Sinking of the Titanic: and Great Sea Disasters

Sinking of the Titanic: and Great Sea Disasters


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The Titanic

The largest and finest steamship in the world; on her maiden voyage, loaded with a human freight of over 2,300 souls, she collided with a huge iceberg 600 miles southeast of Halifax, at 11.40 P.M. Sunday April 14, 1912, and sank two and a half hours later, carrying over 1,600 of her passengers and crew with her.


To the 1635 souls who were lost with the ill-fated Titanic, and especially to those heroic men, who, instead of trying to save themselves, stood aside that women and children might have their chance; of each of them let it be written, as it was written of a Greater One-"He Died that Others might Live"

"I stood in unimaginable trance
And agony that cannot be remembered."-COLERIDGE

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