Side Chickology: Why Men & Women Cheat: Understanding, Avoiding, & Recovering from Infidelity

Side Chickology: Why Men & Women Cheat: Understanding, Avoiding, & Recovering from Infidelity

by Keith A. Battle


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One of the most common occurrences in our society today is acts of relationship unfaithfulness. The percentages of infidelity in committed relationships is staggering. Both men and women cheat, regardless of sexual gender preferences. But why? Keith Battle gives the reasons why most couples break trust and commit various forms of betrayal. Ironically, something as painful as betrayal can be the very catalyst of catapulting a relationship from average to amazing. Keith has personally experienced this in his own marriage and has helped many others experience this antithetical blessing in disguise. Side Chickology: Why Men & Women Cheat. Understanding, Avoiding, and Recovering from Infidelity is filled with healing and humor simultaneously. It is both transparent and prescriptive.In this book you'll discover:~ Why men and women choose to cheat.~ How children completely change the dynamic of a relationship.~ The secrets of the man cave.~ The conversations that lead to cheating.~ The enormous costs of infidelity.~ The road to recovery and rebuilding trust in the marriage.~ How to fall in love again.

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ISBN-13: 9781543961454
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 03/01/2019
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 291,025
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

"Keith Battle is married to his best friend Vicki and he's the Senior Pastor of Zion Church with locations in Landover, MD, Fort Washington, MD, and Woodbridge, VA. Keith is the Creator of a Radio Sports Minute called "When Sports Meets Life" and can also be heard on his Weekly Radio Broadcast "Weekly Wisdom". Keith is also an Executive Consultant for Church and Business Leaders, an Author, and an NBA & NFL Chapel Speaker. Keith & Vicki live in Bowie, MD, and have 3 Adult Children and one Grandchild."

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 7

Introduction 9

Why this Book? 11

Disclaimer 15

Chapter 1 Attention Deficit Disorder 17

The Pattern 17

The Married Side-Chick 21

Affirmations 27

Chapter 2 Man Cave Secrets - The Making of an Adulterer 29

Inside the Man Cave 32

Pornography 34

When Virtual is No Longer Enough 37

Boyfriend vs. Husband Mentality 40

Affirmations 42

Chapter 3 A Girlfriend Mentality (The Making of a Side Chick) 43

Wife vs. Girlfriend Thinking 44

Friends with Benefits 46

Affirmations 50

Chapter 4 The Prelude to Side Chick Status 51

Tennis Anvone? 52

Pity Party Invitation 54

History's First Side Chick 56

The Build Up 58

Affirmations 59

Chapter 5 The Rush of Secrecy 61

Running Red Lights and Stop Signs 63

Cheat Day 65

The Power of Addiction 69

Affirmations 72

Chapter 6 Uh-Oh, The Cat is Out of the Bag 73

The Phone Call 76

A Devastated Wife 79

Anger is a Secondary Emotion 81

Affirmations 82

Chapter 7 The Price is Way Too High 83

Affirmations 91

Chapter 8 Something to Think About 93

Something else to consider 96

Affirmations 101

Chapter 9 Ribology 103

Affirmations 112

Chapter 10 Side Chick Proofing Yourself (Singles) 113

Check Out My New "Single" 115

Affirmations 128

Chapter 11 Side Chick Proofing Your Marriage 129

Recovering from Marital Infidelity 130

Keep Moving on to The Next Thing (Forgiveness) 133

Make a Healthy Marriage the Goal 135

Affirmations 141

Chapter 12 In Marriage, Tools Are Just as Important as Rules 143

My Favorite Tools 143

Affirmations 154

Chapter 13 Make Your Own Marriage Fire 155

Affirmations 165

Chapter 14 Falling in Love Again 167

Why We Tend To Fall Out of Love 170

Recovering from the Abyss of an Affair 176

Conclusion 183

Endnotes 185

About the Author 191

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Side Chickology: Why Men & Women Cheat: Understanding, Avoiding, & Recovering from Infidelity 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite Infidelity is on the rise nowadays and 57 percent of men and 54 percent of women admit to committing infidelity. Side Chickology: Why Men & Women Cheat: Understanding, Avoiding, & Recovering from Infidelity by Keith A. Battle heightens reader awareness of this topic. Marriage is hard work, and staying married is a lot harder than getting married. The book is written based on the Christian belief of the author and it will definitely make an impact on how marriage is viewed and how it should be protected. The book covers many topics like why men and women choose to cheat, how children change the dynamics of a relationship, the conversations that lead to cheating, how to rebuild trust and fall in love again. The author tackles a relevant topic with expertise and his personal experiences and the tools discussed in this book will educate couples about the things that make the fidelity of their relationships vulnerable, the pain and shame that follow adultery, and the benefits of recovery and rebuilding. The topic has been handled extensively and the affirmations at the end of each chapter are helpful when it comes to refraining from cheating and being truthful in a marriage. The author's words are deep, insightful, and will help to heal and rebuild trust in a marriage where trust has been broken. It also works as a good guide for all those readers who are looking for help when it comes to dealing with their marriage and the trust issues they have.