Shattered Bonds (Jane Yellowrock Series #13)

Shattered Bonds (Jane Yellowrock Series #13)

by Faith Hunter

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Reissue)

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Jane Yellowrock must dig deep and find strength within herself if she is to survive in the latest novel in this New York Times bestselling series.

Jane Yellowrock is vampire-killer-for-hire, but her last battle with an ancient arcane enemy has brought her low. She seeks retreat in the Appalachian Mountains to grieve the loss of her friends, and to heal—or to die—from the disease brought on by her magic.

But malevolent elements in the paranormal community still seek to destroy Jane, and a terrifying foe stalks her, even into the safety of the hills. With nowhere to run and her body failing, the rogue-vampire hunter and her inner Beast must discover a way to defeat this new threat, and find a form that gives her a chance to fight another day.

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ISBN-13: 9780399587986
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/29/2019
Series: Jane Yellowrock Series , #13
Edition description: Reissue
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 13,956
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Faith Hunter is the New York Times bestselling author of the Jane Yellowrock series, the Soulwood series, and the Rogue Mage series.

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Chapter 1


He Ate Her Body While

She Was Still Alive, Piece by Piece


Beast pawpawpawed, slow, across ridge of rock over creek. Silent. Good predator. Moving back paw into front paw track, paw prints overlapping in fresh layer of snow. Beast lifted snout and sniffed, breath in two white clouds in icy air. Wind blew own scent back, along path. Wind filled nose with musk of three male deer, upwind. Bucks did not see or smell Beast. Beast is best hunter.




Biggest buck raised head. Sniffing. Pawing dirt. Eyes on tree bark where Beast had left mark before last pregnant moon. Where Beast had sharpened claws to mark territory. Old spoor. Beast had hunted along creek then. Was best hunter's old spoor still strong with threat? Had Beast made stupid kit mistake?


No. Beast is good hunter. Want big deer. Has much meat. Will have good blood and good organs and good belly fat. Beast hungers. Big buck is strong and healthy.


Pawed closer. Crouched. Eyes on other creek bank and deer below. Watching.


Snow covered ground, deep as Beast paw. Wet rocks were black, sharp as knife blade in hands of human hunter. Sunlight was low, angled. Reflection in pool of water below did not show Beast. Did not show deer. Was good hunting spot. Water splashed from small falls, crisp, like breaking sticks. Would cover Beast sounds.


Smaller male in male deer herd finished drinking. Leaped up bank to flat ground beneath Beast's perch. Beast waited. Finally, big deer dropped head. And drank.


Beast tightened crouch, pulling all body onto paws,

shoulders high. Leaped. Shoved off with back legs. Stretched out front legs. Claws extending. Falling. Thick tail rotated for balance. Scent of buck rushed up. Heavy. Pungent.


Deer flinched. Hooves left ground. Buck leaped high. Away from other deer. Beast snarled. Not expecting jump. Whipped tail, swiveling body. Reaching.


Buck splashed into deep water. Beast missed.


Buck leaped again. Splashed hard. Hooves driving up far bank. White tail held high.


Beast fell.


Landed half in water.


Front paws missed rock just under surface.


Paws, legs, shoulders, head, slapped into water. And under it. Nose flaps closed, but not before water went up nose.


Front feet hit bottom, back feet hit bank.


Wrenched body back. Rear paws and claws dug deep into half-frozen muddy bank. Body twisted. Out of water. Blew water out of nose in loud snort. Spat and shook. Loose coat slid around muscular body. Flinging water droplets into snow. Blowing.


Beast whirled, searching for two smaller deer. They had vanished. Beast snarled at world. Screamed. Big deer must have heard or smelled Beast.


I hunger! Screamed again, sound echoing in hills. Chuffed in anger. Pounced up and down, paws sinking into half-frozen mud.


Deer did not come back. Prey was smart.


Shook again. Water had not penetrated into deep coat. Had not washed into paw pads. Beast would not freeze.


Pulled in air over tongue and over scent sacs in roof of mouth. What Jane called flehmen response, but Beast called scenting. Stopped. Held muzzle into air and smelled again. Caught stink of cat on air. Sucked in air again, hard and long, showing fangs, smelling with nose and part of brain that Beast had stolen from ugly dog, good nose, what Jane called bloodhound.


Smelled cat. Was male. Did not smell like lynx or bobcat. Was not small feral cat humans used as mousers. Was different. Was . . . bigger. Scent was old and no tracks showed in snow. But cat had been on Beast's territory. Back feet landing in prints of front feet, Beast stalked scent. Followed old cat smell many short steps, body in crouch, to tree on edge of hunting territory. Male cat had left spoor near tree. Old scat. Male cat was healthy. Strong. Bigger than lynx. Beast sucked in scent through nose and mouth. Cat was not lion from Africa. Cat was not leopard. Not puma. Was not werecat. Beast knew those smells. Did not know this cat. Beast pawed scat and saw bones of rabbit in scat. But. Cat was gone.


Beast clawed tree, shredding bark. Clawed and clawed, marking territory. This is Beast territory. This is Beast hunting ground. Snarled again. Shook more water out of pelt. Left spoor at ground under tree, on top of male cat scat. This said, Beast place. All who hunted here would know it was Beast place. Went back to pool of water and drank. Beast water. And when Beast sees deer again, Beast deer. Beast food.


Beast screamed, mountain lion cry bouncing up hills like human ball on walls. Beast shook, flinging more water, and shoved off with all four feet. Straight-up jump, what Jane would say was too high, but Puma concolor knew was good jump. Landed on top of rock ridge. Raced into trees and down top of hill toward house that was human home.


Snow began to fall. Ran through snowflakes, slinky and lithe and lissome. Good words for Beast. Each leap covered more than Beast body and tail, body and tail, and part of body again. Was long run steps.


Sun dipped behind western ridge. Dusk fell. Beast eyes saw world as green and silver and gray and many shades of black. Cold air and snow kept Beast cool. Felt good on strong body. But Beast still hungered. Was skinny.


Thought of humans and vampires and witches. Want to hunt bison in Edmund car. Edmund is gone. Want to sit on Leo and rub jaw on Leo to scent mark. But Leo is gone. Want to curl around Angie Baby and Little Evan and new kit and keep kits safe. But kits are gone. Beast is hungry. Beast is sad.


Thought about big cat spoor. Beast is lonely.


Felt/saw/smelled change. Beast stopped. Crouched. Thought was another deer, but . . . vibration beneath Beast's paws was too big for running deer. Was like stone on stone, not deer hooves. Beast quivered in reaction, sniffing, dropping belly to snow. Thinking. Vibration got stronger. Claws extruded and sank into leaves on ground beneath snow. Vibration got stronger again. Earth moves, Beast thought. Earth is alive.


Snow fell from quivering branches overhead. Large globs landed on snow with soft plops. Dollop of snow splatted onto Beast's back. Beast hissed. Leaped high and to side, into trees, hissing, spitting, hissing, growling. Raced up tall tree into branches. Hunched tight. Smelling for enemy. But tree was shaking too.


Earth settled. Night fell darker beneath heavy clouds. Faint light came from place where sun set. Beast turned to stare at it. Sun was gone. Was too light there now. Had been darker there when sun set last time Beast hunted. More white man's lights? Hate white man's lights.


When Beast was satisfied that Earth was staying still, Beast dropped from limb, loped toward house. Smelled wood smoke on air. Smelled Brute spoor stink. Smelled Bruiser and Eli and stink of gunfire from new shooting range. Family. Saw snow fall, felt snow landing on coat. Trotted out of tree line, along row of grapevines, branches showing hints of green from warmer weather, now gone again. Bruiser said Mother Nature was fickle. Beast did not understand fickle. Trotted past unfinished cottages. Past finished cottages. Up to house that Jane called inn.


Beast did not need lights, but security lights were on. Alex and Eli trusted Beast to know if Beast was safe, but did not trust Jane to live, so littermates had come. They had put up cameras. Beast was on camera and motion sensors. Beast thought about spraying spoor on cameras and chuffed with laughter. But Bruiser was here. Eli and Alex. Family. Beast did not spray cameras.


Beast was nearing front steps when something in mind tore with harsh sound. Beast stopped. Stumbled. Fell to snow. In head, deep in mind, Edmund screamed, "My mistress! Dange-" The sound of his cry was cut off. Was sound of agony. Beast froze, lying in snow.


Edmund cry waked Jane.


Beast? Was that Ed?


Beast whirled body and spun to feet. Raced for door, sprinting, leaping, covering twenty feet in a bound.


Ed? Jane whispered in my/our mind.


Edmund screamed. Sound as if heart was being torn out with claws.


Oh no. Oh nonononono, Jane thought. He's being . . . He's being tortured.



Pain and vertigo and the scent of blood flooded through me. Beast's paws overlapped and we stumbled, falling hard to our side. Rolled back to our feet. Ed? I screamed for him.


There was nothing. A blank dark hole where the connection to Ed used to reside. I hadn't even noticed the bond was there, a real, tangible thing. Nor had I noticed the shield between us until it tore, that horrible ripping sound in Beast's mind. But the absence of the bond, the absence of Ed, was glaring, screaming, like night terrors and drowning and being sucked into a deep, dark hole in an underground river.


I/we staggered, raced up the stairs and inside, through the huge rubber-flapped cat door Eli had installed to the side of the human one. The silver-bell chimes announced our arrival. We raced across the thick Oriental rug of the foyer. Dry heat, artificial light, and the sound of a game on the huge TV screen over the fireplace were like being smacked in the senses, and we skidded on snow-damp paws across the marble flooring as we raced into the noisy office/TV/living area.


Beast had hunter eyes on Alex, sitting at the antique two-sided desk that took up the entire far end of the room. We leaped to cross the space, cat eyes seeing what he was working on while in midair. On three of his screens were files and research about the Dark Queen, and on two others were e-mails from witches about methods to treat magically induced cancer. We landed, slipping again on the slick floor, banging into the splayed feet of Alex's desk chair. Sending him rolling.


The Kid grunted, pulled himself back into place, and tried to wave us away. Beast reached up and took his hand in her teeth.


The game went silent.


The room went still. Sweat smell of surprise came from Alex. He slowly turned his head and looked at us, long curls sliding across his dark-skinned forehead and cheek. "Jane?"


Eli was standing behind us, weapon drawn.


They think I died and you went feral, I thought at Beast.


She snorted at that thought and let go of Alex's hand. It tasted of sweat and soot and coffee and an odd chemical under-tang. Beast rose to her back feet, placing her right paw on the desk near the keyboard.


Alex said, "Oh." He opened the file drawer to the side and pulled out the specially made, heavy-duty, oversized keyboard, placing it in front of us. Behind us, Eli relaxed and we heard the sound of a weapon click back into the Kydex holster.


Beast extruded her claws and turned over the use of the paw to me. Carefully, slowly, I typed. Letter by letter, the words appeared on the small designated screen to Alex's far left. 'ed n trouble. where ed?'


Eli grunted in worry, propped a hip on the large oak desk, and pulled out his phone, probably to text Bruiser to get back to the house. My honeybunch was out in the vineyard, checking the youngest vines and the new trellis and the stability of the terraces down the hill from the house. Beast had smelled him on the wind as we raced inside and located him reliably. Bruiser wasn't alone. He was with Brute, the white werewolf, and Pea, the grindylow. Not things I had consciously noted until I needed to.


Alex slanted sharp eyes at us and went to work, minimizing two of his screens, searching through private vampire sites he was able to access because of my position in Mithran hierarchy, and other sites that were open to the public. Beast dropped to the floor as he worked and pulled the ceramic water bowl to her with a paw. There were water bowls placed strategically throughout the house, all ceramic, since she refused to drink out of metal bowls, preferring toilet water to the taste of steel. Which had been gack until I was able to explain to the humans what was wrong. She lapped water.


The house had been an inn and vineyard that I bought before I left New Orleans. I'd needed a place to lie low while either my human body died from magically induced cancer or I decided to stay in Beast's form forever. I hadn't known what I was buying, not exactly. I was just hunting for acreage and I bought a property that had gone into foreclosure after the original owners' costly divorce. Now it was territory for Beast and a house big enough for my family and clan to live with me. If I survived.


Eli asked. "Did you hear Ed psychically through the binding?"


Beast stopped drinking and looked up at him. I/we nodded once. Deep inside, my thoughts plundered the empty place where Ed had been, a place that was now raw and bleeding and broken. He had been here, inside of us, all this time, bound to me as his mistress. Now he was gone. I needed to help him. I needed to help him now. And I couldn't.


Beast will hunt for Ed, she thought.


Ed is far away, I thought back.


"You're all wet," Eli said. "What'd you do, fall in the creek?"


Beast snarled.


Eli's face seemed permanently creased with mixed emotions, complex weavings of fury, despair, anger, grief. He seldom laughed these days, and I was the problem. If he could heal me by shooting something, I'd be healthy and happy, because he was going through ammo as if it grew on trees, in the outdoor shooting range he had set up. But he was helpless in the face of a magical disease that no one knew how to treat. A rare moment of amusement lit his face. "You did," Eli said. "You fell in."


Beast snarled at him and thought at me, Do not like water. Hate water. Hate cold water. Water helped deer get away. Water stole deer.


I let my thoughts riffle through Beast's memory and saw her landing in the icy water, plunging beneath. Inside, I laughed but said nothing.


Beast is best hunter. Water stole deer, she insisted.


Okay, I thought.


I hunger. Want to hunt bison in Edmund car.


There were at least three bison ranches within driving distance of Asheville, and we had this conversation multiple times a week. I figured that this time it was to cheer me up, to put my fear for Edmund to the side, but it was more distraction than comfort. I mentally counted to ten.

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Shattered Bonds 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 36 reviews.
Anonymous 22 days ago
Been a fan of Faith Hunter and especially Jane Yellowrock for years. At the end of her last book I cried. In Shattered Bonds many of my favorites come back on the scene and Jane is caught between a painful rock and a hard place with her family in more danger than ever before. As usual the warm fuzzies of Jane protecting and (a turnaround) being protected, but more intensely than ever! I've read the book twice and loved it each time.Beast is more herself. I smile most of the time she pad, pad, pads into the scene. This part of the series, more than most, shouldn't be read if you've not read the one before it.This honest report was done after I received an Advanced Reader's Copy to review and my opinions are my own.
Anonymous 22 days ago
I tried to read it slow...pace myself...but I couldn't!! Fantastic!! The story dragged me right in and time flew by!! I hope it's not the end! I can see so many paths for the story to continue.
Anonymous 23 days ago
through 13 books there have been surprises. first of course was a Skywalker who killed vampires in a different version of the United States. Then magical and mystical animals. Many more bloody battles. love. heartbreak. betrayal. friendship. in this book there is something different in the being of Jane Yellowrock. It was a hunt for something that she did not know she wanted badly for everyone who called her Queen. That hunt is over now..
Anonymous 23 days ago
Faith has done it again. A wonderful story with surprises and huge emotional moments. I love spending time with Jane's family. I can't wait for the next one.
Anonymous 20 days ago
Faith Hunter does it again! this book tied so many ends together while also throwing us into a new plot lines and potential story lines. It was definitely worth waiting for. It is a different side of Jane and a different side of all the characters we've gotten to know. it is filled with suspense, revelations, fights, love and everything in between. Highly recommended!
Anonymous 20 days ago
Just as good as ever, though a bit different. A break from NOLA and vampire politics. I'm still waiting for Leo's return.
Anonymous 22 days ago
good contuation of the storyline
LynnLTX 24 days ago
4.5 Stars After the epic and devastating battle in the last book, DARK QUEEN, between Leo and the Euro vamps where things did not go according to plan, Jane has retreated to the Appalachian Mountains brought low by grief and a magically induced disease. Her own trusty Clan Yellowrock army is with her including Bruiser, her brothers of the heart, Eli and Alex plus others of her extended family who show up to help out when trouble once again stalks Jane. The most seriously evil younger Son of Darkness brings a new and deadly fight right to Jane’s front door. As usual, Jane is fighting battles on several fronts including the magic created illness that is sapping her strength and causing major depression for our warrior woman. Once the enemy is identified, Jane ends up with a full house on her new property to help out including BFF Molly along with her extended witchy and human family. Someone dear to Jane has been taken and is being brutally tortured by the SOD #2 who wants to own Jane, her Dark Queen’s crown, and all the power that implies. To make matters worse, another enemy is attacking them so that adds to the chaos and stress. Jane is trying to get her sometimes magical allies including Gee and Soul to help out, but they are having their own issues. Ayatas shows up to annoy and pester Jane as only a brother can without necessarily being helpful though they have some interesting conversations. Jane spends a fair amount of time in half form as it helps her deal with her ever increasing weaknesses which also means Beast is at the forefront for much of the story. There is a hint given about the status of Leo, but I would say it is not definitive. This book, Jane Yellowrock #13, has an amped up intensity which will leave readers thoroughly worked over emotionally. Jane gets little to no break from the extreme pressure of rescuing some of her people, dealing with illness, keeping tabs on what is going on back in NOLA at vamp HQ, and the major fight with the horrific evil that is the SOD. The pace of this story goes roller coaster ride fast moving from one battle to the next along with Clan Yellowrock family dynamics which will keep readers glued to the page wondering how it will all work out for Jane and company.
Anonymous 17 days ago
It took me awhile to remember and get into it, after that the book was really good.
Anonymous 18 days ago
Another fantastic book by Faith Hunter!! Loved everything about it... well except it ended way too soon!! Wanted more, which is a sign of a great book!!!
Anonymous 18 days ago
An intense addition to the series. Great read.
Sailon 8 days ago
Fan-freakin-tastic!!! I can't wait to see where Hunter takes us next but first... This amazing addition to the Jane Yellowrock series brings Jane face to face with everything she was destined to be while she struggles to survive the havoc time walking has caused on her body. Her friends come to rally around her but an ancient evil, the original most evil that started vampirism has left Europe to take on Jane and her friends. What can I say, this was a single sitting read. From the moment I picked up a copy of Shattered Bonds I WAS HOOKED. Intense, fun, unexpectedly surprised and riveted are just a few words that come to mind to describe Shattered Bonds. And, Oh MY, I can't wait to see where Faith Hunter takes us next. I received this ARC paperback copy of Shattered Bonds from Berkley Publishing. This is my honest and voluntary review.
Anonymous 16 days ago
Anonymous 16 days ago
Another good one from Faith Hunter. I have yet to be disappointed in the Jane Yellowrock series. The SOD2 is coming for Jane and her family, but she wonn't let anything stand in her way to protect them-not even a little thing like dying. I can't wait to see what the next book will bring!
Bookaholic_SATX 17 days ago
Loved the Book! The only bad part of the book is that it ends! It is such a great book. All my favorites are back including Beast & Bruiser. Kits are so cute! I can't wait for the next book!
Anonymous 17 days ago
I enjoyed this book thoroughly. was surprised several times as I read through it. sitting on edged for the next one and can bide my time by re-reading the series. (I do that a lot with series I really like)
Anonymous 17 days ago
Love this series and cannot wait until the next one comes out! I tried to make it last but once I started the pages flew by. Jane is once again flying by the seat of her pants and making the best decisions she can. Up against an enemy that seems impossible to beat. This book is filled with action, love, trying to find balance and staying true to oneself, plot twists. So did not see that ending coming. Read the series from the beginning and you will not be disappointed.
Robin_Snyder 19 days ago
Jane’s journey has been a long one, she and the Yellowrock Clan have been through some very dangerous and trying times. Shattered bonds started off a bit dark, in that Jane is not well, she is a little defeated and not even close to being into true fighting form. It seems I’d forgotten a lot of the details from the prior book(s) but Faith Hunter did a great job of peppering in the details I needed to be up to speed. After becoming the Dark Queen in the prior book Jane pretty much gave up all of her claims to lands and titles to go hide outside of Ashville and die. She tried to slink away alone so the people she loves don’t have he watch her go through this (silly Jane) but they found her and are trying to figure out how to save her. Jane has been spending a lot of time as Beast, since the magical cancer is only affecting her human form. It seems like Jane has kinda given up and is just waiting to die, that is until Edmund being kindnapped by the Son of Shadows, calls on her purpose to save her friend and protect the rest of her people. Shattered Bonds is not only about the bonds that Jane has with her people but also the bonds the Son of Darkness (SoD) has with his Brother the Son of Shadows (SoS) with the rest of his followers. Jane’s bonds are built with love and mutual respect for the most part, while the SoS’s are built with fear, pain and violence. It is interesting to see the contrast between the two. Jane and Beast have some great moments together in Shattered bonds. Beast is a cat and has some secrets of her own that she is hiding from Jane but I think that we get to see the mutual respect between them grow all the more as they deal with the SoS, Jane’s magical cancer and coming to terms with being the Dark Queen. There are some moments with the Angel that make me wonder what Jane will be in the next books. This was a heart wrenching and gripping book. Edmund is a character I care for a lot and to know the danger he is in and how it is not only affecting Jane but Angie, who made Edmund her Knight and shares a bond with him too. I loved seeing the Everharts, Eli, Alex and especially Bruiser surround Jane with there love in this difficult time. The kids Angie and EJ are especially cute and add some light to the dark of this. Jane has never really wanted to be in charge and I think that Shattered Bonds did great at showing Jane just how much it costs when you abdicate responsibility. It cost her people a lot, especially when they were struggling with losing Leo already, her absence just made everything worse. I felt the worst for Bruiser who lost Leo, is trying to be patient and keep Jane alive but feels like he is losing her too and is struggling with where his new place is in the world. It was a little heart wrenching to see him put on the brave face when in truth he is a little lost. I love where this ended. Let me rephrase that. I was ready for more, I wanted to see how everyone reacts to the new Jane and I was ready for her to really be the Dark Queen going forward. I was also ready to kick European vampire but, because there is more to be kicked to consolidate power and bring peace. But mostly I just wanted one more scene with Bruiser, I love that man and his loyalty and devotion to Jane. But alas, I will need to wait another year or so to get there, I will be ready.
melmichigan 19 days ago
We pick up soon after Dark Queen and find the Yellowrock Clan has retreated to the Appalachian Mountains trying to find a cure for Jane's magically induced cancer. Jane is forced to spend most of her time in beast form and we watch as her family struggles to keep her engaged and fighting. We spend more time inside Jane/Beast's head in this book but don't let that fool you, there is plenty of action. The Son of Darkness doesn't care what is happening to Jane, and he is waging war on The Dark Queen and all those she holds dear. There is a lot of growth packed into these pages, you won't be disappointed!
Anonymous 21 days ago
This just wasn't a good story line for me. I'm very disappointed in this book and the direction that the storyline is taking. It's as if the author is struggling to keep the story line fresh and exciting. Did not like this book at all.
TheGenreMinxBookReviews 22 days ago
Shattered Bonds is a thrilling story that’s filled with action, suspense, and it was also intensely gripping! Throughout this series, the one thing Jane Yellowrock has never been was weak or helpless but in Shattered Bonds, that feeling and sense had become an everyday occurrence for Jane. Even though she had decided in the previous book, Dark Queen, that she was going to enjoy her remaining days by herself, there was no way that her friends or family were going to accept her decision. If she was going to die, she was not going to be doing it alone. Despite her wishes they had gathered around her, rallying for a miracle which in hindsight was the best thing that could have happened to her knowing now what was to come. At the opening of the book it was hard to see Jane as weak as she was but despite her weakness and her easy acceptance of what she thought was to be her fate, she hadn’t truly given up. Even though she had declined all the responsibilities that had been foisted upon her when she had defeated the former Master of the City, there was more than one person who declined to give her refusal of leadership much validity. Some were for Jane’s benefit because they were hoping for a different outcome but one being, known as the Son of Darkness (SOD), was coming for Jane and her crew no matter what the cost and his determination to end her, though stressful, would force Jane to dig deeper than she had ever done before. The SOD’s arrival into Jane’s retreat was a catalyst that sparked a fire that would forcefully burn the blinders that Jane had put in place. She would come to realize that, whether she liked it or not, she was important and needed by many people. She would have to fight for all that she held dear and there were times where that didn’t seem like it would be enough. I loved the emotions that were squeezed out of me from chapter to chapter! There was much uncertainty about the future and not just for Jane but for everyone that I had come to adore in this series and that feeling kept me flipping the pages to figure out what was happening next. Though, what really stayed with me while reading Shattered Bonds was that this story felt like a new beginning rather than an ending and I am looking forward to more from the Jane Yellowrock series! This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Penguin Random House. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.
PollyBennett 22 days ago
An amazing continuation of Jane Yellowrock saga. The characters in this series are so real, and, they continue to grow and mature with each installment. I finished Shattered Bonds with tears running down my face.
beluga343 22 days ago
Once again, Faith Hunter creates a world that seems real to me. It's a suspenseful, poignant and intense continuation of Clan Yellowrock's saga. Major changes come to this marvelously complex story arc that is so well written, so compelling. I could read this series forever !
Anonymous 22 days ago
I'm in shock, awe, and joy, having read this book in a time warp so quickly. As always, Faith Hunter has written Jane Yellowrock's story, beginning dynamically and speeding to a powerfully explosive conclusion. Every character grows and matures; there are trauma, danger, humor, anger, terror, love, and magic; and there are surprises continuously. I can say no more without risking spoilers. Faith, you've done it again! When is book #14?
Anonymous 22 days ago
was a good read, slow at times with lengthy technical explanations of stuff. Book left a lot of things up in the air. what is happening in NOLA, has Bruiser resolved the "servant" thing, what about Liz and Eli, what was the deal with legolas? I am all for a cliffhanger, but this was too much.