A Sick Day for Amos McGee

A Sick Day for Amos McGee


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ISBN-13: 9781596434028
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Publication date: 05/25/2010
Pages: 32
Sales rank: 39,266
Product dimensions: 9.40(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.50(d)
Lexile: AD760L (what's this?)
Age Range: 2 - 6 Years

About the Author

PHILIP C. STEAD and ERIN E. STEAD, both authors and artists, divide their time between Ann Arbor, Michigan, and New York City. Philip is the author and illustrator of CREAMED TUNA FISH AND PEAS ON TOAST. This is their first book together.

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A Sick Day for Amos McGee 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 50 reviews.
jessieintoledo More than 1 year ago
This story is of a zookeeper taking the day off because he's sick, him zoo friends miss him, and take the bus to his house and keep him company until he feels well again. It's touching, sweet, and I like the message of caring friendships. The illustrations are other reason to buy this book. They're so good! Off the chart cute and well drawn. It's amazing how real the expressions look, both facial features and posture. Just buy it and you can't go wrong.
mayan50 More than 1 year ago
I totally love this book. Philip and Erin Stead did a really great job on this book. The story is so loving and the illustrations are so real. It just makes you want to go to the zoo and see the animals. It's a must buy and so deserving of the Caldecott Medal.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A simple and sweet story about the true dedication of friendship. The illustrations have a classic feel to them with wonderful and funny small details throughout.
Mparis on LibraryThing 18 days ago
Amos, a zookeeper, comes down with a cold and can't attend to his animal friends in the zoo. The animals, however, make sure he's well taken care of.This was such a touching story of true friendship. Amos always took care of the animals, but when he was home ill, they came and took care of him. The animals are lovely realistic depictions colored by wood block printing. I can see why this book won a Caldecott Medal. Theme/classroom connection: How to be a good friend.
ryann0423 on LibraryThing 18 days ago
Amos is a zoo keeper who works hard to take care of all the animals at his zoo. One day he gets sick and can't come and take care of all the animals so they take care of him. It's a sweet story that teaches children about friendship and helping each other out no matter whose job it may be. This story would be great to share if there are kids who are having issues with the friends idea or to teach helping.
brikayama on LibraryThing 18 days ago
Amos McGee always gave so much of himself and it did not go unnoticed. Soon the zoo animals were giving back to Amos what he had given them. What a wonderful book that teaches friendship and dedication. The illustrations seemed so realistic.
cmesa1 on LibraryThing 18 days ago
I did not enjoy reading this book. although it has a nice morale. I thought the illustrations could be more colorful and alive specially at the begging of the story when McGuee is healthy and sharing time with the animals. The other part of the book could show a contrast and can have the colorless images to show that he was sick.
JohannaJ on LibraryThing 18 days ago
I really loved this book. It's about an old man who works at the zoo and what happens to him on a day he calls out sick. The story really captures that sad/sweet feeling the children's books can sometimes achive with out specifically talking about it. The illistrations is really beautiful and doesn't overpower the story, rather enhances it.
claudiathelibrarian on LibraryThing 18 days ago
5Q- Beautiful illustrations that express the emotional content of the story. Story is pleasantly slow and the importance of friends is nicely incorporated in the story.4P- Children will like the repetitive elements of the story and the wonderful role of the animals. Amos McGee is a lovable character. Parents will enjoy reading this story aloud.
lekenned on LibraryThing 18 days ago
A really cute story about a zoo keeper who is friends with the animals. One day when Amos gets sick his animal friends come to take care of him.
eputney87 on LibraryThing 18 days ago
Summary: Amos goes to the zoo to visit the animals every day. Until one day he gets sick. The animals decide to hop on a bus and go visit Amos at his house. It is a tender story of friendship and love.Strength: Characterization The sweet, gentle and authentic character of Amos McGee is clearly depicted through authors word choice and beautiful sketches of the illustrator. Use with Children: This book would be a great one for friendship week or simply talking about the importance of friendship and caring for others.
Lauramel on LibraryThing 18 days ago
The old-fashioned, muted illustrations in this book make it a definite keeper. Along with using this book with preschool or kindergarten children in a unit about animals, it would also be a great addition to a discussion about compassion and empathy.
jessieabloom on LibraryThing 18 days ago
A Sick day for Amos McGee drew me in right away with its huge, gorgeous yellow stripes. They are unashamedly planted right on the cover and continue to march through most of the pages of the book. Besides the stripes, Philip Christian Stead also takes a unique, and extremely successful, risk by writing the main character not as a child or an animal, but as an old man. The illustrations are striking and beautifully drawn while the story is a lovely mix of humor and gentleness.
LibraryBlondie on LibraryThing 18 days ago
Super cute simple story about the friendship between a zookeeper and some zoo animals. Great soft illustrations.
sjordet on LibraryThing 18 days ago
Caldecott winner, "A Sick Day for Amos McGee" is a tale of friendship. When their friend Amos gets sick and does not make it to the zoo (like he normally does), the concerned animals Amos hangs out with get on a bus and visit Amos. They take care of him and nurse him back to health.The story is heartwarming and great for teaching children about the importance of friendship. The illustrations use a pale color scheme but bring the characters to life.
laurroop on LibraryThing 18 days ago
This beautifully illustrated Caldecott winner is a classic modern tale of a zookeeper and his animal friends. A fine text for read-alouds. Author and illustrator were clearly influenced by Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are--at least in terms of text structure.
kimpiddington on LibraryThing 18 days ago
Charming woodblock and pencil illustrations help tell the tale of Amos and his friends from the zoo.
Jpeshke on LibraryThing 18 days ago
This is such a sweet and simple story. The child at my daycare could listen to it over and over (and they do). The illustrations are just beautiful. I wish I could hang them in my house. Such a great read aloud story! And from Ann Arbor too!
etwinney on LibraryThing 18 days ago
A Sick Day for Amos McGee is a wonderful story about a man who works and makes friends at the zoo. one day he can't make it into work so his friends come to visit him. Children will love it and adults will enjoy reading it to them.
Booklady123 on LibraryThing 18 days ago
GoodReads Description:¿THE BEST SICK DAY EVER and the animals in the zoo feature in this striking picture book debut.Friends come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In Amos McGee¿s case, all sorts of species, too! Every day he spends a little bit of time with each of his friends at the zoo, running races with the tortoise, keeping the shy penguin company, and even reading bedtime stories to the owl. But when Amos is too sick to make it to the zoo, his animal friends decide it¿s time they returned the favor.¿To say that I was taken by surprise by the winners of the Caldecott and Newbery this year would be a big understatement. As someone who 291 books in 2011, many of them young adult and picture books, one would think that I would have at least heard of the winners before now. Apparently, I was not the only caught unaware about the Newbery. My local library does not even own a copy (yet) and Amazon will not be able to get my copy to me until the end of January. I suspect this one might be another Higher Power of Lucky type book. I hope not.I was able to get a copy of the Caldecott winner: A Sick Day for Amos McGee written by Philip Christian Stead and illustrated by Erin Stead. It¿s a cute story and very well written. As for the illustrations: they are NICE, but they are not MAGICAL and quite frankly, I expect Caldecott illustrations to be MAGICAL, to evoke something within the reader. It¿s wonderful when they play an integral part in the story as in Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathman. Bill Thomson¿s illustrations in Chalk are MAGICAL. Art & Max by David Wiesner has MAGICAL illustrations. To be honest though, I figured Wiesner¿s book would be bypassed because he¿s already won the award three times. That shouldn¿t be a factor in considering whether or not a book is worthy of the award, but I wouldn¿t be surprised to find that it does factor in, if subconsciously.Of course I¿m just one reader in a sea of millions. And I¿m an adult. The book was after all intended for children. I will be sharing it with my students. I¿ll update you on their opinion of the illustrations. (And yes, I will ask them to compare A Sick Day for Amos McGee with Chalk and Art & Max.)Recommended for Pre-school to 3rd Grade.Mrs. Archer¿s Rating: 3 of 5
amandacb on LibraryThing 18 days ago
Amos McGee has a routine; he gets up early, puts on his uniform, eats his breakfast, and then takes the bus to his work, the City Zoo. There, he has various ¿jobs¿ with the animals, to include playing chess, running races, and reading books. One day, however, he becomes sick, and does not show up for work. The animals become restless and decide to come visit him at home. Amos McGee was an immediate hit when I read it aloud to my first and second grade classes, not just for the adorable illustrations but for the funny and cute story. It¿s a warm reminder that while we may count on people to be there every day, they are in fact counting on us just as much. Love this book!
theCajunLibrarian on LibraryThing 18 days ago
Delightfully illustrated and sweetly told, the story of elderly zookeeper Amos stresses the importance of kindness and the importance of giving and taking in friendship.
dduning on LibraryThing 18 days ago
Delightful story about friends taking care of each other through thick and thin. Terrifically illustrated and endearing.
Pangle on LibraryThing 18 days ago
Zookeeper, Mr. McGee, is a loyal friend and care taker for all of his animals at the zoo. But who will be there for him when he needs a caretaker? To his surprise and delight, he wakes up to all of his animal friends giving him the same good care that he gives to them. This is a touching, gentle, simple story of friendship.
szierdt on LibraryThing 18 days ago
A very sweet story about a man who routinely goes to his job at the zoo to care for his animal friends, until he gets sick and his friend get to care for him. Soft pencil sketches lend to the warmth of the story. Characters are realistically portrayed with human traits. I would use this book to talk about the importance of friendship and how unique each friend is. A perfect lesson for empathy.