Skin Deep

Skin Deep

by Kimberly Kincaid

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BN ID: 2940156971084
Publisher: Kimberly Kincaid Romance
Publication date: 09/20/2016
Series: Station Seventeen , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 8,194
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About the Author

Kimberly Kincaid writes contemporary romance that splits the difference between sexy and sweet and hot and edgy romantic suspense. When she's not sitting cross-legged in an ancient desk chair known as "The Pleather Bomber", she can be found practicing obscene amounts of yoga, whipping up anything from enchiladas to éclairs in her kitchen, or curled up with her nose in a book. Kimberly is a USA Today best-selling author and a 2016 and 2015 RWA RITA® finalist and 2014 Bookseller’s Best nominee who lives (and writes!) by the mantra that food is love. Kimberly resides in Virginia with her wildly patient husband and their three daughters. Visit her any time at or come check her out on Facebook ( and Twitter (@kimberlykincaid).

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Skin Deep 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
SullyGirl More than 1 year ago
I was just expecting a typical romance with maybe a mysterious fire thrown in to bring our detective and firefighter together. What I got instead was a more suspenseful storyline with a creepy villain and a crime straight out of Criminal Minds. Now, while that is one of my favorite shows, I don't like darker elements in my romance books, so that's my beef with this book. But it's my own fault for not fully realizing when I agree to read and review this book. I did like Kellan and Isabella and they did have smoking hot (ha, no pun intended!) chemistry and as I read further, I did enjoy the story. It was not one of those books that I could read in a day. I did put it down and pick it back up more than a few times. I want to emphasize that it wasn't because it was a bad's not! It's a really good book! And I definitely want to read more of this series because it contains the snappy dialog and fabulous writing style I have come to know,love and expect from Kimberly Kincaid. If you're a fan of romantic suspense, I think you'll enjoy this book. I think even if you aren't a fan of that genre, you'll still enjoy this story, especially long time fans of Ms. Kincaid. Give it a try!
froggy29532DC More than 1 year ago
Skin Deep is the first book in the Station Seventeen series and it is a smoking hot read, loaded with action from the very first page. In this book the the reader meets lots of characters, not only from the Remington Fire Department but also the Remington Police Department. Kellan Walker is an Army Ranger turned fireman and he loves his job. Detective Isabella Moreno is a police detective and she lives for her job. These two have met before and not happily, so when Kellan finds something at a fire, that causes the police to get involved, he is not real happy when Isabella shows up. This book is loaded with action, suspense, passion, romance, angst, friends and family. The characters are all well developed, whether they are good guys or bad. I especially liked the camaraderie between the firefighters and also the police. Great start to what I know will be a fantastic series. I give this one five "tell me something about you" stars!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed book one of this series. Strong female detective and fearless fireman..what more could you ask for...
Rhodes123 More than 1 year ago
This is the first book in the Station Seventeen Series. It contains no cliff hangers, a HEA , lots of suspense, and some crazy chemistry. Skin Deep can be read as a stand alone book. The characters are amazing, the plot of human trafficking is heart wrenching but it's so well written that the pages get turned quickly. Sexy fire fighter, Kellan, matches up with "I don't date", Isabella and lets just say it's a fight to the finish. You won't be disappointed...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was really slow in the beginning....almost put it down. Finally picked up the pace, then it had an abrupt ending. No desire to read another book by this author.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
4 - "I'm going to take my time with you..." Stars! Kimberley Kincaid start off her new Station Seventeen series with a really enjoyable romance between to battered souls, with a hefty dose of romantic suspense on the side to keep you on your toes. It took me a little while to get into Skin Deep, not because the writing and story-line weren’t appealing but more of the fact that the opening chapters felt very similar to the last book I read by the author, also funnily enough set around a Fire House, also about one of the crew members with a few personal demons, as well as having a large dose of romantic suspense delivered through the plot. But once Isabella and Kellan started to get to know each other and the story progresses, although there were still a large number of glaring similarities, the story itself was just different enough to keep me from feeling that I was reading exactly the same book again. "You’re working without backup, and sooner or later, no matter how brave you are, that’s going to blow up in your face if you don’t let someone help you." After putting out a fire at a derelict house, Kellan comes across a lock box full of photographs, pictures that indicate the house may not have been as disused as initially thought, and that the activities taking place there were probably not on the right side of legal. Calling in the RPD, Kellan and Isabella are forced to work together again, not something either of them are particularly happy about after the last time, which resulted in Kellan nearly losing someone close to him, due to a dodgy cop. It goes one step further when the local FBI rule that the pictures do not warrant enough evidence to open a case, which pushes Isabella to take matters into her own hands. It doesn’t take Kellan long to work out what she is doing, and he unwittingly becomes her unofficial partner in the out-of-hours investigation she starts conducting. Her motivations stem from personal incidents in her past, something Kellan doesn’t know about at the start, but Isabella is taking this potential crime a whole lot personally, which if not careful could lead her down the pathway marked ‘trouble’. There is a lot going on in this book, the set-up of the Remington FD characters as well as the RPD team that Isabella is a part of. Both of them have heart-breaking pasts, and both of them struggle on a daily basis to live with this. Kellan mentally boxes everything up to the nth degree, while Isabella just blocks out the things she doesn’t want to think about, but as things progress with the (non)case, they both see something in the other that allows those personal demons to fade into the background while they are together, the sexy-times are hot between them and nicely diverse, and Isabella is a woman who is not afraid to take her own pleasure in the bedroom. "I’ve spent the last ten years compartmentalizing every emotion I have, because if I don’t, I can’t act. So instead I keep everything packed away. But I’m really just going through the motions. I can’t let go and really feel something with all I’ve got, even if that thing is good, because I don’t know how to do that without breaking…" Everything moved along at a fast clip with Skin Deep so much so that I thought it was going to end on a cliffy when at 94% the villain still hadn’t been captured, and then BAM, job done and they all drove off together into the sunset . ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.
Misty_W More than 1 year ago
ellen Walker is a firefighter, ex-Army Ranger, and has stayed alive by pushing down his emotions. Being a Ranger prepared Kellan for the stress and level headed requirements of his job, until a fire at a residence. After having to get through locks that aren't typically on a house, he finds evidence of a gut wrenching crime. His Captain calls the police, but the detective assigned to the case is the same one that put his sister's life a risk. He doesn't trust Detective Moreno. Isabella Moreno is a dedicated cop that is willing to go above and beyond to take bad guys off the streets. With just the evidence found at the scene of the fire, the FBI refuses to investigate the potential crime. Isabella reluctantly decides that with the help of Kellan she's going to find the evidence needed to save the victims. Along with Kellan's training and the type of man he is, he refuses to allow Isabella to walk into dangerous situations alone, so he maneuvers his way into helping her. They soon realize that they're very attracted to each other and have more in common than they thought. However, once they make the first step on finding the evidence they need, both of their lives are in danger. This was my first book by this author, its the beginning of a new series and starts off with a bang. I didn't know what to expect, but I always enjoy a good firefighter story and just had to give this story a shot. I'm glad I did. These two characters are intense, especially Kellan, but who doesn't love an alpha man? Once Kellan started falling for Isabella he became territorial as well, he had Isabella's back when she was being stubborn and when she had her partner behind her. This story shows how important it is to have someone helping you when you're in a dangerous situation. This was a great read, well written, and loved the tension between Kellan and Isabella. Can't wait to see where Kimberly Kincaid takes this series. Received ARC in exchange for honest review from NetGalley
Dalitza More than 1 year ago
A thrilling and smoking hot story about an ex-Ranger turned fireman and a passionate police investigator. “Everything. You feel like everything,” he whispered After two tours as a sniper for the Army Ranger, Kellan Walker knows how to manage not only his adrenaline but also how to keep a tight lock on his emotions, two things that have come in handy as a firefighter. But when he finds evidence of a possible crime after putting out a fire the detective who he barely tolerates and strangely also finds incredible attractive shows up, her mere presence threatens to unravel him completely. Especially when she insists on finding the person who she suspects is harming woman all by herself. Can he convince that he’ll have her back even when she doesn’t want it? A tragedy in Isabella Moreno’s past prompted her to become a police officer. She’s promised to serve and protect above all else no matter how hard a case might get or how many dead ends she might run into. That includes having to deal with the sexy fireman who hates her because he things she put his sister in danger a few months prior. As they join forces, not only does their attraction turn from smoldering to burning hot, their walls start to crumble around each other, but will they realize they’re perfect for one another before their time runs out? Kimberly Kincaid knows how to write blazing stories with appealing characters and spine-tingling plots so well researched and described it felt as is a movie reel was playing before my eyes. Isabella is not only beautiful, she’s smart, determined and capable. She’s head strong and completely dedicated to her job to the point where she’ll gladly spend her vacation time volunteering to catch bad guys. I could only admire her for that. She’s also closed off because she’s afraid of letting anyone emotionally in and then having to worry about losing them, which made hurt for and with her. Kellan is not just a gorgeous, brave and dedicated firefighter, he’s a caring and protective brother and loyal friend. He was a good man who had seen and lived too many things and was unable to let himself feel for fear that his emotions would rule him. Getting to know Isabella allows him to not only change his mind about his initial assessment of her, but also share their passion for the job and their tortured pasts. I just loved how much he looked out for her and let’s not get into their witty back and forth and fiery sexy times! The plot flows moves easily from burning houses to crime investigations, from them barely being on speaking terms to flirting and teaming up to them finding a strong and trusting connection. I will confess there were times where I wanted to story to go faster because I really wanted the sociopath they were after to go down and for them to realize they were good for one another, but I also realize that the provided detail made the story richer. Sin Deep is book #1 and a wonderful start in the Station Seventeen series by Kimberly Kincaid. This is a steamy and exciting standalone book with a gripping firefighting/police investigation background. I can’t wait to read more about the supporting characters. This story is told from several points of view with a happy ending.
KimberlyDawn55 More than 1 year ago
Kellan is a firefighter, and Isabella is a detective. When Isabella decides to investigate a case on her own, Kellan is determined to watch her six. The chemistry between Kellan and Isabella almost explodes off the page! The story kept me captivated through the entire book, and I loved it. I highly recommend it!
AmyHiggs More than 1 year ago
I have been a fan of Kimberly Kincaid's contemporary romance for awhile so I had to read her new book! Ms. Kincaid started off a new series and a new genre with a bang! Kellan Walker is a firefighter at Station Seventeen and Isabella Moreno is a cop. They are both super strong, intelligent and stubborn characters. Their chemistry together was sizzling. I loved them! I absolutely could not put this book down! I had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen with Dupree! The secondary characters were outstanding and I can't wait for some of them to get their own stories. This is a must read book!
BetweenMyBookendz More than 1 year ago
Kimberly Kincaid begins her new “Station Seventeen” series with the absolutely perfect mix of smoking-hot romance and seriously-sizzling suspense! In “Skin Deep,” she brings together a hero and heroine that have a past with one another, a now-smoldering attraction both want to fight and a mystery leading to a nightmarish villain that will have you riveted from Page 1! Kellan Walker and Isabella Moreno have a history alright, and it “ain’t” pretty. Intense Kellan has a difficult time hiding his anger whenever Detective Moreno is around - even if you didn’t read “Deep Trouble,” this book mentions the danger Kellan’s sister Kylie faced and Isabella’s almost “fail” at protecting her. Fast forward to Firefighter Walker’s discovery at the scene of a fire which brings in the Remington Police Department. RPD Detective Moreno appears at the scene, where photos of young women who appear brutalized shake her to the core. Unable to initially make a case, the also-intense Isabella needs Kellan’s input to continue her off-the-books investigation. Suspense builds as the two get caught up in the developing facts of the “case” and the sparks fly as they get caught up in each other! I could not put this book down from the moment I picked it up to the last page! Not only was it well-written, but every aspect of that writing was perfection. The author nailed firehouse and police procedure, describing it accurately but succinctly, keeping it informative for the reader but with a very natural flow. Fully-developed characters populated the book, from the alpha-hero Kellan and the tough-yet-all-woman Isabella to a bad guy that make you debate with yourself whether the right word to use for him is “amoral” or “immoral” (believe me, the word “evil” is a given with this villain!) The “enemies to friends” theme written here is one of the best I have read, the romance sweet yet plenty spicy. But it was the suspense angle that really floored me - although some of Ms. Kincaid’s books have some “suspense” elements, I would describe them as contemporary suspense. But this book is a top-notch winner for the romantic suspense category and can more than hold its own against the giants in that genre. I cannot wait for the next books in the series - there are many secondary characters whose story I want! I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
A new series by Kimberly Kincaid that you do not want to miss. Romantic suspense at it's best with twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages. With the added romance of Kellan and Isabella, you will need a fan to cool off. Kellan is a firefighter at Station Seventeen and Isabella is a detective on the local PD, they have a history a few months ago that did not end well between them. They will now join forces to find a criminal that is harming women. I promise this is a book that you will not want to put down. Loved the characters of Kellan and Isabella, and who their relationship grew. Can't wait for more. I highly recommend this book.
teetee1968 More than 1 year ago
Kellan Walker is the best kind of hero. Strong, capable, definitely hot by the description and just an overall badass. Isabella Moreno is my FAVORITE kind of heroine. Self reliant, strong, beautiful and again, an overall badass! Skin Deep has so many elements that I truly love in a story. Kimberly Kincaid has truly outdone herself with the suspense, the sex and the chemistry in this book. Isabella & Kellan start off as unlikely partners, considering Kellan's disdain for Isabella due to their prior history. In time, they find in each other a trust they haven't felt before. One of my favorite factors in this book is that the author DIDN'T give us a stupid female. Thankfully! I have always enjoyed Kimberly Kincaid's books and her writing style. This book is my absolute favorite, hands down. Pretty sure I have found a MUST READ series here! I can't wait for more, much more!!
Robyn_Nichole More than 1 year ago
Skin Deep dove right under my skin. I loved Kellen and Isabella story. What happens when you have mix an alpha firefighter with a feisty dedicated detective that have a complicated past?! One heart pounding suspense-filled ride, sprinkled with serious flames of heat between the leads. I really enjoyed watching the relationship developed between Isabella and Kellen. He doesn’t like her, because he blames her for his sister’s near miss with death, but still feels the need to protect her when she goes off the grid to stop someone that is hurting girls. She is just trying to save as many young girls lives as possible to make up for the past and will do whatever is needed even put herself in danger. The case they are trying to solve really had me hooked from the beginning and I was waiting on pins and needles for the conclusion. This is the first book in the Station Seventeen series. I can’t wait to see who will be focus of the next book. Maybe LH and C.?!?!?!
weluvdopey More than 1 year ago
This is a great book; this is the first book in the Station Seventeen series written by Kimberly Kincaid. Kellan Walker is a firefighter, he checks his emotions at the door which helps him. A gut-wrenching find at the scene of a blaze threatens to blow his ironclad composure, but when the detective assigned to the case is the same woman who put his sister's life at risk three months ago, all bets for Kellan being calm, cool, or collected are definitely off. Keeping people safe is Isabella Moreno's number one priority, no matter how tough the case. Working without solid leads and with the gorgeous, broody firefighter who believes she's responsible for endangering his sister on a previous case isn't ideal. But someone is hurting women in the here and now. Isabella will do whatever it takes to find justice. As Kellan and Isabella reluctantly team up to catch a criminal, they realize they have more in common than they'd ever imagined. This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters. This book will keep you reading long into the night. If you are looking for a great book, then you need to read this book. I am looking forward to reading the next book by this great author. A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
An exciting new series by Kimberly Kincaid! This book took me a bit by surprise because I was expecting a lot of firefighter action, but it actually was more about a police investigation. It was good, and kept us on our toes throughout wondering if they were going to catch the bad guys, I just wanted a bit more on the sexy firemen front! Firefighter Kellan Walker has a lot of demons in his past that he works hard to beat down. Intense focus on his job keeps the turmoil at bay, but when he stumbles across some possible evidence to a crime at the scene of a fire they fought, he's drawn into more drama then he ever would have thought possible! Detective Isabella Moreno isn't one of Kellan's favorite people. They have some history going back a few months and he still holds a major grudge against her for her part in placing his sister in danger during an investigation. When she's the one who shows up to investigate what he has found, he puts aside his animosity to walk her through the scene. What starts as an innocent reporting of info turns into more than Kellan bargained for when he and Isabella wind up reluctantly teaming up to find the bad guy and find the evidence to bring him to justice. Will they be able to keep their hearts in tact as they fight their attraction to each other?
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
Skin Deep by Kimberly Kincaid....This book was AMAZING!!! Kimberly Kincaid takes us on a hot steamy ride. Her writing style pull the readers into the story like you are watching it live. This story is full of action, romance, hot firefighters and cops. Oh how I love Kellan, a hot firefighter and Isabella a beautiful cop, well developed and likeable characters. Will these two be able to make a relationship work with their demanding jobs and strong personalities? This is a must read!! I was given a complimentary book for an honest review.
JWilliams123 More than 1 year ago
Wow! This is such a great book. Hot firefighters, creepy bad guy, and smoking chemistry all add up to a great read. Months ago, Kellen, sexy firefighter, teamed up with detective Isabella Moreno to protect his sister Kylie from bad guys (Kylie's story is Deep Trouble, which I highly recommend reading because its a great story but this can easily be read as a stand-a-lone). When things went bad and Kylie was almost killed Kellen blamed Isabella and hasn't spoken to her since. Kellen finds evidence of a possible crime at a fire scene and finds himself working alongside Isabella again. As they work together to bring down the bad guys they learn to trust each other, not only with their lives but also with their hearts. I loved Kellen. He realized early on that he really liked Isabella and that he would have to be careful to gain her trust and not scare her away. Isabella was sassy and tough and I loved seeing a bit of a softer side of her emerge. Overall just a great read! Highly recommended.
judyrudy More than 1 year ago
Skin Deep is Kimberly Kincaid’s first book in her Station Seventeen series. I enjoy reading books about firefighters and Skin Deep was so much more. It was filled with romance and intrigue. At first I wasn’t sure where the story was going. I thought I was going to read about an average firefighter, but then when Kellan discovered what he did, I knew Skin Deep was going to be so much more. From firefighting to sex-trafficking to slavery, Skin Deep had it all. Ms. Kincaid treated us to not only a romance but also a villainous character like no other. I enjoyed how she weaved us through the story taking us deep into the mindset of the villain, DuPree. Skin Deep had me on the edge of my seat. It was fast paced. I highly recommend Skin Deep and I can’t wait for the next book in the series. I’d like to disclose that I received an advanced copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.
ReadingInPajamas More than 1 year ago
Review: SKIN DEEP: Station Seventeen Book One by Kimberly Kincaid Publication Date: September 20, 2016 Genre: Romantic Suspense/ Contemporary Romance Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna Rated: 4.5 STARS REVIEW: Ms. Kincaid has delved deep into the nitty-gritty of romantic suspense in this thrilling novel, while keeping her trademark writing style. Kellan is a strong, sexy firefighter who gets thrust together with an equally strong cop. He and Isabella have an unpleasant history but boy do they work through that problem! I enjoyed the pace of their relationship and especially how sexy and hot it grew. The danger threatening them flowed well with the perfect bad guy, and I found myself tensing a few times when things got tough. It was intriguing enough that I forgave some of Isabella’s predictable actions. All in all, a riveting book to start off this new series. I can’t wait for book two! *Review copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
EileenAW More than 1 year ago
Skin Deep by Kimberly Kincaid is the first book in her new series Station Seventeen. Station Seventeen in a fire station in the city of Remington. Kellen Walker works there as a fire fighter. Evidence found at a fire puts him into contact with the same woman who almost lost his sister three months ago to a killer. Isabella Moreno is a detective for the Remington Police. Keeping people safe is her number one priority. Upon seeing the evidence of what appeared to be women being harmed, Isabella knows she will do whatever she has to in order to find justice for these girls. Kellen teams up with Isabella to catch this criminal, despite her reservations. The more they are together, the more they find how similar they are. The chemistry is amazing between these two. Kincaid is incredible in her descriptions of the sexy time shared between these two. All in all, it really did come down to a race against the clock as Isabella and Keller work to catch the man behind the killings. It was difficult to read about this evil, perverted, sadistic man and what he was doing to these somewhat innocent girls and women. Yet, Kincaid was able to keep this reader mesmerized with wanting to see how Moreno and Walker would be able to take down this monster and whether or not they would be able to have their happy ever after. The characters were well written, authentic and complex. I genuinely enjoyed reading this book and I highly recommend it to other readers.
JenniferSchultheisJS More than 1 year ago
Skin Deep by Kimberly Kincaid is one wild emotional rollercoaster. The writing is well-done, the research that went it to the book is clearly present, and the story itself will capture your attention from the very beginning and not let up until the end. Our hero, Kellan Walker, is a firefighter with Station Seventeen. He’s also former military and has some emotional issues that keep him from expressing his feelings. In the beginning, Kellan holds a grudge against our heroine, Isabella Moreno, for what happened to his sister. Once he learns more about Isabella and the type of person she is, the grudge becomes non-existent and what develops in its place is a worthwhile, one of a kind romance. Isabella is one heck of a detective. She’s smart, feisty, and works way more than she should. Isabella has a past, just like Kellan, but her past stops her from developing relationships. She figures if she doesn’t let anyone in, she won’t have to worry about losing them. But when a case brings Kellan and Isabella together, her choices are to let him in or lose herself in the process. Skin Deep weaves the right amount of suspense and romance together, making it a very compelling read!
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
After I finally started this one, because hey I had to stare at that gorgeous cover for a while, I absolutely could not put it down. Ms. Kincaid has decided to dip her toe in the romantic suspense genre pool and she does it in spectacular fashion! The writing is great, the twists and turns in the story hooked me right away, and the romance that develops between the incredibly yummy firefighter Kellan Walker and Police detective Isabella Moreno is perfection. These two had a not so great history when Kellan's sister was in trouble but they get past that when they begin working a case together after some horrifying pictures are discovered at a house fire Kellan worked. Put this at the top of the must read list! I highly recommend it.
ytcruz More than 1 year ago
What can I say, but that Ms Kincaid continues to blow my mind with her talent as a writer. Skin Deep is book one of her new series, Station Seventeen. We were introduced to our main characters, ex-Army Ranger, turned firefighter, Kellan Walker, and Isabella Moreno, a detective who a few months previously, had attempted to assist his sister after Kylie has witnessed a murder but instead, almost got her killed. (The story is told in the prequel, Deep Trouble. Excellent story) Needless to , Kellan is not Isabella’s BFF. Still there is some chemistry between them. and end up working together in a case that deals with human trafficking , prostitution and murder. So, if you like a great story, with hunky heroes, strong woman, suspense, a strong cast of secondary characters, and lots of great scenes both in and out of the bedroom, this is the book for you. Can’t wait what else Ms Kincaid has in store for us. I received a copy of this book for an honest review. The opinions are solely mine
Staci70 More than 1 year ago
Kellan Walker is one of the firefighters at Station Seventeen. Isabella Moreno is an intelligence officer with RFD. They had a run in a few months ago when Isabella was helping to keep Kellan's sister safe from a madman. Kellan has continued to hold that case against her because of an FBI agent vetted by a colleague of hers ended up being dirty and almost cost Kylie her life. Flash forward to the present day when Kellan and Isabella are thrown together on a new case. Kellan comes across some evidence at a fire scene that makes him very suspicious of some bad stuff going on in his town. Isabella's unit gets called in to investigate and her boss assigns her to the case. They don't have enough evidence to open a case, but Isabella knows there is something major going down. She decides to go rogue and Kellan decides he needs to stay close to her as back up. This book kept me on the edge of my seat as I was waiting to see how it would all play out. I thought it was fantastic and would highly recommend it to anyone.