to no time on my hands. I bought this book upon recommendation from a friend, and could NOT put it down. I seriously stayed up from 10 to about 2 one night until I had finished the whole thing. Highly recommended. Hopefully there will be more from this author! God bless - CL